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8 YEARS LATER... Same reactions! - Amnesia: REPLAY Part 2

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Text Comments (18430)
Tim Bomb (3 hours ago)
Man id be terrible to watch play this game, i have like no response to anything, i overexposed myself to horror too much back in the day i guess
Mia W (6 hours ago)
BuSY LiFe (6 hours ago)
the sewdish swearing im about to cry right now
Aidan Enos (13 hours ago)
I was 6 when I first watched you. I've watched ever since.
Aidan Enos (14 hours ago)
Did he miss Stephano?
Lebreezy (21 hours ago)
JENNIFER! that fat rock blocking the door
Tina 2006 (1 day ago)
Does anyone else miss the RPG horror games?
Pewds: "after you play a certain amount of horror games you don't get scared the same way because you understand how the mechanics work" Also Pewds: "8 YEARS LATER... Same reactions!"
Timdeuces (2 days ago)
It's crazy how much he fits back into this game. He's even cussing in Swedish again.
Wrange45 (2 days ago)
How is it possible that the biggest Youtuber doesn't turn in a boring, kid-friendly, clickbaiting money hungry shitstain while so many do? I applaud PewDiePie so much... Even if you don't really like his content, you still gotta appreciate the fact that he after so many years and tens of millions of subs STILL is such an honest content creator.
Hot Taco21 (3 days ago)
"Is ones head ever truly not pounding?"
Default Avatar (3 days ago)
Why are you guy talk alot is just pewd upgraded 1080p and reupload to YouTube again :)
Sid Burd (3 days ago)
MusicGuitarMan95 (4 days ago)
theres already an amnesia 2 lol
Sergio Andres (4 days ago)
Too bad the small horse was never finished. I would love to see pewds conclude it :(
Christina DeFrancisco (4 days ago)
love u
reynante salvador (4 days ago)
hey pewds please play granny the horror games
Rebma Keep (4 days ago)
"IM NOT PLAYING GAMES" says the man who is playing a game and has made his living playing games
Lucario G7 (4 days ago)
good ol’ mr.chair
Amy Gibson (4 days ago)
Omg. I've seen 6 ads throughout this video. Hope pewds is getting paid for these at least.
Swag (4 days ago)
I remember being 11 watching you play amnesia for the first time and you were cussing so much my mom grounded me and told me I wasn’t allowed to watch you . I’m 19 now and watching you still and I’m so excited for you replaying. Brings back memories. Thanks for listening to my TedTalk
Brooke Wisor (5 days ago)
Throwing me back to my freshman year of high school. Ahh, I've missed this.
dome (5 days ago)
name a better duo than pewds and stephano. *that's right, you can't.*
Debbbs (5 days ago)
I remember watching every one of your videos when I was between the ages of 13-16 and i’ll admit I haven’t seen your videos in a long while. Now i’m almost 23 years old and watching this is putting me in the feels
Mr Kalmari (5 days ago)
when pewds scares me more than the game
Nova Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Been watching poods since late 2013
Lolly fabbs (5 days ago)
After all these years he finally said it 19:45
STER Gaming (6 days ago)
Poods loving barrels? Blasphemy!
TheGamingLime (6 days ago)
You should play Amnesia: The Great Work by Damascus since Mark already played it before you, ages ago, and plus, it's like a brand new Amnesia made by the Friction Game, with new Monster, Timed jumpscares and everything, so I really suggest it. Hopefully, Pews Sees this :)
Anette Kovács (6 days ago)
All I remember from 2011 that Pewds playing with barrels in Amnesia. :D
spray32 (6 days ago)
HOW can ANYBODY dislike this video? Felix and Amnesia shaped YouTube forever, and gave literal millions of people hundreds of hours of joy and laughter. This is history right here
Cyro Vlogs (6 days ago)
Since you went back to Amnesia Jack should bring back HAPPY WHEELS
ClammyGold29 (6 days ago)
I remember watching him when he played amnesia
seaxavier (7 days ago)
2:47 History Repeats Itself 😂😂😂
Miles Andrews (7 days ago)
Darren Shan (7 days ago)
To people who said that he changed for the worst - he got better and better over time. Your iq just stayed dull! I dont want the old pewds back. Although a little bit of gaming wouldn't hurt anybody xD BUUUT there arent any good games... Alexa! They are so retarded!
Asylum Rain (7 days ago)
Holy shit I miss when pewdiepie played amnesia
queef queen (7 days ago)
25:36 "im not playing games" Are you sure about that Felix? Hmmm
Kanggoo (7 days ago)
im kinda sad he does not end his videos with brofist anymore.
