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Peter Parker vs Flash - Basketball Scene - The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie CLIP HD

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Peter Parker vs Flash Thompson - Basketball Scene - The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie CLIP HD [1080p 60 FPS HD ] Peter Parker vs Flash (2002): https://youtu.be/eTAWw_J-EPY I Do Not Own Anything.All the Rights in This Content Belong to Their Respective Owner/s. TM & © Sony (2012) Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended.
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Text Comments (8830)
Shelsea Condon (56 minutes ago)
Peter" opps"
OmazingE30 (2 hours ago)
just like a liberal... you did it on purpose.. bitch it was a accident.
Michael Jackson dance (2 hours ago)
Yazmin Diaz (2 hours ago)
Who actually thought it was the flash
Annu Ganasva (3 hours ago)
I thought it's Barry the flash😥 m so stupid
Cyberian Deprochan (4 hours ago)
That was cheap show off... It was tolerable until he broke the basket. But isn't that too much.
Ging Sanchez (5 hours ago)
Spider man is in hacksaw ridge O.O
Nhiakos Yang (6 hours ago)
Wow the cheerleader falls than the bubble now the hoop
Console Peasant (7 hours ago)
0:24 that catch was so fake
Spark Creative (8 hours ago)
Jeez this scene wasn't even good.
Stephen Curry.
Noah Potter (8 hours ago)
that fake attempt on dunking 0:08
Yazed Aljamal (8 hours ago)
Olandoboy Cloud781 (10 hours ago)
Parker looks like ninja
Raju kattel (11 hours ago)
Сергій Орлов (12 hours ago)
Только будто удалил Мистера Момента мгновенно миллион каналов начали выкладывать моменты с кинофильмов
Egymaniac (12 hours ago)
where is flash the super hero not a normal guy name`s flash/ that`s a good one
Yavuz Cesurer (13 hours ago)
ÖKÜZ camı niye kırdın ?
Eleazar BEAST529 (13 hours ago)
Well thats not a fair game he traveled :/
RISHAEL MATA LOBO (13 hours ago)
Şevval İtidal (13 hours ago)
Ananı sikim vay amk
lotus arashi (15 hours ago)
I thought it was flash! The real thing you know Barry Allen
PHXNTXM (15 hours ago)
Garfield’s Peter Parker may not have been the most comic book accurate interpretation, but being a freshman in high school when the first TASM came out, I related to his interpretation of Parker a lot. Way more than I ever could to Maguire’s Peter Parker, which actually was comic book accurate. I don’t know, I like to think of all 3 of reboots as being completely different adaptations of the comics. Maguire was the classic and traditional take that was just dubbed as “Spider-Man”, Garfield was like an Amazing/Ultimate hybrid, and Holland is like the Spectacular Spider-Man.
Ntandoyakhe Masilela (15 hours ago)
That was one Hell of a travel
coolboy killer (16 hours ago)
Lol xd
Alurad Gaming (17 hours ago)
Stephen curry the peter parker vs the lebroon
mohiul titu (18 hours ago)
He's dam cute.
Juanw7 (18 hours ago)
Realised Peter Travelled?
gio kubla (21 hours ago)
It was travel
Ali Ahmad (21 hours ago)
bullies https://youtu.be/tLANm7qP92Q
arda serter (23 hours ago)
Few more steps
Devon Friedman (1 day ago)
the fps is wack
Melody Kuo (1 day ago)
peter looks a lot like sarah Betts's boyfriend, Kane foster
TheKimfing (1 day ago)
sid seven k (1 day ago)
where's flash ?
Nathan Dark (1 day ago)
Nigga travel on spiderman XD
W Minogue (1 day ago)
Why are there middle aged men playing basketball for a high school team?
lPreaching Psn (1 day ago)
Pásenme la película entera por favor https://youtu.be/addme/0AuECfXwRmmnzt5MeOijhWJDUH7Vwg agregenme y mandenme la por favor
Josephy Favini (1 day ago)
i don't like this movie hihi
Atara (1 day ago)
i luv 60fps
ayman khechman (1 day ago)
김태흥 (1 day ago)
ZOtiC (1 day ago)
60 fps clean
The Clips (1 day ago)
blessings bro...bro what does that mean 'fair use'
Shadow Bonnie (1 day ago)
*peter being a savage*
Ohios Finest (1 day ago)
Travel, foul, technical
dodofro (1 day ago)
Wow this being in a higher frames per second makes it seem somehow even more lame.
said Bahati (1 day ago)
🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅 👕👙👔👗🎽 Santa is coming!
