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Buying a random tabletop RPG on a whim

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I often will read this tabletop RPG to friends and some of them love it because many of them think that this is a parody RPG. I'm sorry if any of you like this game, I'm not necessarily criticizing the game design, per se, just how the lore is written.
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Alan Bean (1 hour ago)
This is like if a middle schooler wrote a TTRPG book.... Dear god, I'm scared.
djuro20 (2 hours ago)
why croatian?
Enchiladattack (14 hours ago)
I'm the guy who unironically bought a copy of "The Basic Works of Aristotle" yesterday and even I find this insultingly pretentious.
Scriptomancer (15 hours ago)
From what you showed, it strikes me as terribly translated... x3
Jetpack Cthulhu (22 hours ago)
Are we sure this isn't a joke.
level1 Doodle Dude (1 day ago)
NOBILOS IS A FANFIC ITS CONFIRMED or at least ranked at fanfic level
level1 Doodle Dude (1 day ago)
Lord entropy sounds like a edgy fanfic charecter written by a 7 year old
tuna (1 day ago)
Oh no I did a backsies ( sounds like a infant pooped is that just me? Maybe I’m immature)
Jeramiah Campbell (1 day ago)
Lord Entrophy, so George Soros? Got it.
Thaias (1 day ago)
Ohhhh I don't want to watch this!
Bob Johnson (2 days ago)
Puffin you would like a Sega game called starflight.
Morg-Zee Uno (2 days ago)
Nobilis is THE EDGE!!!
GregTheLion (2 days ago)
I'm curious. Do you have any anime based tabletop books in your collection?
Ugarimpty (4 days ago)
I think players plays as Gods or something and they represent something, from there you can have lotsa derivates...
Klony (4 days ago)
Fucking memers did it again.
DanimalFarm (4 days ago)
This is really funny to me, because the lighthearted and goofy authorial voice in this edition reads to me a lot less cringey self-important and more... well, basically how every other Puffin Forest video sounds.
James Washbuirn (5 days ago)
Nobilis, as far as I can tell it looks like a cross between Amber & nephilim. The third edition rulebook, titled Field Guide to the Powers, was published by Eos Press in 2011, as the first volume in the Nobilis: the Essentials range. It was initially released on PDF, to be followed by a print version. The cover art is by Ciaoffen In September 2012 the first sourcebook for third edition was released, named Nobilis: Antithesis, Minibook 1i . It was only released through OneBookShelf network (RPG now, Drivethrurpg, etc.) as PDF and softcover print-on-demand. the qupte the Wikipedia "Nobilis draws on many sources, including Christian and Norse mythologies, but adds numerous unique details to its setting. Though the everyday world in the game appears much like our own, it is actually only the Prosaic Earth, a lie that the world told to itself in a desperate attempt to explain suffering, and a rationalized delusion which conceals the true reality that would plunge most mortals into madness: the Mythic Earth, an animistic world where everything has its own sentient spirit. In the Mythic, the earth is really flat, and hangs somewhere among the vast boughs of the "world-tree", Yggdrasil. Countless worlds dot the branches of this world-tree, but at the top is Heaven, which is inaccessible to all but the angels (only one human soul in a billion is not turned away) and is the source of all beauty. Beneath the earth, in the roots of Yggdrasil, is Hell, the source of all corruption. Around Yggdrasil, except above heaven (where it is open to the stars), is a mystical impenetrable curtain of blue flames known as the Weirding Wall. Every class of objects and every concept is represented by a being of god-like power known as an Imperator. Each Imperator may govern from one to several of these Estates, and has effectively limitless control over them. The Imperators are engaged in a deadly struggle with the Excrucians, terrible beings from outside the Weirding Wall who wish to destroy reality; this struggle is known as the Valde Bellum. This war keeps Imperators busy in the Spirit World, so in order to maintain their affairs on Earth and in the other worlds they invest a shard of their soul in a human (or occasionally another animal or object), creating a Nobilis. Each Nobilis represents one of the Imperator's Estates; the group of Nobilis this forms, known as a Familia Caelestis, is typically loyal, both to each other and their Imperator. The Imperator Lord Entropy oversees the actions of the Nobilis and enforces the Code Fidelitatis, the five laws he has established for them, in his Locust Court. The most notable and notorious of these, and the one most often broken, is the Windflower Law which states that no Noble is allowed to love another being. (In the first two editions, Nobilis can turn other humans into Anchors, whose every action they can control, but in order to do this they must first love or hate the person.) To protect their physical forms from the ravages of the Valde Bellum, Imperators take a part of reality and partition it off into a self-contained, unique world which can take any form. This world, called a Chancel, both houses their physical bodies and is a spiritual reflection of it. Much like in the myth of the Fisher King, if the Imperator suffers, so does their Chancel. Flowers have great significance to the Nobilis and their Imperators; earthly flowers are reflections of their heavenly counterparts and each has a meaning. For example, the gamemaster is known as the Hollyhock God because, in the world of Nobilis, hollyhocks represent vanity and ambition. This is because, according to the in-game story, the angels used flowers as a tool to control and direct the brunt of their powers when they created Reality. Each Nobilis and Imperator has a flower that represents them, and flowers are often used in their magical rites."
