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Tuba Tasbita (10 hours ago)
Santosh Adhikari (14 hours ago)
Felix Iceberg
Pranav Roy (21 hours ago)
Rotflwaffle (1 day ago)
I was there when pewdiepie had 6k subs. I remember all his anemsia videos, all the times he cried, when Marsia scared the fuck outta him. Fun times.
Shaban Hassan (1 day ago)
is this the youtuber girl that called "Azzyland"?
Ali Sallam (1 day ago)
I did bro fist to the screen and my finger hit the dislike bottom
king sley (1 day ago)
This is still fucking funny 😂
monstersince (3 days ago)
cant help you. i'm flying wednesday
Anja Nestorovic (3 days ago)
i'm dead.
Thomas Chancey (3 days ago)
Felix recalled that there was a MMmm
A. F. (3 days ago)
Any wrestling fans here? Brooocccck Lesnarrr
Ra , heens (4 days ago)
Wait your moms name is Johanna my cousins name is Johanna (GASP)
Fgteev Vlogs (4 days ago)
0:27 XD
Minecraft TNT gaming (4 days ago)
1982bhanu (4 days ago)
Chutiya sala, 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mr.ToeToe (4 days ago)
3:32 you see PewDiePie's young and old self........ PewDiePie you had a tan when you were small but now its just..... the YouTube light theme xD
Mr.ToeToe (4 days ago)
Why does everything go around Africa...... I find it very funny since I live in South Africa lmao
Pooh BearVlogs (5 days ago)
I quit my job to be a YouTuber.
Pooh BearVlogs (5 days ago)
PewDiePie do you love me????
SURAJ SINGH (6 days ago)
Go sell hotdogs motherfucker racist
theindigamer _57 (6 days ago)
T series
Fuck face
Kieran H (7 days ago)
Prince felix
Shawn James (7 days ago)
Your eyes changed color?
budgieuno burrows (8 days ago)
anesley in the backround was so creepy
Hayyan Ali (8 days ago)
Any one watching 2050
Kishwen Fallen (8 days ago)
Felix Killburger
PC MasterRace (9 days ago)
What is hot dog sauce? HEY! All your swedish cities are the same to us so shut it.
Player 1 (9 days ago)
Felix Shellburg
Marco H (10 days ago)
he almost said he dropped out of high school twice
Filmy Movies (10 days ago)
Want see a brock lesnar.
Savatron (10 days ago)
*Felix Keelburg*
Daphne Ngu (10 days ago)
2:50 😂😂😂😂
AJ Franciss (10 days ago)
Not Christian Channel yet
vicky jatawat (11 days ago)
t series
Alguien aqui habla español?
HIT JOYSON (11 days ago)
Hey pewdie
Soft MAX (11 days ago)
Before YouTube was famous
Demospaw YT (11 days ago)
Melanin Magic (12 days ago)
not cool about the children in Africa spill...jerkish white guy
Melanin Magic (12 days ago)
I just learned about this channel, thought Pewdiepie was American, don't quite understand what he's famous for..
Your Friend (7 days ago)
axiom bell (12 days ago)
Felix kjellberg ❤
great voice! thanks
Zey - Kon (12 days ago)
You're very welcome Felix keelburger lmao.
K.A VINE (12 days ago)
You look like Gareth bale
James Curzon (13 days ago)
All the videos are pointless, you can just get the info on Wikipedia
sayan sana (13 days ago)
"you are not ugly, you are just poor"
Introvert Evan (13 days ago)
I found pewdiepie through his walking dead gameplays and I’ve been watching him sense then season 1
Introvert Evan (13 days ago)
Felix shitsburg
ProHunter Gs31 (13 days ago)
Oh no.....
EoTic 225 (13 days ago)
strongly recommend you open another hog dog stand, but this time for the lolz. you might make a nice vlog outta it.
Dipen Patel (14 days ago)
TAYO SUMPI (14 days ago)
He is the first good looking you tuber I know.. And he looks a bit like Dan stevens...
