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Cube Escape: Seasons Game Walkthrough

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Play it Here! - http://9fishgames.com/adventure-games/escape-games/cube-escape-seasons.html Click Here To Subscribe! - http://goo.gl/zqjVZf Enjoy and Like to support 9FishGames! Play a really terribly and complicated room escape game - Cube Escape: Seasons, and traveling through years and different seasons, explore a mysterious small house full of surprises and mysteries. Enjoy on 9FishGames.com
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Text Comments (20)
A alavanca não quer baixar 😥😪
Sockrobber 64 (2 months ago)
There was no pice in the light in my game ,please help
Helin Helenn (8 months ago)
The yellow light doesn't turn on
Carol Ribeiro (8 months ago)
missvidabom (8 months ago)
My bird won’t come to the window.
232 DjordjeA (1 month ago)
Play the music on the radio
Ana María Yañez (7 months ago)
me pasa lo mismo! lo solucionaste?
ragnarokaeris (1 year ago)
I dont see the reason to press the channels on TV in that sequence, explain please.
Divyam Thapa (6 days ago)
There is murder which can be a suicide... But it can be suicide... And the screen shows the shadow of the killer... But further in the story we can see the mirror that that shadow belongs to us
Divyam Thapa (7 days ago)
It explains the plot
Isabelle (1 month ago)
ragnarokaeris just make it
florentcoco (1 year ago)
bird wont bring me flower;..
Ana María Yañez (7 months ago)
me pasa lo mismo! ¿Cómo lo solucionaste?
李倩如 (1 year ago)
florentcoco you need to play the 1310 radio to the music signal show up. then the bird will come in
liberty_of_expression (2 years ago)
I put the mushroom first in the blinder and I can't start him
iiBallup1 (2 years ago)
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carmen mele (2 years ago)
i cant kill the bird it wont let me'
Márcia Nunes (2 years ago)
Astrid S (2 years ago)
Game perfect

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