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Crazy Camping ADVENTURE w/ Friends | vlog 17

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Went on a super fun adventurous camping trip with some friends for 4 days! saw deers, bears, the largest living thing in the world, fires, crystal caves, giant rocks, and so much more. Everything and more than i expected from this trip. I had a great time out there and im glad i was able to document it. love these guys. love you all. Did you guys watch the whole video? what was your favorite part? CHEAP HOVERBOARD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFCo9Trep0A FOLLOW ME: Instagram- theRobertLopez http://www.instagram.com/therobertlopez Twitter- imRobertLopez http://www.twitter.com/imRobertLopez YOU CAN SEND ME STUFF HERE :D Robert Lopez P.O Box 1943 Rialto, CA 92377
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Text Comments (32)
True Skillz (30 days ago)
who wants to be my homie and go camping?
Emma Combo (3 months ago)
Good time☹️
Kyle Boii (5 months ago)
Part 2?
Czarina Mae Abalayan (1 year ago)
more camping vlog with these guys pleaseeee
TynTng (2 years ago)
hey, what are the songs in the vlog?
Karima Brown (2 years ago)
this was cool. should def do one this summer
Laurititi G (2 years ago)
wtf that's an awesome editing!!!!!!
صوفيا (2 years ago)
amazing editing, not boring vlog, nice places, wonderful nature, wo
Kyle Louey (3 years ago)
aye love adventure videos like this ... can u do more. Great video love these ones and all the abandon building ones
RanD (3 years ago)
How do you have so little views on this? This is so incredibly edited and entertaining! I found this through your hover board video ♥
CJ Graphics (3 years ago)
Aaron Estrada (3 years ago)
That's a big ass tent lol
Anne Nohara (3 years ago)
omfggggooshhhhh u guys sooo hotttt <3 i i love the raps tho <3 shiiitttt ..! hahahhaha
JasonHibono (3 years ago)
my body is ready
Brian Sandoval (3 years ago)
Turn up in the forrest 😂
Erika M. (3 years ago)
Best vlog ever!!!! Btw the food looked so great lol whoever cooked it👏👍nice work😂😂
LESLIE FLORES (3 years ago)
HeartPlanet14 (3 years ago)
"we out here chilling" omg hahahahahah one of my fav parts was from 12:24 to 13:55 :3 i loved this vlog!
Nico JC (3 years ago)
Love your vlogs so much!
Shane Christiansen (3 years ago)
This was like one of the best Videos i ever watched! Awesome Adventure dude
Jorrell Monsod (3 years ago)
ejay loves nature
Les (3 years ago)
We out here chillen 😂
Mario.ect (3 years ago)
This Was One Of My Fav. vids Your Ever Done Robert💯 You Are Blessed Man. Keep Up The Good Work 💯🌴
Estefany Montes (3 years ago)
Kaylen Pho (3 years ago)
I didn't want this vlog to end 😭
Victor Villanueva (3 years ago)
How was It Robert
Valentina Miller (3 years ago)
Im Waldo (3 years ago)
My family camps in the middle of nowhere, next to a lake, not near restrooms or fake grass. And we make real fires. Thats real camping
Kayla Reyes (3 years ago)
i didnt want this to end 😭😭😭
wutayne entertains (3 years ago)
Your videos are so dope robert ✌️
irvinat138 (3 years ago)
I commented on your previous video
Andy Barron (3 years ago)
sup robert nice littel vog

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