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How My Life Has Changed Since I Quit Playing Video Games

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I quit playing video games and this is how my life has changed since I quit playing video games, including the status of my life before I quit (it was a mess) and what I’ve accomplished since then. Learn about my video game addiction recovery... What are some of the benefits you can see from quitting video games? Find out in the video! Make sure you hit “thumbs up” and connect with me below. Need ideas for new activities? Here you go: http://gamequitters.com/hobby-ideas I answer all comments! Leave one for me! My Links: The Forums: http://forum.gamequitters.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/gamequitters Twitter: http://twitter.com/camerondare Instagram: http://instagram.com/camerondare
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Text Comments (695)
Facepalm (2 days ago)
In my opinion playing a game for example Tetris or flappy bird is fine for like 30 mins but games which involve progression and levelling up your character is just straight up unhealthy. Why waste all that time improving your character when u can improve urself and make the most out of life.
Game Quitters (2 days ago)
some games are better than others for sure
SlavicSteelboi (12 days ago)
If people could live without video games just fine in 20th century and before, then so can we.
Game Quitters (12 days ago)
Itz_ Andrej122 (15 days ago)
I stopped playing video games when I was 24 and I started playing when I was 11. Video games made me ignore my parents and be in my room all day and lost all my friends. Now I'm almost 30 enjoying my life without them...
SwaggyMasta 99 (30 days ago)
If you played reslnsibly You wouldn't "suffer"
Phoenix Edwards (1 month ago)
I don’t know what y’all talkin about “quitting video games changed my life” I haven’t played since 2013 and since then I’ve only used drugs to cope with things I think it was better with games to be honest but this is just my experience
Game Quitters (1 month ago)
counseling helped me solve the underlying issues as to why i was escaping in the first place
Shiv (1 month ago)
Game Quitters (1 month ago)
thanks for watching
Red Killer (1 month ago)
Video games and masturbating = 40 years old virgin! That's the truth, guys. I've being noticing that lately
Game Quitters (1 month ago)
wishing you well
Game Plate (1 month ago)
I have my life under control and have none of these problems and I'm a big gamer
Game Quitters (1 month ago)
i'm happy for you :)
Tat Thanh Dat Nguyen (1 month ago)
Gaming is a hobby and not an addiction. That is my opinion. No offense though but this is THE worst channel I have ever seen
Game Quitters (1 month ago)
the world health organization disagrees with your opinion lol
zeppelin1ization (1 month ago)
Game Quitters (1 month ago)
your comment was labeled appropriately
Thanasis Avgeris (1 month ago)
just manage ur time. not any need to stop playing games . Thank god this guy doesn't blame 100 percent video games but u just deen to takr ur responcibillities. my father had a healthy marrage and was aming since I was born and still play for 20 yeears. I love gaming and I have been productive and seccesfull just try smth called time management
Game Quitters (1 month ago)
study addiction - it literally means the inability to "manage your time"
Sai Lakki (2 months ago)
I quit for 4 days Feels depressed, anxiety and starts again to feel good
Sai Lakki (1 month ago)
Game Quitters no
Game Quitters (1 month ago)
it definitely gets better - are you still going strong?
MC crocodile (2 months ago)
You meant don't play gadget right? And also I think in the future will have so lot of gadget just think about it,it has a lot of light and have many robot and also... I like past better then A future but I don't hate future. *THE* *END*
I already stop playing games but i play sometime but i get board evry two hrs
Game Quitters (1 month ago)
thanks for sharing
cmak mak (2 months ago)
Just balance life. Gaming is extraordinary and excellent part of life. Enjoy gaming and other things according to your nature.
cmak mak (2 months ago)
U r wasting your life making youtube video and arguing on many comments. This is even more dangerous addiction than gaming.
cmak mak (2 months ago)
+Game Quitters Google 10 commandments of UG Krishnamurti..... To know about real gaming.
Game Quitters (2 months ago)
YEs balance is the key, but addiction is when you can't balance
Ferby Arisaka (3 months ago)
I only play the sims 4, in ROG laptop 😄 Not play anything else
TV Controller (3 months ago)
Not everyone can quit video games that easy you know, for example: some one depressed may find happiness on in video games, making them quit is like making them quit happiness. But everyone has there on opinion, people may think videos games are a waste and some people don’t, keep that in mind video game quiters
SlavicSteelboi (12 days ago)
I was pretty damn depressed looking back, I haven't touched a video game in over a week, and I feel pretty damn good oddly enough.
Lions xGaming (3 months ago)
Gaming isn't the reason for your depression, don't blame gaming man
Game Quitters (3 months ago)
i didn't blame gaming..
Kurt Simon (3 months ago)
Great message I'm glad you've found ways to make improvements in your life. It's important to see what is holding you back from your potential. I used to be addicted to them but now I play sparingly.
Game Quitters (3 months ago)
Thanks Kurt!
