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The Ghastly Cleveland Torso Murders

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We tackle one of the most gruesome serial killers of all time. Unsolved has new merch! Check it out here: https://goo.gl/nGhyrc Watch on Amazon Instant Video: http://amzn.to/2nxA2q6 Watch on Hulu: https://hulu.tv/2FHqdMT Check out our BuzzFeed Original Series channel on Roku: http://bit.ly/2DUnOlE BuzzFeed’s hit docuseries Unsolved True Crime follows conspiracy theory enthusiast Ryan as he deep-dives into the mysteries surrounding the most notorious unsolved crimes in history, in order to convince his dubious friend Shane that sometimes, the evidence isn’t always as it seems. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedviolet GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/boldly https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike https://www.youtube.com/ladylike BuzzFeedBlue Sports, video games, Unsolved & more epic daily videos! MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com) STILLS 1930's Neoclassical Style Sandstone Building, Landmark Drury Plaza Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio, USA "Douglas Sacha"/Getty Images Interior Of Abandoned Asylum At Laveno-Mombello Giorgio Palmas / EyeEm/Getty Images Judge holding gavel in courtroom "Chris Ryan"/Getty Images Civil War Doctor Amputating a Hand "WilliamSherman"/Getty Images Doctor with note-pad "George Marks"/Getty Images Close-Up Of Gravestone In Cemetery In Berlin "Adam Kuylenstierna / EyeEm"/Getty Images Hanging tree "AdrianHillman"/Getty Images Undefined text french. Handwritten letter. Handwriting "LiliGraphie"/Getty Images Male hands cuffed signing confession, top view "stevanovicigor"/Getty Images Interrogation AZemdega/Getty Images 1940s SMILING MAN SITTING H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images Demolition Area Albert McCabe / Stringe/Getty Images Homeless People "Afro Newspaper/Gad"/Getty Images Hooverville in Croton Reservoir "Bettmann"/Getty Images Police men "grynold"/Getty Images Policeman Making A Point "Camerique"/Getty Images Black African American Firefighter From 1940 to 1960, Fire Truck. "RyersonClark"/Getty Images Ergonomic Design For Injury "A-Digit"/Getty Images Girl Looking Through Window At Home "Helena Tegenfeldt / EyeEm"/Getty Images Policemen frisk eight of 20 youths involved in gang fight at "New York Daily News Archive "/Getty Images Harry Gross "Allan Grant / Contributor"/Getty Images Medical supplies at the Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus. Including vitamin extracts, milk of magnesia and liver extract. "ALFRED EISENSTAEDT"/Getty Images Bolder Bridge "Fox Photos"/Getty Images USA,New York,New York City,Preacher at lectern "SuperStock"/Getty Images Portrait of a Retro Themed Private Investigator "JasonDoiy"/Getty Images Antique black and white photo of 1940 film noir gangster wearing suit and hat. "ysbrandcosijn"/Getty Images Eliot Ness Bettmann/Getty Images Bodies From Valentine's Day Massacre "Chicago History Museum / Contributor"/Getty Images Jesse Owens Returning After The Olympic Games, In 1936 Keystone-France / Contributor/Getty Images The Boston Globe Front Page: July 19, 1998 "Keystone-France / Contributor"/Getty Images Ermenon village: Crash Dc10 Turkish Airlines In Ermenon village Michel ARTAULT / Contributor/Getty Images MAY 15 1973, MAY 17 1973; "tvirbickis"/Getty Images Farmers Market David Cupp / Contributor/Getty Images Peaceful Afternoon "A-Digit"/Getty Images Portraits "Holloway"/Getty Images Male silhouettes posing "nale"/Getty Images Dead body floating in river Ganges in Varanasi, In "www.amardeepphotography.com"/Getty Images map of the U.S. state Ohio "Titova Elena"/Getty Images Slums In Baltimore Getty Images / Stringer/Getty Images Shantytown During Depression "Transcendental Graphics / Contributor"/Getty Images Crumpled jeans on a pair of shoes "Halfdark"/Getty Images Military Tanks in Front of Building "Bettmann / Contributor"/Getty I EXTERNAL CREDITS Gustavo Rosa - GFX Artist
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Text Comments (9636)
Odin Sutherland (1 hour ago)
Yooo that's kind of cool I was in a school play were I played a guy named Eliot Ness and he was a detective and he was always proclaiming he was untouchable, that's cool that he was a real person
Stephanie Holder (1 hour ago)
So this sounds strange but my 4mo will sit in his boppy or swing and watch this series with me as long as I want. He will pay attention and chill. That's how I went through every season so fast on prime lol. Now this is our go to to just play while we hangout or try to relax for a nap. River, my son, is soothed by Shane and Ryan's voices lol
Stephanie Holder (2 hours ago)
Ick man
Brock J (2 hours ago)
The brain can stay active without the heart for 8 measures of time. I don't remember. Probably minutes
James Davis watch. (4 hours ago)
I don’t know how true this is but apparently two guillotine victims in France had their heads fall into the same basket and as a result one severed head bit the other.
