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Nott Time Lapse Makeup

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Time lapse of my makeup test for Nott the Brave from Critical Role. It takes about 36 minutes total for me to turn into a little goblin girl. And to those of you complaining about the lack of background music: My dudes, I am a cosplayer and a makeup artist. It's a miracle I knew how to upload this from my phone. I absolutely have no idea how to add music to time lapse videos. Turn on Spotify for 5 minutes and enjoy the free content I made for you. I primarily use Endura’s alcohol based body paints, Skin Illustrator’s Necromania palette, and Urban Decay colored powders. https://twitter.com/arkadycosplay https://www.facebook.com/arkadycosplay/ https://arkadycosplay.tumblr.com/
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Kate Kursive (1 month ago)
Drew Larsh (2 months ago)
since there is no audio, i just palyed dnd beyond in another tab while watching :)
Sophie Frazer (2 months ago)
Amazing cosplay! Your end result is so good, thanm you for sharing your time lapse 😊 may I ask where you got your wig? If you have a link that would be great!
Riley Erin (2 months ago)
i follow you on tumblr and just found you on here!!! your work is amazing
LARP Sidhe (3 months ago)
So stinkin' cute!!!!
Dreary Moom (3 months ago)
I think the hair is just a bit too long but otherwise it's pretty great!
Andrea Quintanilla (4 months ago)
You did so amazing! That was a lot of fun to watch and you are a great Nott! Im curious where you got your teeth, though?
Arkady Cosplay (4 months ago)
Andrea Quintanilla thank you! I made them myself, so they’re a 6 tooth upper veneer custom fit to my mouth.
American Knight (4 months ago)
I'm a Guy and even I'm taking notes.
Cross (4 months ago)
Fuck up your skin some more, still to pretty to be a goblin
TazoYogaGal (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for posting this! I'm cosplaying Nott to my next convention and your cosplay has been an inspiration to me. Not just ideas of what to do with my design but gave me drive to do better than my best. You did an amazing job. I'm eager to see what other wonders you produce in the future. Also the people who keep asking for audio crack me up. Honestly I'd rather have silence than some annoying music lol
Arkady Cosplay (4 months ago)
TazoYogaGal that makes me so happy to hear! There are never enough Notts and everyone should live their goblin dreams!
Blind Beholder (4 months ago)
... No contacts? For those "yella eyes"? ... Okay
Blind Beholder (4 months ago)
Oh, jeese, I couldn't see the color at all. I expected them to be put in first but I guess I also expected something more noticeable? Sorry!
Arkady Cosplay (4 months ago)
UKFB 9712 I have yellow contacts in. I start the video with them already so I could put them in with clean hands and not risk getting makeup in them. But ok.
Maryska Connolly (4 months ago)
Your Nott is fabulous. My husband and I are doing Nott and Caleb at Dragoncon this year and I think your skintone is perfect. I'm thinking of buying the "Bile" color in the European Body Arts Endura paints as a base color. I was wondering what color you used though. It looks like you mix a couple but it goes by so fast I can't see what colors! :)
Arkady Cosplay (4 months ago)
Maryska Connolly Thank you! The video is actually intentionally fast to not show exactly what mix of colors I’m using because I’m not comfortable doing full video makeup tutorials. I’m a professional makeup artist and YouTube tutorials are often viewed as unprofessional, so they can negatively affect my real life job. Showing my exact color mixes comes too close to being a full tutorial for my comfort, but I’m totally fine dropping the exact brands and types of makeup I use so people can pick their own favorite shades and make custom designs too. I think Endura’s Bile is an excellent goblin shade! It can be a little dark so I’d recommend getting a white or off white shade to mix in and lighten it, but it’s a very nice natural looking gnarly base shade.
Trent wilis (4 months ago)
You pull off the goblin look very well.
X.david Williams (4 months ago)
Huzzah! !!!
kev g mor (5 months ago)
beautiful art. loved watching! (you may reply to this message)
Sad Flower (5 months ago)
Totally awesome
babs (5 months ago)
Amazing. A question: do you use any sort of setting spray to get the makeup to stay so well or is it just a matter of superior brands?
