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The Ghastly Cleveland Torso Murders

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We tackle one of the most gruesome serial killers of all time. Unsolved has new merch! Check it out here: https://goo.gl/nGhyrc Watch on Amazon Instant Video: http://amzn.to/2nxA2q6 Watch on Hulu: https://hulu.tv/2FHqdMT Check out our BuzzFeed Original Series channel on Roku: http://bit.ly/2DUnOlE BuzzFeed’s hit docuseries Unsolved True Crime follows conspiracy theory enthusiast Ryan as he deep-dives into the mysteries surrounding the most notorious unsolved crimes in history, in order to convince his dubious friend Shane that sometimes, the evidence isn’t always as it seems. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedviolet GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/boldly https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike https://www.youtube.com/ladylike BuzzFeedBlue Sports, video games, Unsolved & more epic daily videos! MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com) STILLS 1930's Neoclassical Style Sandstone Building, Landmark Drury Plaza Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio, USA "Douglas Sacha"/Getty Images Interior Of Abandoned Asylum At Laveno-Mombello Giorgio Palmas / EyeEm/Getty Images Judge holding gavel in courtroom "Chris Ryan"/Getty Images Civil War Doctor Amputating a Hand "WilliamSherman"/Getty Images Doctor with note-pad "George Marks"/Getty Images Close-Up Of Gravestone In Cemetery In Berlin "Adam Kuylenstierna / EyeEm"/Getty Images Hanging tree "AdrianHillman"/Getty Images Undefined text french. Handwritten letter. Handwriting "LiliGraphie"/Getty Images Male hands cuffed signing confession, top view "stevanovicigor"/Getty Images Interrogation AZemdega/Getty Images 1940s SMILING MAN SITTING H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images Demolition Area Albert McCabe / Stringe/Getty Images Homeless People "Afro Newspaper/Gad"/Getty Images Hooverville in Croton Reservoir "Bettmann"/Getty Images Police men "grynold"/Getty Images Policeman Making A Point "Camerique"/Getty Images Black African American Firefighter From 1940 to 1960, Fire Truck. "RyersonClark"/Getty Images Ergonomic Design For Injury "A-Digit"/Getty Images Girl Looking Through Window At Home "Helena Tegenfeldt / EyeEm"/Getty Images Policemen frisk eight of 20 youths involved in gang fight at "New York Daily News Archive "/Getty Images Harry Gross "Allan Grant / Contributor"/Getty Images Medical supplies at the Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus. Including vitamin extracts, milk of magnesia and liver extract. "ALFRED EISENSTAEDT"/Getty Images Bolder Bridge "Fox Photos"/Getty Images USA,New York,New York City,Preacher at lectern "SuperStock"/Getty Images Portrait of a Retro Themed Private Investigator "JasonDoiy"/Getty Images Antique black and white photo of 1940 film noir gangster wearing suit and hat. "ysbrandcosijn"/Getty Images Eliot Ness Bettmann/Getty Images Bodies From Valentine's Day Massacre "Chicago History Museum / Contributor"/Getty Images Jesse Owens Returning After The Olympic Games, In 1936 Keystone-France / Contributor/Getty Images The Boston Globe Front Page: July 19, 1998 "Keystone-France / Contributor"/Getty Images Ermenon village: Crash Dc10 Turkish Airlines In Ermenon village Michel ARTAULT / Contributor/Getty Images MAY 15 1973, MAY 17 1973; "tvirbickis"/Getty Images Farmers Market David Cupp / Contributor/Getty Images Peaceful Afternoon "A-Digit"/Getty Images Portraits "Holloway"/Getty Images Male silhouettes posing "nale"/Getty Images Dead body floating in river Ganges in Varanasi, In "www.amardeepphotography.com"/Getty Images map of the U.S. state Ohio "Titova Elena"/Getty Images Slums In Baltimore Getty Images / Stringer/Getty Images Shantytown During Depression "Transcendental Graphics / Contributor"/Getty Images Crumpled jeans on a pair of shoes "Halfdark"/Getty Images Military Tanks in Front of Building "Bettmann / Contributor"/Getty I EXTERNAL CREDITS Gustavo Rosa - GFX Artist
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Text Comments (10244)
David Umstattd (42 minutes ago)
Do an unsolved on Spring Heeled Jack
Asian Rara (5 hours ago)
Does that make Sweeney the demon doctor of Broadway St. 😉
ruby Love (16 hours ago)
What if some of the unidentified people, were already dead!?!... Like at the funeral home who needed to be buried in an unmarked grave because they had no money. That's why they we never missing and the heads etc could of been buried in the graves!!!! It was like... Practice!
