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Nepal, precipice of the damned (full documentary)

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“I’ve never had a worse journey in my life,” says the old man sitting in the rear of the jeep, clinging tightly onto the fittings of the SUV. “What with rock falls, landslides, crashed trucks, snowfall on the high ground… that road is a real nightmare!” The Karnali Highway, in the North West of Nepal is the most dangerous road in the country. It’s 250 kilometres long and links the town of Surkhet, in the valley, to Jumla, altitude 3,000 metres. It sometimes takes five days to make the trip. Hewn out of the rock on the flank of the mountain set in an outstanding natural background, this road, opened barely two years ago, is finally allowing the population of this, the poorest region of Nepal to open up to the rest of the country, to move about and, above all, to bring in supplies of every type. Drivers of trucks, jeeps and even tractors, travellers, shopkeepers who go down to the valley for supplies, public transport, columns of people on foot walking for several days to get to their village… for them the road, despite everything, is the safest and fastest way of getting around this mountainous region. For several weeks, we accompanied all those who, willingly or otherwise, take this “impossible highway”.
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Aqua Rius (1 day ago)
The translation is not very accurate if you can understand the conversation then it is very very interesting to watch the documentary... but I admire the hardwork done by this team to create this documentary.. THANK YOU SO MUCH....!
Azad Jatt (4 days ago)
Nepal is very beautiful same like Pakistan awesome city people's don't know this life I live in Hongkong but I love to explore Pakistan rural areas so beautiful so humble can't explain how lovely to live in these areas so pure so untouched lovely life
kumar chetri (13 days ago)
I want to help this kid Rajesh ..how can I help him ?
010011 (15 days ago)
to all these people who think people existing in poor economies and who do what they have to do..are automatically good people when paired up against the "western youth"..you ignore the fact that these economies are a result of collective effort ,social norms and social problems. If the government does not make safe roads..then that means its people who MUST use that road are inherently good people? Some of you are a bit lazy in your thinking.
Debra DeSimone (17 days ago)
Wow and our young people complain! These young people grow up so fast and death is always a possibility, yet their responsibility to their families are very strong and they take it so seriously. We can certainly learn from these people.
cbschea1 (18 days ago)
Very nice documentary on roads & the folks hardship in Nepal. Never could have imagine the daily hazards the people there go thru.
Maud Smith (18 days ago)
Any time I feel weak and sorry for my luck, I will remember your videos and I will regain strength to face my day. Thank you for yoru videos...and please, keep doing your job. Thank you
Maud Smith (18 days ago)
When I am feeling wead and moaning about something, I think of your videos and that is VITAMIN for me..., from Las Vegas, VV
Maud Smith (18 days ago)
I am addicted to your videos
Motiram Darai (19 days ago)
I love Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
SuperBat (25 days ago)
A hard life doesn't describe this, we need a new word for this.
edwin vicencio (1 month ago)
all I can see is kindness the boy and the driver
green world (1 month ago)
ur caption sucks
cimo cimak (1 month ago)
Is anyone here who want to say goodbye cell phones and money and move over there
habibi kobus (2 months ago)
hope tilak ds days.became successfull person and open his hands to every one... may gob bless nepal.... i would download ds vids and show to my family in philippines
habibi kobus (2 months ago)
salute to nepal... namaste.. from philippines.... ... they are hardworking...
Leonard Carr (2 months ago)
Namaste Nepal👍🇳🇿
groundpounder24 (2 months ago)
Damn that kid is tough...the look on his face right after the narrator says, "...makes up for that backbreaking work." is a look of hate/anger...I empathize with him, hope he makes his way to a better life.
Dx Fire (2 months ago)
The Hindu bureaucrats (Bahuns and Chettris) of Nepal eats all the money and resources leaving nothing for the citizens...Neither they let anyone other than own community be in parliament favoring nepotism...Brainwashing the innocent and gullible citizens through media and blaming other countries for the misfortune other than themselves....They are busy promoting beef ban and Hiduism while eating the money they get from missionaries and foreign aids....I salute the Nepalese people for being resilient even when they have shitty incompetent leaders and having faced with abject poverty but carrying on and not giving up....The bureaucracy has ruined and looted Nepal time and time again making people suffer the ramifications...It's time the Nepalese people realise that the Government is the problem...
kibha rajbha jadeja (18 days ago)
You are wrong Mr DX fire do your homework properly, I think you must be dalit I assume!!!!
Leonard Carr (2 months ago)
Dx Fire Well who next?The monarchy has gone.Good luck.
steve turpin (2 months ago)
Wow! Beautiful vid...thanks
Glenn Krieger (3 months ago)
I don't know...the roads in Michigan...
Manny (3 months ago)
Telac's a good man with a good heart.
kibha rajbha jadeja (18 days ago)
Manny it's Tilak
rajan mishra (3 months ago)
Can you please tell me in which year you had shot this documentary?
Brian Smaller (3 months ago)
41:18 In the other jeep one of the dead. Except it looked awfully like that blanket was moving. "I'm not dead yet!"
Doog (2 months ago)
It was the wind blowing the blanket
srrings (3 months ago)
13:40 And We Will Keep Our Forest
Togbe Osagyefo (9 days ago)
Keep your houses and keep our forests
Gunda Wechee (2 months ago)
srrings the Best...
veronica eve (3 months ago)
What are you , Mountain goats? What are you doing?!
Best documentary I have watched the best
sam333 (3 months ago)
Brilliant doc 42.22 he says fortunately it's going to be improved? Then more cars vans etc so probably worse like roads in the uk
CheetahFoxx (3 months ago)
0:41 There's no blue jays in Nepal!
The traveler (3 months ago)
Beautiful documentary. These people seem to have enjoyment in their lives.
jemodeu (3 months ago)
they are really good people, salute from China
habibi kobus (2 months ago)
jemodeu yes they are.. i have lots of nepalese friends here in saudi
Casey Lane (3 months ago)
I hope they are doing well.
mhadeline Dhimz (3 months ago)
Let's Explore and Travel (3 months ago)
Much respect to work ethic and toughness of the people of Nepal..
Maud Smith (18 days ago)
Lets explore and travel: You are right! I feel ashamed of myself when I think that I am a moaner and I see these wonderful people going through so much hardship
Khadkabahadur Budha (3 months ago)
I love this video and thank you make for this video
stashtrey1 (3 months ago)
Love these doc's. The young boy who made his way back from India to his family was such a good kid. Bringing back all those things for his family on his back. Kids today in the west have no clue what hardship and hard work really is.
Robin Swamidasan (11 days ago)
Sam333: It's not that they're not bothered. It's that they have no clue as to what life is like over there, they don't know long it will be before he returns, there's no means of communication with him, and there's nothing they can do about any of these things. So, they're stoic about it all. They don't worry, or learn not to show their worries to others.
Flosyd (11 days ago)
you sir is an idiot!
010011 (15 days ago)
should kids in the west know this type of hardship? this hardship is not a mark of good character but of bad governance,corruption and oppression.
Leonard Carr (2 months ago)
stashtrey1 In India at a guesthouse they had a Nepali worker.Hed been there four years and was about to take his first trip home,he was 18 hadn't seen any family for four years.
dreams of turtles (3 months ago)
True, we people today don't know the hardships even of our grandfathers generation. My grandfather was a carpenter & i inherited his toolbox. Its big, filled with very heavy tools. It takes TWO young guys to lift it- and he used to carry it to worksites everyday.

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