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Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Review

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Lego Batman 3 has loads of great DC characters and missions, but suffers from an inconsistent tone.
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Milia Partison (4 days ago)
Jesus loves you. Read John 3:16
Anon Rahman (1 month ago)
This is just a bunch of negativity. Would like to hear some positive review. Wish lego batman 2 was in for ps4.
Selling Advil (1 month ago)
Wayne Hoxit (2 months ago)
Why did the game get mixed reviews
Mr Mister (3 months ago)
7.4 too many legos
Mr Mister (3 months ago)
Oa’s free roam definitely makes up for the lack of free roam or whatever
R.I.P XXXTentacion (3 months ago)
When I played this game I felt a more serious tone than any other lego batman game
Michael Figueiredo (3 months ago)
Right about one thing this game does make oneself feel restricted
The Catserole (3 months ago)
barely any freeroam
Nihil ix (4 months ago)
Loontern actually happened in a cartoon look it up
Le Fin. (7 months ago)
This guy complained the whole video, and then gave it a 7.4, Ign.
Koby Pourciaux (7 months ago)
LEGO Batman 2 is better than this.
409LP (9 months ago)
I am DC Fan but this Gamr is to me only 5/10 Points.
Danny Rivera (9 months ago)
LEGO Batman 3 feels more like a DC superhero game than an actual LEGO Batman game.
Nani Tf (10 months ago)
Can u do free roam on Wii U I’m just making sure because I got this game on my 3ds but i can do anything anymore and I wanna do free roam but i can’t on 3ds
Kamryn Walters (11 months ago)
Is there a free rome or a way u can get out on the city?
Eli Ivey (11 months ago)
LiangHuBBB (11 months ago)
1 Q do lego games getting a new entry every 3-4 months? basically 3-4 new lego games each year? not that Im complaining because I just recently found out about these games and how fun they are. now Im considering getting them all :P
James Mechelewski (1 year ago)
This game was pretty hodge-podge and barely had any Batman in it. I think it would have been a better idea to base the entire game on the 1960's Batman tv show instead of just the bonus level.
WillRaj (1 year ago)
So disappointing. The open world was a HUGE step down and none of the story took place in gotham. Besides the opening title scene, it didn't feel like a batman game at all. I hope they make a Justice League game after the new movies
TheQualityGamerHD (1 year ago)
Should I buy LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham?
Dantdmfan999 (1 year ago)
i love it!!!!!! :O :O :O :O
Mrenderkid prime (1 year ago)
Shahaad Jonss (1 year ago)
That's why it's called Lego Batman 3 BEYOND GoTHAM
Personified Persona (1 year ago)
Did we play the same game? Where is this disappointment you are talking about?
Shortbread Head (1 year ago)
hmm.. looks like the Daffy reference could be an either nod to Howard of Marvel or a pisstake on how stupid he was.
Miyuru Eranda (1 year ago)
How can you get serious when this reviewed by some one called BUTTS XD
G Minton (1 year ago)
Even though I'm not a huge Batman fan, I really enjoyed this game.
Ethan Bean (1 year ago)
- Too much Batman - Too much LEGO - Not enough blood -Not COD Verdict- 4/10
Captain America (1 year ago)
My only problems was the story being kinda boring and the lack of a hub planet map. I put this game down after I beat story mode.
Pasu Ursin (1 year ago)
Robert Channels (1 year ago)
Something silly about a grown man boy complaining about Lego games. 13 year old should have reviewed this.
Games and Memes! (1 year ago)
LEGO Marvel Avengers-Best Lego game ever
Kishon Nedd (1 year ago)
and give exploring areas gotham and metropolis and star city
Markus Woodhome (2 years ago)
i got so angery wen i found out that you cant go araund inn gotham!!! it broke the game for me!!!
Anthony Aubert (2 years ago)
I just prefer this game than marvel avengers or superheroes because I'm a DC fan, not so much into marvel haha
Mohammed Hanif (2 years ago)
Is getting the Xbox 360 version of this any good? I'm thinking of buy this game for my Xbox 360.
Lương Minh Đặng (2 years ago)
how to watch the first video when the six lanterns were kidnapped
the man on a mission (2 years ago)
I hate the glowing eyes
gac3la (2 years ago)
lego marvel hereos still the king
Mr Mister (3 months ago)
gac3la wait til LEGO dc supervillians comes out
Captain America (1 year ago)
Idk or Something (1 year ago)
gac3la yep, the best lego game that I've found.
The EAB (2 years ago)
The games? Please. Marvel may win LEGO (and I strongly disagree), but nothing could beat the mighty Arkham series.
Dark Gamer18 (2 years ago)
how do u get to where u buy characters in 3?
