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Infotainment Hub (3 hours ago)
*Ramadan Kareem.*
FlameFlash (3 hours ago)
Just don't cook the hotdog
mfrji (4 hours ago)
BloodyShotZ (7 hours ago)
Is that real man beside you
aaron36cumlat ! (8 hours ago)
No B ucks (18 hours ago)
Pfft he sells hotdogs i sell fake dog poo.
RaphBath Playbard (19 hours ago)
Mr. Mcruuuden HAHAHAHAH nice one pewds
Kayla Jordan (1 day ago)
Whose watching from 2003
Al Fahad Niloy (1 day ago)
I love 3:58 sec
Hell yea motha fucka
rob Banks (1 day ago)
can u make me a hot dog
edward clark (1 day ago)
2019 anyone??
manish shrestha (1 day ago)
i hear filthy frank in his voice,do you?
No And no (1 day ago)
*looks at thumbnail* Does fame make your eyes turn blue?
CT MARCO (1 day ago)
U gey play coaster town
Angel Santos (1 day ago)
Now you have Crystal Sapphire Eyes, WITH A BEARD
Ian DeWalt (2 days ago)
At 26 seconds in, we have confirmed proof that zucc, the lizard cyborg, was behind everything all along. We had better watch out.
Jax Swaine (2 days ago)
Can we demonetize this ad I just got. It had a bad word.
Valox (2 days ago)
Shellburg "why is it so hard" because in English K is supposed to sound like 'kuh' and they clearly dont know how else to pronounce it xD
Sandstorm AJ (2 days ago)
Jag d ör han kan fucking inte svenska 😂😂😂😂😂
Fucking god dammit YouTube!!!
hazi khan (2 days ago)
Money changes every thing buddy.
god saiyan (2 days ago)
hazi khan but bro khan to musalman hotay hai
hazi khan (2 days ago)
god saiyan bro I'm from India ramzan Mubarak to you and your family
god saiyan (2 days ago)
hazi khan yes bro i am from pakistan ramzan mubarik
Tinku Acharjee (2 days ago)
Felix Kill burger?
SW Dyer (2 days ago)
Tinku Acharjee (2 days ago)
U got 17B views now dude
Ron DENTON (3 days ago)
Can you stop fucking the play/stop button sooo we can watch the video
Rita Panickar (3 days ago)
62 m
Adam Johansson (3 days ago)
Det är lätt att uttala ditt namn nät man är svensk
John Tram (3 days ago)
bro fist my asscrack
John Tram (3 days ago)
Felix's Mom Was A Whore Back In 1983
Tandra Kandary (3 days ago)
Oh... boi micheal, that's 10 million dollarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss in a year
Priyanka Maurya (4 days ago)
the 100 subs thing was goddamn cute.pew pew pew pew .
dr duck_swe (4 days ago)
i also thin its fun all swe understand what are so funny with the vid
dr duck_swe (4 days ago)
kan du ge mig shoutout
dr duck_swe (4 days ago)
nej det är kellburg ok de suger på engelksa
Tristan Rampaul (4 days ago)
The thumbnail of him before doesnt he look like freddy benson from icarly?
Black Panther (5 days ago)
Swedish people = very attractive.
xLunarTaki 108 (5 days ago)
EnderKoskinen (5 days ago)
Why is this still #50 in trending
j m girl (5 days ago)
Poor Felix
Yeee (5 days ago)
1:13 the curb your meme WOAAAAHHHHHHT
A.R. Norwood (5 days ago)
Whats the intro song?
Kaushik Naik (6 days ago)
Did u know that u look like Jonathan lucca
Larsen Robertson (6 days ago)
To anyone reading this: Subscribe to me if you love your mother.
Larsen Robertson (6 days ago)
Subscribe to me if ur reading this, anyone!
Larsen Robertson (6 days ago)
IF YOU ARE READING THIS, IMMEDIATELY SUBSCRIBE TO ME... OR ELSE... (well, if you don't subscribe then, uhh, you're just not subscribed I guess... pretty self-explanatory) LOL THIS WAS A JOKE BUT PLZ SUB 2 ME!!
Marvel the Hedgehog (6 days ago)
Nice job Do you know Markiplier
Thery Rosdiaty Hery (6 days ago)
well R.I.P your 200 mil views felix (not that anyone cares )
River Tam (6 days ago)
in this video you look like the old you ...
