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A Very scary video i found in my life. GREY ALIENS CAUGHT ON TAPE inside underground sewage system. A spooky compilation of supposedly "real" Aliens, Demons, Hybrids and more.. I cannot say for certain this is actual proof, but some of these clips sure gave me the creeps.
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Tequarius Moore (1 year ago)
why u have to add dis kind of music
Mr. J (1 year ago)
Fake don't watch
Dana Stanford (1 year ago)
and mostly aliens aren't real
Dana Stanford (1 year ago)
the sixth one is someone bald
Dana Stanford (1 year ago)
the fifth one was a zombie that was camera trick
Dana Stanford (1 year ago)
the third one was dust
Dana Stanford (1 year ago)
the second one could be an animal
Dana Stanford (1 year ago)
the first one could have been anyone
ITZ_Tanner YT (2 years ago)
Hate the song
Default333 (2 years ago)
fake, seen all of these unboxed. but have to ask these questions. if they are real, why are they running away. if they contact some of us, why dont they allow us to interview them and lastley, if they are so advanced as we think, why do they not like being on camera. all alien sightings thus are fake as theres no HD footage and no actual evidence. that is what i think.
Jamison Hoins (2 years ago)
I'm gonna have nightmares now
ITZ_Tanner YT (2 years ago)
R right
burling 02 (3 years ago)
10% true and 90% troll thats it
Luchadragonfan690 H (3 years ago)
That's the take
Ashely Robbins (3 years ago)
I hope they attack you. You stupid people
TheRilluma (3 years ago)
that first.. like te guy went behind that scene and moved a plastic "head" shape board front of window and then became back an acts like with no skill at all. so fake that makes me feel shame for you uploaded this like serious in this.
joshqfigueroa (3 years ago)
Robnelly West (3 years ago)
jajjajajj  curiosly
Blayse Howard (3 years ago)
I like how the one had a mustache
Aichomancer (3 years ago)
The last one is just a blurry clip of a curled up bald guy. It's also got a green filter screen over it. Can't forget to put that filter over it to make it look more distorted
Darien Gibb (3 years ago)
Why do I watch things like this at midnight in the pure darkness? My dog twitched in her sleep and I almost shit myself.
Danny Irish Green (3 years ago)
We all twitch when in REM SLEEP.
Danny Irish Green (3 years ago)
it's scary but my dog German Shepherd twitches too.
Abdlhadi Abuabdu (3 years ago)
lol me too
1alo2a (3 years ago)
This is not real.. the first video...it's a program on national geagrapic about the aliens..and it was only prank from a searcher to scare his friend...he was wearing a alien cloth
Nichole DiBacco (3 years ago)
SlothRides (4 years ago)

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