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Minecraft Daily | Ep.86 Ft ChimneySwift, and Ihascupquake | Lets Rate Chims House!

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Text Comments (1047)
Somphone Douangkham (4 years ago)
OMG Sumalee is my name :3
Sam Lund (4 years ago)
"I'll never go back to normal minecraft" -Sly Says the guy who goes and plays Treetopia on thecreaturehub...
Samuel Dubois (4 years ago)
When sly said I bet you hear it's small I fill out
alyson terry (4 years ago)
Scumbag sly at the end
Fabiola Castaneda (4 years ago)
Mackenzie Josic (4 years ago)
Tia Crane (5 years ago)
Its his youtube...
Hyper Star (5 years ago)
*Steven ;)
Ahsrya (5 years ago)
Devilw_outacause (5 years ago)
great ending
Colin O'Brien (5 years ago)
then tell her not to watch it
aurea tyette (5 years ago)
stop cursing dude my little sis watches this stuff
Chloe Macazar (5 years ago)
Lucky you guys that u have mods i dont even know how to put mods :(
Brian Mucci (5 years ago)
10/10 xD
Aley Ah (5 years ago)
they do but it is against mojang terms of use to distribute it
Reficul (5 years ago)
Omg I died at the end XD
JungHye Park (5 years ago)
I love harry potter
leo cornejo (5 years ago)
they should make a modpack :) do they alredy have a mod pack?
Tavion Painter (5 years ago)
... My computer is happy
NoodleNayru (5 years ago)
How to end world hunger: Twilight Forest :D
tom yummy (5 years ago)
dat end
Gary Storey (5 years ago)
this shit is bananas B.A.N.A.N.A.S
Kaitlin (5 years ago)
Lol the ending xD
lovewolfes66 (5 years ago)
derrickjacobs613 (5 years ago)
KlazikiO (5 years ago)
phk590207 (5 years ago)
13:15 Sly: What are you fishing for? Oooh really... Really...Really.
phk590207 (5 years ago)
08:39. Carpet? Now we know where Jeb got the idea "Carpets"
phk590207 (5 years ago)
It is alot of mods.
derrickjacobs613 (5 years ago)
Yay :)
tom boy easter lily (5 years ago)
the zombie with a mean look looks like me when someone wakes me up in the morning or when i haven't had breakfast so i look like that all the time
Sand Dreemurr Steele (5 years ago)
Sly you are halarious!
Mr.NummyQuills (5 years ago)
9:00-10:00 Y U So mad Chim?
lpskeeper1 (5 years ago)
lepardlover (5 years ago)
4:05 You've been playing minecraft for so long sly... In the adapted words of Doctor Who (space and time replaced with Minecraft), "When you make all of Minecraft your backyard, all you end up with is a backyard..."
LittleMiss FuckFace (5 years ago)
Lashaun Murray (5 years ago)
Come on :p
Chase Sanford (5 years ago)
are you just messing around cause it's bacon not bakin
Christopher Jones (5 years ago)
honestly I miss the days when i had no fucking clue how to play minecraft. being a noob at minecraft was hilarious as fuck and was hell of alot more fun
Kekuana Kelns (5 years ago)
Ghost of Seth Green (5 years ago)
Steaven is fairy MOD parent
ZombiPrincess (5 years ago)
Wats ur mods ur using? Again! ?
Max Ace (5 years ago)
I love your videos the bring me so much joy
TheLaughingLoon (5 years ago)
is steven your fairy god parent or a creepy stalker? i mean you said he watches all of your videos and actually pays enough attention and cars enough to add knew mods. sooo ... decide stalker or fairy god parent?
joseph perez (5 years ago)
Grace Daisy2366 (5 years ago)
He's fishing for fish
Furret (5 years ago)
I hope it will!
NEO_Creater (5 years ago)
i think it will... except it'll be episode 1 season 2!
Autumn Weidner (5 years ago)
Does sly play xbox
Clayton McIntyre (5 years ago)
If only the series would go on past 365 days...