anonomyss (17 hours ago)
15:55 If he's 5'8" and hanging from a 5'7" hook, his head height does not count, you dumbasses. Sounds like one of those half-assed riddles you'd find on social media that claim the people who can solve them have 200 IQ.
brian messalti (21 hours ago)
take a shot for everytime ryan says *“according to case expert james badal”*
M.r. Moon (1 day ago)
Your head wouldn't be able to talk if it's separated from the lungs, no air pressure to vibrate the vocal cords...just sayin'! :-0 Gruesome story and there's nothing worse than when a doctor goes off the rails, they could kill hundreds...may not be caught for years if ever.
SavinRockanRoll (1 day ago)
2:38 “So no head?”
Shiro Kaga (2 days ago)
Cover the story of Alice Liddel and Lewis Caroll!
Jon Cordova (2 days ago)
What if it was eliot ness
Karen Flores (3 days ago)
Do you guys have a podcast?
_crazy megster_ (3 days ago)
“Jackass Hill” My homeland
Headpfones (3 days ago)
My vote is going to Sweeney for the guilty party
I have figured it out! Basicly you know that Shane and Ryan mention a spesifick person in a couple of videos...... that person is .............RICKY GOLDSWORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He merdured a lot of people and they know it. I have a conspirasy. Ryan and Shane are from the future! Just by making up a name a person just pops up! Like Ricky Goldsworth and Razor boy! They can time travel and merdured people. Thats it! *gasp* OMFG Thats it!* faints*
Jan L (4 days ago)
"too overweight to make the rail trip" what does that even mean lmao
Jan L (3 days ago)
princesstamika Yeah but isn't that statement kinda ridiculous? In Cleveland he can kill and dismember people and move bodies around without being caught but he couldn't possibly have done it in Pennsylvania because he's too overweight to sit on a train? 😂
princesstamika (3 days ago)
too fat to sit in the seats, too fat to make the trip without passing out or something.
Howie Giannakoulis (5 days ago)
wait no iwant to play ps4 with shane assuming he means ps4 when he says playstation
SuperAngelfish9 (5 days ago)
Why do people automatically assume serial killers are male? (I mean statistically it's more likely, but still). Like this one, for instance. You know who else might have the medical knowledge necessary to drug a person and cut them up? A nurse. Honestly this reads more to me like a pissed off, intelligent woman with a fucked up sense of humor than a crazy schizo doctor, especially initially. Male victims were "emasculated" (I assume that means their junk was cut off?) and one of them was left at the bottom of a place called "Jackass Hill". Why would a man think to do that? And if the killer was just straight crazy, why would they (i'm leaning towards "she", but I digress) even think of taunting the police and being so bold, let alone actually do it? Going back to the method, anyone with sharp enough equipment and decent upper body strength can, theoretically, decapitate someone unable to move or already dead. Doesn't automatically have to be a man.
Matt Killam (5 days ago)
Hobo jungle sounds like a sick band name
Roland Mendoza (6 days ago)
I feel torso murder is connected to the black dahlia murder just saying
Bubbles (6 days ago)
Cleveland is only weird when you don’t live in the north east area. Obviously this is messed up but like we’ve seen weirder. The only way you survive in Cleveland is if you grew up in Cleveland or know someone to help you
Sebastien Curchod (6 days ago)
the murder of the six victim the killer tried to kill him but the man resist and the killer kills him but he's not happy with that murder so he leaved there he felt unsatisfied with that work
Gal Beeri (6 days ago)
it is possible to hang yourself from a low place
Soul (7 days ago)
Why are they so serius now. I miss how they made laughso hard with everything.:-(
emilio idk (6 days ago)
most of the true crime episodes dont have abunch of funny stuff like the supernatural episodes
Lany Tress (7 days ago)
“That’d would be a happy dog that’s a bigass bone” 😉 *shane stares at ryan*
Bigermax25 Gaming (7 days ago)
welp **smokes a cigar** welcome to america
Wacko.Sloth (8 days ago)
Aaaah ok hiding in the comments and sleeping with the lights on! Thanks so much!
