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It's Everyday Bro... FIST! #comedy.
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n y (3 minutes ago)
2018 and I still watch your old videos, I love how he yells at the end of every sentence
hajoor aldosry (1 hour ago)
really i hart u+
the best art (35 minutes ago)
Shut the fuck up kid
DragonPrincess88 (2 hours ago)
Jester X (2 hours ago)
India is my YouTube
Will Craton (2 hours ago)
*T series is next
Factical 9997 (3 hours ago)
Pew you must to see reaction of J. P
katy weaver (3 hours ago)
k i agree that its a shit song but why tf is he fat shaming
Lucas Danielian (4 hours ago)
Hey, @pewdypie look at this Jake Paul parody: https://youtu.be/c3wuf9_ntgU
TheAnonymasTurd (4 hours ago)
Sári Pál (5 hours ago)
U should react to Bart Baker's parody... Much better than this "song"😂 And love from Hungary 😍🇭🇺
Azz _ (5 hours ago)
Pretty sure it's called 'Retard Rap' ;)
Candy Squishy (5 hours ago)
It's been a year and Jake has 17M, yea we're still waiting for you to by pass pewds, where ya at? still can't see you buddy.
Saiyan Tube (6 hours ago)
"ten with six zeroes" - Jake Paul
Sumčinec 11 (6 hours ago)
Je talkn pewdiepie is next nové you no next je next lel
omarios Ajdiri (6 hours ago)
2018 ??😄
Ice Blood (6 hours ago)
His raps is very crappy
Mr.Basic (6 hours ago)
London is my country
Ice Blood (6 hours ago)
How dare you +
Ice Blood (6 hours ago)
Like you say gay p
Ron Floyd (7 hours ago)
3:50 LOL
*E N G L A N D I S M Y C I T Y*
intresting facts (8 hours ago)
Plzz subscribe me
the best art (34 minutes ago)
lol jk
the best art (34 minutes ago)
Amir Emad (9 hours ago)
You are an amazing youtuber but please get a pop filter. My ears hurt.
Yandy x (9 hours ago)
Pewds needs to roast more😂😂 "It's a new form of rap it's meant to sound like shit"😂
Jas mina (9 hours ago)
4:12 'And this sounds totally wack, and, uh — I swear I’m not on crack lmao deeEED
Kishore Kumar (9 hours ago)
6:44 Me everyday when I wake up.
منو عات (9 hours ago)
JAKEJTG (10 hours ago)
"I wanna die more than ive ever died before" .Pewdiepie 2017.
Over Game (11 hours ago)
well 2019 will start a war on USA pewdiepie vs JP
Jared Tibayan (11 hours ago)
OHHHHHHH jake paul is the one who is roasted noow yahhh
Ella Loi (13 hours ago)
Actually he has to pass Jack, Mark, his brother, Smosh, T series, (idk any others make some in the comments)
Ella Loi (13 hours ago)
And he has to pass Shane Dawson
nisa rojas (14 hours ago)
You’re beyond him. Keep making that bread, Pewds
Anna Tanner (14 hours ago)
Roses are red violets are blue, jake Paul is trash and his brother is too. Though he cannot rap and he needs to shut his trap somehow he still has fans that need to get hit by a van.
HaxGaming06 (18 hours ago)
I like how doesn't give 2 faks about it
Seth Bruno (20 hours ago)
bri Narcarotu (21 hours ago)
Dominick Wandermurem (22 hours ago)
I am braziliam
PreRisks (1 day ago)
The german REICH is my city
You are just a remake of jacksepeye
Luke Sta (1 day ago)
You realize those tweets were jokes right? Wait.....
Max McC (1 day ago)
Wait so now all the likes AND dislikes are from 9 year olds
Priom Talukdar (1 day ago)
Hey wtf why you roasted people...this is damn man...
Bindu Edara (1 day ago)
Do anyone know Bert and sykes
sara (1 day ago)
An absolute madlad
Идите нахуй индусы
shovon (1 day ago)
Jake Paul eats food the rest of us eat shit this is what he means pew pew in case u didn't get it
Sanjana Iyer (1 day ago)
its every day bro you look worse than kungfu's po
Dragon Fire (1 day ago)
Ivan Martinet (1 day ago)
Harish Gamer (1 day ago)
RIP Jake Paul
Danny Cooper (1 day ago)
Borat, you are retard! AHAHAHAHAHA!
