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Fun Food and Fast Rides at the Florida State Fair!

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We are back at the Florida State Fair but this time we went with some friends. We tried more fun carnival food and rode on some of the carnival rides. Which ride do you think looks the scariest? Previous Visit to the Florida State Fair - https://youtu.be/px6eXLirD-M Live Streams - https://www.younow.com/PlushTimeWins/ *********************************************************************** Crystal's YouTube Channel --- https://www.youtube.com/cutecuddlycris Arcade Channel --- https://www.youtube.com/c/plushtimewins Facebook --- https://www.facebook.com/plushtimewins Instagram --- http://instagram.com/plushtimewins
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Text Comments (858)
Alex Guy P (5 days ago)
12:38. Same Cristal just when I was 5 I went on it WAAAAAAAAAAAAA. ;(
angles asmr (6 days ago)
the Zipper i hate it
1972Gargoyle (7 days ago)
I love these guys so much! Their videos make me happy seeing them so happy! Best youtubers in the history of the universe! :)
Doggies Are cute (7 days ago)
Dude my name is tristan
Bernadette Holmes (7 days ago)
One time my cousin went on the zipper and was screaming LET ME OFF IM GONNA THROW UP and the guy operating the ride didnt even care! I told him they were screaming and he ROLLED HIS EYES and let them off people are so rude!
Bernadette Holmes (7 days ago)
I went on a ride like zero gravity but it went WAY higher and i almost went upside down
Bernadette Holmes (7 days ago)
Gimme da chips!
philip blackburn (8 days ago)
Naol yadessa (8 days ago)
Washington State fair is the biggest in the U.S .A I live in Washington <3
Dolphin Games (8 days ago)
How do i not know that this is at florida!?!?!
Shes a pusycat
2:13 :(
Layla Crouch (15 days ago)
Sky wheel looks so unsafe
Keira Koznarski (16 days ago)
Awwww at 2:13 the boy cried!!!
Spencer Chin (17 days ago)
That kid is acc a pu$*y
Amaya Paschal (21 days ago)
I went on a ride like that it was like that one
Hayden Wendt (24 days ago)
I will join you on the big drop angel I love those types of rides
isabella francis (25 days ago)
angle : you got this trisen tristen : waaa
Kimberly Ward (27 days ago)
Both my dad and I both love riding the zipper it is our favorite ride
QueenKitty Yt (4 days ago)
Kimberly Ward Add me as a contact on YouTube. https://youtu.be/addme/8uXPNpOa7L4yVPHutS2h6yyKq5_TVg I’m giving random ppl this :-/
Ariel Ibarra (28 days ago)
Crystel should of fave the camera to angel so wee can see
Patrice Ranalla (1 month ago)
When you guys do the ball were you throw it in a color when you throw turn it.
Dominic Dentice (1 month ago)
CrazyDogFan (1 month ago)
That looks so fun!!!!
Josie Humes (1 month ago)
I 😘 ozreo garvity
Justan Rivers (1 month ago)
Is it just me or did crystal get on none of the rides
Francisca Vargas (1 month ago)
I have bine on zero gravety 20 times and i didnt scream
leiarna obrien (1 month ago)
I went on mighty mouse but on top the sea
Emmy B123 (1 month ago)
You deserve 1. M subs!!!
Tami Gabriel-Noble (1 month ago)
I would go on the tall drop with angel
maluma in Laredo tx (1 month ago)
Angel is so annoying
Zoey Easter (1 month ago)
Min Yoongi (1 month ago)
Starting at 1:37 and on, Angel's scream is everything!😂 And I love Crystal's laugh!😂😂
Skylar Smyth (1 month ago)
There is a rides at galaxy land where I go called zero gravity but it is way different
Skylar Smyth (1 month ago)
I love rides so to me it was funny how you were screaming on that ride because I go on a ride where three people died on and is way more intense than that no offense it’s super funny
Dumbo&Gumbo ._. (1 month ago)
4.2k like I’m that one
Renae Chilton (1 month ago)
Tristan started crying on the mighty mouse not to hate but I would cry and yell stop to the person who started the ride
Keayln Poppular (1 month ago)
I rides the ride that is called sea boat an hates it because it felt like I was going to fall out the seat I cried
John White (1 month ago)
Angle #pork chop loves to eat bacon?? Bacon is made of 🐷 pig so werd 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽=🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓
Mythical_Madness (1 month ago)
The first chips they ate they taste so much better when made from mexico
Style Girl (1 month ago)
They like copied the rivet mouse which is the wild mouse at hershey park in Pennsylvania it’s the same thing
Dumbo&Gumbo ._. (1 month ago)
I went on the zipper and I got stuck upside down for like 30 seconds and I had to make myself stand up it hurt... lol
kawaii girl (1 month ago)
kawaii girl (1 month ago)
there were other youtouber t
BogartGaming (1 month ago)
0:38 feeling a bit salty
Jackson Woods (1 month ago)