Arkady Cosplay (5 months ago)
babs I ALWAYS use both setting powder and setting spray for cosplay makeups. Even long lasting products need the added boost of staying power to get through a con and not rub off.
prideling (5 months ago)
That was so cool!
Steven Martinez (5 months ago)
lciav (5 months ago)
this is such a cute Nott cosplay!!
Andrew Baugh (5 months ago)
Good content, but I would really appreciate something to listen to. Any music at all.
dunewizard (5 months ago)
Awesome work. Bandage those ears tho. For some reason I always picture Nott in a much darker green, and red eyed (bloodshot and red irises).
Silenttiger (5 months ago)
This is awesome! When's the makeup video when nott disguises as fjord?
venalt (5 months ago)
The end result looks so good!! I wish we had a few secs where it wasn't sped up to take in the whole look. Great job :)
Arkady Cosplay (5 months ago)
Same, but unfortunately time lapse videos can't be slowed down once they've been started because of frame rate problems. You can see the whole look on any of my social media pages which are linked in the description.
BladeyCakes (5 months ago)
You are just wonderful <3 Amazing Nott is amazing, and watching the transformation process is mesmerising ;w;
chase green (5 months ago)
i was very iffy up untill the teeth, and then everything came together, great job! once all the peices are in place the whole look works very well.
sylvnfox (5 months ago)
your WAY too cute to be a goblin, I think Jester would fit you better
Keaggan (5 months ago)
That was really cool..but can you put some music on next time please :)
Nero Nyte (5 months ago)
Um there's a typo in your description, it says "little goblin girl" where it should say "little halfling girl"
Jacob Gelven (26 days ago)
Nero Nyte Not Yet... just wait until Caleb gets true polymorph!
Cerbzz (5 months ago)
Nero Nyte Wait you mean nott isn't a halfling? XD
Nero Nyte (5 months ago)
Jasmine Knox x3 I was worried about it being too obscure and me just sounding like a crazy person
Jasmine Knox (5 months ago)
Nero Nyte I will admit it took me a second to understand what you did there 😂 then I laughed. I’m sorry, I’m very tired.
Jeremy Ruihley (5 months ago)
Arkady Cosplay (5 months ago)
Hanbei Hood (5 months ago)
i especially like the eyes
Octy In Boots (5 months ago)
You could totally send a clip of this in for #GIFoftheWeek?
Octy In Boots (5 months ago)
You're Nott allowed to be so stinkin' cute! Great work!
lukasred7 (5 months ago)
Awesome job this is amazing!
Caleb Santiago (5 months ago)
God dang thats adorable
Braiden Davidson (5 months ago)
You should do Jester next. That would be awesome!
TheRagingBerserker (5 months ago)
Braiden Davidson yes!
Shesnarrating (5 months ago)
Can i ask where you got your ears from? I can't find any decently sized ones in green anywhere
Arkady Cosplay (5 months ago)
They're from an independent brand called Cottage Emporium and they have a shop on etsy. They don't come in green though, I painted them myself to match my makeup. Most ears don't come in green and I'd recommend just finding an ear shape you like and painting them yourself to match your makeup too.
MsZingZing1001 (5 months ago)
Really well done! Do you find that the make-up stays well (no smudging) without a setting spray? Just beautiful!!
Arkady Cosplay (5 months ago)
Sarah Garrod for a full character makeup like this - both. Set it with the powder first and then hit everything with a spritz of setting spray.
Sarah Garrod (5 months ago)
Arkady Cosplay What's your opinion on setting powder vs spray?
Arkady Cosplay (5 months ago)
It does stay very well, but I still always, always, always set makeup with setting spray. I didn't for this video because it was just a test run at home and I knew I'd be washing it off soon so it wasn't needed, but if I'm at a con or a photoshoot, I always hit it with bit of spray.
endmeleef (5 months ago)
I don't get it, this isn't supposed to be time lapse makeup? Kappa
Evil Bill (5 months ago)
Wow great job, very talented!