The Seleuf (5 days ago)
My brain melted at 6:45
Teh (5 days ago)
Sometimes they don’t even realise they met him, what the guys whose hands are LITERALLY dropping with blood?
fuzzy (6 days ago)
Now i want a game called Croatian sewers
Chris Mudd (6 days ago)
I actually thought Nobilis sounded pretty cool, and I read a good portion of older editions of it. They were pretty dense in terms of rhetoric but it seemed cool. Then I heard a new edition is out! Maybe I'll check that out. And if you imagine various editions of RPGs say, being like someone climbing stairs, each edition becoming higher on the path to quality, Nobilis 3e is like taking a backflip off of those stairs onto your neck. The writing style, the art completely obfuscates what good is actually in it to the point where there's no reason to bother anymore.
Melpheos1er (6 days ago)
The rules of Nobilis seems to have been generated with a markov chain
Alex Grant (8 days ago)
The Lord Entropy passage had my dying
Joshua Gilbert (8 days ago)
but... does it use dice?
slitor (8 days ago)
sometimes i think RPG is the most unfortunate name there is.
slitor (8 days ago)
HAHA! That prose is Brian Herbert bad.
Schadrach42 (10 days ago)
From what was read in the video, the concept sounds kind of like a writing project by Stephan Gagne called "i am ikon". Unlike his other works it was published in wiki form with the idea being for other writers to contribute to the universe. It all centered around people being given extreme and somewhat uncontrollable power over a very narrow domain (and have a halo when the power is used), with those people being called "Ikons." The exact means by which they were given the power was left vague, but at the point of receiving their power several were visited by a figure allegedly the "Ikon of Ikons" though it's intentionally left unclear if he's actually granting the powers, watching for them to manifest, or if they simply manifest in his vicinity. The plan was for Stefan Gagne to write a 7 chapter story about the Ikon of Death, but I don't think it was ever finished. I'd link to it, but as far as I can tell the wiki is defunct and the domain it's on (iamikon.com) is dead.
No Lube (10 days ago)
That's nothing. Try F.A.T.A.L.
J. Jonah Jameson (11 days ago)
This is the worst writing I have ever seen. Twilight is better written than this, and yes, I mean it.
LadyDeirdre (11 days ago)
I have read that Nobilis is actually a parody of RPGs, possibly unintentional. It's hard to tell, given that the author, Jenna Moran or Rebecca Borgstrom depending on when she wrote this, is infamous for writing in Borgstromese, a language which is indistinguishable from English but which is not English. On RPG.net, the ability to read and understand her prose is sometimes referred to as Borgstromancy.
Aphrodite (11 days ago)
At least you ain't trashing HoL.
TheErnieforss (12 days ago)
Sounds like Lord Entropy got to those reviewers
Tom Steele (12 days ago)
Somehow the creator of Nobilis was allowed to write for Warcraft RPG: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/204157.Manual_of_Monsters
MalinDeMunich (12 days ago)
The nonsensical art plus the description of Lord Entropy leads me to conclude that the art preceded the description for that one, like some random viewing brought them to bleeding hands basketball guy, and they said to themselves, "Yeah, I can make something out of this." I wouldn't be surprised to find that they did this with much of the other stuff that wasn't simply them tossing in bad stories they wrote, mushing it all together, and making a "game" out of it.
Matt Mestayer (12 days ago)
Cool cover art at least?
wavenp (13 days ago)
So... how do you play this game? Do you need dices?
Ethan Winograd (13 days ago)
it’s like if The Onion wrote an RPG...
Grixis (13 days ago)
i would guess its a modern day rpg where the players play as one of the Nobilis/Nobles where they pick a fundamental building block of the universe? like lord of entrapy is a Nobilis? idk man this is some shit made by someone on drugs. like it seems someone has taken lsd, browsed a bunch of diviant art photos and tried to create a table top rpg from the random images
Matthew Hartshorn (13 days ago)
Man that hilarious description of "Lord Entropy" HAD to be intentional.
bubs. (15 days ago)
the introduction sounds like something from south park wheeze
AnnaLeigh (15 days ago)
The least expensive copy of Nobilis on Amazon right now runs close to $200.00!!
