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THE LAST OF US 2 - Behind The Scenes & Motion Capture (New Trailer)

3586 ratings | 200912 views
THE LAST OF US 2 - Behind The Scenes & Motion Capture (New Trailer) NEW CHEAP GAMES ► https://www.g2a.com/?reflink=mathchief# SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief?fref=ts My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (332)
Riot Breaker (2 months ago)
L.A.st of Noir.
Reincarcare (2 months ago)
yay more rule34
пиздец они её ужасной сделали
栗山 未来 (2 months ago)
Elle est moche de ouf
Blaž Bohinc (2 months ago)
When they get swallowing and the neck movement in general right, then they can talk.
justin Y. (2 months ago)
The diractor is such a beta male
ебаный бобаный
Demelfa Cinnamon (2 months ago)
This new Ellie doesn't look like the old Ellie at all... I know it's the same actress and in the game Ellie is older, but... Meh, how can someone can change SO much getting older?
Fucking feminists have done it.Fuck you peoples who don't agree fo me!!!
FlyBoy787900 (2 months ago)
so faggey !!!!
Flash (2 months ago)
Wheres the rest of the video
Richárd (2 months ago)
Gay ass SJW shit with ugly lesbian ellie
Her face changed... Especially the cute nose
EdhgarHall (2 months ago)
where happened?
ChaoticGood (2 months ago)
You just KNOW that the men calling the older Ellie "ugly" would never even get the chance to even brush shoulders with a woman. Die bitter you despicable virgins x
Liam Dayus (2 months ago)
Ellie was cute and now she's an entire different woman with a different nose, bone structure and even a different forehead. Now she is even close to ugly
Sam Halfpenny (3 months ago)
I love how she looks more like the voice actress and not Ellen Page who didn't obviously appreciate it
ᄃᄐᄏ ᄆ (3 months ago)
Who is Ashley?
BuckYSDH (3 months ago)
I want dis
ебать она ужасная
Redo Field (3 months ago)
Morri de rir, a idade mental dessa atriz deve ser de 12 anos eheheh
George McFly (3 months ago)
Who is this random chick making the faces where the hell is Ellen Page typical replacing an A-list Canadian actor for a American B list actor no matter the game will still be good.
Anna Luiza Games (3 months ago)
que massa
زياد القرني (3 months ago)
WTF!! It's not eille's face
MegaDan (3 months ago)
how have i missed this
mr depression (3 months ago)
The Luc1f3r (3 months ago)
Ugly actor = ugly model...poor Ellie :/ She was beautiful and now looks like some grannyboywitch...
Evgen1y Karev (3 months ago)
Взялии Элли попортили, такая милочка была а сделали черти что из стмпояшки Элли
xaniiu (3 months ago)
I knew that is who she was based off of
Adigha Gamer (3 months ago)
I hate the way they made Ellie look masculine.
Ebru Zeynep Çelik (2 months ago)
me tooo
Ghaemi350z (3 months ago)
Just like L.A NOIRE
Predator Hunter (3 months ago)
The adult Ellie has become SO ugly.
Kane Balaskon (3 months ago)
О боже еelly какаач ты уродливая
Kira TF2 (3 months ago)
Ellie looks terrible, puberty fucked her over
CHB 140 (3 months ago)
Ellie is looking quite ugly now
Poor Elly...What feminists and lgbt-loyalists just did with your features...
Poor Elly...What feminists and lgbt-loyalists just did with your features...
xXGamingXx (3 months ago)
So ugly
Daria Oreo (3 months ago)
Каждый русский комментарий о том, какая Элли стала «ужасная». Забейте в поисковик «Эшли Джонсон» и вы увидите весьма миловидную актрису, которая уместно игралась в кинофильме «Чего желают дамы?» (С Мэлом Гибсоном, была его дочкой). Я не знаю, может это тенденциозное мировоззрение из-за присутствия темы ЛГБТ в тизере, однако будто бы 1) это итого только тизер, неясно до конца на чём будет завязан сюжет; 2) конечно и какая вам разность кого будет обожать Элли? Мне казалось, что героиня всем нравилась не из-за собственных предпочтений, а из-за собственной стойкости, храбрости, силы духа и желании существовать. :оо (Хотя взывать к разуму тут не придётся, посмотрев на комменты про «козни ЕбАнЫх ФеМиНиСтОк»)
Indenhurst (3 months ago)
Did they make out in mocap also? lol
Xerxes Vishvajit (3 months ago)
HAH like hours on lip purses & stuff like that and blinks or or like swallowing and they would shoot it in like BRUH stop encouraging them too much of it on rule34 as it is
Couldn't they've made her more uglier and different? The technology is cool though.
Full video for anyone interested.. https://youtu.be/gF1EQAtaZEo
Павел Рвачёв (3 months ago)
Какое ужасное уёбище сделали из Элли. Раньше я желал эту гамку приобрести, потом трейлера отказался. Naughty Dog, ссаные ссыкуны, испугались феминисток и ЛГБТ. Это было ещё ранее понятно, в Uncharted. Идите в пизду, я все произнес
MOHO6POB (3 months ago)
Почему Элли стала таковой стремной ?
Z B (3 months ago)
At one point she looked like Nicholas Cage.
kotangenz (3 months ago)
ogly faces/
Bill (3 months ago)
Why did she have surgery post apocalypse? It doesn't fit with the narrative after society has broken down, I can't fathom why they did that. I feel like it's body shaming in game.
2はすまに (3 months ago)
Its A Prank Bro (3 months ago)
This is a waifu? >:"(
PSICANALHA TV (3 months ago)
Game of the YEAR 🎮🕹🎧
Denis Sulovic (3 months ago)
Better than Animoji 😂 maybe the iPhone 20 can to things like this!
