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DOOMGUY VS MASTER CHIEF Rap Battle by JT Music and Teamheadkick

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Text Comments (15367)
BlackStarGriffin (1 hour ago)
Fightwise, Doomguy wins. But MC came in with those hot bars
legendary CE (3 hours ago)
If they teamed up humanity would be FOREVER
Elites cum Swag (14 hours ago)
#halo like if u agree
Cristian Padilla (17 hours ago)
doom guy won
DisTuber mario (17 hours ago)
I like Doom Guy because I think he practically conquers hell.
Cloud 9 (17 hours ago)
1.25x speed
Elo Elo (18 hours ago)
Doom eternal is coming !!!!!😀😀👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ticci Toby (20 hours ago)
Zev Korry (23 hours ago)
The comparison between doomguy and master chief is unfair and doesn't give one side a fair fight. Chief may be a super soldier, but doomguy is essentially a god. This simply isn't an equal matchup. It's like getting the best highschool soccer team to go up against one of the best professional teams in the world. Both sides are strong, but this isn't a fair fight.
japon (1 day ago)
Doom guy oviusly win the battle
nekotaku gaming (1 day ago)
And you forgot two things cheif does not have glory kills, and the BFG 9000
James Mansfield (1 day ago)
In real life Master Chief would probably lose because doom guy recks demons like he barely try’s
Texas Franklin (2 days ago)
Doom guy wins clearly
Candace Stigger (2 days ago)
Master Chief and doomguy won
Tugz Fhhhj (2 days ago)
Renee Umland (2 days ago)
mikin4 (2 days ago)
Doom for depression Halo for story I guess?
FireBreak Gaming (3 days ago)
I gotta say doom guy, we haven’t seen a halo game In a LONG time, and besides, doom eternal is gonna come out, so I vote doomguy
Family YouTube (3 days ago)
Master chief won
Doubletap360 (3 days ago)
I think doom guy kicked ass but master chief did good
Noah Robison (4 days ago)
I would love to see doom guy and chief swap places and see what happens
AhmadcoolTGM Galaxy (4 days ago)
doomguy is better master chief has armies!!
ImveryDeadly (4 days ago)
i really like both doom and halo
if doom guy and mc chief fight must be somthing like this mc chief power : 164 insert image here life : 420 doom guy power: 170 life :418 fight mc chief used laser sword was efecttive doom used BFG was effective emm both died well now minecraft vs terraria
Jayden Tabisola (4 days ago)
Doom guy for life
Mike Blair (4 days ago)
Doomguy by far
Gaming beast (4 days ago)
Squirkles (5 days ago)
Having not played either game, and just listening to the lyrics (not taking backgrounds into consideration) I’d honestly say it’s a tie.
Goofist Mcnutty (5 days ago)
Why is Master Chief's lines the stuff a cocky immature teenager would say? Doom Guy was represented well. Master Chief sure as hell wasn't.
Vince Wilson (5 days ago)
halo has nothin on doom. halo made millions, but doom paved the way for fps and indie. doom will be forgotten when hell freezes over. doom was an established game by the time halo was released.
Wyatt Myers (5 days ago)
Master chief kicks ass
In my opinion Doomguy is better, way better, and more badass.
mty469 (5 days ago)
matser Chief is the best
Justin Ryder (5 days ago)
team doomguy
Chawit GoldTree (5 days ago)
DOOM Eternal VS Halo Infinite coming soon
Gregor Väljaots (5 days ago)
master chief can kill aliens doomguy can ripp a deamons horn of
Jaydizzle _115 (6 days ago)
Easy pick DOOM
Lars Clerbout (6 days ago)
I can already imagine this fight: doomguy just berserks up to chief and rips him in half. Done
S.W.A.T Team (7 days ago)
"FBI OPEN UP!!!" *Doom guy opens the door* "Dafaq is your problem? FBI agent: "Uhh nothing keep living your life sir" *FBI guys go to another door* "FBI OPEN UP!!!" *Master Chief opens the door* "Hello" FBI agent: "You're under arrest for copying the doom guy" The end
jones_Reaper_ 1 (7 days ago)
Doomguy would win because chief always had help with him doomguy kicks ass on his own
Kirhean (7 days ago)
Doomguy, Commander Shepard and Master Chief walk into a bar. The God-emperor of man gets a throbbing erection that can be heard from ten kilometers away.