LucarioKnight B (16 days ago)
Nobilis seems deviantart/fanfic as hell
LucarioKnight B (16 days ago)
And now that I’ve progressed through the video it’s good to see I did not think so alone.
DL-Miles (16 days ago)
I think somewhere hidden in these rantings are the secrets of the universe!
Bryan Gray (17 days ago)
So it's basically a less edgy version of Geist?
viperstrike0 (17 days ago)
Nobilis is what you would get if you have an AI build an rpg book from scratch but only let it use fanfiction.net and deviantart as references.
Sulq (17 days ago)
So... Neil Gaiman's Sandman - the fan-rpg?
Farming Furret (17 days ago)
But... But... How does one PLAY this RPG? I am fascinated. With Lord Entropy allow my character to become a supreme dictator/overlord? Is there a way to not say "No Backsies" and also not die? How do I learn more? How do I force... I mean... Persuade... My friends to play it? I must know!
Freebirth boccara (17 days ago)
my ex from highschool had a group of friends that seriously believed in this shit. to the point where they where gettign cultish about it and i had to resort to...."physichally rearanging"...one of their , lets say..... viewpoints....when he was trying to convince her of some crazy shit
Doug Jessee (17 days ago)
Lawrence Stanley (18 days ago)
Hmmm, Nobilis sounds a lot like Scientology.
Koopa King (18 days ago)
Buys a random table top game that needs lots of work... Gives it 5 out 5 stars... I would probably do the same...
The Royal Scientist (18 days ago)
Tag yourself I'm basies
OrionoftheStar (19 days ago)
Well. At least it isn't FATAL?
Vherstinae (19 days ago)
"Nobilis: My Head is Full of Fuck."
Douchecanoe Mo (19 days ago)
It's a Diceless Roleplaying game where you play a a physical representation of a concept, like in Neil Gaiman's Sandman.
Fetch26291 (19 days ago)
Puffin, you ever hear of a RPG called Continuum? It's all about time travel.
SuperGodzilla GV (19 days ago)
This video was uploaded legit on my 17th b-day
greenghost2008 (19 days ago)
Was this self-published by a 13 year old edgelord boy?
Bankrupt Hampster (19 days ago)
ok but how do you play is it actually game or a scam or what
Bloodshark123 (19 days ago)
The worst RPG has got to be F.A.T.A.L. This thing has to be seen to be believed.
David Porter (20 days ago)
This sound epically bad... like The Room bad... But maybe it's *SO BAD* it becomes pure gold like The Room
neoravencroft (20 days ago)
This sounds like an RPG made for Mary Sue wannabes
Shadow Ravena (20 days ago)
EXCUSE ME, Fanfiction is WAY more sensible and readable than this garbage, at least the purple prose is there to build up the world/characters, not to just ramble on indefinably.
The Mitten Fire Show (20 days ago)
Someone: Everything is better when you add “ and dragons “ to the end of it Me: dungeons and dragons and dragons Someone: OH MA GODDDDDD Someone else: thats two and dragons :o thats alot of dragons wowwww
Atria Wulf (21 days ago)
Lord Entropy just sounds like a misunderstood guy with a weird hand bleeding disorder.
Nathaniel Jernigan (22 days ago)
Sounds like Tumblr writes a RPG
Akco (22 days ago)
This is the ruined edition fo nobilis. If I recall some fans tried to make a new version once the rights vanished and this garbage, bad fanart and all, is the end result. Go find the beautiful second edition.
hu su (22 days ago)
I want to add that I was actually able to find a copy of the Nobili, Volume 1: A Field Guide to the Powers. I couldn't believe I found the mythical Unicorn of the tabletop RPG's. My group of friends and I read through it and just couldn't help, but cringe at all of it.
Jared Logan (22 days ago)
This is SO funny. Thank you for the laughs. Also, I remember when people would talk about this game on rpg.net like it was the new hot thing. I looked for a cheap copy for years. Glad I didn't find one!
AncapFTW (22 days ago)
So, you are a normal person given the domain of a god? Could work. If they put work into creating a system for it.
Koroistro (23 days ago)
If Jordan Peterson were to make a RPG, there would be more lobsters but that's basically it.
