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How To CAST Android Mobile Phone Screen to PC Laptop

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Hi, this video shows you how to Cast an Android Mobile Cell Phone to a PC & Laptop Computer running Windows 10. it is ideal if you want to share pictures & videos on a larger screen or if you want to share what you are viewing on your Virtual Reality Headset with others in the room to make it more sociable. It will stream the picture and sound. The phone will need to be connected via WiFi to the same network as the laptop or PC you want to stream to. Your Laptop and PC can be connected via Ethernet as long as it is the same network (same Router) as the WiFi your mobile cell phone is connected to. Many thanks Vince
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Text Comments (1453)
Wrestling 10 (3 hours ago)
It doesn't appear
J0N4TH4N (4 hours ago)
My pc doesn't support miracast
raj majhi (1 day ago)
Nice video https://youtu.be/9iO2DPP3QIo
Leon A (1 day ago)
it simply does not connect for me
SANJAY SIVAN P (1 day ago)
Nihal Pradhan (2 days ago)
Syeed Ibn Omar (2 days ago)
Thanks a lot!
forbidden pollo (2 days ago)
Ayush Tiwari (3 days ago)
Enable wireless display isn't there
Joyful Unikitty (3 days ago)
3:58 You can see his face (by the way this was really helpful thanks)
Ronald Mund (3 days ago)
I tried this method from my Galaxy s8 and it wouldn't connect th e.g. n I realized Samsung sidesync does the same thing but better. If you have an s8 and want to cast to your PC try sidesync.
MatthewPlays (4 days ago)
Mine says its about to project and then says it's ready to connect wirelessly
Becca Township (4 days ago)
Is this only applicable for new laptop?
Thông Võ (4 days ago)
Hugo Bross (5 days ago)
Get a chromecast, put it in screen
christopher damasco (5 days ago)
you can control when you using pc
troll the trollyester (6 days ago)
It said we are writing to determine the feature capabilities
Joshwa Ramadhar (6 days ago)
its smart view for samsung
مُرتضى (6 days ago)
i can only cast settings music and video anything else it will disconnect directly
sayani sen (8 days ago)
Thanks for uploading such a effective video
My pc did not show project to this pc
preetham mona (9 days ago)
Sir it's showing "the device doesn't support receiving micracast,so u can't project to it wirelessly" like this it's showing wt to do sir?
Devadoss Trc (10 days ago)
My name is Vincent
Kenneth Williams (11 days ago)
That was pretty sweet thank you My Mate VINCE!! I didn't know I could cast my phone to my laptop or pc!! Maybe you can do a video of how to cast your TV to your laptop or something like that!!
Aayden Gaul (12 days ago)
For everyone saying it's different for different names and junk your are somewhat correct but it depends on your OS android oreo or 8.0 is on galaxy s8 note 8 and so or note9 but it is called screen cast
Fnaf Fan (12 days ago)
For galaxy s9 its called (on the swipe down bar) smart view
محمد الاسمر (12 days ago)
It's so useful 😊
subrat singh (14 days ago)
How can I project the video on wall through projector which I am recording live through my phone? Need help.
Taqi Anwar (15 days ago)
my PC doesnot have the projecting to the PC option
Prashank Pundhir (15 days ago)
My window 10 not showing the projecting to the pc option..
Cajun Plaisance (15 days ago)
No cast in my phone.
Nikhil Nair (16 days ago)
thanks for the help
Joker Platinum Bones (16 days ago)
finaly not a fricking indian
Wasim (16 days ago)
When I click on cast nothing comes up, it can't find any devices. Those 3 little dots? They aren't even there. My patience? That's even going. I think I'm just going to make a cup coffee. I hope my kettle is still there !!!
Nikolas Pleyer (16 days ago)
for me it disconnect after like 15 seconds... can you help me?
d m (17 days ago)
weird, i can't see the pc name on the phone when I go to cast.
Lol bye (18 days ago)
Why is it delayed
J Pie (18 days ago)
thank you so much!
Ivy Jheane VLOGS (19 days ago)
Finally! Thank you for this video!
Real Racing 3 Studios (19 days ago)
Sad how u can't play on the pc
Haroon Malik (19 days ago)
i used one finger to scroll down,it worked
andres kalle (19 days ago)
Im sorry but i have windows 7 and i dont want to upgrade
Jessica is Bae (20 days ago)
Thanks! It worked with my windows 10 PC and my android tablet !