Gavin Suwara (3 months ago)
Is this why Ellie got more ugly for the third trailer
Marius Merchiers (3 months ago)
Those freckles tho...
Edgar Visarenko (3 months ago)
Yeah, beautiful freaks, I got this(
FITNESS UZ (3 months ago)
Very beautiful! 😩
vibrantdragon312 (3 months ago)
the globgloggabgan is ellir confirmed
_ _ (3 months ago)
The graphics are amazing, I love how theyre investing in every little detail. Wouldnt expect anything less from naughty dog, I cant wait to play this game!!!
Ders Çalışan (3 months ago)
Kadın çok tatlı lan yaptığı mimiklere bak shdhdjdj
Celestine -_ (3 months ago)
For people saying that they've changed Ellie or she doesn't look like in the trailer: That is simply because here it is modeled exactly like the actresses face. And considering it's motion capturing her face it has to be like that, after this process the model is adjusted to look more like the character and the animations may be adjusted slightly too to suit. Around 0:41 it changes to show you how the character looks once they've added the animations they captured from Ashley's face (from the video on the left) to the model of Ellie's face rather than the animations being on a morphed version of the models face like it was before that point.
TrumpMoon _ (3 months ago)
ellie is a lezzie
Kelsey (3 months ago)
long live the lesbians
H恵美子 (3 months ago)
Ellie is cute.
Sam Matthews (3 months ago)
no joel no purchase
Renesanse (3 months ago)
damn. she is so fucking ugly, i wonder why have they done this to her
СССР Я (3 months ago)
Так вот она какая реальная лесбиянка.
Raul Menendes (3 months ago)
Ну и морда
Broke Cloke (3 months ago)
ellie is ugly as fuck
Outlast 3?
Ivan Volkov (3 months ago)
Блядь вырвите мне очи
Manu Preciados Jiménez (3 months ago)
So ugly!!! I mean Ellie
lucas kjølby (3 months ago)
Ellie looks like shit now
NSK cool (3 months ago)
Stranger (3 months ago)
Ебучие феминистки достигнули и тут собственного жирного уродства
Roberto Silva (3 months ago)
Merda de ideologias de gênero até nos jogos sfd com essa merda que querem enfiar a força na cabeça das crianças personagens horiveis !!
_ _ (3 months ago)
Roberto Silva KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK mds, vai brincar com seus bonequinhos esse jogo é so para pessoas com maturidade o suficiente de não surtar com uma cena de um beijo lol
Suk Mike Hok (3 months ago)
Now trailer is out. 2018?
Mano Kshatriya (3 months ago)
oh god she is fat
Kako y la conchetumare (3 months ago)
Time hasn't been kind with ellie... she looks better in the first game
Ebru Zeynep Çelik (2 months ago)
Ricardo Velasquez Gonzalez absouletly yes now she is like an another girl
гром шторм (3 months ago)
что это такое..... Элли, тыурод, простите
гром шторм (3 months ago)
Так ведь дело то даже не в актрисе и не с какого ракурса её снимают, а в том, что они преднамеренно исковеркали персонажа, чтоб такие будто ты не комплексовали
грохот шторм Первое это, это Анна! И если бы тебя снимали снизу ты бы смотрелась будто гиппопотам какой сожрал льва!
Dani Arbol (3 months ago)
The last of depravated (lesbians).
Nathan Nutter (3 months ago)
Looks amazing guys!! Awesome work!!
JOS3V OROZCOV (3 months ago)
Es la misma que hizo de Ellie niña?
ебаные феминистки ! Fack feminists!
ChaoticGood (2 months ago)
Danielle Leonard (3 months ago)
Lmao do you guys realize this is only a rough rendering of ellie. They’re just looking to fully capture the facial movement here. It’s not like the final presentable face for Ellie. Like the teeth should be a dead giveaway...
Daniel Macedo (3 months ago)
Ellie is so ugly now
Tom Trigger (3 months ago)
Omg this was the first game smh
Tom Trigger (3 months ago)
ÁB (3 months ago)
That is fucking amazing dude...👌🏼😰
Felhek Lehrian (3 months ago)
Better than quantum dreams
Arnold101Knight (3 months ago)
horrible face and actress, looks like shit
Lelezinha (3 months ago)
this ellie is so ugly
Имя Фамилия (3 months ago)
Бляяя ну-ка и свиноматка
Какие красотки 🤣🤣
CODMASTA (3 months ago)
The Last Lesbians II
Alex Danilevich (3 months ago)
Awful fat bitch), lets go fucking femenists)))!!!!!!!
zozobra (3 months ago)
detroit looked way better man. just saying
ossander ken (2 months ago)
zozobra this game is not even out yet. Just saying
loser (2 months ago)
I am a robot facts
the derpy lemon (3 months ago)
I am a robot (3 months ago)
zozobra Yeah and Detroit is a much different type of game than The Last Of Us man. Just saying.
Rosa Alvares (3 months ago)
Ellie de 14 anos esta mas wapa q la de 19 :v
VikinG TM (3 months ago)
Ну конечно блять, посиживали такие разработчики делали из Элли красотку, никого не трогали и здесь заходит жирная, уродливая феминистка и потом увиденного на экране начинает кричать. Разрабы не выдерживая отвратительного голоса этой шмары, бьются об клавиатуру головой, потом нескольких не плохих ударов, выходит Элли.
Павел Рвачёв (3 months ago)
VikinG TM феминистка была ещё и лесбиянкой
MaSTerOfGaMEs (3 months ago)
shes ugly
Mohamed Redha (3 months ago)
Where are the scissoring scenes?
Эскобар * (3 months ago)
Remedy can make the face much better and more realistic!
Omar Ali (3 months ago)
This youtube new home suggestion are crap. It sugvest you videos 10 years ago and shit you don't like at all

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