JustJinxed (23 days ago)
It's the sort of thing you give 5 stars to, so you ensure someone else had to endure the torture you went though... EVIL! lololol
Asa Henderson (24 days ago)
I have the 2nd Edition Nobilis book, and it's both one of the most beautiful books and the best games I've encountered. I was sure, watching this video, that this must be the 1st edition, but apparently it's the 3rd. I don't know what came over Jenna Moran (formerly Rebecca Borgstrom). I'm sure the 2nd edition cost a fortune to produce, so I can see not wanting to repeat that error, but I'm also not sure why it even needed a 3rd edition. It doesn't look like there was much improvement - much the opposite, apparently. Maybe she got overly cocky after the praise she received from 2nd ed and let herself go buckwild. Her sense of humor can be very strange sometimes, and it apparently needs to be restrained by some outside force. (And yes, it's urban fantasy, and no, you don't need dice).
ThatOne Guy (24 days ago)
Kiddos don't do drugs.
doommeter (24 days ago)
The Devil seems very community orientated. What a wholesome guy!
James Hutchings (25 days ago)
"Do you find Vampire insufficiently pretentious and badly-written?"
joey rosenbaum (25 days ago)
It sounds like someone took a bunch of pictures they found that they thought were cool and made a game around them
jmm1233 (26 days ago)
fanfic of tabletop rpg rule book , they call it nobilis one
Jason Goodman (26 days ago)
We picked up Nobilis because my wife had a positive play experience of the game. It's insufferable to read, but supposedly there's a pretty well constructed game underneath the gallons of pretention that got dumped over the top of it. I still haven't managed to make it through the book, though.
Tyler K. (27 days ago)
Deviant art is realy bad. Ofcorse theres good stuff on it but it reminds of urban graffiti .Theres a single good one and then thousand of horrible ones sprayed over it that look like the maker didnt even hit puperty yet. With some weard coinsidence it doesnt matter what you search for. You will be thrown with horrible bad anime pictures that have nothing to do with the things you searched for. I once searched for mythological creatures of all sorts. Search results are badly drawed anime furys?????wtf!
David Vogel (28 days ago)
I find it hilarious that the Wikipedia page about this game is more informative THAN THE ACTUAL SORCE BOOK
Fredtheboss478 (28 days ago)
I think Nobilis was made as a joke
elvensith001 (28 days ago)
wow WOW the animation has come a long way.
Patrick Kelley (28 days ago)
I've run three games of Nobilis. One lasted a year, the two others nearly as long. It's a narrative game with a set of rules that allow you to be characters exactly as you think they should. It's a resource game that cuts out the randomness and subtext of other RPGs to give each player an amount of say so over what happens. And yes the world is weird. And you don't have to use it. It's a game that involves a lot of roleplay and talking. It is at its core a really smart system that can model just about anything. From sixties Batman with his utility belt to Jesus Christ to Moby Dick to Sailor Moon.
EllieMoonHaven (28 days ago)
Hey my name is Lord Entropy and I have a basketball game tomorrow!
Greatdictator (28 days ago)
Okay i HAVE to ask , why is the example of the Gurps book...specifically...Croatian sewers ? Its a bit too specific haha
Le0 90 1 (28 days ago)
At least it's not Fatal
Joseph Wilson (28 days ago)
B.s. There's no way nobilis got that high of a rating naturally
Lucitaur (30 days ago)
Croatian sewers? Talk about random. XD THOOOOOOOOUGH one of our 'classic' horrors IS about rat people, so yeah (I can't say I exactly recommend it since it IS kinda silly and all, but still watchable). Surprised you know about my country, btw! Also, what do you think about GURPS?
eldersprig (30 days ago)
How evil is he? He is so evil that he doesn't brush his teeth...
eldersprig (30 days ago)
Ars Magica 4th ed is available free as a pdf. Always liked 2nd. Less stuff, less fluff. (And no demons in the vatican)
Andrewolv (30 days ago)
5:36 So it’s shitty anime campaign, got it
Pan M (1 month ago)
I need it now! On my shelf
Kuro Heart (1 month ago)
Dungeons& Deviantart
Gnurt (1 month ago)
I like these videos, but the art is so utterly unappealing that I hardly ever watch them.
Anony Moose (1 month ago)
Nobilis is scigen scrawl.
Marcus Menghini (1 month ago)
As someone whose first...second...and third serious RPG campaigns of their life was played in Nobilis, I feel personally attacked. That said, this was hilarious and great! Yeah...in my social group we used the book as a base for lore and mechanics, and allowed a fairly wide latitude for both GM and player deviation from it. It can be quite a lot of fun with a good GM and playerbase, but I imagine that is true of just about anything.
Captain00Chaos (1 month ago)
It's like DeviantArt's autistic love-child.
Unedited (1 month ago)
The worst RPG? so why wasn't freinds RPG in this video Ohhhhhh
Isaac Smith (1 month ago)
I found a copy of nobilus in my game store and my wife had to talk me out of buying this

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