I've been on zero gravity It's really fun
Ryna’s World (1 month ago)
4:31 been on that ride it’s so scary never going on that again doesn’t look so scary but it actually so so scary
Katie Winter (1 month ago)
I would ride the big drop I love those rides
vivian castillo (1 month ago)
not to be rude but her voice is very loud and pretty annoying, no shade tho i love the channel
Sara Knoll (1 month ago)
2:01 his scream
Hayden Wendt (1 month ago)
I will join you angel, I love drop rides
Emily Finnegan (1 month ago)
2:57-3:38 I love that ride it's kinda hard to move your legs if u like that ride or wanna go on it like this comment
SIS vs SIS (1 month ago)
That's my name genesis
Ariel Ibarra (1 month ago)
The UFO that's spins is so much fun I went on it 3times in a row
Addy's Life (1 month ago)
Haha omg!The rude called "Genesis" is my middle name😂❗And in Texas,where I live it's called the "Moby D**k" Ikr!?It's weird!ahha
Han Nguyen (1 month ago)
Yum and wow
Emily Villanueva (1 month ago)
Omg the first thing they got is soooooooooooooooooooo good
Alberto Ledezma (1 month ago)
i would of joined angel
Gacha Playz (1 month ago)
I wish I can go on those rides😢
LINEYA'S LIT (1 month ago)
I've been on the zipper it was very scary
Jenny Avila (1 month ago)
vicki smith (1 month ago)
Im like you crystal I dont like many rides and my partner is like angel he loves fast rides
Paris Finney (1 month ago)
4:51 it looks like the crainium shaker from diary of a wimpy kid like if u agree 💙💜
Yohana Balandran (1 month ago)
There’s a fair in forth worth Texas at the rig mall
Jonathan Lovelace (1 month ago)
love you
alex the pop tart (1 month ago)
I went on the swings and the tornado when I was 6
frozen love (1 month ago)
Mi and my cousin went on the ziper we were screaming
Briana Deakoum (1 month ago)
I went on the zipper with a random girl because we both went alone on that ride and the hole time we where just talking like nothing was happening we became friends but then she had to leave and we never spoke again
Amy Walker (1 month ago)
Is that real elephant ear?
DJ Pit (1 month ago)
7:50 its a ski lift
Alecia barrera (1 month ago)
what days do you guys go ? because it doesn’t look busy at all !
Jaylah Aniya (1 month ago)
That girl didn’t go on anything she’s a scaredy cat
Lillth (1 month ago)
Anyone know how tall Cris is??
Lillth (1 month ago)
Where does all the food go 😂😂
amanda hutchins (1 month ago)
My head hurts from crystals high pitched voice
Ellie Hughes (1 month ago)
Your children would be so cute🤰🏽🤱🏽👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Meriam Bassiouni (1 month ago)
Crystals screams😂😂
Izabella 101 (1 month ago)
I was eating a corndog while I was watching this video
Katiehouse 97 (1 month ago)
Warning Headphone users!!!!!! 😀+🎧=😭😩😭😫😭😩😭😫Lol!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Sofia Mendez (1 month ago)
2:13 the kid was crying
Wioletta Malecka (1 month ago)
Stop it on 4:02 and listen to cris
Wioletta Malecka (1 month ago)
adriana mendoza valle (1 month ago)
when they put a fair were i live they use the same exact games
Kaylee Jude (1 month ago)
non I think I heard copyright the song lost boy
Kelsey Burgett (2 months ago)
I love zero gravity!!!
Denise Amparan (2 months ago)
I had been in the 2nd spinning wheel .its cool
Alexa Olivas (2 months ago)
One time I went on the Area 51 and the thing broke when I was on it the guy was like stay in your place and he had to push it to the stairs so me and my cousins could get off
Zachary Babcock (2 months ago)
and won a big snake and two spinners today at the fair our fair is in july
Zachary Babcock (2 months ago)
i rode that area 51 ride today
Kiera Anderson (2 months ago)
U guys should go to uventuerland in Altona Iowa
madison heffelmire (2 months ago)
I would not ride the zipper my friend got stuck in there for 15 minutes it got stuck
Genesis Fuentes (2 months ago)
that's my name Genesis
payton debord (2 months ago)
I wish my fair was as big as theirs
savannahwhite white (2 months ago)
cris a wimp get on some rides
savannahwhite white (2 months ago)
omg i heard lost boy when u where eating the everything something
Haniya Hasan (2 months ago)
1:55 If ur scared of that I shouldn’t suggest going on might Canadian mind buster in Canada’s wonderland XD
bossboi josh (2 months ago)
Why would you go angel if you won't do anything you don't deserve anything not even a candy apple
Humaidfazal Fazalislam (2 months ago)
I am a kid but i did the ship ride in sharjah it goes more up
Lizzypoppizza 09 (2 months ago)
How does angel laugh 😂 on roller coasters, there so scary😱
Tamara Morrell (2 months ago)
I. Hate mighty mouse because at Michigan Adventure i was in line for like an hour and they had closed it down and then when we was finna leave it started again

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