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10 Highest-Rated Video Games The Fans & Critics Actually Agree On

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Text Comments (766)
Jake Gallagher (27 days ago)
Where tf is fallout 3
nier 848 (1 month ago)
disappointed where are nier automata,MGS 4
Christian Hart (2 months ago)
Hahaha no
hacked why not? (2 months ago)
i have never thought gta sa is rated that low and red dead redempetion too look i think that u shouldhave said its u r personal list and i would say that is ok but that list is fucking wierd
AKiLLER OFFiCiAL (2 months ago)
Tekken is above Sanandreas. wtf?
B U P (2 months ago)
So much salt lmao.
Rana Sidhu (3 months ago)
WTF. Zelda shit over Witcher 3?
iconic vid (3 months ago)
The Anomity (3 months ago)
THIS is a CRAPPY list
The Anomity (3 months ago)
Is portal really that good?????
Kyle Hunter (3 months ago)
Portal 2 isn't in the orange box. It's the first portal
Abhinay Malasi (3 months ago)
God of war will join this list now
Goderuto (3 months ago)
What about Arkham city?
Michael Checinski (3 months ago)
Last of us should’ve been on here
Th3 King Gaming (4 months ago)
Clearly trolling.
budal15 (4 months ago)
Ia greed with every entryuntill the freakin Ocarina. Come on people take off nostalgia goggles this game is just mediocre and has been topped countless times
stratoll (4 months ago)
Dude, Metal gear solid Tomb Raider 2 Doom Quake What is wrong with you
Jared Greathouse (4 months ago)
RDR is FAR better than San Andreas
Jared Greathouse (4 months ago)
San Andreas being better than 4 is MENTAL.
ZeroDiode (4 months ago)
ocarina of time is stupid as shit and overblown at this point
GrandJediMaster7860 (4 months ago)
A bit upset that these weren't in the video: Batman: Arkham City Uncharted 2: Among Thieves The Last of Us
ridzy 23 (4 months ago)
You can make this list without DMC mgs uncharted and the last of us no wonder they don't allow you to make any videos
Hairy BEAR02 (4 months ago)
Where the fuck is the last of us......it's considered the best game in imdb...😎😎😎😎
Joy Chakravarty (4 months ago)
El Angelo (5 months ago)
Batman Arkham City deserve a place I think.
Ralph Coronado (5 months ago)
wow MGS and The Witcher not included? Magic!
Peter Zahh (6 months ago)
No Half Life 3? ...I'm just asking in general. Where is Half Life 3.
Brittany williams (6 months ago)
The last of us?
Emre Karaman (6 months ago)
Gta V is the best.
Noah Reneau (6 months ago)
Breath of the wild is better than ocarina of time
The King of Diddling (6 months ago)
No Borderlands 2 are you kidding me?
Odin Satanas (6 months ago)
Ocarina is classic and great of course, i loved it as a kid and its influence is undeniable. But majora is sooo much funner to play, has a more interesting story. the time travel, best side quests, playing as the 3 races, its just so much better.
Jake Hoyles (7 months ago)
that re 4 analysis was so wrong it hurts
Daniel Roberts (7 months ago)
GTA V is the best GTA. It is. I know it is.
Luke Webster (7 months ago)
Honestly, I really didn't like San Andreas, not because it's a bad game, I just didn't enjoy it, I genuinely think GTA 5 is the better game, I had way more fun with it than I did San Andreas and I still am having tons of fun with it wuth GTA Online with friends, thus to me - Far better than San Andreas. No hate, genuine logic.
Kevin Erickson (8 months ago)
What does it say that even video games of today can't hold a torch to Ocarina of Time?
TheGreatPeanut (8 months ago)
Never played any zelda games.
Mlg Bantz (8 months ago)
GTA v is better the San Andreas forget nostalgia for 5 minutes
James Miller (9 months ago)
Gta5, skyrim, witcher3, red dead, red evil, cod bo3, borderlands handsome jack, Mario kart, goldeneye, mass effect 2, gears of war 3, rapelay😂
James Miller (9 months ago)
This list is shit
404 User (9 months ago)
No The Witcher 3?WTF?!
Jack Blaisdell (9 months ago)
No darksouls. Video is invalid.