William West (3 months ago)
I've got into university studying Tourism Management. I've traveled extensively with my family, at no point did gaming hold me back. I've even met people through gaming online so I guess your experience differs from my own. Which is 100% fine I'm not starting beef but I felt that you partially implying that gaming is a restriction. Some comments here are definitely discriminating against gamers calling us sad no-life nerds. Even saw one comment saying to go out and get in trouble and arrested to experience life rather than be shut in? Like what? Anyway I just don't see how a lot of people watching this are just so dead set against games😑
Game Quitters (3 months ago)
definitely not against games personally, just addiction.
Toasted (3 months ago)
I respect this and understand it's a problem with people blocking them from their lives but imo if it makes you happy n your doing what you need too or want too that's all the matters.
Game Quitters (3 months ago)
i don't disagree with that
NARW (3 months ago)
So he replaced gaming with DJing. As for work you can game and be self employment. You can also be passionate about game making, streaming, traveling to do game competitions. just look at angry Joe show.
Tyler Coupe (4 months ago)
Dude you’r before part is me on weed
Game Quitters (4 months ago)
definitely could see that for sure
A4LEE (4 months ago)
Well I like gaming and won't stop...
Game Quitters (4 months ago)
ok have fun :)
Ilias Amrane (4 months ago)
come to islam for a better life
Gaming Limited (4 months ago)
Honestly quiting gaming is pretty easy. All you have to do is reseg your stats and you'll never play again.
Game Quitters (4 months ago)
that certainly helps :)
Shokonosle (5 months ago)
Um if your reading this, well I play fortnite alot but I'm am trying to quit phone games, I'm gonna be a junior for high school, so my goal is, how can I prepare my self to focus more on school then being on games
Game Quitters (5 months ago)
that's a great goal. Thomas Frank has a great YT channel on studying and things like that.
Nyemah Fuzzell (5 months ago)
And it's all because of roblox
Nyemah Fuzzell (5 months ago)
All this is happening with me now and i'm in 8th grade about to graduat
Game Quitters (5 months ago)
come join us on the forums the support from the community will help a lot: forum.gamequitters.com
Kevin Orosz (5 months ago)
Your work is amazing brother, thank you!
Game Quitters (5 months ago)
thanks bro
Robert Nekita (5 months ago)
I mean, I'm a huge gamer, but when I must do something outside of it I do it, I'm smart, my grades are pretty good. My charm is terrible but I don't give a damn my popularity is terrible but I like it that way, my social life is good, I always go outside with friends when they ask to go out, and you know, we look around shops and talk about different topics. And I'm probably the only guy in my class which doesn't have a phone which means going outside means no internet, games or pretty much even knowing the time until I get home, a phone is yet to be expected though. Gaming is not so bad, just try not to take it more importantly than some subjects in your life, like school, family and friends, and helping out people and being I nice guy, the rest like Fishing, reading Newspapers, and some like that can go to hell in my opinion. If you agree, then just agree, I don't want likes :)
Game Quitters (5 months ago)
Well said. Glad you are doing well! :)
Robert Enrikes Bosak (5 months ago)
Very good for you man .......... too bad I have not seen this video earlier ...... you know kinda late for me, "gamer for life", please continue with your happy life, rooting for you.
Game Quitters (5 months ago)
you too :)
Jeff nowak (5 months ago)
I play a lot of video games but I got a time limit. So video games are not unhealthy unless you got a good fair timelimit
Game Quitters (5 months ago)
glad you're doing well
Karim gohary (5 months ago)
I totally respect your opinion about video games, but man from what I've gathered from this video is that (again dear 45 year old's that's my opinion) YOU are the problem not video-games. Like seriously you LIED to your parents about having a job just for video-games. That's just bad time management. Look at me for example or any other person who plays video games, we don't sit infront of a screen all day doing nothing with our lives. We manage our time, lile for example from X o'clock to X o'clock study or work from X o'clock to X o'clock gaming...etc.. You get what I'm saying. And also I've been snooping arojnd the comments to see what people think and I noticed this one guy insulting people and calling them ten year old's just for saying they like video games, without any valid arguments other than "it's a waste of time" it really is not. I play sooooo many video games, yet I always find time to talk to other people and travel, and I wouldn't call myself socially akward. Only in certain events where I know like no-one there and it's full of strangers, but I get over it. Also I have seen this one comment saying "come on just go out live life, get in trouble, get arrested and get high" I think it was sarcastic but you know I mentioned it just in-case. You can't tell if people on the Internet are idiots or sarcastic these days. As I said I do respect your opinion and I hope you enjoy doing all your hobbies. I just wanted to get this off my chest and play video games peacefully. Have a great day and thx for reading. EDIT:don't mind my spelling mistakes I didn't check before i sent this comment
Game Quitters (5 months ago)
I'd encourage you to learn more about ADDICTION :)
Lucas Scoggins (6 months ago)
He’s in central city
Game Quitters (6 months ago)
Nebrix (6 months ago)
I Would Never Quit gaming is life
Game Quitters (6 months ago)
Wish you the best :)
BurningTirez (6 months ago)
Also, there's a difference between a GAMER, and people who play games.. I played games, my friends played games. People over 25 who define their lives under the title of GAMER are losers, Simple as that. Unfit to live in the real world. Oh, your car breaks down in the desert? What do you do? Hit R1 R2 and Square? No your gonna die because gaming didn't really teach your shit. Rant is over, cyaaaa.
