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Top 10 Future Technology #Blow Mind

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Next Future Surveillance Technology - No One Escape (Full Documentary) Also watch these interesting Videos Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth | Black Holes & Sun-Earth Collision link soon Great Documentary on Jupiter and NASAs - Extraterrestrial LIFE Future Technology soon Stealth - Documentary on the Stealth Aircraft Future Technology soon Google building SKYNET - Full Documentary Future Technology soon Next Future Terrifying Technology Will Blow Your Mind Future Technology soon (HD) Future Humanoid Robots -From Fiction to Reality - 2014 Future Technology soon Upcoming Top 5 Future Smartphones 2014 Future Technology soon
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Colby Beasley (3 years ago)
Lol the iphone6 is all ready out
100001091057100001 1 (3 years ago)
i hope  but , not much possibilitY for goyeM, in every fieldS
Systems Commonwealth (4 years ago)
Hmm... I am what you could call a "adamaist".....i believe what commander adama believed in...i have no objection to computers...iPhones...google...hell i love the crap out of my iPhone 5s...robots are the future, and can't wait the iPhone 6!!!! HOWEVER!!!!!! We CAN NOT REMOVE human control over over our own tech and computers....adama would not allow a networked computer aboard the Galactica, BSG-75, despite that the Mercury class battlestar, only an few years old and the Galactica class was 40ish years old, the mercury had state of the art networked computers, and only needed 1/2 the crew to do the same job....cylons...skynet...we must not loose control over our own creations....i like my iphone 5s, BUT it requires human interaction, and does not have a base ship armed with nukes in orbit over earth...
dax francisco (3 years ago)

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