Dark Gamer18 (2 years ago)
+Human Potato I mean in the game not to actually buy characters
Dark Gamer18 (2 years ago)
+Human Potato ps4
Alex Fussaint (2 years ago)
Wow people hate playing deadstroke in this game and people want to play this game in summer 2014 people who hate this game you people DUMB😠😠😠😠😠😠😢😢😢😭😭😭😭 and don't like it not top ten Really it came out 11/11/14 top ten in 2015 no likes it people tell me do you think this should be top ten😐😐😐 l
VII X (2 years ago)
This game is crap there isn't a free roam with a good camera and it's mostly about lanterns
VII X (2 years ago)
+Alex Fussaint yup
Alex Fussaint (2 years ago)
Gerben Filmrol (2 years ago)
i want a lego game exactly as batman arkham city game.
Moon manVIVIVI (1 year ago)
Gerben Filmrol and have shitload of riddler trophies to collect around the entire hub?
VMSMark (1 year ago)
Gerben Filmrol lmao wtf? Keep dreaming, kid.
Gerben Filmrol (2 years ago)
i want a lego game exactly as batman arkham city game.
Madhav Kashyap (2 years ago)
His name is Steve Butts xD
Mrenderkid (3 months ago)
Ok let me rewrite my comment I’m 14 I think it’s a bit funny because honestly that’s a ridiculous last name
Mrenderkid prime (1 year ago)
Rifty's raft on a rifty raft or Something I'm 13 and I thinks that pretty funny because who would have a last name like that
Idk or Something (1 year ago)
I just think it's immature.
Madhav Kashyap (1 year ago)
No one cares about your age, and yes it is funny. And if you don't find it funny then congratulations, hope you feel special 😊
Idk or Something (1 year ago)
DrakeTheWarrior I can, mainly cause it's not funny (and I'm 13 mind you!)
م Kassem (2 years ago)
عدي عروض وطلبات الاشراف في العالم العربي و اللغات الاجنبية قسم البرامج المشروحة منتدى البرامج المشروحة منتدى البرامج المشروحة منتدى الصور و 2 في يا ح بيبي
V.Aviles (2 years ago)
should I get 3 or 2? can't decide!
Squeguin Gamer (1 year ago)
GET 2!! It's great. Unlike Batman 3
Games and Memes! (1 year ago)
2 is the best in terms of storyline but 3 has alot more stuff but bad storyline
Games and Memes! (1 year ago)
GB Rogo (1 year ago)
Arry (2 years ago)
1 is over all best but 2 is 2nd
Alfred Price (2 years ago)
gravendanger (2 years ago)
I just want a batman game like the original, there 3 stories with six levels where you play as robin and batman. You then unlock the villains side and play through as them
Vindy 667 (6 months ago)
gravendanger and with Gotham city free roam.
Donald boiii (6 months ago)
It wasn't 6 levels, it was 5 levels
KiiNGMedia (2 years ago)
Zappy425 (2 years ago)
Should I get this or Lego marvel
Lego Marvel Superheroes/Avengers. Lego Batman 3 was a bit eh for me. It was fun but Batman 2, Marvel Superheroes, and Marvel Avengers were much much better.
Rodney (2 years ago)
It would have been good if there was Gotham like they could at least copy the exact same thing from Lego batman 2
I LOVE the character roster of this game but didn't like the free roam. They could've added Gotham or Metropolis along with the planets. Still fun to achieve 100% though.
DaJoozie (2 years ago)
Just don't buy it on PC of you want your arms functioning
Tjeu van Boxtel (2 years ago)
I love lego games, but I'm a bit disappointed with batman 3. I found the open worlds to be a bit to small and restricted and some are just really unimpressive. The best hubs were Odym, the hall of justice and oa, but the hall of justice was too small and oa is only fun because it's the only place to use vehicles.
+Tjeu van Boxtel I finally got it. Loving it so far.
+Tjeu van Boxtel Looking forward to getting it whenever that may be.
Tjeu van Boxtel (2 years ago)
It really is accurate to the films, which makes it really cool. The characters are a lot of fun too and they are really diverse, especially with cool gear, weapons and combo attacks. 
+Tjeu van Boxtel I was planning on getting it soon. I'm a big fan of comic book movies so I really want it.
Tjeu van Boxtel (2 years ago)
+I Can't Think of a Good Name I recently got lego Marvel Avengers and I should say this: I only played a few of the levels, but it's an awesome game and I think that I already like it more than lego Batman 3
DantheMan (2 years ago)
What I don't understand is that Lego avengers improves on this game in every way, yet has a lower score
all the way.