Game Quitters (6 months ago)
lol it's true!
BurningTirez (6 months ago)
It's a beautiful day and everyone wants to sit inside and play stupid fucking games... Drives me insane!!! I can not justify staring at a screen while I am in my prime... Go outside, find a girlfriend, travel the world, grow bud, DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!! GET OFF THE COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep telling yourself gaming is teaching you stuff... Unless you get your hands dirty you ain't learning shit. Guitar hero ain't teaching you shit about guitar, and you can't drive better because you can operate a joy stick... Get real.
Game Quitters (6 months ago)
agreed thanks for sharing
Jon RD (6 months ago)
How do you learn how to start your own Busisness?
Game Quitters (6 months ago)
google it :)
Alexniclo (6 months ago)
I swear to god I have most of the same things he used to suffer. I just can’t quit. It’s like a drug... Help please...
Game Quitters (6 months ago)
Come join our forum, the extra support will make a big difference: forum.gamequitters.com
Jon RD (6 months ago)
I got addicted to Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and my father keeps telling me to stop wasting my life playing video games
Game Quitters (6 months ago)
thanks for sharing
I wouldn't quit but reduce my time to 30 minutes per day, an hour at most. It's all about less time on entertainment more time on learning. 12 hours a day on games while living off mom is crippling. Alot of games you can't stay on top of the other players if you don't invest all of your time. Wanting to be at the top of a leaderboard. But 30 minutes per day beats never play any games again ever. I have too much nostalgia to completely quit.
Game Quitters (6 months ago)
Hi Justin. watch my video on nostalgia, might help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBJeuyo8p_s
No Hesitate No Glory (6 months ago)
"I am a gamer not because I don't have a real life, but because I choose to have many." I proud to be a gamer. And if you are here worrying about your life due to to video games,think about the fact that If you give up video games, you could only do a limited amount of stuffs related to real life. however, by playing games you can be guest to many lives. =)
No Hesitate No Glory (6 months ago)
How are you guys enjoying life without playing games? It sounds extremely eccentric to me. Life literally sucks especially If you born in a third world country. You perhaps born in the world's best country and you guys have a lot of social and economic facilities and chances that I will never be able to achieve. If I were a Canadian, my life would turn into a good shape after quitting game process, however, in reality when I don't play video games, or temporarily stop playing, nothing is going well... On top of that, I'm not addicted at all, gaming is just drawing better worlds than I currently see and live. Life is pretty sick, chaotic, unbearable out there. And there is the only way to not to get crazy is to playing games. So, quitting gaming can never be a "Success" for those who have nothing to do better than "playing games" and enjoy the life as a 3rd world citizen. I found this video extremely selfish and thoughtless. Please don't get me wrong, but you had supposed to know the life is not same for everybody in the world. I don't like the way that you are trying to encourage people as gaming such a bad habit and must be given up thing. It's completely ok for you and maybe your neighbours in terms of activities, travelling the world, discovering new passions etc. But what If you hadn't a chance to commit these things? What If your future is stolen from the country managers? What would you do? Would you still be leaving games? I don't think so tbh. I do play games for not as an escape purpose as it written below the comments section but for tasting life and make it meaningful. Because when I go outside, I never see a good, well-developed city like Vancouver or the good news on the TV. When I go outside I see the poverty and beggars and then I feel I'm lucky enough to not exposed to that kind of situation. But I feel guilty afterwards. Some thoughts whisper to me, as like why there are poor people and not me? In addition to that, in my country, we are always on a knife-edge, about to enter the conflict in the middle east. I'm expecting a big 3rd world war really soon. And that makes me $hit out of here. When you watch you see a bunch of idiot politics clashing to themselves and trying to fire a spark to launch the world end war. And we are in obvious threat. That's not all I concern for sure, there are like 100+ facts that I can count right now, but don't wanna convert it into a wall writing. For short, life is not as good as your view of aspect for everyone. I'd prefer living in a video game rather than a life slaps into your face with it's all reality. That's why I will be playing video games till I die. Without it, life looks so empty and boring also a bit pointless. Even If you are addicted to video games, this is a better habit than smoke and alcohol indeed! http://www.gamesetwatch.com/Video-Games-Posters.jpg
Game Quitters (6 months ago)
if you have access to the internet you have all the opportunity you could ever need to change your situation. my 2 cents.