StarDotZev (14 days ago)
you looked like someone made you out of clay, back then.
Jeruhmi (14 days ago)
MAKE MORE ROBLOX VIDS or u die and you'll get thrown into hell C:
Ali Raza Hussain (14 days ago)
Kit Kat Ken k (15 days ago)
Hi um Ik u posted this last year but I’m 13 if I sucked your dick you would go to jail sorry lol
Unicorn Universe (15 days ago)
Poor Azzy....
firefosset101 (15 days ago)
Love how he lightly "flexes" his net growth
Geiwy (15 days ago)
Even if I edit the before they were famous video with IMovie it would be better
Dijon Sefedini (15 days ago)
You become a youtube u die as a youtuber
Sherry Chen (16 days ago)
i got scared for a moment because there are 7 billion people on earth and i thought aliens watch his videos too
Sombrac Light (16 days ago)
being a dropout is better than an a grader.
Daniele Longo (16 days ago)
In Africa?!!? In all the world there are also the middle of 15billions people
George F. (16 days ago)
They think it's funny to do jokes with your last name Little motherfuckerssssssss
DAAEY (16 days ago)
0.33 cents 😂
WeeTarDead (17 days ago)
06:35 *Skandanavia?!?!?!* Are you an retardad? Scandanevias not even a real place! The name of the country is Europe, retard.
Penelope Goodwin (17 days ago)
I miss Ainsley!!!!!!!😁
ProxKei (17 days ago)
"Before I was selling Russian Merchs"
Xx xX (18 days ago)
"It was boring as hell. Everyone was boring as hell, I couldn't relate to fucking anyone". Damn, that's me.
Xx xX (18 days ago)
T-Series has 46M views.
Rashmi Barthwal (18 days ago)
Oh shit u hit 65 now .haha. watching this in 2018
am i late, i just got a notification for this one. oopz
Harry Potter (19 days ago)
U are so cute😍
Michael Fink (19 days ago)
“Fuck me, do i have to keep going.” Hahahah
Michael Fink (19 days ago)
This is why PewDiePie is the GOAT
Lollie Mitt (19 days ago)
shorty 1 (19 days ago)
Manoj Mahajan (19 days ago)
SADNESS TV (20 days ago)
Felix ShelBerg
Ah Ab (20 days ago)
What if poods got that photoshopping job HMmmMmm.....
ALMIGHTY_DONTAY (20 days ago)
He look like a drug user in this video
Bumba mondal (20 days ago)
I need 1 phone..
TINO__THE__KING (20 days ago)
Ive been here since 2012 man....im happy to support you
DJ DAWG 2nd IN LINE (20 days ago)
My name Jeff dawg
Zero Two (20 days ago)
Dat face...
osaid 8 ball pool (20 days ago)
how has your black eye became blue
ᴀᴢjιχт Øק (21 days ago)
100M sub?
Jared Johansen (21 days ago)
Ever since I was 4 me and my cousin's my brother watch your videos all the time
Marco Assassin (21 days ago)
do a video like " can we reach 1m likes dislikes... views" but its "can we reach 66M subs" cz u are 65M subs and we must dmadh the T series
daniel meman (21 days ago)
Pewdiepie watched his own videos 207 million times
MysticBlast3r26 (21 days ago)
*when he stood up for brofist i tried to brofist and he said he was not gonna move* *so i paused the video and zoomed my browser*
Aziz Aouini (22 days ago)
Suns no viewes
kiseter (22 days ago)
Wtd u like u actor
Devansh Duggal (22 days ago)
bb ki vines has 29 million views so...............
Jnayax Jnayax (22 days ago)
your not famous
Zenmasterme (23 days ago)
Now it’s 18.7 Billion Views!! When is enough money enough??? Stop begging for money Mr. Poopie Pie!!!!!!!!
Bang Tenar (23 days ago)
Balkaran Singh (23 days ago)
he said Felix Killberg

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