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Minecraft: Survival Games! "Jungle"

235 ratings | 22691 views
Ratings are appreciated :D Twitter: http://twitter.com/gizzy14gazza Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/gizzy14gazza Server: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SOcO5u Texture Pack: http://bit.ly/SjXVrb Server: Sky-sg.com All music used created by C418
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Text Comments (55)
Molly Samuelson (3 years ago)
sasha mcgriff (5 years ago)
alright fanboys sit your asses down but........ive never seen robin
Laraina Parker (5 years ago)
Why didn't you give sparky pants and a helmet
Matthew Sowerby (5 years ago)
Fight like a man
ZoomZoom0 (5 years ago)
Damn it ever, dont steal all the food.
Alexandra hintz (5 years ago)
that was XRPMX13s sever
recon174 (5 years ago)
everdeen had iron helmet
luka chakhnashvili (5 years ago)
you have 1.3.2 minecraft?!?!?!?!?!
tyler spencer (5 years ago)
tht wasnt chained it was iron!!
Bo Didier (5 years ago)
you are awesome
Sxott (5 years ago)
check out my channel. will be doing various vids soon. will keep you guys updated
carl bonacua (5 years ago)
poor sparky and that girl so sad
LeSneako (5 years ago)
I played with u I was squarefightdude3
Dylan Jones (5 years ago)
Lol But There Was A Chest Back There By The Village Towards The End Of The River On Your Left...:)
michel weiss (5 years ago)
,l love it
Dalusioniss (5 years ago)
Chain is the same as leather
aIchemical (5 years ago)
Looked like a diadric helmet from skyrim (didn't spell diadric right I think...)
Beatriz Morales (5 years ago)
Blake (5 years ago)
Gizzy you had 6 iron swords you didn't count the one u were using
Dopey327 (5 years ago)
Its give it away now. Not get away now??
EugeneM (5 years ago)
Please reply
EugeneM (5 years ago)
Is this server for 1.4.4
Hunter Clark (5 years ago)
What's gizzys ign?
Garrus (5 years ago)
I'm sure gizzy always have said swag lol you've never noticed? well you might not have seen his other videos
Swaggy P (5 years ago)
It's arena not arina
Swaggy P (5 years ago)
Gizzy kill Sparky for food!
Tomislav Poposki (5 years ago)
arina 3 is my favorite
Tomislav Poposki (5 years ago)
gizzy dont use texturepaxs plz
Patrick Schluter (5 years ago)
6 ironswords actually
TheMinrcrafter (5 years ago)
please update the server cause i failed and clicked the update button nd i cant play on deadlox and your server :(
Sandy2711 (5 years ago)
Update server please :)
patricia zumba (5 years ago)
patricia zumba (5 years ago)
patricia zumba (5 years ago)
Thx for saying my helms swag gizzard
TigerFang (5 years ago)
plz put the ip for the maps plz
Chantal Day (5 years ago)
GIZZY YOU MISSED A CHEST. But yeah, you would've won if it didn't crash.
supermario2000100 (5 years ago)
: 3
cookie4524 (5 years ago)
no, map 2 was the city
creepkings2012 (5 years ago)
Isnt this Map 2
BornNinaPro (5 years ago)
get better :)
Lewes Steer (5 years ago)
Gizzy i dare you to do a parody of Gangnam style!
kobeking23 (5 years ago)
kobeking23 (5 years ago)
Glad i fould you from skydoesminecraft
Daniel .S (5 years ago)
woulda been atleast first :P
Robert Schwartz (5 years ago)
RIP, motherfucker! xD
FrostBite (5 years ago)
Grrr I can't type that was me you zoomed in on at 10 something
FrostBite (5 years ago)
Oops I ment f
FrostBite (5 years ago)
Lol tizzy that was me you zoomed in on at like 11 something
EilonFox (5 years ago)
u could have asked 4 food gizzy! ~Everdeen74th
MultiMessii (5 years ago)
Unfortunate gizzy that the server crashed. You would have won!
Monique Rivers (5 years ago)
Nice one, Gizzy. Get well :p Also, 03:38 part was funny :D
skaaddict2 (5 years ago)
Aww sad ending :(
Big Boy Bob (5 years ago)
i have watched the video so i am commenting...
geexrs (5 years ago)
Endino Gieske (5 years ago)

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