Bethany Newhouse (10 hours ago)
This is my ROARING...... ROARING THIRD!! I don't even know me.
Vixen just Shippin' (10 hours ago)
*some body* once told me the world is gonna role me i aint the sharpest tool in the shed
Señor Tmeh (12 hours ago)
It was the Zodiac
Mystical ? (16 hours ago)
The Eternal Sovereign (20 hours ago)
I wouldnt entirely rule out Ness as the killer
DiabolicalAngel (23 hours ago)
So fascinating....horrid obviously but still fascinating....
Lena Willems (1 day ago)
Eye prescription thousand smart though bank river collapse chronic strip.
Ishbel Willow (1 day ago)
It was Mary Queen of Scots. They also thought her body had reanimated and was moving after she was beheaded but it turned out just to be her dog hiding under her skirts.
Tyler Byrd (1 day ago)
I want a episode on Jeffrey Damher. Yes ik that was solved but that story is really interesting
Mia Grgic (1 day ago)
Andrassy is pronounced lik Andrashy
Teresa Lebowitz (1 day ago)
This kinda sounds like The Alienist...hmmmm (its a Netflix TV Show)
Alex Dela Cruz (1 day ago)
His voice is like omfg
Singyoursong 1212 (1 day ago)
7:30 another day, another body. I think the real psychopath is the person who wrote that article lol.
moon goddess (1 day ago)
Sweeney makes me think of Bioshock’s Dr. Steinman
im a weirdo (2 days ago)
For some reason parts of this case reminds me of the movie Seven. Mainly because of Elliot Ness and the fact that one of the victims were found after being dead for two months
Ciara Hughes (2 days ago)
It’s not even noon and I’m on a deep spiral down the unsolved crimes hole
INanaWins (2 days ago)
21:16 jesus...?
ThunderFox101 (3 days ago)
I think it was Shane
Michael Richey (3 days ago)
He is 5'8 from foot to top of head. Your head is 8 or 9 inches long to neck. So he could hang his self no problem at a 5'7" hook
Ella Missey (3 days ago)
Ever heard of probable cause?
Aliza Alam (4 days ago)
You guys should cover the Doodler's case
Alpha Matic (4 days ago)
So, you are telling that there was a really life person with the last name Sweeny. That's bad enough. Oh, and he probably was a brutal serial killer. Of course.
Digital ZASC (4 days ago)
Actually the inventor of the polygraph hated the ‘lie detector’ use of his machine by police
Otto von Bismarck (4 days ago)
Damn Canadians
max is a goblin (4 days ago)
1:14 in he clearly had some form of vendetta against sex workers/impoverished ppl whichever it may be, idk yet but i'm inclined to believe it's particularly against sex workers as he dismembered them at the torso. it may be a reach, but genitalia happens to be below the torso. update: yeah,,, uhh,,, nevermind about the vendetta against sex workers thing. he's just sadistic. maybe he had easier access to poor ppl or he truly had some distaste for them. idk. now referring to dolezal's hanging. yes, it is suspicious that the police were very near to getting exposed and the rope was an inch shorter than him. it is possible to hang yourself as such though. if he were to drop-hang, his neck would've snapped instead of asphyxiating him. however, it does seem far, far more likely that he was offed by the cops.
Angela Malvaez (4 days ago)
Honestly throughout the video I was building my own profile and Sweeney does fit it he probably abused his kids and have overkill on men bc it was most likely his father who abused him and shows a little remorse but still anger on the women Bc he blames his mom for the abuse. It makes sense that the victims are surrogates for his parents
Angela Malvaez (4 days ago)
What kind of chemicals though? Like if it were acid then it would show sexual sadism and also what part of the body was reddish leathery or whatever.?
Katy Del Monte (4 days ago)
Can you do Madeleine McCann?
Grace Hunter (4 days ago)
Its scary to think that only one person knew who it was which would be themselves. Wow if our police/investigators were like that now we would be fucked.
Julia Hall (4 days ago)
The monarch Ryan was talking about sounds like Mary Queen of Scots; the executioner ended up missing her neck, hitting her shoulders and top of her head before actually killing her. Execution by axe was notoriously dodgy/messy >~<
Caroline Meiser (5 days ago)
Looks like Ned in the thumbnail
Daniel Hawkins (5 days ago)
5:06 death
Daniel Hawkins (5 days ago)
But if he just killed anybody he is not a serial killer he is just a killer. Because serial killers do the same kind of poeple
RubyRex (5 days ago)
10:20 ;)
Lily-Rose Guerin (5 days ago)
great video an all, but i have to say that the dude on the left at 10:24 looks a bit like Philip Seymour Hoffman
VincentPier (5 days ago)
it's yah bOi sweeney. anyone else thinking of sweeney todd
ph03n1x gaming (5 days ago)
Just Imagine that what if the killer was still alive and was watching this video.
Dan Demuth (5 days ago)
Obviously he was being facetious, but even if your vocal chords were intake, you wouldn't be able to talk without your lungs.