Jordan Hendrix (9 months ago)
This has gotta be my favorite background music from a whatculture video.
Iggybart05 (9 months ago)
i love joel's voice, he's tied for my favorite behind adam for people to do videos.
Vivek Karwa (10 months ago)
Another shitty list keep up the trash work
Grognak The Breathclaw (10 months ago)
Perfect Dark was better than Goldeneye.
Poonishar (10 months ago)
Every single list you make is absolute fucking horse shit, serious serious horse shit
Galway J (10 months ago)
No Last of Us? That game is arguably the best I've ever seen
pratz p (10 months ago)
So all old games 🙄
Bobby The Brain II (10 months ago)
You’re list is worthless If the Last Of Us isn’t here
Rylan Ry (10 months ago)
sure shows a lot of GTA5 clips whilst talking down on it...
Nemo Job (10 months ago)
Leon taking them infected to Suplex City! FTW!
Jeff Gachihi (11 months ago)
Anyone with a pulse knows the greatest GTA game was Vice City.
Nathaniel Stewart (11 months ago)
Why doesn't Rockstar just let GTA V die and remaster San Andreas??
Son0fAggression (11 months ago)
Well this list is put of touch crap...
Robert Stone (11 months ago)
Gta v is the best
Ghengis Khan (11 months ago)
Tekken 3 was my first tekken game, n I can not agree more. Its a classic game and will always have a special place in my heart, playing it with my brother, then trying to mimic the fights later on our trampoline.
Austin Tidwell (11 months ago)
I hate the Legend of Zelda games. Just so boring
Lecx Xcel (11 months ago)
I think the comments tell u that ur methodology of putting this list together just doesn't work lol
BenjieTB (11 months ago)
Tomn8er (11 months ago)
Most people clamouring for Witcher 3 I bet have not been gaming for more than a decade. It's a great game but top 10 of all time? No
Siim Barkala (9 months ago)
Tomn8er been gaming for 15 years, Witcher 3 is undoubtedly my nr 1, if I leave nostalgia factor out.
Noah Cole (11 months ago)
hunting ur next meal? wrong
MyClawton (11 months ago)
MyClawton (11 months ago)
uncharted 4
MyClawton (11 months ago)
this list is bullshit it does not have the Witcher 3
EvilestBadger (11 months ago)
Cough cough The Last Of Us cough cough
Yessy Valdez (11 months ago)
I agree w like 3 or 4 games on your list but other than those your list sucks
Yessy Valdez (11 months ago)
This guy is just one of those ppl who always talk about how better the older games are. There are way better games now that ppl agree on. The witcher 3 should of been in the list
Kuate Lowko (11 months ago)
was he shitting on jeff in the beginning of the video regarding the kane and lynch fiasco? if so.. HOW DARE YOU lol
Umair Saeed (11 months ago)
Odyssey is obviously the best and most unique MARIO games ever with and open world a story that’s not cliche and umm breath of the wild is the highest rated game ever so fuck off and it has so much detail and it is so beautiful
Umair Saeed (11 months ago)
GTA 5 is way better in terms of story, graphics , multiplayer, map size etc. fuck off what culture u just want unexpected shit so we will be interested in ur shit vids
Pavao Pšihistal (11 months ago)
Skyrim , last of us? The list is good either way its just mising those 2
Jesus Reyes (11 months ago)
What about the last of us
yashvardhan kabra (11 months ago)
What about assassin's creed 2, batman arkham city?
FelixB (11 months ago)
Witcher 3, The Last of Us and Uncharted 2.
peKadoDeDioZ (11 months ago)
too bad valve probably wont make another game ever. Sad because i really want to see a portal 3 or left for dead 3, i never got in to the half life series tho
Duston McCreary (11 months ago)
Everyone pretends Twilight Princess never existed
theBirdOnCracK (11 months ago)
No Fallout. No list.
wizzardoffuzz (11 months ago)
why are poeple arsking "how come witcher 3 was not there"? was it not made clear enough at the start of the video that this is based on metacritic scores? this isnt based on anyones opinion.