williamds (7 days ago)
ibi gaming (7 days ago)
lets be real doomguy and masterchief be best friends both slaughtert for sake of humanity with awsome wapons and lets be real theyd be best friends chief is master chief with his achievments against aliens and the flood and doomguy got teleportet out of hell to stop him from destroying it all it would be cooler to say would chief survive doom and doomguy survive halo
Hayldien the psycho (7 days ago)
Oh and this ;) https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-optus-au&source=android-browser&ei=HXkkW_TlPIje8wXZno3oDQ&q=Doom+BFG++memes&oq=Doom+BFG++memes&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-serp.3...12424.22356..22486...2....730.9393.2-1j10j4j5j1....2..0....1.......3..0j41j46j0i67j0i10j46i273j0i131i273j46i131i273j0i131i67j0i273j0i7i30j0i30j0i8i30j30i10.mRke9NQX5I0%3D#imgrc=nH6CSmIIUVAsbM:
Hayldien the psycho (8 days ago)
Doom guy won hands down. Though chief has killed many major threats ( such as the Arbitor and the flood ) the demons ( most of them ) from Doom are much more powerful in terms of lore and game play. Where as an Imp ( from Doom, one of the weakest enemies ) can survive a shotgun blast at point range on occasions, the grunts ( from Halo, the weakest enemies ) just die from any old piss weak gun. I've been surrounded by Imps/Zombie men and died horribly ( shameful I know ) but never have I died to a swarm of grunts. Chief uses a shield and wears protective armor and often fights with the UNSC, where as classic Doom guy lore wise had little to no chest/arm protection, no allies at all in the doom games that helped him defeat hellspawn, no shield and no AI companion to " aid him on his journey ". Doomslayer does use armor yes, but it's obviously weaker than Chiefs "protective pads". And in lore the demons don't stop coming, they never will, they can only close the portal to hell stopping them from entering Mars or Earth, a much harder task then disabling or defending the Halo weapon from the Halo franchise. Demons will keep coming back, but the covenant can be silenced putting an end to Chiefs whining. Doomguys weapons are also more powerful hands down, I mean how could any hand held Halo weapon beat the BFG? In summary. Doomguy is sooooo much more badass. His weapons are deadlier. He seems much smarter lore wise due to not having to ask his AI " Navi " to assist him. His enemies are much tougher and have satanic supernatural powers. His abilities such as Quad damage, bezerk and immortality are so much more useful/effective. His final bosses ( Cyber demon, Icon of sin ) arnt a waste of time such as the Arbitor with his shitty quick time event = insta kill. Doomguy has a laaaarrrrgggee risk of being shot and killed lore wise due to hardly any armor. Chief is a pussy that hides behind layers of shields like he's getting dressed in his cosiest jumpers ready to climb mount everest. Doomguy fights alone, all the way, no exceptions, he is a walking apocalypse. He is physically more resistant to pain ( example using Argent energy would kill a man but Doomguy shrugs it off and doesn't even flinch, where if Chief got electrocuted he would scream like a little girl ). Chief will have to stop eventually. Doomguy doesn't get that luxury due to every Tom, dick and Harry knowing how to open a portal to hell from thin air. Chief is nothing but a toy soldier that hides behind protection and friends, he is only in the fight if he is unfrozen and decides to act, unless he goes rogue for his AI or " Friends ", Chief would rather regain the childhood he lost. Doomguy owns hell, goes for every portal he sees BFG's blazing and green hot ( ;) ) does it alone and loooovvvveess to kill the hoardes of hell, he lives for it like a psychopath lives for killing humans, he crumbles that portal and stays within to ensure nothing escapes. Doomguy won.
TYPICAL GAMER YT (8 days ago)
ibi gaming (7 days ago)
personaly masterchief won the rap pretty good but doom guy fougth the armies of hell 5 times and won on his own and was litarly teleportet out of hell so he coudnt cause any more destruciton (never played halo got the latest doom 1 day ago)
sorry broo (8 days ago)
Dude..the motherfuxking doomslayer kill titan at titan realm.ALONE!!!!!!! Doom win
Snipe shot (8 days ago)
Honest I have played halo long before I touched doom and doom guy fuck' s everybody
Samantha Phillips (8 days ago)
Doomguy wins
Ludwig Cools (8 days ago)
Amazing rap!team chief!
Maddux Kriete (8 days ago)
master cheff won
Marko Mladenovski (8 days ago)
bruh master chief will get ripped apart from a cyber demon or a baron of hell
olakease :v (9 days ago)
I'm going to suscribe for the "just call me the doom guy" xD
Ozzy Ankerpont (9 days ago)
Doom guy won because he's more hardcore
I'M A CHICKEN NUGGET (9 days ago)
Who's pumped for *DOOM: ETERNAL?*
Matthew Layne (22 hours ago)
nekotaku gaming (1 day ago)
Of course it's DOOM
Michael dovan (2 days ago)
I'M A CHICKEN NUGGET ME! Me me me me I beat DOOM (2016) within a day by the time I did beat it, twas still the afternoon
Jorge Garcia (4 days ago)
I'M A CHICKEN NUGGET when I saw the trailer I was more hype than Getting a sugar ruah
Nylen Hall (9 days ago)
Doom is going to win
Hayley Kiplinh (9 days ago)
I think doomguy won
Elijah Rivera (9 days ago)
Why is everybody using The Flood as an argument? Sure, the Flood is never ending...but so are the demons from hell. And as far as I see, the flood is easier to kill than the demons. So, what's everybody's point?