Michael Walton (7 months ago)
1-2 hours a day, de-stress time. Makes life easier
Game Quitters (7 months ago)
if you can keep that and it's healthy, all good in my books :)
brandon griggs (7 months ago)
So u produce yo I rap n I relate too u man i wasted my childhood on games
Evangelina Solares (7 months ago)
I'll try, if i succeed i'll comment again.
Game Quitters (7 months ago)
yes good luck! come join us on the forums, the extra support will help a lot: forum.gamequitters.com
TheTruth Spy (7 months ago)
Well its too bad that reality is a computer game simulation, and you are a character in it. Video games are reality, and reality is a video game. YOUTUBE - FLAT EARTH ADDICT 05.
Game Quitters (7 months ago)
definitely possible
Xdcfcc Drcdc (7 months ago)
video games did huge damage on my life. As a kid I got a terrible video game addiction that I FORGOT about life. Yup, I literally forgot to live life. I never learned how to take care of myself like brushing my teeth, showers, haircuts.. And I was still shitting myself at age 13. I took 2 minute showers to play games. I didn't care about ANYTHING. Video games can do some serious damage to a kid, as a parent you should watch your kids game time. I played so many games that life didn't feel normal, it always felt strange and wierd.
Game Quitters (7 months ago)
thanks for sharing
aryan bansal (7 months ago)
Damn this guy just change my life
Game Quitters (7 months ago)
Thanks Aryan! Hope you have a wonderful day :)
Kyachu Bubbles_Benham (7 months ago)
Thank you this is what I'm trying to get across to my friends right now!!!💜
Game Quitters (7 months ago)
Thank you!!
Yep Yep (7 months ago)
March 13, 2018. Day 1.
Game Quitters (7 months ago)
proud of you! :)
jert opp (8 months ago)
You are spending your life in a world that doesn't exist. You could be participating in the real world.
Game Quitters (7 months ago)
Biswajit Nath (8 months ago)
quiting games doesn't let to travel around the world.... lots of money does!
Game Quitters (7 months ago)
hard to make money if you waste all of your time gaming ;)
Tomasz Gotovski (8 months ago)
Most of things that made your life "bad", were not made up by gaming. Bullying and other stuff. It's like blaming video games for school shootings
Game Quitters (8 months ago)
I understand where you're coming from but it's far more nuanced then that. Things happened, gaming was an outlet, and then I couldn't get away from gaming. None of my videos vilify gaming... unlike your school shooting argument.
Unknown S (8 months ago)
It is too late , i am 16 already , i want to learn violin but it is too late , i want to get into college but i dont even know what the teachers are talking about . I want to start saving money for myself to study abroad but i have only one year left and the amount of money required is gigantic.I have no clue what i am doing with my life anymore . My life is a dead end :)
NennihnZ (8 months ago)
Unknown S too late? Haha stop lying to yourself. I started playing piano with 23. I won't be Mozart but my goal is not to compete :) start learning violone and never say it to late. Well if you lay down in the tomb it's too late indeed.
Game Quitters (8 months ago)
it's not too late. I didn't start working on myself until I was 20 - 9 years later I've made huge progress. Start today.
Tobi Park (9 months ago)
What things do I need to know before starting my own busness?
Game Quitters (9 months ago)
execution is everything. read Crushed It by Gary Vaynerchuk
mossberg451 (9 months ago)
Let's stop pouring our money away to these video game makers and get on with our lives and find something better to do
Game Quitters (9 months ago)
Clone Guy901 (9 months ago)
I am going to do a 30 day fast because i want to get good grades
Game Quitters (9 months ago)
let me know how it goes
Leslie McTavish (9 months ago)
Dear Cam, I absolutely love your channel and website. You are very inspiring. I was never a gamer or an addict, but I had suffered through a personality disorder all of my life. Coming out of that I now want to be a 'creator' as you have said in one of your videos, and I want to have people as a main part of creating and help them. I understand so much of what you are saying in this video! You are amazing with how you are helping people to ultimately contribute to them creating a life they love.
Game Quitters (9 months ago)
Hi Leslie! Thanks for your messages.
Basia Krol (10 months ago)
Dude they bully in video game itself forcing you to play it or improve at it, then you end up being depressed, spending much more time than you should and ruin your life this way.
Game Quitters (10 months ago)
thanks for watching
mouad chaali (10 months ago)
Video Games is a form of entertainment. They do not have chemical substances that physically takes away your ability to stop playing them. If quitting video games made you convince yourself that you are a more capable person than good for you. Just know that watching movies, playing sports,or even sex could easily be considered "addictive".
