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SPIDER-MAN PS4 1 HOUR Gameplay Boss Fight, Free Roam, Side Missions (E3 2018)

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SPIDER-MAN PS4 1 HOUR Gameplay Boss Fight, Free Roam, Side Missions (E3 2018) Follow me on Twitter - https://goo.gl/0nZ6dd SUBSCRIBE - https://goo.gl/VLlbBz Subscribe to MKIceAndFire to get all the new game trailer, gameplay trailers and cinematic trailers including game walkthroughs.
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Text Comments (546)
Marvin Seepersaud (17 hours ago)
When does it release?
Rick Jones (1 day ago)
Have they confirmed New Game Plus yet?
ANOOBIS (2 days ago)
The pedestrian npc graphics need work
Kavinth Amirthanathar (2 days ago)
I can't be the only one wondering why this couldn't be also for the PC
Shoogamoogaman (2 days ago)
Gordon Ramsay (2 days ago)
I have an Xbox and a PC.... but uh.... I think I’m going to have to buy a PS4 Pro for this game......... YOU DID IT AGAIN, SONY!!
Cap Tay (3 days ago)
Shocker Sending Shockwaves
Dailanny Nunez (3 days ago)
When the game comes out pls play it
Jason Steel (4 days ago)
i cant wait to get this game
Garrett Lansdown (5 days ago)
This game still needs a ton of polishing... after he jumps off the Empire State Building, he starts swinging and loses ALL momentum from the fall, looks too fake. Lame. There’s got to be the feeling of some threat of not landing a perfectly timed web sling...
Cooper Scheider (5 days ago)
Will insomniac show a part of Peter Parker's home in freeroam.
Lookat mySnikt (5 days ago)
I can't wait to play Aunt May's Side Quests! Getting Groceries! Race Iron Man and the Human Torch! Buy Aunt May's DLC where you play as Aunt May who has to take down the Chameleon in her home! Stopping random murders that Moon Knight would try to do to criminals. I say 'try' because you have to stop him from killing them. Otherwise when time runs out, the criminals die and your Popularity Meter will go down. Ezekiel is going to appear in this game! I have heard that there is a secret ending that involves Vulture at a Seniors Home. I wonder what that could mean.
Jaden Waddell (17 hours ago)
Lookat mySnikt no. Just no
Joe-Francis Kiaga (6 days ago)
Hope I don’t regret pre ordering the digital deluxe edition
PS4sos21 (6 days ago)
I cannot wait for this game. This is gonna be the best Spiderman game ever made..
20th century Godek (7 days ago)
I bet at the end when he says you it is fury
It's a villain also why?
josue roque (7 days ago)
New definition: VideoGame Movie- a movie that you can play, direct and interact with.
Omega Orange! (7 days ago)
how u ment to dodge all those bullets
Martyn Tully (7 days ago)
This game looks truly beautiful, I remember playing neversofts Spiderman on PS1 and loving it,this game looks good.
LunaArgentum10 (9 days ago)
So that first fight...I couldn't help but think, if he'd not tried to stop him, the bank probably would have lost less money from the theft than from all the damage done in the fight...
Quan Tavis (9 days ago)
Now Xbox needs a Spider-Man game 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ ps4 destroyed them nbs
obafemi Arowa (9 days ago)
Why isn't this game on Xbox 😭
Jonny Herrera (10 days ago)
I've never been a fan of superhero games, but man... This looks SO good.
thunderstone112 (10 days ago)
This is pure gold right here! And this one is gonna rock the shit outta all the other shits! BEST SPIDERMAN GAME EVER
Jake Birch (10 days ago)
In most spiderman games from shattered dimension all the way here most of spiderman games u think u kill the boss then he escapes
BlueGirly wow*wow69 (11 days ago)
So Spiderman doesn't have a walking animation outside the combat Walking animation? He just jogs everywhere?