smurffi (10 days ago)
I these two would team up it would mean too tough team against pretty much eweryone
AssassinsCreed :3 (11 days ago)
Lightning Underpants (11 days ago)
warframe tenno vs master chief
Kyle Cook (12 days ago)
You guys have to rememeber, Master Chief destroyed the covanent a few times, but DoomSlayer killed the titan faster then chief could kill the Covanant Armada, In every way possible, DoomSlayer would absolutely destroy Master Chief 1. DoomSlayers armor can only be damaged by Hell-based weapons or Energy 2. DoomSlayer Killed the Titan, a huge demon, larger then the CyberDemon or the Spider Mastermind 3. If Master Chief were able to even hurt DoomSlayer, He would already be out of ammo before he could make a dent in DoomSlayers armor 4. If you dont recall, DoomSlayer has a Pocket Dimension to store his weapons, meaning he could carry as many weapons as he wishes, Master Chief can only carry 2 guns, and 3 different types of Grenades, 2 of each. all in all, DoomSlayer is superior to Master Chief, DoomSlayer makes MC look like a Toy Soldier from those buckets of plastic soldiers you buy at a toy store P.S: Even though Doomslayers armor is Millennia old, his armor is still cooler, lighter, and more advanced The Praetor suit is Impenetrable while MCs armor requires drugs and hard labor to be able to carry, basically if you didnt have a small electronic in the helmet, the armor would crush you, hence why Halo Armor is dangerous
Joseph Caravello (12 days ago)
Masterchief +doom guy=Bob Ross
The Master Block (12 days ago)
HOW MANY WEAPONS DO I NEED????? JUST ONE #yoboimasterchiefwon
Gregory Phillips (13 days ago)
Master chief is awsome
Brazen General (13 days ago)
But we all know halo has the best campaign of all time! No doubt about that
역병으사 (13 days ago)
This tune fucking rocks
Joey C (14 days ago)
Lock is not the boss chief fought the covenant like a boss and chief loves to blow stuff up like the boss #chieftheboss
Joey C (14 days ago)
Chief is not a thief but he makes lock beaf #chieffordawin
Razor Back (14 days ago)
Master Chief Beatchs
Bradley Newton (14 days ago)
So cool keep up the cool rap
likemice (14 days ago)
So where do demons go when they die?
Conor Boyd (4 days ago)
No where
Santiago Ahumada (15 days ago)
kubko man (15 days ago)
Doomguye won
Dboy37 Lol (15 days ago)
kit cat videos (15 days ago)
lol my friends think doom ripped off halo's suit... lol other way around *oh and DOOM won*
ARK CENTRAL (15 days ago)
Master chief wins in a gun fight in close range doom guy could flick master cheif and he’ll die
mark marshall (16 days ago)
Doom guy won.
In my opinion doomguy won this! Master chef literally said he was trying to be a "hero" and doomguy....well he went to hell......and he didn't stop even one time to think about being a hero..... he only wanted to end the demons existence!
DiamondLambo Plays (17 days ago)
Master Chief and Solid Snake for targeted strikes and Doomguy and war machine for all out war
Jude Dunbridge (17 days ago)
Jude Dunbridge (17 days ago)
One word B.F.G
Rylan Taylor (17 days ago)
The reason Master Chief won is because 1,He WRECKS ANUS. 2 He stopped galactic genocide,TWICE, beat THAT Doomguy
Rylan Taylor (17 days ago)
Note: Also saying I do absolutely do in fact love both games
Nikki Antoine (17 days ago)
doomguy won
Mircea Gancz (17 days ago)
Master Chief would just no-scope Doom Guy from a million miles away and than fly a banshee there just to teabag him
Jonathan Tao (18 days ago)
PhantomNinja (18 days ago)
Master chef for life!
Bison cz (18 days ago)
Master Chief
Brenden Strak (19 days ago)
That was the best song ever
SN G (19 days ago)
0:30 the face when u know your mom has ate the last pizza roll
Piet van der Meer (19 days ago)
Chief won
oGod (19 days ago)
Doom guy would tear him organ by organ
Gloria Barela (19 days ago)
i vrew up with doon
Gloria Barela (19 days ago)
Yamalaaman (20 days ago)
Doomguy won!
THE HALO GAMER (20 days ago)
i agree with rambo
Parker Young (21 days ago)
DOOM guy for the blood
Jess Rangel (21 days ago)
Win doom

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