Siim Barkala (9 months ago)
wizzardoffuzz Witcher III has both critic score and user score of 9.3
wizzardoffuzz (11 months ago)
i think i might have to try and play resident evil 4 again... everyone keeps saying its one of the best games ever, but i really loved the first 3 and when i played 4 i just thought it was just another action game and i couldnt be arsed...maybe i was wrong...
companyoflosers (11 months ago)
"why not x game" HE SAID IN THE VIDEO! these are not opinion bsed, they are based on user AND critic scores! if your favorite game didnt make it in, its because it didnt get high scores by both critics and/or users! and its a top 10 list! a LOT is not going to make it on here. doesnt mean they arent great games, just means theres 10 that are better. jeez, fuck off!
Siim Barkala (9 months ago)
Oh, this is heavily opinion based.
Matthew Osborne (11 months ago)
How are there no naughty dog games in this list? Uncharted 2? The Last of Us? How about a jak game? no? ok...... At least FFVII wasn't in this list.
Mitternacht Angel (11 months ago)
Breath of the Wild would be on the list if it were not for the haters who were only to put zeros without even having played the game.
Fridolin Freundlich (11 months ago)
The metacritics rating system more or less doesnt work for older games. There just were not that many sources back in the days. Monkey Island for example only gets a 89, but based on only 9 reviews. The Last of Us has a 95, based on 98 reviews. And the critics back in the day were by far not as professional as they are today. The List should include one of the old rpg titles like Maniac Mansion, Day of the tentacle or Monkey Island. At least Maniac Mansion was outstanding and new and a lot of fun at its time. Monkey Island might have been better, but that came later and had the chance to take some aspects that proved to be working. The same goes for some other games that were just not as recognized, but still brilliant, but got few reviews where a single bad one could drag down the overall score easily. The list might be accurate in regards to only the metacritics score, but metacritics does not really say everything about a game's quality. And some critics are highly questionable. Phenomenons like EVE Online for example. Eve Online gets only a 69, the Eve Online special edition gets an 88. The thing is, there is only one EVE, its both the same game. I take this as a nice info about what is going on at metacritics. But this list sais nothing about good games.
adam a (11 months ago)
Simon (11 months ago)
Awesome. Just goes to show that the power of the current gen consoles does not guarantee good games. Creativity over power. Excellent!
Mikey_Maggot666 (11 months ago)
The way he says Mario is cringy
Quote (11 months ago)
What this list should actually look like: 1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2. SoulCalibur 3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past 4. Chrono Trigger 5. Shadow Of The Colossus 6. Castlevania: Symphony of The Night 7. Resident Evil 2 8. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 9. Final Fantasy VI 10. Super Mario World
Florence bitchface (11 months ago)
Was on board til he said to use wind waker as a coaster for drinks exCUUUUSE ME what kINd Of DisresPEcT
jerome russell (11 months ago)
No Skyrim smh
Basically any Zelda game could be No. 1. In my case I love to play Skyward Sword
Sarfaraz Khan (11 months ago)
Top 10 game without witcher 3? lmao .your worst one :)
Barry Shitpeas (11 months ago)
Wtf how did you not play Ocarina of time til after the GameCube was out?
Barry Shitpeas (11 months ago)
Wtf how did you not play Ocarina of time til after the GameCube was out?
Anand Vp (11 months ago)
Guys any suggestions for a racing game for a casual gamer. Without simulation level complex mechanics.. Indie titles would also do..
HeyCrabman14 (11 months ago)
Huh. I guess they don't make em like they used to.
Riverjustice Chandler (11 months ago)
People really sleep on tekken 3. Such an amazing game
Jessica Anderson (11 months ago)
Final Fantasy 7?
MidBoss666 (11 months ago)
To be honest, as much as I love Zelda, it's this kind of overpraise that really gets irritated. For a minute I was wondering if this list was hijacked by Watchmojo or SmoshGames. OoT is an amazing game, but to call it "flawless" is just pure fanboyism, and it's THAT exact fanboyism that makes so many people put off by the mere mention of "Zelda".
rad roast (11 months ago)
No surprise nintendo fan boys vote all day on zelda really people its been 20 years since the 64 and i don't remember zelda or golden eye being that must have game. I played it but its no ff7 or mgs or halo or gt 2 or tomb raider for the time guys stop over hyping nintendo games its pathetic.

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