Kushan Hirusha (20 days ago)
Tnx bro
Soniya Khandelwal (21 days ago)
I have connect only one time my phone to laptop not connect my laptop to my phone any time
Joker Ronaldo (22 days ago)
how to cast netflix or amazon prime ?
Docu Foot ⚽ (23 days ago)
Nice. Thank you.
Rezal Supra (20 days ago)
How to do it? My phone is Xiaomi mi a1.
Poonam Singh (23 days ago)
There is no cast option in my cell phone Please tell what to do
Books Hub (23 days ago)
Sajid Hasan (23 days ago)
Thanku thankuuu dude thank u so much
my mi redmi bote 3 witch setting is sutaible
omg omg (24 days ago)
i dont have cast.pls help(samsung galaxy j3 2017)
Patrice BAGTANG (24 days ago)
Mine didn't work
D_ Mystic (24 days ago)
Should PC be connected with internet, or it should have Bluetooth???
Carl Johnson (25 days ago)
How move with screen And use mouse?
UMA MANIKKETH (26 days ago)
I liked subscribed thanks very much
UMA MANIKKETH (26 days ago)
It worked thanks but in my phone it is smart view
Carlton Murathi (26 days ago)
Why would it not show some channels like neflix?,is there a way to fix this?, kindly help
SpaceTheAce (26 days ago)
My computers name doesn't show up when I hit cast.
Fried Chicken (26 days ago)
Please use multiple phones or at least comment on how to do something because I have to waste my time reading the comments and that's ridiculous.
true Gamer (27 days ago)
I have and android 7 and i dont have a cast setting what can i do
Hend Mw (28 days ago)
When I'm casting Netflix it is blocking video and gives me only audio, can you help please?
Saz Man (30 days ago)
Mithra Thej (30 days ago)
Awesome technique, thanks for sharing.!!
Saiyam jain (30 days ago)
HaoPham channel (1 month ago)
Not to mention, it's window 10
SpadeGhostVampire7777 (1 month ago)
I guess for my phone, it's Bluetooth.
Đạt Lê (1 month ago)
i can't use cast in android 8.1 ( Nokia 6.1)
Louise Rennie (1 month ago)
I have an alcatel pixi 4 6 inch phone, how do i do this with that modal???
ng lee (1 month ago)
Thank u
Adler Games360 (1 month ago)
Can you do this on ios
game lover (1 month ago)
Can i still use the keyboard and the mouse from my laptop
TheNamesKhalis (1 month ago)
Can you do this on Android and Mac?
TotallyRadicalMe (1 month ago)
NiiJnrGaming (1 month ago)
why the touch pad not working????
Ana-Maria Henderson (1 month ago)
I have Xiaomi Mi Max 2. What do I do??
Invisible Ninja (1 month ago)
No cast option in huawei mobiles
heidar jawadi (1 month ago)
thank you bitch :)
XxAlexaPlayzxX (1 month ago)
It’s worked for me thank you you are a life saver
MEtAL _-CrEEpS (1 month ago)
Pls.. help i cant find cast on my j5 prime
muthu kb (1 month ago)
Everything done but my phone and pc showing connecting but not connecting... What should I do ?
Yoshi Fan (1 month ago)
This YouTuber sounds like a movie actor named Christopher Eccleston
nonstopmaxdaily daily (1 month ago)
can you play the games on the pc?
sudhir chettri (1 month ago)
Okay . But now If i want use pc key board and mouse on pc . How do i play mobile game on pc and use key board on mobile
Freeze You (1 month ago)
i have hwawei honor 8 i cant find it
everythingWith Kiran (1 month ago)
doesnt work
ashok kumar chinta (1 month ago)
Thhankk you mite...
Mawaridi Ridi (1 month ago)
i cant minimize the screencast windows, please help. keyboard is functioning as a shortcut for my phone instead, and there's no options to turn it off
mr.s Dbrms (1 month ago)
There is no cast option in my phone.... Pls help me
Harry Yadav (1 month ago)
It only works for windows phone not android
Element Gypsy (1 month ago)
Thanks, well done.
Nitin Kumar (1 month ago)
Does it consume data???
Sagittarius Alpha (1 month ago)
It WORKS !!!!!!!!
Reham Ul (1 month ago)
for win 10 ????
Sunny Sidhu (1 month ago)
thnx bro it's work
nidhin k (1 month ago)
Hi i can't possible to chainge this option get this options like Hidden.
My laptop not show this settings
Can window 7 support this setting
Wich windows are required for this setting
Rahul Kumar rk (1 month ago)
Nice tric

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