Paris Graves (8 days ago)
6:30 that British royal was Mary Queen of Scots- I took AP Euro 2 years ago and barely passed the test but somehow remember that tidbit of information. Go figure
Patsy (8 days ago)
You guys deserve an outstanding short form emmy.
;clique; ;animates; (9 days ago)
rose wallace???? my middle name is rose and my last name is wallace,,,
bts and gunsnroses (9 days ago)
Vedant Limaye (9 days ago)
that mannequin always scares me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! move IT!
Eeugh! He basically ripped of Jack the Ripper (pun intended)
martha (9 days ago)
Is this where the name for Sweeney Todd came from??
Josh Pickle (9 days ago)
Ah, Shane is a PlayStation Man: A man of class.
Liz Bailey (9 days ago)
Yikes. I would've been okay watching this one when it was light out. But nah, I wasted that viewing time on museum heists and such.
5:05 Shane is thinking up how to murder him for saying that
M a r b l e (9 days ago)
Sweeny got people *slump*
Jimins Wife (10 days ago)
I miss the vids when they used to visit haunted places🙂
Sparkling Stardust (7 days ago)
Alyssa 22041591 (10 days ago)
I imagine a mystery drama film, or TV drama, with Richard Armitage as Eliot Ness. I'd watch that.
taylor taylor (10 days ago)
Tony podesta has a gold statue of one of the murders and pedo art all around and he worked with Paul manafort in Ukraine you should look into the Clintons body count because it’s crazy when you realize how many people died or suicided after they met Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Firefly (10 days ago)
In an episode of Criminal Minds there was a serial killer who paralyzed his victims and hung a mirror overhead so they were forced to watch him mutilate their bodies while still alive. And they could feel everything. Was pretty disturbing.
Stacy Castillo (10 days ago)
What if..... he’s killing them to make another human. Like out of other humans put together, and making like one really big human with the features he wanted them to have. Like to cope with the loss of someone who died. He took the features he felt reminded him of his loved one.
Carissa Kildea (10 days ago)
You: Cleveland Torso Killer Me, an Intellectual: The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run
Carmen vd Broek (11 days ago)
Leave debatable out of this series😂
aestheticxsoul (11 days ago)
isn't this an episode of CSI? I'm pretty sure there was in season 2 or maybe 3 an episode with a story similar to this.
nina v. (11 days ago)
Honestly, episodes like this one with murders don't really bother me but the paranormal ones like with ghosts and demons and stuff really keep me up at night lol
Jan Perez (11 days ago)
Not cool to laugh at a person's murder.
Nms Miaa (12 days ago)
Wow, I'm from Cleveland Ohio and never heard of this until now😣
midget club (12 days ago)
Wait what if we didn’t kill anyone what if he took the body’s from the funeral home
Selina Guadalupe (12 days ago)
(W H E E Z E)
Kerstin mit K (12 days ago)
What happened to Sweeney?
Stephenie Bowen (12 days ago)
I know for the whole being alive still when your decapitated, sometimes nerves are still going, but not sure if it works the same with eyes moving and such.
Jordie :P (12 days ago)
For fck sakes
Elizabeth Mack (12 days ago)
I live in Cleveland😮😖
Manatee LPS (13 days ago)
OOH They made a Criminal Minds episode after this one!
kayley simard (13 days ago)
Lol I agree with Shane I’d be a psycho back then too
JoHn BoY (13 days ago)
Jackass hill
Clara Miller (13 days ago)
why is it that, on your autopsy diagrams, the women have giant heads, accentuated curves, and no faces?
5:03 Gay moment
MIKEROTCHHH (13 days ago)
I think BuzzFeed kills everyone.
C cruz rojo (13 days ago)
... He's not Batman
Destiel’s Baby (14 days ago)
5:46 is it tuesday??
Lina Mazuliene (14 days ago)
Since the noose goes around the persons neck, the height of the head is then thrown out for example: since im 5’3 and lets say my head is idk 8 inches? To hang myself id need about 4 and a half feet of rope since it only goes around my neck, not my forehead obviously...
Diekje (14 days ago)
Was there research done on the chemicals? They could have been a lead. Because no one just owns preservative chemicals
Hey brah, Its ya boi Sweenney
Chaim7games 100 (14 days ago)
Since it's on solved I guess you can say… They didn't make much headway
Galaxy_ Studio (15 days ago)
Whenever I get murdered.. I’ll get rid of all the evidence with the little life I have left. I just really wanna be on this show.
