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Buying a random tabletop RPG on a whim

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I often will read this tabletop RPG to friends and some of them love it because many of them think that this is a parody RPG. I'm sorry if any of you like this game, I'm not necessarily criticizing the game design, per se, just how the lore is written.
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Mark Kent (13 hours ago)
So funny man.
ZoeKitten84 (4 days ago)
I kinda want more of these type of videos, a review of bad rpgs
Fwibos (4 days ago)
They expected to make more volumes. They were wrong.
Killer GM (4 days ago)
Interesting premise, but it sounds like the entire rulebook is just that: a premise. It never went any further...
Silent .Auctioneer (5 days ago)
I wanna know how much it cost him, it's like, $163 on Amazon.
Furluge (5 days ago)
Judging from the comments of fans posting here, I think you hit the nail on the head with this video. Looks like it's a diceless modern world setting where players embody core concepts set in modern times aimed at teenage edgelords to LARP to. It seems to want to be more Vampire the Masquerade than Vampire the Masquerade. Every word the fans of it post just re-affirm that. It's like wish fulfillment for tumblerinas who want to feel special. The Japanese even have a word for it: chuunibyou. (Lit: 8th Grade Syndrome)
John C (5 days ago)
sounds like some whacked out religious text book. I wonder if the author really believes this stuff.
Dragonball 777 (5 days ago)
1:35 I have a bunch of old Forgotten Realm comics
Micolino9878 (5 days ago)
I get the feeling that this was made by a single person.
9 Tails Kurama (5 days ago)
Croatian Sewers wrf is dat im in croatia and never saw that lol
PolitePlayer (9 days ago)
This video is a masterpiece, I literally laugh until a cry everytime.
Bec Wikel (9 days ago)
Went looking for this game online and found an amazon listing for it for $165, what???
Chris Cunningham (9 days ago)
I forget which version of ArsMagica I own (it's in storage someplace), but it was a great system to read through and I loved the grey character sheets that came with it. Felt like your character was inscribed onto a stone tablet :)
Kieran Mullen (10 days ago)
According to Wikipedia "This (second) edition won the Origins Award for Best Graphic Presentation Book Format Product 2002 and the 2003 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming". Other reviewers on YouTube praise it as one of their favorite RPGs. It's not D&D, it's not hack and slash. It's trying to do something that you don't value, but others seem to have found interesting.
Will isbister (10 days ago)
This is hands down one of the best youtube channels. I can't believe I just found it well... I can but holy fuck I can't stop laughing.. Thank you for making such wonderful content <3
MindBlot55 (11 days ago)
This book is the table top version of “The Room” by Tommy Wiseau
6Q4 Ninja (12 days ago)
You don't need dice... You need gasoline
William Wood (12 days ago)
I played a Noblist game and loved it. You basically play a god here is a link to my a list of out of context quotes from the game https://woodywoodwood.deviantart.com/art/Out-of-corntext-Nobilis-Quotes-uncensored-532249676
samualwatkins (12 days ago)
I’m absolutely speechless. I have no clue what in Cthulhus’ anus this game is, or how to react to it. Should I scream in rage or laugh hysterically?
Lil Peter Official (12 days ago)
3:29 My boy Saddam Hussein. He is mega Epic!
Shane McCollum (13 days ago)
He should make a video about how awful F.A.T.A.L. is next.
Baines Walden (13 days ago)
what shop do you normally go to?
CaffeineSnake (13 days ago)
The author of this RPG completely butchered the Latin language. She did not use the world "nobilis" correctly. It is either in the nominitive or genitive case (context is used to determine which), and singular in number. However, this author uses it as a plural direct object. Some of her other works include Liber Castellorum (lit. free of the castles) and Liber servitorum (servitorum is not an actual word, in any language, at least to my knowledge.)
Anh Quan Nguyen (14 days ago)
I like to think some people just stop watching after the "gem", "amazing" part 1:49 and go buy the book to avoid spoilers. Maybe they check the end of the video or the comment or the book review online to make sure but they'll be even more convinced to buy it.