Game Quitters (10 months ago)
The point is addicts are not "functional human beings" and they need HELP to get back to that point, which is the entire point of recognizing an addiction. Games can have an impact on your brain causing structural changes which can take you from a functional gamer to an addict, which is one variable of many that can be involved. Anyways, godspeed.
mouad chaali (10 months ago)
Game Quitters If you are a functioning human being you do have the ability to control yourself. There are people who are sex addicts, there are people who are addicted to reality tv shows hell there even was a story of a lady that was addicted to eating toilet paper. The games are not the problem, its the peron's psyche that is. Its this stigma that is reinforced by the media that makes people look at gaming as an addiction. Look I respect that you acknowledge that games are not bad and Im glad that quitting games made you find a happy life I just want you to understand that games are not making you addicted to them. Chances are most people who play games for an obnoxious amount of time are having other problems. Also the World health organization are only considering the possibility of recognizing "game addiction" a disorder. They don't annonce the official list untill late 2018, and they are also receiving huge criticism from people who devotted their lives to study the human psyche.
Game Quitters (10 months ago)
One of the very criteria's of addiction is your "inability to moderate your behavior". So your suggestion that addicts just have the wrong mentality is ignorant. You are right that millions of gamers play and are fine, which is also why we are not against gaming, and only here to help those who are struggling. You can point to the studies if you want, I am aware of them, however the World Health Organization just took all of the studies that exist into consideration and decided to recognize 'gaming disorder' as an official disorder. icd.who.int/dev11/l-m/en#/http%3a%2f%2fid.who.int%2ficd%2fentity%2f1448597234
mouad chaali (10 months ago)
Game Quitters As I said before, if you have no self restraint or responsibility you could pretty much get addicted to anything. Video games are a form of entertainment and if you have the wrong mentality you could get addicted. However millions of gamers around the world are normal people who are passionate about this industry. Its just like movies and books. Also I could point to countless studies that prove video game addiction isn't actually a thing but I don't want to belittle you. I suggest you do the same next time
Game Quitters (10 months ago)
educate yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSF82AwSDiU
Uso Indevido (10 months ago)
I quit video games 2 years ago. Life is still the same. Only my hobbies changed (working out, music and reading). No girl. Very few friends.
F8Freak (15 days ago)
+17 Minutes or Less I play 3 hours daily & I m having a good educational life too.
17 Minutes or Less (15 days ago)
+F8Freak Yeah i game 6 hours a week and still don't have a life.
17 Minutes or Less (15 days ago)
+Red Killer What the fuck are you talking about? :))) What you wrote is both interesting and stupid... interesting in the sense that it makes me feel like i'm living in the matrix.
Red Killer (1 month ago)
And what about fapping? How's your family? Is it toxic? Are you frustrated with relationships? Try doing no fap, taking care of your body, you like pretty girls, girls like handsome boys Try dealing with problems you might have ( toxic family, traumas etc ) Try talking to people. Suddenly you will see people is not as big as your mind make it. Getting girls is like going to the market. It's not that special. Believe me. It's ridiculously easy because there's no higher truth and you're free, my bro. You are free. Believe me! You just have to recognize the power you have and recognize people are not that smart. They struggle as well! And there is no higher truth! I know what I'm talking about. I'm on this journey. I am the most ackward guy in the world and can't get a girlfriend. One day I decided to talk to random girls. Guess what. I kissed 1 girl and made a friend called " Iandra " here in Brazil. But I didn't take our relationships further because I am not a normal guy yet but she was interested in me I ignored her, I called her to hang out, she accepted, she went and I don't. She was confused "why didn't he come?" And I disappeared from her life. It has 1 yeah approx. Last week she saw me on the bus station. And guess what. She compliment me happily for seeing me, forgot my name by the way. 1 year is a little bit of time. But I, the virgin, the weird, the ackward, gamer kissed 1 girl and got other interested in me. Why didn't I keep it? Because I am used to my crappy life (gaming, masturbating, isolating myself, toxic family, and negative) So, believe me, bro. It's possible to have a happy life. You have power so do I. Life is not as hard as we percieve. Believe me. Personal experience
Uso Indevido You still have to study, not just find replacement entertainment. Play games for 30 minutes daily. No more than 30
Nikhil Kumar (11 months ago)
I’m 15 years old and I had an extreme video game addiction. I would play gta 5 everyday, I would skip homework to play video games, I would tell me myself I can get it done in school before class. But I never did and got a zero on it. I would never study for tests and just wasn’t doing good in school. I moved to another town and started doing better in school. I changed my schedule to doing my homework and then playing video games instead of playing video games and then doing homework. But I found myself not doing all my homework so that I can play video games. This was ruining my life. I knew I had to start taking things more seriously. I joined the gym and started going every single day to build my body and free my mind mentally. I felt so good and so much better than playing video games. Then I got a job. Now I was even happier because I was making my own money now. I was playing less video games now. Then I got banned from PlayStation for “harassment” apparently. Now I’m limited to cs go, American truck simulator, and forza horizon 3. But now that I barely have any video games. I’m even happier. I honestly think if I never started going to the gym, never got banned from PlayStation, and never got a job at 15. I would be living in my parents basement. Playing video games, job at a convenient store and most of all, a disappointment. Don’t let video games ruin your life because trust me. They can
Game Quitters (11 months ago)
Hi Nikhil. Thanks for sharing. So glad you're doing well. :)
Albert 27 (11 months ago)
To be honest with you I would never want to completely quit video games, they have given me inspiration for doing my own animations and illustration comics. I love video games but I would never get addicted into it like 5-6 hours addicted a day, I've always been careful about that. I usually play 1-3 hours a day and mostly miss days in a week so I'm happy the way my life is heading. That's just from my point of view
Game Quitters (11 months ago)
Hi Albert. As long as you're happy that's all that matters. :)
limitbreak32 (11 months ago)
I quit video games but I have started drinking
Skullz (11 months ago)
I quit playing all the time I only play once in a while
Game Quitters (11 months ago)
that's good :)
Nick Parker (11 months ago)
No one should quit playing video games forever entirely, but they should not play all day everyday.