TheIgnitedFlame (5 years ago)
its alright mate you'll learn to read soon enough ;)
hunter wallace (5 years ago)
scumbag sly. putting a zombie in front of chimney!!! LAMO
Aujinai N (5 years ago)
VenerableWings (5 years ago)
omg steven stuck the dismember limbs mod into minecraft daily, sweet :)
AToZed71 (5 years ago)
I live in Zimbabwe, and when he said Somalia I lol'd, when he said Zam-Zimbah-bwey I was so butthurt and offended -__-
siamtiger tiger (5 years ago)
day 365 and ep 364
Miss Jctzen (5 years ago)
Azonetta (5 years ago)
Lolz the end
sarge (5 years ago)
9:30 its a little bite to small but I bet you hear that every day
XxpiggehsfriendxX (5 years ago)
It's just a little bit too small.... But I bet you hear that every day XD!
Wesley Acevedo (5 years ago)
He's fish chickens
Edgy Jedi (5 years ago)
ikr/also i like the end its funny as hell :P
gianluca berni (5 years ago)
Harry Potter is shit
Sirmudkip III (5 years ago)
ok this is my opinion these mods should have been in minecraft marriage XD
RCOOTER 3288 (5 years ago)
there magnets on top of ceiling of twilight Forrest you should clean that
ghostaxe99 (5 years ago)
I got a ad that was how to beat your kids in the dollar store
Erick Velasquez (5 years ago)
sly can I join u guys on minecraft daily plz I am a big fan
Ciaran Alexzander (5 years ago)
what mod has the carpet and the item mobs?
Katherine Watson (5 years ago)
cookiegiver angel (5 years ago)
dose sly know inthelittlewood cus they should do a mc series together
Bailey Bazinga-Fiddler (5 years ago)
Steven is whipped!
booty popper (5 years ago)
This Is my least favorite session
LupieSama (5 years ago)
Me: *Turns on computer without knowing volume is all the way up* clicks a slyfox video. Slys theme song " INDNCJFNDJJENFID" Me: SWEET JEESUS MY EARS.
Terrashell (5 years ago)
*bacon, they were pancakes with bacon
HumblePeasent (5 years ago)
xXCookieXX XxCutterxX (5 years ago)
I love you sly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
artsyBlaziken (5 years ago)
when ya see a pig ya gotta feed him with a carrot
Nick M (5 years ago)
Its 'Bacon Pancakes'
Amanda Marriott (5 years ago)
Hey hey hey chim' wha-aghhh' lol
Josh.R (5 years ago)
Tiff robbed you
karma bitch
foreverjalon (5 years ago)
it is on steven's videos
ZeLittleSantasHelper (5 years ago)
Hey Sly, can you list us all of the mods that you're using or pm me them, please? : 3
Dellusmus (5 years ago)
making pancakes makin Bakin pancakes
KaiserXIII (5 years ago)
Then that's good news! :D
KaiserXIII (5 years ago)
Brofist me, Homie!!
Joe Keenan (5 years ago)
The mods are : Stevens Unite.
DoorShutter (5 years ago)
go to steven chanel he has them
shut up andy (5 years ago)
SHEMAR ANDERSON (5 years ago)
sorry that was my sister shes 5 :/
SHEMAR ANDERSON (5 years ago)
SHEMAR ANDERSON (5 years ago)
SHEMAR ANDERSON (5 years ago)
ZachKCB (5 years ago)
On day 365 you should TRY and invite EVERYONE who has ever been on minecraft daily! Then steven can just blow them and there shenanigans up :D. PS: I like the series and I dont think the builds are crap X)
Goose Gaming (5 years ago)
At 13:14
Goose Gaming (5 years ago)
Sly:what are you fishing for? Chim:*says it seriously* fish
Elijah Wilson (5 years ago)
wtf edition 3.0 the biggest edition ever
AbnormalAbbi (5 years ago)
Wtf? xD
AbnormalAbbi (5 years ago)
Yeah :D Minus Lucie :D

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