Hamzah Latif (2 years ago)
+Mr Annonymous yup Justice league > Avengers
I am the batman (2 years ago)
+Hamzah Latif dc is better
Hamzah Latif (2 years ago)
They probably like dc better than marvel.... Jk
GrumpyGameBoy (2 years ago)
IGN is not very reliable
Walkthroughs HQ (2 years ago)
Pfffff Steve butts
Deadpoolio (2 years ago)
cmon man its not an arkham game or whatever it is a lego game so the bizzare stuff isnt that big of a deal
PH CLANK (2 years ago)
For new comers, which are the top five Lego games?
I am the batman (2 years ago)
Lego Star Wars Clone Wars Lego Batman 2 Lego Marvel Superheroes Lego Star Wars 1-6 Lego Lord of the Rings
Arry (2 years ago)
1. Lego Starwars complete saga 1-6 2. Lego batman 1 3. Lego lord of the rings 4. Lego Starwars clone wars 5. Lego pirates of the Caribbean
DovidoTv (2 years ago)
1.Lego Pirates2.Lego Star Wars 33.Lego Harry Potter 1-5 Years4.Lego Star Wars Complete Saga5.Lego Lord Of The Rings
MagmaAscending (2 years ago)
5- Lego City: Undercover 4- Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham 3- Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2- Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga 1- Lego Marvel Super Heroes
88 (2 years ago)
+JaXX haven't played it yet...
Rawgamer360 (2 years ago)
you forgot about all the game breaking glitches that stop the game being beaten on several occasions :@ this Is hands down the worst lego game created, due to the laziness of the game developers.
Unknown 2 (2 years ago)
+Rawgamer360 played on Xbox 360
DantheMan (2 years ago)
Yeah my game froze on the last level on lego marvel superheroes and had to restart my system. /=(
Rawgamer360 (2 years ago)
+Pedro Granja yeah it gets really annoying
Rawgamer360 (2 years ago)
+Pedro Granja yeah Ikr!
PH CLANK (2 years ago)
+Park sjin never? Wow..you're lucky then...
Rossthegamer (2 years ago)
Go to 0:30 Steve Butts
Kerwyn Kingston (2 years ago)
Hey Guys! I just fond key gen for Knight Squad => https://twitter.com/trusted_hacks/status/671785355989905409?pidid=bf758200-48a5-495e-a599-18ff3873fcb4 Enjoy! Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Review
Joey R (2 years ago)
Love this game especially for my nephew. He loves batman like his uncle but is far too young to play Arkham games especially Arkham Knight
LEGO KANGAROO (2 years ago)
people guys need to ask ur selfs would u really had preffered a free roam gotham city? it would of been the same thing as the last game with nothing new besides new side quests it would of been an add on to lego batman 2 then people would start complaining and give it a 7.4 either way, i love this game esxpecially thebatcave it has a coussy fealing dat no other lego game has for me and i love it story was meh 9.0 for me!
xXLegacy (2 years ago)
steve butts
Erik Wallace (2 years ago)
it's still a good game
Hero_28 Gaming (3 years ago)
Brought this game, loved the humour, loved the story, loved the puzzles ... Loved it
Hero_28 Gaming (1 year ago)
Each to their own , I praise it so much because I been a Lego fan for over 25 years, I played neatly every game of Lego and also build Lego in brick form . Some hate it because they may be young generation and simply not for them .. some may not like the genre . Of course like anything a critics opinion is nothing more then one person's opinion ... and not a rule. YouTube it , read reviews go on psn and see for demos and see for yourself . I like the game , good puzzles , story's , and the sense of humour always makes me chuckle
CookieRoosterTM (1 year ago)
is it challanging? and also why do you think evyerbody hates it? and last question was the story good and was easy to follow?
Hero_28 Gaming (1 year ago)
Loved it , esp with the season pass, more minifigs more lvls awesome game ... if you love Lego you won't be disappointed
CookieRoosterTM (1 year ago)
should i buy it, i wanna but everybody doesnt like it?
john bryant (3 years ago)
daffy is there because they had a duck dogers episode where he go the green power ring
Anderson Grillo (3 years ago)
Too much space 7.8/10
Bizarre cameos is a dumb reason not to like the game.
supersmashbro596 (3 years ago)
lego batman 3s only complaint is that the hub should have been bigger. like..... give us some cities to fly around in! or how about a city thats a combination of gotham, west city, coast city, and metropolis that could be brainiacs way of fusing cities together for convenience?
Un titled (3 years ago)
i guess someone didn't pay sign enough...?