Game Quitters (11 months ago)
Do whatever feels best to you - that's my stance.
CamTheMan 2002 (11 months ago)
Videogames arent bad at all its just people getting way to into it is
Game Quitters (11 months ago)
who said video games are bad?
potatomongrel (11 months ago)
You are saying that gaming is like alcohol. Then you just can't control yourself. Don't blame a product for your lack of control with it. There are many successful people who also play video games. You haven't defeated your weakness because you completely gave it up. If you can play casually and know when to stop and when not to play; that's when you know it's not your problem anymore. There are some things you should completely stop doing; Drugs, Smoking, and Gambling. Games are nothing compared to those 3. Making a big deal about gaming is like making a mountain out of a molehill.
Game Quitters (11 months ago)
How are Games different than Drugs, Smoking, and Gambling?
Covnit (11 months ago)
Screw u
Game Quitters (11 months ago)
How am I stereotyping gamers? Curious what specifically I said that implies that?
Covnit (11 months ago)
Game Quitters hey sorry that was my older brother and he shouldn't have said that but I do agree with him in a nicer way. It's cool that ur life is great but ur sort of stereotyping gamers that they don't have lives. But yeh so sorry about him but maybe consider what gamers think about this thx
Game Quitters (11 months ago)
love u <3
Dee (1 year ago)
I quit gaming back in 2007 when I got my first car. I never look back I became a ladies man. I couldn't believe how much vagina I was getting once I became more sociable. It's amazing how I forgot about video games completely. In 2013 I finally settled down with this young lady. She ended up getting pregnant in 2014 we got married 2months before my lil girl was born. For my birthday my wife decided to buy me a PS4. I rarely played my PS4 when I had it. I had moments when I would play for hours but not how I use to. One day we got into an argument because she felt I was ignoring her. So I broke my PS4 I didn't feel bad about it because my heart wasn't into gaming anymore. Fast forward to 2016 things went down hill. We ended up separating!! Lol I ended up getting depress and everything but I continued to work my ass off. I'll say around October I discovered the Nintendo Switch. When I first saw it I was like i need to buy this whenever it comes out. I ended up getting it in April I don't regret buying it at all. It's helping me get through this divorce also its helping me save money. I work 10hrs a day 6 days a week so i don't game all day. The one thing I use to love doing growing up is helping me cope with change. I'm not addicted to gaming like I was growing up. I still hangout with friends and family. I still put my daughter first and my priorities. I refuse to become addicted to video games again. A person can play videogames and still have a life. I understand what you're saying completely but I refuse to stop gaming again. It saved my life!! Lol
Dee (2 months ago)
Booty Gangsta yea you're definitely a simp. Thanks for pointing that out. Lol
Game Quitters (11 months ago)
Hi David thanks for sharing, I do agree you can game and have a life, but it's not always easy. Just depends on your own circumstances :)
Brian Z (1 year ago)
I feel you bro you worry just do what you do. Stoping thinking about it
Sir FB (1 year ago)
Have these thoughts too but need to put into action.
Brian S (1 year ago)
Game Quitters You seem to be answering everyone. Nice commitment bro... Also, I've been a hard core gamer since N64, and almost lost my marriage a couple weeks ago largely due to gaming... Sad... Gave up my last game, but now I need a hobby BAD!! Good job on the success, hope to have my own soon!! ...Brian...
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
action is important
Commissar Kuznetsov (1 year ago)
Quits playing video games... 1 moment later, "Headshot" "double kill"
ApaceSpace (1 year ago)
I just trade my gaming computer for a laptop so I can focus more on graphics designing and video editing. I havent download any games. But I still have my hard drive but I might turn it into a portable external one so I can have what stuff I want to keep still with me.
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
Awesome :)
James Constantin (1 year ago)
It's ok if you play once in a while, right?
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
if it's not having a negative impact yes
Jonathan Dominguez (1 year ago)
I only play like an hour a day
Folke (3 months ago)
That's a good amount of time for gaming. It helps to stretch a game instead of blasting or marathoning through it, that I sadly have often done personally even though I do the 1-hour thing too! It's all about _self-control,_ applicable in all things outside gaming too.
