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CAPTAIN SPIRIT Trailer (Life is Strange Universe) E3 2018

4576 ratings | 88745 views
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Text Comments (633)
MrRandom54 (1 hour ago)
This is gonna hit me right in the feels
ShogunArt Onigiri (3 hours ago)
Add pain=best friend in the soundtrack mate
Simon Truijen (3 hours ago)
The graphics are exactly the same but the story is so bad comparing to Max's
NdRB 33 (4 hours ago)
Wow so we get left wondering what made Rachel end up missing and still waiting for a sequel wtf??
Полное говно.
Sr Tango (6 hours ago)
Adorable, pero le faltan lesbianas.
*Maddeh * (6 hours ago)
Merkus McWerkus (10 hours ago)
Why should I care about this kid
Xxxextentioncord dabis (10 hours ago)
Elliot Ford (10 hours ago)
A pg version of life is strange
yaponochka (10 hours ago)
Jade (11 hours ago)
this looks great, really cute and charming.. any game that has Sufjan Stevens with it is instantly 2x better
Combofreak 21 (12 hours ago)
Ok so who is that kid
Mr. Corndog Gaming (13 hours ago)
Zneky the next edge (16 hours ago)
mAh Hart..... mAh sole..... They been purified again
Fallen Angel (16 hours ago)
Why does he look like the one kid from lazy town lmaooo
Bunny (17 hours ago)
sounds depressing where the fuck is life is strange 2
415 SAV (18 hours ago)
415 SAV (18 hours ago)
I hope coryxkenshin wont leave by the time this comes out
Evelyn Rocks (18 hours ago)
If they would have "Something like this" by Coldplay in the Soundtrack that would be perfect 😁
Sumesh Shrestha (19 hours ago)
Is that father Frank??
Joelle The Nerd (21 hours ago)
IS THE DAD FRANK??? sorry for my stupidity
Ederson31 (21 hours ago)
Zousless (22 hours ago)
I want life is strange :-/
Anmar LBBH (22 hours ago)
Sarah Jassem (22 hours ago)
He has freckles.... just like max.....
Alex Monroy (23 hours ago)
Espero que tenga cameos y referencias de Chloe y Max...
silver wolf (23 hours ago)
Why is that father reminding me of Frank
katkake8430 (1 day ago)
gives me such a sims vibe
Elijah Edgelord (1 day ago)
oh shit i love the soundtrack
Cristian uwu (1 day ago)
HELL this looks good
BugsyBadger (1 day ago)
Who’s ready to cry, fellas?
ZenCyn (21 hours ago)
I'll most likely laugh
Electric Buzz (1 day ago)
Max caulfield has to have some kind of referance in this game somewhere same with chloe price
SmokinToxicBudz (1 day ago)
i like the idea. I still think they should’ve made a third life is strange where it’s after the storm. Depending on what ending you picked for the first game. If you picked save Chloe, Then it’s your adventures with Chloe in different states or if you saved the town, How that effects you and others.
The Biz (1 day ago)
I can’t wait for Daz to play this
Soul Cyster Support (1 day ago)
I thought the dad was Frank for a minute. Definitely the same voice actor.
Just Luis (1 day ago)
i hope he ends up getting actual powers or shit
Garbage Account (1 day ago)
The dad looks like frank, I’m making assumptions here
Cody Evans (1 day ago)
i seen chloes truck when the kid was playing
Lis universe? Chloe is dead, Max is in Seattle maybe. All lis universe crushed
Lu Ka (1 day ago)
__deadfan.exe__ (1 day ago)
"I don't feel too good"
Tanto Faz (1 day ago)
The father is Frank ?
1987 Derpy (1 day ago)
We finally get to understand Nathan Prescott’s origins! I only hope they do right by the story. But either way it looks awesome
JordanGuy888 - (1 day ago)
They need to make the second for the original with max when you finish the game and pick the stay option.
She cute
Anton Sjöstrand (2 days ago)
I’m disappointed, but at least it’s free
Felicia Marie Leclair (2 days ago)
Who the hell is Chris?!?!?!
randomflashbacks (2 days ago)
It's Frank.
