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Creepo's Tales: Chopping Mall Game Walkthrough

67 ratings | 40258 views
Play here: http://goo.gl/IkD4SF Click Here To Subscribe! - http://goo.gl/zqjVZf Enjoy and Like to support 9FishGames! Creepo's Tales: Chopping Mall is a puzzle game with spooky elements. You have to solve the mystery of the missing people from the mall, to save your restaurant busines. Enjoy on 9FishGames.com
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Text Comments (11)
wow what a great ending
George Carapella (6 months ago)
This makes me hungry
TheLightningStaff Tls (10 months ago)
So... In the ending, he turned the kidnapper into burgers too??? WHOA.
George Carapella (6 months ago)
TheLightningStaff Tls just to give him a piece of hos own medicine and not get caught by the police himself
kamran butt (1 year ago)
so nice game
Red Star 1 (1 year ago)
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George Carapella (6 months ago)
Adrian Estrada heh
Keri Iksiktaaryuk (1 year ago)
why doesn't that code work for me it won't unlock it?
levi levis (1 year ago)
You can't see it, but he actually puts in 5-10-11, but at the last number, it cuts right back to the game, making it seem like he only entered 5-10-1.
lexie chan (1 year ago)
that's a freaking ending

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