Game Junky (14 days ago)
Looks like you rolled a natural fail on that book.
pedophile rape (14 days ago)
Cock figthing minis
Fiery Kitsune (14 days ago)
Bernard Martis (14 days ago)
This is exactly the experience I had reading "12 Rules for Life" by Jordan Peterson. It's also rated 5 stars on Amazon. Welcome to the wonderful world of astroturfing.
Daniel Howell (14 days ago)
The first part of the introduction reminds me of epithets from anime campaign
The Sheining (14 days ago)
why is nobilis so unprofessional
ben morgan (15 days ago)
You should try h.o.l its even worse It stands for human occupied landfill
Demonic_myst (15 days ago)
Literly just play god in nibilis you get a point based system no dicd
aDropofBeauty (15 days ago)
...Was this translated from Japaneses or something?!?
Berthas Prolapsed Anus (16 days ago)
Lord Entropy becomes the god of entropy. The concept of entropy, just like it says in the introduction. He just takes a while to get there. Like reading Sonic fan fiction, it takes some pontificating to get to Tails eating out of a baby diaper.
Pixel Cheese Cake (16 days ago)
basically you gain a power and you don't wanna lose it. dose that sound correct
Pixel Cheese Cake (16 days ago)
basically you gain a power and you don't wanna lose it. dose that sound correct
jeyser 1206 (16 days ago)
Dont know if you need this still but the book you have is for LARPing not for playing the game
jeyser 1206 (16 days ago)
Seems like a bad translation tbh
Bigattck Firecat (17 days ago)
Maybe its a tutorial of how to build table tops game
evilgibson (17 days ago)
Sounds like Unknown Armies but then devolves into wikiHow, DeviantArt, and the slashiest of the slash fiction. Also did Lord Entropy have a * with the text in the footnote "original character do not steal"?
ecogreen 123 (17 days ago)
i would say "maybe its volume one because they wanted to make more volumes but maybe they couldn't" but maybe not
Logan True (18 days ago)
Half-cartoon/Half-Anime Oh, you mean like "Avatar, the last Airbender", one of the best Nicktoons to grace the earth?
Jonathan Gillooly (18 days ago)
I thought ars magical was just a minecraft mod. You learn something new every day
Terashi (18 days ago)
Sounds like a wad of shit.
I feel like this is written by a 12 year old deviantart user.
Clara Kaufmann (18 days ago)
I never new I needed something so much.
OptimalCarnieage (19 days ago)
It sounds like they are trying to make an RPG as flowery as the World of Darkness. White Wolf though knew how to do it right. They can put the cool narration pages in while still explaining mechanics and whatnot.
Alex McDavid (19 days ago)
I thought no way is this going to be worse than World of Cinnabar. I was wrong. This is somehow worse.
Hate Sonneillon (19 days ago)
No idea how to play it, but it sounds like each player would have any association with a single word, and that word (called an estate) represents what powers they have. So if i decided my characters word(estate) was hate, then i could probably make a specific person hate another, or make a person hated by everyone. If someone's word was rogue then they could probably have all the abilities of a rogue. If someone's was dog then they could summon dogs anywhere they want. If someone's was defense then they could not be killed by any physical means. If someone's was something more abstract such as "backsies" then the uses, rules, limitations and weaknesses would have to be decided. Gameplay would likely revolve around figuring out someone's estate, and how to beat it. Ex: His estate is defense, so we have to poison him to kill him. It actually seems interesting to me.
necogreendragon (19 days ago)
Man and I thought Unknown Armies was a weird rpg. XD
Efstathios Shenas (19 days ago)
I don't even play d&d....
Marisa M (20 days ago)
Dam you deadlands d20
Samuel Furcolow (20 days ago)
this doesn't exist ming
Nobilis (20 days ago)
Alegost1 (20 days ago)
the first thing that came to mind while listening to these readings was: is this some sort of book for groups like scientology?