Anita Kelmendi (11 days ago)
Sedec G (8 days ago)
Antonio Salcedo (12 days ago)
Watch this have zero endgame content Thats my biggest fear with a game this good
Spider Dan (12 days ago)
Who else pre ordered the special edition
CoLeMaWeSoMe (12 days ago)
Uku Sibul (13 days ago)
Too bad it's a PS4 exclusive. I don't have one, I'm more of a PC gamer
Jennifer Brown (13 days ago)
I literally looked up a countdown for this game and I’m gonna have it set until September 7th
? (13 days ago)
Umm.. after seeing this i'm a little not worried but i'm worried that this is gonna be the same as the amazing spider 2 game but i hope it's not the same as every other spider games this should have something that makes people say "yeah this is the best spider man game ever" like they say "tom holland is the best spider ever"
Oscar Oferlord (13 days ago)
Get over here! (Marvel vs mortal kombat maybe?)
Eddie Judkins (14 days ago)
If you pay attention the web strike is just like the web strike from Spider-Man web of shadows
NationalPjVillain (12 days ago)
no it isnt. It is similar to it but not just like it. Also, id hope that the same exact move from two different games would be similar at least. In spiderman ps4, his web strike just sends him flying across fast and fluid to hit an enemy. In web of shadows, time slows as a long animation is played and it comes off as clunky and repetitive especially for the spots where you have to do it more than 3 times
Barcode731 (14 days ago)
LISTEN UP INSOMNIAC!!! That alert icon is too big and ugly! It looks like a giant crown! Please alter it to something smaller or give us options to change it to a different one.
Ryder Barton (7 days ago)
Barcode731 Go Complain elsewhere.
nova seren (15 days ago)
TechionDigit (15 days ago)
"This is what everyone wants, swinging on buildings just like Spiderman." So why is it PS4 Exclusive?
TheWeidestGuy rage (7 days ago)
TechionDigit sony owns the license for spiderman so why would it be on other consoles?
Ryder Barton (7 days ago)
TechionDigit get over it.
Edi Manjo (16 days ago)
Im playing all mainline spiderman games since spiderman ps1 in anticipation for this beauty
shaun santirocco (16 days ago)
Is this gonna be out for xbox
christopher o donoghue (16 days ago)
Demarcus Williams (16 days ago)
what would be cool is as you swing through the city you can see easter eggs of different villans spiderman has fought in the past like you can see the space craft of where the symbiote came from or the meator dent in central part where it came from, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!
christopher o donoghue (16 days ago)
This isn't set in the raimi universe therefore the symbiote didnt come to earth on its own Spidey brought it to earth
Demarcus Williams (16 days ago)
what would be cool is as you swing through the city you can see easter eggs of different villans spiderman has fought in the past like you can see the space craft of where the symbiote came from or the meator dent in central part where it came from, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!
Andrew Finley (17 days ago)
FINALLY a good Spider-Man game
WykieElite (18 days ago)
this game will be a classic, feel bad for anyone that misses out on this experience. great video
Alexander Biles (19 days ago)
This nigga triping ball's, this can't run on a 3ds
Ryder Barton (7 days ago)
Alexander Biles no, It Won’t fit.
christopher o donoghue (16 days ago)
So take out some of the most fun and interesting features anyway not gomma happen soz
Alexander Biles (16 days ago)
christopher o donoghue they can just have no crime and cheesier swinging and no pictures and no interacting with civilians and no fire ecapes.😤🕷😡😠👎💬💢🎧 and no spider-squinting
christopher o donoghue (16 days ago)
They'd have to downgrade a lot of things and get rid of the open world plus its only on ps4 never coming to any other consoel
HUSTLER1346 (19 days ago)
Why can't you swing between cars? I know it sounds petty but the original spider films emphasizes that during a web swing.
Alexander Biles (17 days ago)
Can you attach a web grenede to your enemy face?!
Nicolas Stephanou (19 days ago)
Arkham knight is still better
NationalPjVillain (12 days ago)
not really. The open world in this seems much better than that one, the combat has more variability, the traversal is far better, the city isnt as dead, and the random crimes/enemies are a lot better in this game. Thats also with a ton of the content being unplayable in the demo
christopher o donoghue (19 days ago)
Steve Bourque (22 days ago)
Wow just wow thank god i bought a ps4 years ago
gage marshall (22 days ago)
looks like a really good game
Mr 268 (22 days ago)
I love Spidey. He's been my favorite super hero since I was 3 years old. My room is all red and blue with 3 spider man posters. I'm 15 years old now and still love spidey. I loved Cap civil war, Avengers Infinity War, and my favorite MCU movie has to be Spider man homecoming. I love how he's the most relatable super hero ever. I also like Miles Morales and Spider Gwen.