Seiko Graverdigger (7 days ago)
Where's the next episode
AOokami (7 days ago)
Morgan Balke (7 days ago)
Hearing Pewds yell “BARRELS!” again really warms my heart!
where is 3 part? :с
Sandra Tamme (8 days ago)
My heart broke, when he said I love you guys to BARRELS and was fixed when he said STUPID BARRELS ❤️
Mohammed Fahd (8 days ago)
He is back on his original track to defeat Tseries Good Luck Pewds u can do it
INFIRES MAN (8 days ago)
Why don't you play prop hunt with Ken, Minx and Cry?
Faris Khamaisi (8 days ago)
13:42 fortnite seriously
ChainPolar253 (8 days ago)
damn, i really been here since the beginning hey?
Pepper Legs (8 days ago)
5:35 I love how he talks to the chair and the chair has a cute voice "yEs SiR" 5:35
paulo almeida (8 days ago)
Where is part 3 pewds?
Miss LateTrender (8 days ago)
26:33 that’s funny because there aren’t any taco bells in the UK felix
Ass Ssa (9 days ago)
Do more
ollemine 1 (9 days ago)
So many ads!
keyri ortiz (9 days ago)
Rewind rewind
s ᴇ ʙ ɪ (9 days ago)
Are those ads really necessary -.-?
Idalis bin (9 days ago)
Missed this! 😁😁
Hailey Milburn (9 days ago)
I don’t think he’s making anymore of these.. disappointed
_D4RP_ (9 days ago)
this is an stupid question but what are you drinking? xD
Jisoo's lost bible (9 days ago)
I missed that Swedish swear lol
Hyunas My Baby (9 days ago)
29:05 "oh god the chains" *walks to barrel's* "NEYAH" me: *jumps*
Бич Лазанья
Jaime Lynn (9 days ago)
man i loved this game so much when it first came out and i watched the whole series but i never really understood the plot well?? maybe its just me, i have like really severe adhd and it b like that but felix doesnt seem to understand either so..?
Cesare Campidoglio (9 days ago)
Soooo what about part three?
Kit Kat BIH Bat (9 days ago)
Why is no one commenting on the fact that he called himself dad
GAMERS PT (9 days ago)
Thank you for doing amnesia vidios again love you pewdiepie
Peter Pan (9 days ago)
CAUSE you had a bad day, looooser
Bailey Walker (9 days ago)
man i missed lets plays
Memes (9 days ago)
aijeelee (10 days ago)
The ad I got for this Pewds vid was about where it is legal to buy cannabis in Ontario..... In case he's still keeping track.
Sufi Durrani (10 days ago)
The thing that actually spooked me up every time is when he screamed randomly....😅
Shinozaki Sachiko (10 days ago)
where's stephano :(((
Sean Maclaren (10 days ago)
Baron St. Von (10 days ago)
"Fortnight" at 13:42 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ColdestTerror (10 days ago)
where is part 3
WoWmemeo (10 days ago)
bostonredpats (10 days ago)
The feels......the feels
bwreckit (10 days ago)
28:43 do I hear Ethan from H3H3?
26:41 Too much taco bell. Lmao this moment 😂😂
Dead Beattz (10 days ago)
Stephano was in the video!!! 1:44
Chloe ‘-‘ (10 days ago)
It makes me happy that after all this time he’s held onto his hatred for barrels.
Emarie Reis (10 days ago)
Im curious how many of your subs are Swedish? Like if your Swedish or comment your country :)
IcyRice (10 days ago)
Imagine Marzia just hearing this at 11:40
Vuokko Annala (11 days ago)
20:00 LSP is that you?
GoPro Matt (11 days ago)
Yes pewds more of this. Love it when you play games
Sleepy Bear (11 days ago)
Who else was waiting for pewds to scream “BARRELS” ? Ah the good ol’ pewds and his barrels.
Reyñel Bañadera (11 days ago)
The difference between old and new PewDiePie is that new PewDiePie is reading all the notes.😂
Quac Michael (11 days ago)
Kayla Manser (11 days ago)
I love the noises he makes 😂
sillypinkewe (11 days ago)
Thank you Felix :)
Viper (11 days ago)
podpie i lik ur amnos gamplay pls mak mor in futur and keep revewing mems my frend
Matej (11 days ago)
Please play SOMA.
enoch wade (11 days ago)
Why don't you play SOMA? from the same creators i almost cried with that one
Raven AshHeart (11 days ago)
33:16 me when I didnt study for my science test
Raven AshHeart (11 days ago)
Does sound attract the monster? Cause Felix doesn't seem to care if it does.
DeYKnOwZ (11 days ago)
It's just not the same.... 😟
Hale A (11 days ago)
i was so happy when he finally got angry at the barrels
Karuto Akagi (11 days ago)

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