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The Mummy woman vs Werewolf Final - Best Ultimate Epic Battle (Smite)

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Great part of cinematic , mix Smite , Lol and starcraft , top animation avatar girls and wolf . Social Media for update , `` Follow `` Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Wantedhdcinematic Twitter : https://twitter.com/Wantedhdscenes 💬Enjoy subscribe below! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLiLJB6cphHO5Ho54G5PXdQ?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (160)
Minato Arisato (2 days ago)
Warframe: Inaros vs Valkyr Prime lol
Phat Tran (6 days ago)
Ashe vs Warwick
Ya Boi (11 days ago)
Why do they applaud thor!!?? Guan Yu is a better person than him. Thor is just some white guy destroying everyone he doesn't like.
EPIC GVRAT (11 days ago)
The mummy isn’t even a mummy.
tuan vandersluis (11 days ago)
sorry but a long rang weapon should have a cluss rang weapon with it. Like a bow & arrow with a knife or hand axe like a apichy warriors.
Roman KFM (11 days ago)
So good
MALAk Vhhg (12 days ago)
the musical koala (12 days ago)
Its not ever a werewolf and she is a god not a mummy get your fact straight
Johnpaul Kun (13 days ago)
My life for aiur
TheVoiceOfTruth (14 days ago)
great tits on her
dhiyanshu j ram (22 days ago)
Srsly.... Mummy lady vs werewolf.the heck. Is wrong with u... Thats neith vs fenrir from smite
Владимир (23 days ago)
Помни если ты лучник в одних трусах несись будто ебанутый на огромного волка
Hatice Bakir (26 days ago)
Superbes jeux vidéo le graphisme est formidable
Aaron Paul Ibarrola (1 month ago)
This is titled with the same logic pornhub videos are titled.
Dei Hilario (1 month ago)
What is the title
daikaiju lord (1 month ago)
0:15 I swear i'm hearing Zilla's roar.
Jinu Lor (2 months ago)
Thor as been drinking to much 🍺 Beer
Septimus LXIV (2 months ago)
Neith, is not a mummy; she's an egyptian goddess. And that werewolf your talking about, is not a werewolf at all. He is pure wolf, and one-hundred percent the son of loki. a simple google search could have told you that, but nope; you chose it embarrass yourself.
-, ' Aman , '- (2 months ago)
It's just the cinematic trailer idiot normie
Rudolf H (2 months ago)
Bwahahahahaha “Mummy woman” “Werewolf”
Mr. MorningStar (2 months ago)
they bounce good.. 😋. if u know what i mean 😎
Pedro Paulo Wanderley (2 months ago)
I hate those people who purely rips others content and make profit of it, without even crediting the real owners. The title is purely clickbait with NO mention of the 3 games (Smite, LoL and Starcraft 2). This channel should be removed.
Low Spec Player (2 months ago)
Mummy woman? Really? 😑
Pedro Achinelli (2 months ago)
I was expecting a mummy not a babe in all her flesh but that's cool too and definitely not expecting such awesome group of characters.
ReMuS (3 months ago)
Roger vs Miya
kingTOyou (3 months ago)
I love smite
Asher TheValiant (3 months ago)
Cleopatra vs fenrir not the mummy women vs the werewolf that just sounds stupid
Alexander Garsia (3 months ago)
Its only one game or more?
Kenneth Liu (3 months ago)
Alexander Garsia trailers in order- Smite League of legends StarCraft
Juice Y (3 months ago)
It’s smite you dumbass
NicBoy Slier (3 months ago)
Reague of Regends (3 months ago)
Archer gives up high vantage point and runs into melee with a werewolf. Wat.
Ionicbear 8 (3 months ago)
The mummy woman was Neith and the werewolf was Fenrir And this Cinematic was from smite.
Patty Murakami (3 months ago)
Michel Crocq (3 months ago)
Ericco Bürer (3 months ago)
I think the second cinematic is League of Legends.
