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Bowling Alley! [75] Mine Little Pony - Minecraft PC

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This is a creative world, no pressures, no rules, just Fun! :) ****** Send us suggestions on what to build!! ****** ****** PONIES 4EVER!!!!! ****** My other Series! Squishy Survival Xbox One♦♦http://goo.gl/WFz5hL Amy & Salem Pony Paradise♦♦http://goo.gl/ciTHuR Adventure Time Wednesdays♦♦http://goo.gl/1A9OEb Team Pinks Magical Quest♦♦http://goo.gl/66UZ7n Salems Survival♦♦http://goo.gl/49mc8T Salem Vs Wonderwall - Skylanders Trap Team♦♦http://goo.gl/FghyNH The Sims 4!♦♦https://goo.gl/bHiCTb Child Of Light♦♦http://goo.gl/2azjpp Mini Game Madness♦♦http://goo.gl/XUZq09 Nerdblock Unboxings♦♦http://goo.gl/0RCg7V Lego Worlds!♦♦https://goo.gl/9blvJz **THIS SERVER IS HOSTED BY @NitrousNetworks Get your own super cheap, and super easy server here! http://goo.gl/i5tjJv Find us on Twitter and Facebook! https://twitter.com/SalemsLady https://twitter.com/AmyLee_thirty3 https://www.facebook.com/SalemsLadyMinecraft https://www.facebook.com/amylee33.minecraft http://www.youtube.com/user/amyleethirty3 Instructions on how to download and install the mod! http://www.minelittlepony.com/wiki/Main_Page Our skins were created here then tweaked to our liking: http://www.minelittlepony.com/ponymaker.html Ponycraft texture pack! http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/ponycraft-2103500/ Suggestions are always welcomed so I hope you enjoy this series, and keep the comments coming! Salems Lady is a Content Creator for Polaris Networks/Maker Studios. If you want to join the same awesome partnership programme, click here to apply: http://goo.gl/wGPmlZ **THIS SERVER IS HOSTED BY @NitrousNetworks Get your own super cheap, and super easy server here! http://goo.gl/i5tjJv ***ALL MUSIC USED IS TAKEN FROM THE PUBLIC YOUTUBE AUDIO LIBRARY AND http://www.audiomicro.com/ WITH PERMISSIONS***
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Text Comments (47)
Rainbow UniPug (7 months ago)
I’m such a big fan but why haven’t you uploaded a video for ages ???
Minermaster7 70 (1 year ago)
Hi I'm a fan and when I watch your videos makes me happy 😊
KawaiiKate TheCat1-3 (2 years ago)
I love your pony skins
Paighan Wheelhouse (1 year ago)
임성화 (1 year ago)
古 古 (2 years ago)
Keira collins (2 years ago)
My fav channle
Applejack Aj (2 years ago)
hi I love your video s
BabyyC🇯🇲👅 (2 years ago)
I'm so glad Amy is Vegan
Bendy Girl (2 years ago)
Ellen Hughes (2 years ago)
Amy loves it 😊
Ciarra Eastman (2 years ago)
I am your target
Jenny Catterson (3 years ago)
MY SISTER DRIVES ME CRAZY I am a calm egg calm down Elle
Melissa Lawrence (3 years ago)
can you tell me how to get the mod plz iv got the texture pack but i need the mod plz help me
A Lilfarmer21 (3 years ago)
war do you live
Bella Mason (3 years ago)
I agree with salomslady
Monique Lucas (3 years ago)
Salem build a book that when you go in your in your own story
Kelly Bobenrieth (3 years ago)
Did you see desendins
Saran Vann (3 years ago)
Mylonee Campbell (3 years ago)
You and Amy Should make a giant 3-D heart sorrounded by lovely jublies
jmkowns (3 years ago)
You should build a ferris wheel since your making a carnival area
Elliott Dooley (3 years ago)
Jena Dleos Reyes (3 years ago)
Salem can you try making twilight pet Dragon Spike?
Ella (3 years ago)
Amy is a prinsess pony
ZEIRA (3 years ago)
You should use magmar cream for bowling ball
is amy your sisdr
Ivan frostywings (3 years ago)
Hi Salem you should Build a ferris wheel.
Emily Abshire (3 years ago)
Salem I think you should make a painting store with all the paintings in minecraft
Rosie Chan (3 years ago)
Make a Pony THeme Park Make a Pony shopping center
evilted (3 years ago)
Cum to Scotland 23 broom hill roud
Brandy Walker (3 years ago)
Hi and i want to grow up just like you
Madeleine Young (3 years ago)
Salem can you go to the end and see what the ended dragon looks like? 💗💗
smivloc (3 years ago)
Kenna (3 years ago)
Why do you call it mine little pony
Kenna (3 years ago)
oh ok
BlueJay G (3 years ago)
Because it's my little pony in minecraft
PanniPuri (3 years ago)
You and Amy should have one full episode looking at Amy's side and playing games she might of made and one episode of looking at your side playing her games and looking at the stuff you made!
CoolestGurlEvaah _ (3 years ago)
Build a police station if ok?
G w e n 🌼🍁 (3 years ago)
I like your cometary
Isabella Dorante (3 years ago)
Spider+Pony= spiony
TinaDoesGaming! (3 years ago)
I went to London and I went on London eye, it was incredible! I also went on a boat on river Thames and learned more about London and I find that interesting! 😀 it was class trip and it was on my birthday! I came back from London 3 hours ago 😀😀
Mariana AREVALO (3 years ago)
Hi Salem
Duh.its.robyn.xx (3 years ago)
12 th like 8th comment
Kaitlyn Marie (3 years ago)
Salems come to london and the 25 of june thats when im there i wanna meet you in the acuriem
Katyie TULEY (3 years ago)
16 th view and 5th like
GBMax77 (3 years ago)
Hi Salem this is my brothers account I love ur and Amy's videos and you guys rule the world
Kool Kat (3 years ago)
1st view & awesome video:)

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