Madeline Aucoin (5 days ago)
"hey bruh, it's ya boi Sweeney"
Emma D (5 days ago)
I live in ohio....why am I not dead yet....darn't
Wet Water (5 days ago)
Wonder if they will do one were they read a solved case
E Mcclellan (5 days ago)
Here's how he could have hung himself: he leaned forwards.
idk 7 (6 days ago)
You got me shook bc a girl in my classes last name is sweeny and I live in Pennsylvania.
duhhurro (6 days ago)
That's a happy dog, that's a big bone
Mika Yvana (6 days ago)
Shane: *basically anything he says* Ryan: *WHEEZE* HAHAHAHAHA
Hannah MacGregor (6 days ago)
Wait, too overweight to ride a train?!?! Am I missing something here??
Elise Rølvåg (6 days ago)
why do i always watch these before i go to bed
Reese's Piece Of Life (6 days ago)
Fam I promise otherwise Cleveland is way more chill
Edi Productions (7 days ago)
Oh my name is Edward 😐
Edi Productions (7 days ago)
Maybe he was an assassin and he needed money to buy some Ohio fried chicken
Rose :o (7 days ago)
Do a video on The death of Lorenzo González Cacho :o
Brianne Jones (7 days ago)
Do a video about something unsolved in georgia
SuperCoolChannel (7 days ago)
1:59 what's your psn username
Gregory House M.D (7 days ago)
This is a solved case
Ava Morgan (7 days ago)
I love the way they look at each other
Efipx (7 days ago)
CommandoX798 (7 days ago)
I know of one thing that’s pretty cool. Is my great, great, great, grandfather helped make masks for the victims. Without him, they would have never been able to know the identities of a few of the victims.
i am a phan (7 days ago)
Madame Dubois (8 days ago)
that wink at 07:10 tho.
We dont talk about it (8 days ago)
funny my room is also called a hobo jungle what a coinkie dink
Why is it called Jackass Hill?! That’s so weird but funny
George Spiggott (8 days ago)
for some reason i always think of the great depression as being MORE recent than ww2
Psycho Path (8 days ago)
The wink that ryan did tho😍
HunterUnknown (8 days ago)
I think Shane is the serial killer of all of these unsolved mysteries and has a time machine
Probably insane (8 days ago)
I feel like we all relate to Shane in some sort of way.
Anyone else thinking of Sweeney Todd?
dottybing (8 days ago)
lie detector tests are incredibly flawed,, so i have no idea why they’re still used
Nah 🅱️
Lil Pump using all his immense clout to move through time and space to save the universe (2018, colorised)
scuzzlebutt (9 days ago)
Hi I'm Dr. Francis E Sweeney, and welcome to Jackass (hill)
Gabby Lee (9 days ago)
Nah, Shane. The man ain’t just death. I saw Supernatural, Death’s actually pretty chill. And he likes pizza too
Sarah Gill (9 days ago)
"rose wallace goldaline just moves her mouth over anything that's fleshy, free and flowering like oranges out in the open"
Hannah Lerch (9 days ago)
*gasp* Shane actually admitted that he can be terrified!
Joana Villanueva (10 days ago)
When i am eating a steak while watching this. 😑
Sam Rakita (10 days ago)
the thing where you can only move your eyes also happens in House of Wax when Wade dies.
Emily Kuntz (10 days ago)
Aww a "hobo Jungle" sounds adorable.
Jeff Dees (2 days ago)
Emily Kuntz 😂😂
makerstudios (10 days ago)
How is this not a movie?
Twenty (10 days ago)
Quote *_Hobo Jungle_* end quote.
gabiluch87 (10 days ago)
Imagine Shane's head just singing "Hello, my baby"... with a Top Hat of course IM DYING
Nana Noms (10 days ago)
can you do a season of just international cases?
Maryam Mäkinen (10 days ago)
ofcourse is possible to hang yourself from something thats shorter than you. inmates do it all the time. you just have to really want it
wasssuuhhh (11 days ago)
*Probably related to the Paul brothers*
JobobYT (11 days ago)
I'm pretty sure you didn't have to say unidentified body was found, because you have said unidentified more time a person was killed
Silpa Gopal (11 days ago)
What if Ness is the killer? (BOOOM!!)
Michelle Majumdar (11 days ago)
Hey brah, it's ya boi, Sweeney
Jordan Beach (11 days ago)
22:21 "He's got a head cold!"
Anna Krampl (11 days ago)
That would be a happy dog. That’s a bigass bone.
Melida Veteläinen (12 days ago)
"hes not batman"
Prettyas APoop (12 days ago)
Anybody else need an Unsolved Uncut?
Catherine McBride (12 days ago)
is it just me or does anyone else feel as if the killers are behind the waiting to kill you while watching this...
danny adams (12 days ago)
Great true story. But these guys are very annoying. Tell the story and stop cracking dull jokes.
Tia Lynn (12 days ago)
Fun fact I knew a girl with the last name Sweeney she lived near a mine we would play with the quarts until we went farther than before and found multiple cars with bullet holes never saw her again after that
Ben Skelly (12 days ago)
@ 2:10 #RELATABLE.
Jon Gill (12 days ago)
Why are some of the faces darken???
Megan Louise (12 days ago)
2:40 *so no head?*

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