Ara Nialo C (5 months ago)
Wow💖😍💖!! That is so cool! You are super talented! That mask was so cool!! Did you make it or get it some where (if you got it some where, where might that be)? Every thing just came together so beautifully!! Will you do other critical role characters (Maybe Mollymauk or such)?
Arkady Cosplay (5 months ago)
Thank you! The mask is a plain white one from Party City that I cut down and painted. And I've already cosplayed two versions of Keyleth - you can see them both here! https://twitter.com/arkadycosplay/status/947499208449372160 - but for the second campaign I'm probably only going to cosplay Nott because she's by far my favorite! All Molly cosplayers are incredibly brave and talented because his design is INSANE!
Aidan Scalia (5 months ago)
Nott da Gobbo. Good job, keep it up!
TheRagingBerserker (5 months ago)
Why do I think you look like Felicia Day?
Weaver Of Worlds (5 months ago)
Well add that to the list of things I can't unsee lol. She really does
Madeleine (5 months ago)
TheRagingBerserker it's the hair combines with the eyebrows and jawline. She really kind of does
Josiah Klein (5 months ago)
Wow. Impressive. I could never be comfortable having all that stuff on my face, especially if I had to leave it on for an extended period of time.
Aurin saint (5 months ago)
I very much enjoyed seeing what you were doing. May I Recommend for future videos a light soundtrack? like somme NCS (Non Copyright Sound) Music?
Auxeton (5 months ago)
Makes me wonder if sam has seen your video it would be amazing if he has
Arkady Cosplay (5 months ago)
I know he's seen the makeup because I'm on twitter and the cast is super active on twitter as well, but I'm not sure if he's come across the video!
lauren malcomson (5 months ago)
This is so good!!! 😍👏👏
S Toy (5 months ago)
You should cosplay the lot, make a group photo of you.
ISupposeThis IsMyNmw (5 months ago)
Very well done, it looks incredible!
eric peterson (5 months ago)
Sam can only wishes he was as pretty as you. 😊
MegaMarkus (5 months ago)
Such a shiny trinket!!!
Connor Clarke (5 months ago)
Too glamourous to be a goblin, no where near messy enough, far too beautiful!
Connor Clarke I also imagine Nott as a wrinkly and way uglier goblin, yellower teeth, dark green thin lips, matted and badly cut hair. But it's her Nott, her choice, her imagination. Wonderful job overall
Sha of Greed (6 months ago)
That was amazing to watch, I have no clue at all about anything makeup related but that final result was amazing. Did you make the mask yourself? It looked very similar to the one used by Nott in her character art.
Arkady Cosplay (5 months ago)
Thanks! The mask was a plain white plastic mask I got at Party City and then cut down and painted.
Carl Michael Aban (6 months ago)
Nice! Though I expected the hair to be a bit messy.
Purple Magi (6 months ago)
You have beautiful eyes, your makeup is very nicely done!
discretelyobvious (6 months ago)
Awesome!! What ears do you use?
Arkady Cosplay (5 months ago)
They're from an independent brand called Cottage Emporium. You can find them on etsy.
celticarchie (6 months ago)
"There's no comma... it's just Nott The Brave!" :D
cydanite (6 months ago)
goblin of the year!!
jim Mathers (6 months ago)
You are very talented. That looks amazing. :D
fredgarvinism (6 months ago)
Ok, that was great . Nice job.
Rofa-Kuroro (6 months ago)
Looks really great, amazing!
ZHLodhi (6 months ago)
Nott is hott! AMAZING job!
Where did you get that mask omg i love it! I love your transformation in general
Arkady Cosplay (6 months ago)
It was just a plain white mask from Party City. I cut it down and painted it.
AwwwhYyyyeah (7 months ago)
this is fucking terrible
AwwwhYyyyeah (7 months ago)
im fuckin lyin'
AwwwhYyyyeah (7 months ago)
*arkady rolls for deception, nat20*
Zoraine (7 months ago)
I don't understand any of what you did, but it was sooooooo interesting to watch you transform into such a good Nott! It's amazing!!!
Ines b (7 months ago)
Aaah it looks sooooo goodddd!!

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