ScarfKat (3 years ago)
I like how the reviewers name is Steve BUTTS! XD
Project S16 (3 years ago)
I just bought this game because the gold edition was on sale for 18$, and ive gotta say, the amount of DLCs for this is sweet! LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was amazing, no doubt about that, and the free roam also was amazing. But one thing everyone seems to be ignoring is that no matter how big the free roam area is, it gets boring no matter what. Just look at GTA V. I love that game, but after a month of playing it, it just became the same things over and over. The same goes for LEGO Marvel. Everyone should just accept the fact, or just pray for a game to have a free roam of everywhere on Earth, where you can go in every building, and do anything.
K Martinez (3 years ago)
Agreed so true
Shadeyshadow57 (3 years ago)
So u don't like the things that make a Lego game
Kyle LaFroth (3 years ago)
0.6/10 LITERALLY no original music, butchered character stories and personalities, Conan O'Brien is immensely annoying, Lanterns that can supposedly do everything actually do almost nothing, The voice for braniac became EVEN WORSE turning him into a 7 year old. "Don't worry, it has good graphics."
ZachTGD (3 years ago)
7.4??????? Dude, really?
CookieRoosterTM (1 year ago)
better or worse?
abandoned (3 years ago)
Ha Steve Butts
Da_Random_Dood (3 years ago)
Lol Steve butts best name ever
Mej Vanderfield (3 years ago)
It's not even a Batman game
Serdar Halit Han (3 years ago)
Come on!!! I played and finished Lego Marvel superheroes and Lego Batman 3. And if I had to make a choice between them I would definetly choose Lego Batman. The Marvel one was super boring and creating your own character was like shit. This game atleast deserves a 9.
Mr.Majora (3 years ago)
Soooo the 3ds version is COMPLETELY different.Great.I got the shitty version. Swell...
I love this game and I think these Lego Video games are so well done and incredibly fun to play / The FreePlay modes are Always Great .. the story is awesome and the character roster is cool.
ThePepe5861 (3 years ago)
The best thing about this game is Adam West <3
Christian Castro (3 years ago)
Should I buy this or Lego Marvel Superheroes?!
Daniel Khan (3 years ago)
+Christian Castro lego marvel for sure
NEVER MIND (3 years ago)
+Christian Castro Lego marvel
Grace Steffen (3 years ago)
So the free roam is just on a ship?
Eliot Clarke (3 years ago)
had to watch the "the only way is essex" trailer to veiw this video.
jacob jarvis (3 years ago)
the lego game with the best free roam was either lego city: undercover or lego marvel superheroes. lego batman 3's was really disappointing.
David Moyer (3 years ago)
Wait? People are mad at this guy's opinion? I loved this game but I don't complain about his score. I just think that he has a different view on it and I respect his opinion. People should know a game's score is just a opinion.
UnkeptMoss328 (3 years ago)
Too Much Lego 7.8/10
NastyeeTalk (3 years ago)
It's freaking LEGO Batman lol more stupid cameos please. This game is supposed to be silly and light hearted and it delivers in my book.
Kadin Grayson (3 years ago)
I hope Lego Avengers doesnt have free roam like this game in it. The free roam in marvel was the best. Lego Batman 2 didnt have as good free roam as Marvel, because there wasnt much to do.
83Grifter (3 years ago)
Duffy Duck was Green Lanter 
Filip Bachta (3 years ago)
*plays a kids game, sees a cameo of kid cartoon character, gives it a con* I'm disliking this video lol
Miles S. (5 months ago)
Necrow no
Mr Mister (5 months ago)
Necrow or the roster in general?
Mr Mister (5 months ago)
Necrow you didn’t even like the dlc?
Diamond Beau (6 months ago)
Necrow how?
Javian Brown (9 months ago)
Filip Bachta come on... It's his review so his opinion. You don't have to agree, just form your own
Callum Bowyer (3 years ago)
Maybe a second marvel game would be good. This time more focused in GOTG.
BoltofTime (3 years ago)
IGN's cons get worse and worse.
dan iel (3 years ago)
This game is awful!
DarthVxderTV (3 years ago)
I generally hate IGNs veredicts but if you guys really think that this should be given a break because its a kids game then thats just plain stupid. I could name various "kids" games that are better than this and still not 10s.
Shitty Memes (2 years ago)
Yeah but it's a family game like the Conan cameo for the adults Daffy Duck for the kids it wants to appeal to everyone
This reviewer is taking this game too seriously lmao. It's a family game. 
Kid Isak (3 years ago)
Josue Ravena (3 years ago)
You know what's worst. The handheld version. The levels r repetitive and no open word like the console vers. Well, the only good thing is that it's 3D which makes an okay. Besides, not all of us had the luxury to indulge in the console version than the handheld one. Like the review said. "A game that has many possibilities and imagination turned out to be cheap and simple." Very disheartening for me.

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