Country Boy (2 days ago)
Not to sure about this game In the life Is strange universe
4.44 coming (2 days ago)
I wanna hug this cute bby
Alaiza Reynoso (2 days ago)
I’m so excited!
kukeshka Pupsik (2 days ago)
PC version?
kukeshka Pupsik (2 days ago)
hopefully these kids are not gay ))
Truth (2 days ago)
hmmmm im hoping he has some type of reality bending power like Max. The time control aspect of LiS is the only reason i enjoyed it.
milk and jungkookies (2 days ago)
i‘m about to cry help
milk and jungkookies (2 days ago)
wait what the heck
King Kong (2 days ago)
1:18 This action will have consequences....
I stole your Sandwich (2 days ago)
Omgggg i want this game soo much... Square enix always with a good work😍😍
Melinda Mynx (2 days ago)
But Chloe and Max 😔
Ni- tress (2 days ago)
I'm hyped. He somewhat reminds me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes with the whole imagination thing
Hayley Jury (2 days ago)
kono. (2 days ago)
I wanna see more of max and chloe.
sara (2 days ago)
sick ass soundtrack
Kimone (2 days ago)
If it connects to the other stories but honestly I’m still waiting for the last of us 2 ☹️
Miss Anna (2 days ago)
OMG He looks like Max! Awww Max's yonger brother (I know Max dosent have a brother but I say he looks )
I Love Anime (2 days ago)
Max’s Son!
NeverMindGaming (3 days ago)
Nooooo looks pretty fucking retread
Yaren Ileri (3 days ago)
Supremacy 98 (3 days ago)
Cant wait for gameplay!
Tinka Bell (3 days ago)
Its sufjan Stevens!!! ♥
CODMASTA (3 days ago)
cant wait to play as an annoying autistic kid!!
NaziNiñoAutista 777 (3 days ago)
Melina Xotzai (3 days ago)
In ps4?
markus ornelas (3 days ago)
So the kid have powers or is just imagination?
illyasviel (3 days ago)
Gayest thing ive ever seen.
Alvare Gomez (2 days ago)
Hahaha indeed it is. xD
ThatHauntFreak2 (3 days ago)
Someday We will foresee obstacles
Starry Night (3 days ago)
Wooaah he looks like a young McCauley Culkin :DDDD
Oscar Huerta (3 days ago)
This is canon whit Life if Strange? It’s in the same universe? :D
lulz kek (3 days ago)
Another of theses cringy games?
randomflashbacks (2 days ago)
You afraid of a little cringe? Pussy.
Emily Hill (3 days ago)
Kid looks just like Macaulay Culkin
len yean (3 days ago)
Life strange es un juegazo yo siempre e comprado la franquicia espero y salga en español este juegazo :,v
Lucila Ramos (3 days ago)
sufjan stevens? COMPRO
Kawaii Koala (3 days ago)
What If Chris is transgender Max boom mindblown
FatboySim (3 days ago)
Hmmmm would rather LiS 2
D3Solate (3 days ago)
Will this have battle royale?
Lucio Raxcor Lietste (3 days ago)
sophiamustdiee (3 days ago)
yeah uh i still want a game with chloe and max after the storm
Pickle Pop (3 days ago)
WeMeetInOurDreams (3 days ago)
Free? awesome awesome
GayYoutubeTrash (3 days ago)
So he can shoot shit out his hand?
Slojanko (3 days ago)
Life is strange season 2?... Is this it, or another side game?
Claufki (3 days ago)
The guy's dad is Frank Bowers? They look alike lol
Drax The Dum (3 days ago)
Hmm, those freckles on the kid seems suspicious, I wonder who was the mother who also had freckles. Maxwell is the mother confirmed
Drax The Dum (20 hours ago)
randomflashbacks it’s possible
randomflashbacks (2 days ago)
Does that mean Max is dead?
•?? (3 days ago)
This is real?
akito nakamura (3 days ago)
I am happy as fuck
Brenton Alexander (3 days ago)
It'd be cool if Chloe and Max made a cameo
Mukti Nurdian (3 days ago)
The old samuel will help him
YourLie (3 days ago)
What the fuck?
Disasembledsunflower (3 days ago)
I miss max and chloeeeeee

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