Trojan Hell (1 year ago)
I played video games since I was a kid... I'm like a DRUG ADDICT to games....it affected me in school Now I sold my Xbox 1 I feel liberated , it was VERY hard to not know what to do with my time.... But now I feel better and achieving a lot 1 year sober from games
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
Congrats :)
Brian Bam (1 year ago)
Just want to share - I game each day for 10-15 hours for 2 years now + smoking pot and i don't want to quit. Yes i have no social life, no job i'm 25, but the best thing about this that i have my own apartment and my country pay's me money because i have physical disability up to the year 2052 (permanent).
LSD Games (9 months ago)
what country? Maybe I should come and we can start a club
Devil'n (1 year ago)
And you look at people who play video games for a living and have better lives than most people on Earth, like PewDiePie, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Vanoss, Mini Ladd, TheRelaxingEnd, SpeirsTheAmazingHD, MerkMusic, etc.
Devil'n (1 year ago)
Do you not know how YouTube or etc works
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
so 8 people
Gunman expert (1 year ago)
Man U R true the best of reading book is good ur brain
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
thanks for sharing
Rick (1 year ago)
My nephew is 23, has no job, hardly any friends,except virtual ones, never had a girlfriend, he's overweight, he sits in the basement and plays games or lays around watching you tube videos,, I don't understand how he could possibly not want money, a job skill , girls ect ect... Maybe I'm to old to get it.... Smh
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
Hey Rick. This is common but there is hope. Check out my Reclaim guide, it will help you understand what's going on, why this happens, and what you can do about it: http://gamequitters.com/reclaim
Rickey BeThyName (1 year ago)
Dropped out of highschool twice .. Can you even legitimately do that ? 🙄
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
Yes. I dropped out for a year in Grade 10, and then again in Grade 12. In Canada you can. I know in some places like California you can't.
Rickey BeThyName (1 year ago)
Sweet place to record 🤔
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
OG Reese (1 year ago)
Thanks for the advice man i really needed this
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
Kyree kent glad you found it valuable!
Tony Lim (1 year ago)
Thanks you so much for the video , You are an inspiring person
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
Thanks Tony! Really appreciate it.
Atıf Aydın Turanlı (1 year ago)
Hey, Cam. I just wanted to say that you are an awesome person who realized life is better without gaming and is trying to make other people quit too. Though I still couldn't fully quit, I appreciate these videos so much. Greetings from Turkey.
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
Thanks!! Enjoyed my time in Istanbul last year
Carmarson (1 year ago)
im kinda popular at school and i play games but i do play sports
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
hope you have a great week :)
Aedaz 222 (1 year ago)
I feel like the comments are trying to put words in his mouth. He doesn't seem to be saying games are bad by nature, but that they just played a negative role in his life personally, and that if anyone else feels the same, then there's hope for them.
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
^ this
Ninos05 (1 year ago)
But i love my wii i hate xbox and play station
Alexander Ruiz (1 year ago)
I stoped playing video games 6 months ago for the cause of wasting time i was playing call of duty 24/7 i was really good at playing black ops 2 getting many killstreaks! Always played it from when i woke up in the morning til it was night in 1 am i was 13 years old and i would rarely go outside to play with my friends my parents would be like you play to much killing go outside. I didnt really care. In dinner i would eat so fast so i would play call of duty or minecraft. Spending many hours of play in my ps3 or ps4! I realized i would get mad everytime i lost badly or when someone interrupted me. I was really good to be honest. Then 4 months ago i got infinite warefare for my birthday playing even more more. My parents were happy like go ahead play your new game. Then 2 weeks later of getting the game i had a dream of dieing playing video games til i grew older. I woke up and realized this video game stuff is wasting my life. I would of done many other things than play video games 24/7. Then at that point i stopped playing video games i was getting mature too i sold infinite warefare legacy edition, black ops 2 and my other call of duty games. Sold my ps3. Stayed with nothing. Then i started getting a bmx bike learned tricks went outside played alot of soccer, played with my neibors outside mostly everday like today. Started playing basket few days ago all day to get better at it. The really wierd thing is that when my friends play any single kind of game i deny to play video games with them my response to video games now is Why play videogames when you would be doing something more beneficial then wasting your time playing that. I think im more happier now that i go outside and make more freinds playing basketball soccer baseball go to my uncles house and play with his kids. Have fun beating people in soccer. Get beat at at basketball play tag or, something childish with my neibors. Workout alot or do pushups play alot of chess. I would say getting rid of video games is the best thing i ever did! Im way happier than i was before and NO im not ganna play video games anymore never. By im going outside!
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
Hey hey. Thanks for commenting. Glad things have gone well for you!
Robert Gress (1 year ago)
I was addicted to WOW and I have been clean for 9 years. I don't game at all. My life is too boring and work oriented. I need games back in my life. This time, moderation will be practiced.