Swanita Valequez (23 days ago)
So excited for this game!!! Already pre-ordered
Spider-Man (24 days ago)
I'm going to make a Spider-Man suit to keep myself distracted until the game comes out and if it's delayed, I'm going to cry
Spider-Man (24 days ago)
When he said "web action" I just flashbacks of Spider-Man 3 "give me some of that web action" smashes camera "see ya chump" "WHAT THE HELL?"
MrNinjaGaming (24 days ago)
I just preordered yesterday
Akash susumi (24 days ago)
Yeah u r correct SMWOS had the best combo and the black suit was so cool the swinging also just nailed it
unspeakablyMenace (24 days ago)
This game is epic I'm hoping to get a PS4 soon but Spiderman was stopping shocker from getting the money but...he runid the whole building that might cost more then that bank money well done Spiderman XD he needs Nick fury to guide him
christopher o donoghue (24 days ago)
He isn't a Kid in this also of Spidey let shocker go he would have robbed again and again hurting innocents all along the way
Gus The Bus (25 days ago)
A dead pool or tmnt game like this would be sick. Well without all the spiderman traits
LittleSisterLover (25 days ago)
The movement looks interesting, the combat a bit mediocre, but that voice acting. That voice acting is horrendous.
NationalPjVillain (10 days ago)
LittleSisterLover he also does have feeling where it matters. At the end of the fight with shocker, he lets a sign of relief out along with changing the tone of his voice about when he’s saying how he “brought it down on himself, literally”
NationalPjVillain (10 days ago)
LittleSisterLover so you’re pretty much saying that the voice acting is bad because he’s acting like his character
NationalPjVillain (10 days ago)
LittleSisterLover what? That makes no sense. Spider-Man literally always ales comments like that. There’s no point in the comments if he’s adding feeling to them. The whole point is to hide his own fear and to distract the enemy. The enemy won’t be affected much and it won’t ease himself if he’s acting emotional during his quips
LittleSisterLover (10 days ago)
NationalPjVillain It's largely that it doesn't fit the situation. I get that a large part of Spiderman's appeal are his snarky comments, but to deliver a line as though he was sitting in a coffee shop following an intense action sequence just doesn't strike me as proper. I'd say there should be more feeling in his voice.
LittleSisterLover (10 days ago)
Devil Dog I don't even have an Xbox though v_v
Alex Mercer (25 days ago)
keep up what you're doing
Kyle Mautino (25 days ago)
Why the white on the costume??? I like alternate costumes. Especially 2099 and Noir but this is the beginning suit?
Kyle Mautino (24 days ago)
christopher o donoghue thanks. That's been driving me crazy.
christopher o donoghue (24 days ago)
He gets this suit near the start of the game for story purposes.but no one knows why yet
Mick Pickle (25 days ago)
Why is no one mentioning how bad the npc citizens look. They look right out of a ps2 game. I really hope that will be fixed by launch
nicole rusickle (25 days ago)
so do you have to fight the bosses like this, like doing the same moves for every sequence or is that just like how this guy is playing it?
NationalPjVillain (12 days ago)
thats just how this guy is playing it. You can do any of your attacks during those fights
Chr0meXCarnage (25 days ago)
I hear some of the homecoming theme
Yamahichi Only (25 days ago)
Лайк если с России))
InheritRage (26 days ago)
well alright. all we need now is a speedster game 🤷
kcirred htims (26 days ago)
I think the mystery character is lizard because you can hear a reptilian sound when he looks at him
christopher o donoghue (24 days ago)
Lizard isn't the leader tyep
Jon (26 days ago)
Can you climb to the freedom tower??? Here’s a better question can you climb on The Statue Of Liberty?