VegettoBlue3108 (6 days ago)
3:09 what's her name?
Yacky Animations (6 days ago)
Hi Im Gloria Borger and youre watching pewnews 9:49
D1ABL0 FROM HELL (7 days ago)
Sam Redd (7 days ago)
In the thumbnail I thought u where made of plastic
Chill Savage (7 days ago)
Thanks for blasting "SUCK MY FUCKING DICK," while my parents are 10 feet away. I though this was a holy Christian channel, fucking brad, god dammit.
Swaraj Prateek (8 days ago)
Evolution Monkeys-->ape-->human-->rise of the planet of apes-->pewdiepie
xo omerYT (8 days ago)
You sellout
Karol Jones (8 days ago)
to be honest i can not pronounce your actual name or your stage name pew die pie all what i know is there is die in it and i really do not know why there is die in the middle
Gaming TV (8 days ago)
i know you are swedish
Holymoly s (9 days ago)
Why is this guy pretend to be not rich while in reality rich as fuck, private jet is pocket mone3
geki san (9 days ago)
this version of pewdiepie is the best fuck 2014 pewdiepie
Hazem Radwan (9 days ago)
That guy is so pathetic when he tries to say these Swedish words.
Eliza Schuyler (9 days ago)
NexusACE -YouTube (10 days ago)
now he's 62 million subs 0.o
lmao gamer (10 days ago)
Soooo boring I wish this was clickbait soo boring!!!!
Alaina_ Vlogs! (11 days ago)
Timmy Toucan (11 days ago)
7:18 😂
connor gameplays (11 days ago)
gothamburg yet  no mention of batman
noah breding (11 days ago)
ive heard of an internship but what the hell is an aprentinship 6:27
DUZΞ (11 days ago)
"mom, dad, im going to drop out of school cuz im going to be a youtuber!" i died
Luna Viper (11 days ago)
0:28 *BUSTS A NUT*
Chane Clarke (11 days ago)
Great job bro keep it up +Chane Clarke
Talywhite (11 days ago)
I am almost sad to say I am no longer subbed to Felix and haven't been for probably a year and a half. I was subbed for years. Been watching YouTube for like 5 years and I subbed on happy wheels in the episodes somewhere 10-20 and was around since. But I remember the cod videos. Forgot about them till you showed the clip and it was like déjà vu
Billy Last name guy (11 days ago)
Just say shellburg
Billy Last name guy (11 days ago)
Lol keelberg
Ninja Radio (11 days ago)
First the views and then the subs
Love ___ (12 days ago)
“Felix keelberg”
Mystical Antlers (12 days ago)
I just noticed how childish I was before...
snow. (12 days ago)
Why "" in title ? Everyone with you know you are fuc*in famous
Troy Panek (12 days ago)
I only know your last name from reading a shadow on the mountain a character who’s name is kjell and name is pronounced shell so I just added a burg and yay
Rob H (12 days ago)
His parents job titles explain a lot about this mofo
but pews ur famous U have 62M subs
mohamed med (12 days ago)
Hay talk about Algérien
troller XDXDXD (13 days ago)
1:12 XD
Jayshree (13 days ago)
I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
It's SAMLsmm (13 days ago)
Alexndradhiaz (13 days ago)
Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
MrRyo41 GTA V4K (13 days ago)
famous? lol
dude cool (14 days ago)
fuck you pewdiepie for making me like your videos... fuck!
Cynthia Li (14 days ago)
Bethesda Gamer (14 days ago)
Gaiming has more subs than you lol
JunketyStudios (15 days ago)
I only have 86 subs 😂😂
Justin Kamali (15 days ago)
Hey Everyone! Let’s support each other channels! Subscribe to my Channel and I will show the same love back. I’ll be posting my first video here soon! :) (Pranks, Storytime, Challenges...and much more )
Ethan Walker (15 days ago)
porcha mcdonald (15 days ago)
“4 million a year .................... that’s cute” this had me dead 😂😂
FByqmeti15 (15 days ago)
5:14 meme review
Yuri Villano (16 days ago)
King Felix of Youtube
Eric kee (16 days ago)
Tell me about it a fucking right ROSTED

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