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
lots of other things you can do instead: gamequitters.com/hobby-ideas
Adrian SH (1 year ago)
Good luck :). You can also watch movies and tv shows or read a book.
Meat Sandwitch (1 year ago)
Why do you keep on cutting , its super annoying. Try to not cut so much.
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
watch my newer videos
The Vaping advocate (1 year ago)
well my life as a gamer is great i have a good job i comunicate with people im not shy around girls everything is fine but im the guy that chose video games (HALO) in particular over a girlfriend what els im a virgin im 22 i hate relationships i think their stupid ! i dont understand theme and i hate the whole love thing its stupid ..... no im not a fagget i think girls are attractive just dont need some one in my life i (love) being (ALONE) not only that i love halo you might call it an adiction its not that to me dosent feel like it but not just to play the game but i want to be a spartan like own the legendary Master Chief suit to be the chief thats my goal and have every thing halo related like t shirts cloths id love to have a warthog and flip over 100x lol but life for me is going great i love it its just halo kept me togather its hard to explain i gues you can call it my girl friend ? but not in the fucking it in that way lol
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
Hey Mike, glad you're doing alright. Life is your choice, so all I'm encouraging is for people to make that choice for themselves :)
BENDJI (1 year ago)
I'm too good at video games. It isn't worth it to stop
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
I understand. Do what you feel is best for yourself :)
Patrick (1 year ago)
i sold my pc at the age of 15, i have ps3 but im playing maybe 1 time per month mostly used for films and now i think i will delete games from phone, thank you
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
that will be really good for you. make sure you also find some new ways to relax and have fun. you can't just do your homework all the time. watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgC4DM1EZ5A
Patrick (1 year ago)
Game Quitters now i would like fill that time which i were spending for games for doing homeworks :)
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
you're welcome :)
kyle serrano (1 year ago)
i play abt 14 hours a day and ... i feel even it doesnt have bad effects on my outside social skills ... i feel i wasted much time but escaping it is harder than escaping porn
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
Hey Kyle, thanks for watching. :)
CTRL-X (1 year ago)
See this video paints up that people who play videos games can't own their own businesses, can't travel around the world, can't have friends other than gamers, and are pretty much just losers. While you don't outright say it in the video, you don't outright say it otherwise either. I understand that its more geared towards Video Game Addiction but with the title and the way you are talking, it makes the video come off as, anyone who even plays a game, their lives are inherently worse than yours. The whole tone of the video left me with, "Look at me, I quit video games and I am BETTER than you. Not to brag, but this is what you COULD have if you just never played video games ever again. Until you quit, you can't HOPE to have a life as nice as mine. So let's help you get your life back on track, cause if you are here you OBVIOUSLY play video games and have an awful life."
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
I made this video to address a specific group of people, of which completely got the message, and people of whom I did not make this video for have become triggered due to their own projections and insecurities about gaming. there are a lot of opinions I left out of this video, like the fact that I like chicken, because it was not relevant to the audience I was addressing. It's no different than being triggered by my "Why You Should Quit Gaming" video, which literally states you should quit gaming IF YOU WANT TO (implying that if you do not want to quit, do not quit..). Anyways, this is a waste of time, hope you have a good day.
CTRL-X (1 year ago)
Game Quitters and if you WEREN'T against gaming you also would have said it in the video. You dont have to directly say, "I am against people playing games" when the whole tone of THIS video is how much better your life will be without video games. and once again, if you need to push me to another video to help explain this video then this video doesnt get the point across does it?
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
If I was against gaming I would stated in the video itself that I was against gaming, of which I did not. Anyways, all the comments of people who are triggered by the video are due to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-s_Co_tTKI
CTRL-X (1 year ago)
I was just repeating what I got out of the video, and what a lot of people apparently got out of the video. If you have to explain it to... how many people now? How many people have you explained, "oh no this is about people who WANT to change their life" then I believe the message you are trying to get across is lost. I also understand that this video was made... like three years ago and you may now see exactly what I am seeing from a video creator standpoint. I noticed the same trend with the "Why you should quit video games" video you did as well. Many people saying, "Oh I will never quit video games" or "I am still happy and I play video games" and then you had to explain to them the point of your video. Having both perspectives explained would have been better, saying something like, "Oh Video Games themselves isn't the problem, but the addiction to them is. I have nothing against the gaming industry or people who do play video games." The title and tone of the videos really brings out that you aren't against just Video Game Addiction, but Video Games as a whole. I can't vouch for later videos since I have just watched this and the "Why you should give up video games" video.
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
That's your own projection due to the stereotype of gamers. My video is geared towards people with a video game addiction who WANT to quit gaming. So ya, **IF** gaming is fucking up someones life, quitting is going to help them accomplish the other things they want to accomplish.. ;)
youtu.be/zdMbmdFOvTs (1 year ago)
lmfao this dude.
Game Quitters (1 year ago)
you sound like a really happy person lol <3

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