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Black Ops 4 Looks Rubbish NO CAMPAIGN

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Ryan Pandori (5 months ago)
shut the fuck up. please.
George Garner (5 months ago)
J C (6 months ago)
I helped make COD the block buster video game it became by buying it full price and playing it multiple times back when it was WWII in the 80's (and each year they made another one as a Xmass present to myself to play over the holiday). I guess will never play COD again, because it is no longer COD.
Midway 1942 (6 months ago)
Really seems like BO4 has been turned into weird hybrid of Destiny, Overwatch, Fortnite, and other popular multiplayer games right now. It definitely doesn't look fun at all.
Clever Witty Gaming (6 months ago)
they truly must be out of ideas and are clearly not listening to the fan's only the money
I l0ve trash (6 months ago)
So true this shits going to drop so fast

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