ElephantsLover (1 day ago)
Jake paul at least seems self aware. Its pretty sad.... But logan is just straight up retarded.
Alyssa Platero (1 day ago)
now jake paul has to pass t series too
Abbigail Jagger (1 day ago)
Abbigail Jagger (1 day ago)
Okay, this is a dare but I hate yoy
GamerNationUK (1 day ago)
JacobTGM (2 days ago)
7:15 I just click on a random part of the video and this happened to be the one
RocketCat (2 days ago)
This songs makes me ill... I just wanna die, yet.
Alina Loopez (2 days ago)
connor fanny (2 days ago)
now team ten and jake paul are all falling apart
Cameron Kelly (2 days ago)
As someone from Ohio we apologize for the jake brothers
Kawaii_animations 721 (2 days ago)
Jake Paul is going to attack you with his army of 10 year old fans
ROBLOX OOF (2 days ago)
Hey pewds don’t worry about jp You need to worry about t series
ROBLOX OOF (2 days ago)
Is this a bragging video?
Gabriel -_- (2 days ago)
Pewdipie is next? O cara não tem nem um terço dos inscritos do pewdipie e ta se achando pqp se fode
Wolvuen _ (2 days ago)
8:47 Sorry Pewds I love ya work and Ik its a joke but that is BULLSH--
Zac Casey (2 days ago)
T series is next
CatNekoes The Pudding (2 days ago)
I love this video!
Jake Telebangco (2 days ago)
Ryandi Fadillah (2 days ago)
19 des 2018
Tbh you have better grammar than most of my friends from the U.S.
Eve Silhouette (2 days ago)
I always come back to this video because this is the first pdp's video I've ever watched. Now I check notification daily just for his new vid
Joker Rules (2 days ago)
Bodhisatwa Sinha (2 days ago)
Country- Earth City- England Hote- Trivago 😂😂
oko oko (2 days ago)
The fucking Paul's what ads wholes
Robert Kamijan (2 days ago)
keisha taylor (14 hours ago)
this was uploaded way before t series
Katty love (2 days ago)
Witch team are you guys on #teampewds4life #jakepaul4life
JOSHUA SIMS (2 days ago)
You said "I won't pause the video every millisecond." and yet you did.
Azim AzimovVlogs (2 days ago)
7:18 im fucking dead
WealthyMoon72 (3 days ago)
Cheese has to be earned.like if you agree.....
Ankit Das (3 days ago)
One man army
Stoned Whiteboy (3 days ago)
Your just jealous because that fat kid getting way more pussy than you. These guys in tight pants are so fucking tuff bro.
The Neko Unknown (2 days ago)
He's getting pussy? Fucking disgusting he is fucking cats. Yeah he got pussy they would prank them and the girls would leave cause who wants to be with jerk paul
The Neko Unknown (2 days ago)
No he's raping those little girls you call "fans"
Ogi the sergal (2 days ago)
Pls god tell me that you're joking.
samuraiwolf pw (3 days ago)
Even Ninja has more than him.
Arutee Lagahit (3 days ago)
England is my city? Whut?
vlog_do_Rafa (3 days ago)
pewdiepie man are you very
XmoneyX777 (3 days ago)
1.7 mil likes ok then
Teal ShadowYT (3 days ago)
Jake Paul you son of a bitch
Phương Tu Trúc (3 days ago)
5:32 =))))
Wesley Namney (3 days ago)
Also peace bros and bro peace he stole your shit !!!
Wesley Namney (3 days ago)
I like this vid cause Jake Paul is irrelevant now
Saturn is my city
NuttQuik (3 days ago)
"I aint talkin book" -Tessa brooks
The Neko Unknown (2 days ago)
Remove r and it's books
DITZ GAMING (3 days ago)
England is my city??
Francis Ramos Maestro (3 days ago)
Now that it's 2018 you can copyright strike him
punita khandagale (3 days ago)
The way he punches the wall tho
Chevu (3 days ago)
Why he wearing sweatshirt in Jun...
Damian Vico (3 days ago)
I love you for this
Nabarun Kar (3 days ago)
DEAD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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