Kawawie Hilario (2 days ago)
Kawawie Hilario (1 day ago)
Kawawie Hilario (1 day ago)
REmark (2 days ago)
This scene was epic
Kasea Alari (2 days ago)
Imma be honest. When I saw the title I thought it meant peter against dc flash like it was some dc marvel mashup. Would have been cool to see that but this is cool too.
Segara Sayeesha (2 days ago)
i thought it's barry allen never watch the movie tbh
VishtheFish (2 days ago)
0:06 weakest shot i've ever seen in my life
Yoloswagpro Bro (2 days ago)
Dude flash Thompson’s a badass!
MD LP13 (2 days ago)
One of the best spidermans 😍😍😍 him and tom, i dnt know why but i hate tobeys
montblanc noland (2 days ago)
Sooooooo you think anybody notice I have powerrss..... Nah I'm good
Joey Isquierdo (2 days ago)
Joey Isquierdo (2 days ago)
Meant 0:10
Hermione Granger (2 days ago)
Parker is every HP/Marauder ideal Remus Lupin
BryxnFx (2 days ago)
I never see a movie in 60fps
Priyanka Chopra (2 days ago)
Elijah Israel (2 days ago)
That was a travel
Elijah Israel (2 days ago)
Darshan Kumar (2 days ago)
Toby Maguire 😢😢😢
The Universe Gamer (3 days ago)
They got me thinking that spider man went against the actual flash..
Estas demente PETER
Syahrul Fauzi (3 days ago)
flash vs flash in spidey universe
That one girl's gum popped and I made a pop noise at the same time XD.
omarrrio (3 days ago)
who ever does these 60 fps shit, you are retarded and don't understand how movies work...
Valerio Iannacone (3 days ago)
Taken IK (3 days ago)
He didn’t even dribble
Nyan Girl (3 days ago)
Oh yea since when did peter have sticky hands with that ball?!😂
DaZach (3 days ago)
1:53 oops
Megan Rose (3 days ago)
Sharp Cyber (3 days ago)
Don't be fooled.
Veiskryd (3 days ago)
White boy aint never heard of travelling lmao
Mukesh Jain (3 days ago)
quality is so good that actually its bad
Cadolots (4 days ago)
Basket don’t count. It’s a travel turnover
Koala凉 (4 days ago)
1:47 are we gonna call that a travel or what
Jack Pulse (4 days ago)
If I try and grab the ball from someone nd they hold with one hand nd I’m using ALL MY MIGHT!!!! I’m going home n never leaving
Owen Liss (4 days ago)
Kimberley Browne (4 days ago)
Fortnite (4 days ago)
Dhruv Kota (4 days ago)
what kind of layup attempt is that
School (4 days ago)
Flash is the fastes man in the world
She said it wasn't an accident, but he literally didn't even aim at her. They PETER THE DICKWAD decides to be the Messiah and show off with his supernatural bullcrap
best bully humiliation ever!
Evan H (4 days ago)
There is no way that shot would have even hit the rim 0:08
Ahobbi 1 (4 days ago)
0:07 that the worst lay up i have ever seen in my life
Gabriel Garcia (4 days ago)
pragyan Jyoti (4 days ago)
https://youtu.be/ECwXY9riz0c New
Tushar Niras (4 days ago)
Fake! No one was flashing over there .....
Samcel Takahashi (5 days ago)
That DUNK!!!
david mathews (5 days ago)
For 2012 this movie was embarrassing. Lol
letmeee seedem (5 days ago)
Rita Kennedy (5 days ago)
He looks like ninja the fortnite master
Kaitou Kid (5 days ago)
For half a second I thought It meant Peter Parker vs Flash (From DC) I would watch that
Francis Vergara (5 days ago)
Tbh Tom Holland gets more girls than him....but yea he was a good spider man
Evan (5 days ago)
That looked soo real ..😑

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