Steamroller (17 days ago)
Jon yes you can
Stefan logan (26 days ago)
The moment where he climbs on the highest building and we see the city. My face > :O
Flamics (26 days ago)
I don’t have a ps4, so I am going to get an emulator
christopher o donoghue (19 days ago)
It works but terribly and it cant play all ps4 games by the time you get an emulator that can run this in good quality the sequel will be out
Flamics (19 days ago)
PCSX4 is an emulator that works and can play most normal ps4 games. It even requires you to use a ps4 disk to verify you actually purchased the game
Captain Obvious (20 days ago)
Yeah good luck
christopher o donoghue (26 days ago)
These no working emulator
Md.salim Ashrfi (26 days ago)
I'm spiderman brother, I meet spiderman 😅😅 this is joke guys sorry
herberth aguilar (27 days ago)
Congrats on you got 1 million subscribers u the goat
LoneShadow (27 days ago)
The music sounds like it's from the homecoming movie of Spider-Man. If so, that just made this game much more cooler than it already is.
WebHead2099 (27 days ago)
Think they’ll explain about the police officer Yuri lady ? From what I heard she’s in the comics as the only cop that trusts Spidey but in this game think they’ll introduce her to us or she’ll already be established ?
LυαnXanαrchy (27 days ago)
is the amazing spider man 3
christopher o donoghue (26 days ago)
Nagwa Abdelsalam (27 days ago)
Malik Grant (28 days ago)
This game is amazing I wish it appeared on Xbox one
AJ Angel (28 days ago)
So that demo was only available on E3?
Geoff (29 days ago)
Is this only for PS4 ? or will it be released for XBOX 1 X also ?
ERROR BLADE (26 days ago)
Geoff only PS4
christopher o donoghue (28 days ago)
Only on ps4
Daddy Loudpack (29 days ago)
Is there online?
Captain Obvious (20 days ago)
Daddy Loudpack (28 days ago)
christopher o donoghue I don't fucking know
christopher o donoghue (28 days ago)
Daddy Loudpack (28 days ago)
christopher o donoghue thought there would be
christopher o donoghue (28 days ago)
No why?
Lucas Lam (29 days ago)
Is the demo available to play? It looks so fun it hurts...
Rudy García (29 days ago)
This game is like Batman and dark souls combined.
Danial Rehan (29 days ago)
I don’t mind not having symbiotes in the game, but hopefully please, at least include the black spiderman suit i wanna roam around with it
PL4Y3R _X (29 days ago)
The Jellyfish Jam (1 month ago)
They would make SO MUCH MONEY if they released this on all platforms
christopher o donoghue (29 days ago)
Exclusives sell consoles
BrazeBud (1 month ago)
Justin Lanphear (1 month ago)
I think the main villain is either gonna be Green Goblin King Pin or Doc Ock
The Librarian (1 month ago)
anyone know how many gigs this whole thing is gonna be? because i own a plain old playstation 4 and i really dont want to upgrade
Flamevortex3000 (13 days ago)
The Librarian How does the amount of gb impact anything ? As long as your ps4 is the 250gb version or more your good, or if your space is already used, just delete one of your games
DAvant Hill (1 month ago)
Who’s Adam ??????? Can someone tell me pls
razu bolo (1 month ago)
Now we want a hulk game like this
Donald Trump. (1 month ago)
This is gonna be the best PS4 game that comes out the end of this year.
Knuterik Matre (16 days ago)
Donald Trump. I dont think it will beat god of war, but it will probably be one of the best.
Kinming Wong (1 month ago)
Have it your way - Burger King
Mileica Rosado (1 month ago)
A love web of shadows but this look better
MoneyMaker (1 month ago)
I'm goin to buy RDR 59$ Spiderman 59$ Bo4 99$ My wallet is ready
gam (1 month ago)
damn combat looks insane
Erich Kmett (1 month ago)
My question does it come with TASM2 suit?
setherswade (1 month ago)
Looks pretty, but it looks too stale and not much there for me. I'll be more than happy to watch an MK playthrough though.
NKO (1 month ago)
Spider-Uchiha (¬‿¬)
R Wilkinson (1 month ago)
:'( noo What happened to no commentary
Jim Jim (1 month ago)
I remember when you were 400000 subs congrats for 1000000

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