#Sonata Arctica (3 months ago)
En mis tiempos esto era smite, neith vs fenrir, no la mujer momia contra el hombre lobo JAJAJAJAJA
Rajdeep Sengupta (3 months ago)
wtf is wrong with the title man
Stygian Okami (3 months ago)
Fenrir bringer of Ragnärok in Norse Mythology, Neith the Egyptian Goddess of Fate from you guessed it Egyptian Mythology, Guan Yu a Chinese War God, Thor the weilder of Mjolnir and God of Thunder from Norse Mythology, and Ymir Father of the Ice Giants a form of Jötun from Norse Mythology. Nice this is definitely a Mummy versus a damn Werewolf
Khyf3r Ben (3 months ago)
A fight is useless if there's someone who helps in the fight
ZLOMVAZ1 (3 months ago)
LOOOL Trapas
Sami Franco (3 months ago)
That is Fenrir
Laura_angel Kaneko (3 months ago)
Rename it
Tygeros (3 months ago)
Why does Thor always have to ruin the fun?
Hotshot16 (3 months ago)
Neith vs Fenrir
Monu Kumar Mksingh (3 months ago)
Sexual Lobster (3 months ago)
Neith and fenrir seriously dude.
Kludd Yagami (3 months ago)
Guan yu yessss
dmk predator (3 months ago)
Жалкая имитация Сильваны и Седогрива.
Tabrez (3 months ago)
Its drooling looking at her boobs.
Aaron Paul Ibarrola (3 months ago)
This video was label with the same logic of how porn videos are labeled.
Cpltayler (3 months ago)
Real question is why'd she drop down from her high ground advantage, and run towards the wolf, with a bow?
John Patrick Aguirre (4 months ago)
Copy cat
InnerThought49 (4 months ago)
Hmmm what should I do today...? Oh I know! I should steal a cinimatic trailer from Smite and give it a stupid title
GhostOfSparta (4 months ago)
SiTew Naibaho (4 months ago)
What 3rd video name?
Kenneth Liu (3 months ago)
SiTew Naibaho StarCraft (heart of the swarm I believe)
Syahp 26 (4 months ago)
In mobile legend roger vs miya
Chris Ainsley (4 months ago)
Is it just me or does this clip from smite have the killer instinct vibe to it
Alpha znek (4 months ago)
heroes evolved yes
bryan chipres (4 months ago)
Guan yu
BWGgy (4 months ago)
Look at the colors children!
Rusdy Wangsa (4 months ago)
U dumb...r u living in the cave
abhijit mitra (4 months ago)
Stupid title
Raja Tumanggor (4 months ago)
This video kind reminds me of Fight of Gods
Éfar Isti (4 months ago)
do you really think she looks like a mummy? When was the last time you visited a museum? XD
Nathaniel Claw (11 days ago)
Éfar Isti She is a mummy before the death
中山登志栄 (4 months ago)
Tango Tiger 2.0 (4 months ago)
It’s not a werewolf it’s Fenrir
James Gray (4 months ago)
... was that guan yu from dynasty warriors?
jaelee1996 (4 months ago)
It's the same person.
cj ogden (4 months ago)
No.. That's Guan Yu from Chinese mythology, lol.
John Vinluan (4 months ago)
kimera Lupo (4 months ago)
Fenrir isn't a werewolf
SqueakyPeak36 (3 months ago)
kimera Lupo does fenrir into smite game God play match
Syed Waqas (4 months ago)
2nd one is from league of legends
Frederick Kriesel (4 months ago)
That isnt Guan Yu. His beard isnt magnificent enough.
34Joy S (4 months ago)
Frederick Kriesel OH Oxgen Potassium
Frederick Kriesel (4 months ago)
34Joy S Guan Yu is know for his magnificent beard. It was a joke ment for Romance of the Tyree Kingdoms fans.
34Joy S (4 months ago)
Frederick Kriesel dafuq???
goat lord TH (4 months ago)
Smite not something you call I'll f*cking report you
Zeik (4 months ago)
That's Neith and Fenri mate
l l (4 months ago)
reported for copy right infringement... fucking moron thinks he gets free views for other peoples work
Chris Ragnarok (4 months ago)
My boy Fenrir is a little rusty from being changed up until Ragnarok
CHEE- RIOS (4 months ago)
That wolf was cool af
Jhin Cena (17 days ago)
Juan Diaz (4 months ago)
mummy woman... really?