Axelfirekirby (21 days ago)
looks like someone tried to make a homestuck tabletop game.
chatanwarrior (21 days ago)
reminds me of a god awful book i read once that had great reviews online and on amazon. turns out the publisher paid for good reviews
WolfNerd (22 days ago)
Sooooo, does anyone know if it EVER gives any rules or real story background?
Vincent Bailey (22 days ago)
misleading clickbait title, you knew of the book which you were talking about primarily.
Tyler Finn (23 days ago)
I just found your channel the other day, and I really like it I think you’re pretty cool. I honestly really want to hear more of your table top stories and how the games went down, such as your Moon Landing adventure. I’ve been reading all the comments on this video here, basically what you have is the third edition, and there’s a lot better addition is the first and second, which explain how this works. I would enjoy it if you would play a game of this and then tell us the story of how it went.
Macro Machina (23 days ago)
the paper from that book would make a good rokes for crhooms (crack and shrooms)lol don't do drugs kids. you know it good when even the paper is fk up.
D&DFan22 (23 days ago)
According to Wikipedia, this game has an optional live action play style. So it isn’t even a tabletop game, it’s basically shittily written larp?
patrick tatum (24 days ago)
You need Ebola to know Nobilis and know da way
ColtJ (24 days ago)
I want to read this book just for how cheesy it seems. Laughed my ass off during the video
Chuck Henebry (24 days ago)
What you have there is the third edition. The second edition (oddly) has far better art, and I think has better writing, with no mention of "Backsies" so far as I can recall.
Cin (24 days ago)
Found the PDF of it and looked through it and it seems it is a cross between Big Eyes Small Mouth RPG and the World of Darkness RPG Universe from White Wolf. It has the rough (and I do mean rough) mechanic like the BESM 2nd and 3rd editions with the story like LARPing quality known in any RPG from White Wolf. Hell just skimming Nobilis I can see Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Mage the Ascension, Wrath the Oblivion, Changeling the Dreaming, Hunter the Reckoning, Demon the Fallen, Mummy the Resurrection, and Orpheus being a one world anime. That is what I got from the Nobilis book.
InfernosReaper (25 days ago)
This sounds like it was written by some chuunibyou type teenager. Also, wow, if you're gonna swipe artwork for your material, at least keep it consistent in style. Sweet crystal dragon Jesus, wow....
Ebonstone (25 days ago)
Like 'Lord Entropy', you only have learned the game a few years after it has stained your soul by reading it.
BlackVoid ofSpace (25 days ago)
F.A.T.A.L . is a great game.
Mr.Death (26 days ago)
So your character is a physical representative of whatever item they're imbued with? I'm the being of that little eyeball floaty thing that you can never directly look at.
nope (26 days ago)
nope (26 days ago)
Sam Richardson (26 days ago)
I would buy a GURPS "Croatian Sewers" in a hot minute. I went on a GURPS book buying binge (BBB) a few years ago because of just how many subjects there truly are. I have yet to read a full one cover to cover, though, lol.
TheFrantic5 (26 days ago)
They could have saved a bit of paper by just saying "Your character becomes a minor deity." .... I think that's what the intro was trying to say....
kereminde (26 days ago)
Ah, Ars Magica 4th Edition. (Which is a free PDF download, by the way.) I really like the concept, the mechanics look like they work, but oh my goodness is there a lot of stuff you might need to keep track of . . . and it has the unfortunate issue (for me) to be based in "Mythic Europe". I was not a history major, I did not take Western Civ 101, I have very little idea of how to handle the setting and have it work. And with so much tied into the setting and the rules of that reality, well . . . I'd still recommend it to a group who want to work *together* on their game and not just put it on one person; this is the kind of game which excels under that premise.
