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LIL TAY IS ACTUALLY POOR! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want more Lil Tay videos! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! FUNNIEST WRONG NUMBER TEXTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKCtUaQ5374
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Text Comments (44623)
SSSniperWolf (2 months ago)
Deonta March (1 day ago)
SSSniperWolf she is broke u is right she does not get what she disserve
Annie Sarang (10 days ago)
Wait what....
Z! hh (1 month ago)
i think that she is stupid
l.m Ashby Ashby (1 month ago)
Yah a lot she has a pody mouth So funny 😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😳😳😁😁
Aliya Kishtykova (1 month ago)
Love your vids :D
Yva Joy (33 minutes ago)
The moms real dumb. First off to do this and second to not wait to get fired and then get severance
Eden Tietjen (35 minutes ago)
hey u know the gold necklace she was wearing i saw that at the Dollar Tree
Yva Joy (39 minutes ago)
Shes nine and i wasnt allowed to say hell till I was 12
Slair (1 hour ago)
All her cars cost 200k😂😂😂
Turqouistone RedPanda (1 hour ago)
Lil tay's hands are probably so smelly because she keeps on holding money.
XXgalaxy gamerXX (1 hour ago)
So she's 9 and she swears
Nairi Lee (2 hours ago)
So what was kicking the car?
Annette Manson (2 hours ago)
What how she got all that stuff
Annette Manson (2 hours ago)
lil yay crazy
Layla Young (2 hours ago)
good money bc her mom is a realtor so her mom gets gppd money
Layla Young (2 hours ago)
but still she is not rich she does have good money tho so dont be so rude
Leslie Davis (2 hours ago)
Not you
Leslie Davis (2 hours ago)
Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl you dumb
Sienna Ferrari (3 hours ago)
Actually my dad has a Ferrari
Sienna Ferrari (3 hours ago)
Oooooh honey lil tay I have a car sweetheart and your 9 years old and your langue oooooooooohhhhh giiiiirrrrlll watch it. I am really hating on you right now.😱
Joaquin Rafael Cruz (3 hours ago)
Lil Tay: *sweared* Me: played roblox games that is a little hard a few moments later Me: *raged* OH F*&% Friend: triggered B^%$ Edit: me and my friend sweared an accident we didnt mean it
lil tay actually wearing a Walmart clothes
Sayori Best Girl (4 hours ago)
Your a broke *ss hater lil tay
UNICORNS DABBING (4 hours ago)
She rentes Thies cars and houses or maybe she uses green screen
Gerald Johnson (5 hours ago)
If lil tay was my kid I would slap her until she bleeds ha ha ha😈😡😈😡😈😡
KQCMD gaming (5 hours ago)
She poor 😱😱
Elizabeth Spence (5 hours ago)
Lil tay needs to stop saying bad words
Damn lil tay is worse them when Pyrrha gets shot in the heart by a arrow
MyOofername999 I Oof (5 hours ago)
Nader Esdin (5 hours ago)
Lil tay is actually A Asshole
M&M shenanigans (5 hours ago)
Lol when she put what I think was a pie in that guys face she fell xD
lol storm23 (5 hours ago)
Lil Tay say she got all them cars cj so cools son showed his dad's cars.the so cool fam is actually rich
TacticalNerfer107 (5 hours ago)
She badly injured all those beautiful cars, I would rather sit in that Ferrari for 2 minutes, than watch lil tays video
Domingo Sanchez (6 hours ago)
If that’s your car then drive it in your videos
amanda palmer (6 hours ago)
F#%k lil tay
9nikisha (6 hours ago)
Rip lil tay
LookerYT Roblox & more (6 hours ago)
Axgiemsp Galan (6 hours ago)
Anderson she doesn’t know how to drive
Axgiemsp Galan (6 hours ago)
If she do that I would slap her
Ava Ebert (7 hours ago)
How would sell a house to a 9year old, if it was real
Billy Gibson (7 hours ago)
Kodak had 5 million and still does I think
Isabella Rodriguez (7 hours ago)
alright all done. (plays video)
Reva Davis (8 hours ago)
Can i dog walk her plz like if u agree
Bryan Romero (8 hours ago)
why will you spend a lot of money on a fucking toilet I rather buy a Ferrari
FUDDI GANG (8 hours ago)
Guys tell me to call a number and u will
Shadow GamingYT (8 hours ago)
Boi SSSniperwolf is richer than you bich she makes more money in a day than you make in a month!
sage mode deku Ultra (9 hours ago)
Lil tay is so different when she's not using her persona
Black and Blue (9 hours ago)
I think this brat got all this from her dad's allowance and now she's saying it's her own she rules it makes you wonder if she's an adopted brat -_-
Christopher Posadas (9 hours ago)
Irene Castillo (9 hours ago)
If my mom told me to do that shit I would say no bitch☝
Lil tay=bi7ch
*TRIGGGERD* *CAT* (10 hours ago)
No her brother is the one behind the camera
Foxylion the hybrid (10 hours ago)
why do people like lil tay?