Samuil (4 months ago)
Крик Годзиллы епте)) лол
Rezka Zainulm (4 months ago)
Its league of legends dude, so fucking cancer
orion dragon (4 months ago)
What is name of this game
Kenneth Liu (3 months ago)
orion dragon Smite is the first one second is league of legends last is StarCraft
Jc tayoba (4 months ago)
I played this game and this is the very best moba ive ever played.. you can dodge the skills and also the basic attack.. you can survive even your hp is almost zero.. and also you can even do penta if you good at aiming and your adc like nieth.. without farther more explaination.. THIS GAME IS AWESOME AND THE BEST.. TRY IT .. ITS SO ADDICTIVE..😊😊😊
Drill Knight76 (4 months ago)
orion dragon Smite, is a 3rd person moba game for all platforms
Stupid god character from human creation
Giovani Diaz Morales (4 months ago)
you fucking retard name your gods.
Erwin Adi Saputra (4 months ago)
Miya vs roger
Erwin Adi Saputra (4 months ago)
Rizanul Fikri ya gua tahu, cuma perumpamaan bos
Rizanul Fikri (4 months ago)
Erwin Adi Saputra Neith vs Fenrir, video lengkapnya ada Thor vs Gyan Yu
Vincent Abbe (4 months ago)
The first trailer is from game called Smite : Battleground of Gods. This game is MOBA with 3rd person POV, the characters is God, Goddes, Legendary beast, from Mythology. Neith (Egypt Mythology) & Thor (Norse Mythology) VS Fenrir (Norse Mythology) & Guan Yu (Chinese Mythology)
Roman KFM (11 days ago)
Nice, thanks.
cj ogden (4 months ago)
Yeah you could've stopped at just saying the first cinematic is a game called smite, everything else can be easily figured out once you search the game.
Tango Tiger 2.0 (4 months ago)
You don’t have to explain the entire game
sasuke uchiha (4 months ago)
This is leageu of legends right
Rizanul Fikri (4 months ago)
sasuke uchiha SMITE, a MOBA with 3rd person perspective where you move characters with WASD and attack with your mouse
Rio Siahaan (4 months ago)
Roger :(
Rizanul Fikri (4 months ago)
Fenrir goblok, dari game smite
0uryuken (4 months ago)
Cancer shit who say every werewolf is a roger
Bagus Kurniawan (4 months ago)
Rio Siahaan biji lu roger
มันคือเกมหนือภาพยน บอกที
Intact Metal (4 months ago)
Jit Wee Cheah (5 months ago)
copy cinematic from smite
Jit Wee Cheah (5 months ago)
this is smite u dumb shik
Is this a game or movie
I'm Shadow (3 months ago)
And xbox...
im_rd rajput (4 months ago)
Anime xKDrama ok
Fikri Rama (4 months ago)
Jc tayoba ps4 too
Jc tayoba thanks
Jc tayoba (4 months ago)
Anime xKDrama no its for pc!! This game is really awesome go try it.
Whitetaker1069 White (5 months ago)
Triple string bow
andy prasetio (5 months ago)
its game. not video Lol
How Do You do (5 months ago)
Roger vs miya
Rizanul Fikri (2 months ago)
Pls dont be stupid
Ramadhan Nirwanda (4 months ago)
Plagiat game
Adan lmf (4 months ago)
Hell yeah
0uryuken (4 months ago)
How Do You do cancer game
Aaron Paul Ibarrola (5 months ago)
Your titling skills are comparable to people who upload porn.
SokkaTea (5 months ago)
Dude.... the "mummy woman" lol (that is a terrible title) is named Neith and the werewolf's name is Fenrir. It is a Smite cinematic.
Abdullah hasanat (7 days ago)
SokkaTea ا الشاعرات المياعبد
Ya Boi (11 days ago)
Dude, smite already bastardized and modified the mythology. At this point it doesn't even matter if you change their names.
Black Ostrich (3 months ago)
honesty great for attracting views
Thanapon Chanphuang (5 months ago)
The mummy women WTF!? Are you serious? LOL
Bobby Chudoba (5 months ago)
That does not look like a mummy to me. More like goddess.
Rizanul Fikri (4 months ago)
Bobby Chudoba yes she is, the names Neith
Edward Joseph (5 months ago)
Nefertitty vs Hotdog
Felix Putranto (5 months ago)
Rly the mummy lol

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