Michael G (27 days ago)
this is actually a fan made coppy of the game that became popular online, here is a link to the original book which served as the insiration for the art aswell as the creator: https://www.scribd.com/doc/93042772/Nobilis-Core-Rulebook-Printable
Slap Happy Media (27 days ago)
Yes no yes
Juliett A (27 days ago)
I think Nobilis must be about doing acid or mushrooms.
kidinabstract (27 days ago)
Lord Entropy ... the reason for the Enron scandal. Kenneth Lay must've met Lord Entropy at one of those basketball games.
nooctip (28 days ago)
Firstly no it doesn't make you stupid. Buying a cheap gamebook that nobody wants just makes you bold. Something not being popular doesn't make it bad, just realllly likely t be bad. Second I can't answer about the dice, but I"m gonna try to handle the other questions. With basketball and space trains this game is..... Modern urban fantasy were the players have been selected by a cosmic entity to become the avatar of certain words and concpets. Like love or racing. I was chosen as the Noble of reviewing so I give the book and this video 5 stars.
Internet Omatic (28 days ago)
Holy Christ, it's like a teenager wrote that guidebook. lmao 7:54 is me trying to play that awful Sunrider game. Oh god it's so, so bad.
Josh Butler (28 days ago)
Makes me think of Human Occupied Landfill from back in the day, only you knew they weren't trying to be serious.
Salastheel _ (28 days ago)
I would play Croatian sewers
Saddam Hussein (28 days ago)
shawn mclean (29 days ago)
I love that the person who wrote that rule book but CEO's on the same level of evil as third world country dictators. LOL
Aaron Black (29 days ago)
Nobilis sounds amazing -.-
BlackburnBigdragon (29 days ago)
I think that the worst role playing game that I ever purchased back in the day was actually the first edition of FASA's "Mechwarrior", the old "Battletech" pencil and paper RPG. It's the most horribly written thing that I've ever read and I dare you to even FIND the damn rules in there. The book is entirely exposition about Mech pilots, but there's pretty much nothing in there that tells you how to play the damn game! I thumbed through the thing cover to cover, front to back, looking for rules and couldn't find them! It was just like a "Sourcebook about mech pilots" and that's it. I never figured out how to play this game or even if it WAS a game or a sourcebook claiming to be a RPG on the cover.
antidote lizard (29 days ago)
God it reaks of DeviantArt OC my vommit
DefiantBoris (29 days ago)
Those ratings, maybe it's gameplay element is just really fun? You know how sometimes someone makes a shitty video game like The Last Of Us but it gets high ratings because of the story? Maybe this is the TLOU of tabletop, where it's GAMEPLAY is fun but the story is shit, since tabletop is usually about the story/roleplay.
qualivia (29 days ago)
So Lord Entropy can make you rich and powerful with the only downside is you become a dick with just him smiling at you......... Sign me up
Bobsap Dagger (29 days ago)
This is the first time I've ever seen an asset flipped board game
Pokémon Trainer Jacob (29 days ago)
Entropy looks like Ragna the Bloodegde
Noah Vasquez (30 days ago)
Lord Entropy? Shit I'll meet this guy if means power and money!
Luiz Ricardo (30 days ago)
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Nobilis..
WrittenInShadow (30 days ago)
Part of me wants to read it. Part of me wants to burn it. On another note, is the reason it's rated so highly similar to the play "The King in Yellow" (from the book, "The King in Yellow"), that once you get into the second act you can't stop and you are driven insane?
Matt O'Herron (30 days ago)
Croatian Sewers seems like it might actually be cool
Teixeira Da Silva (30 days ago)
This probably one of those things that you buy and it kill you if you read to the end
Daniel Kniffin (30 days ago)
I'm gonna make a cleric that worships Lord Entropy. Call him the god of nebulous descriptions and vaguely bad things.
Mikael Bloomqvist (30 days ago)
I looked it up on Amazon and it sells for between 35 and 199 dollars. There are other books, including a live action one. Apparently, the concept is bullshit. Seriously. Rather than solve your issues with dice rolls, it seems like the whole RPG is about b/s and being a god of some frivolous part of reality like toilet paper or tulips. The reviews range from "What?" to people saying it's awesome and innovative, "a perspective changer on what tabletop role playing games can do." I guess it promotes fantasy over rules...? I don't know. The concept is interesting.
NovianPanda King (30 days ago)
where do you get your D&D stuff
Jakharr Vinta/VoryoMTG (30 days ago)
Ok, but how do you play the game?

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