Hannah Monroy (10 hours ago)
Lil tay is the jealous one dude lil tay is a bich
Sly Apple (10 hours ago)
LiL tay is an Idiot............She needs REAL money...........Like bruh what the heck......... Shes the one thats broke
Rafael Ortiz (10 hours ago)
More like little shiiiit
Melina Herrera (10 hours ago)
Lil tay is a lil piece of sh*t
Gamer65 ForReal (11 hours ago)
This is why brain tumours are a global problem...
Jung V Suga (11 hours ago)
Ummm Lil tay? You know August D the rapper?
Jennie Fang (11 hours ago)
she is a motherfoucker
screaming goat08 (11 hours ago)
i play yu gi oh
Poppy The Parakeet (11 hours ago)
Tay = le gay
jake_ryall_500 (12 hours ago)
Lil tay Is a stupid. She just hurt a half a million dollar car
phillinda #1 (13 hours ago)
yes. she's nine and definitely needs to grow up
Braeden Munn (13 hours ago)
I’m sad she’s Canadian or her mother works in Canada
Kitteh Kat (13 hours ago)
Kathy Smith (13 hours ago)
Why do you always cuse like chill
dakota dawson (13 hours ago)
lil tay is the dumbest person i have ever seen
Roblox gamer (13 hours ago)
Like me lol
Roblox gamer (13 hours ago)
She needs a Mexican mom
Roblox gamer (13 hours ago)
Ok I'm poor I want to hate so what
Roblox gamer (13 hours ago)
1 like = one punch in the face for lil tay
Roblox gamer (13 hours ago)
Lil pump broke his car
Roblox gamer (13 hours ago)
Acctualy she s not that rich
Roblox gamer (13 hours ago)
Who's lil tay?
Lil Tay stop it get some help
Seriously oh oh oh oh how
Rude kid
mia garza (14 hours ago)
Im 9 to
Megan Murphy (14 hours ago)
U said betrayed more like BETAYED
Leslie Romero (14 hours ago)
lil Tay yyyyy to much
I think Lil tay told a answer thing on her instagram I think.Or at least that was what I was told
Angela Castillo (15 hours ago)
I have a gold neckless
Angela Castillo (15 hours ago)
She is a little bich
Mr. magic (15 hours ago)
Were did she get 8 million?????
Mr. magic (15 hours ago)
Do u remember her chain??My cousin has a chain like that.
Ashley medor (15 hours ago)
*watches lil tay video* *Ashleymedor.exe has stop working* **brain cells stops working**
FREEDY FAZZBEAR Vlogs (15 hours ago)
That’s infinite list glasses
Yoni Chacon (16 hours ago)
Umm lil tay I do have a car a better one
Anna Bernardino (16 hours ago)
Hahahaha she still got a tag on her shirt she proudly gonna return it cause she didn’t have enough money
Edgar Ortega (16 hours ago)
We all now that
Ryan Day (16 hours ago)
hey lil tay some day you are going to die in a hole because how poor you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naizear Clayton (16 hours ago)
Stop with that weak shit😂
Jake Blackeye (16 hours ago)
*Richie Rich: Spoiled Brat Edition (Rapper Deluxe)*
Ryan Day (16 hours ago)
the dog in the car must be looking away cuz how ugly lil tay is
Fortnite Best Clips (16 hours ago)
Tht dent she made at the beggining was already there
THOMAS DOLAN (16 hours ago)
She rents her life
Ryan Day (16 hours ago)
Me: ma there is a fat lil tay in the backyard
Aimee Salazar (16 hours ago)
I see she is making a car sale
swag burger (16 hours ago)
She Made the money rain 😄😄
Cindy Posada (17 hours ago)
Lil tay is so fails what😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nina Pritchard (17 hours ago)
She thinks she so cool hell no

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