The Mad Hatter (5 days ago)
Galaxy_ Studio lmao I thought you did it on purpose to be funny. No need to get angry
Galaxy_ Studio (5 days ago)
Know it all. ಠ_ಠ
Galaxy_ Studio (5 days ago)
Yeah, thanks. ._.
The Mad Hatter (5 days ago)
Galaxy_ Studio ‘when’ you get murdered?? Not ‘if’??
amy Turner (15 days ago)
It’s physically Impossible to hang from some thing that you are taller than as there must be 6 inches form the ground and the tips of your toes as the spine must extend that much before the spinal cord or neck can snap
Sanders Warhol (14 days ago)
You can still strangle yourself that way. Hanging doesn't always result in a neck snap.
Cara Grace (15 days ago)
2:18 I’d be an insane psychopath too if shane didnt make the jokes😂
Nightmare Death (15 days ago)
10:00 that happened to me
Maxwell Moller (15 days ago)
He SHOULD throw that worthless pseudoscience away.
Anonymous User (15 days ago)
Could you please do an unsolved on the moors murders by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley
mega gamer88 (15 days ago)
It would of been fine if he killed nazis
Drakea Love (15 days ago)
Arnab Sinhababu (16 days ago)
If all these stuff happened in today's era, It would be solved very easily...
suhail1200 (16 days ago)
The real winner is Ness.He the real legend who solving case after case.
Syd’sCloset (16 days ago)
Wow I lived near kingsbury run for half my life and I’m just now hearing about this?? I’m so surprised I never heard of these murders, Even though this happened in the 1930’s. I would’ve liked to know if people was murderd near my damn house😨
Pibblet Squad (16 days ago)
Too overweight to ride a train??
5:05 His face when he said that.
Jordan Goad (16 days ago)
Do Lavinia Fisher
ITooPit (16 days ago)
Where does Bryan bring those pictures from
Cameron Leonard (17 days ago)
Wait... What if most of the victims were just unclaimed bodies? Edit: yo I am a genius "they're just unclaimed bodies" like it wouldn't be a big deal.
Mermaid MerSea (17 days ago)
Gotta say, I kept thinking of Sweeney Todd....Must investigate !!! #DOIT
subtle visions (17 days ago)
*Jackass Hill*
zac chandler (17 days ago)
You guys should do story of Harold holt Aussie pm who went missing
CrimsonOptics (17 days ago)
I'm getting a lot of Dexter vibes from this Sweeney fellow
Hugo Linning (17 days ago)
Leonard Keeler also believes his device is fraudulent
Damien X (17 days ago)
LMAO... SHANE IS SO FULL OF IT! If he lived back in that era, he wouldn't do none of that stuff he said. Instead, I so could see him being a hardcore book reader and hosting a weekly book club!
Nitro Trooper (17 days ago)
it was sweeny that sick bastard
Ding-Dong Dunnit (17 days ago)
Im pretty sure eliot ness only got capone on tax evasion.
DREAM CATCHER (17 days ago)
7:14 Ngl shane's laugh was cute lol
KT Leptick (17 days ago)
The whole sweeney part just reminds me of Andy's play from the office about sweeney Todd the murderer. Maybe they r connected . . . ?
Aaron Siewert (17 days ago)
I thought the man who created Wonder Woman invented the polygraph.
Jackson Luck (17 days ago)
How could have Ness made a head on the case when there weren't any heads on the bodies?
Josh Dimino (17 days ago)
Please do a story on the Niagara Falls Torso Killer - we still have no answers on the two killings in 2012 and 2015. Details here: https://www.cnn.com/2015/07/21/us/niagara-falls-dismembered-bodies/index.html
Zakkyl (18 days ago)
This killer has been dead for years without even having a misery life in jail or tasting the death penalty.
Gibson Spidle (18 days ago)
Do the I-70 killer, unknown man who killed 6 store clerks and was thought to be another serial killer who picked up men at a gay bar and drowned them in his pool and dug them in his backyard
Supriya Chhetri (18 days ago)
Jack the killer?
Dream Slayer23 (18 days ago)
“Unidentified woman in her 20 died on February 23” Why do so many people die on my birthday?
Mr Mustache (3 days ago)
when i googled it it said most murders are actually committed in June and generally summertime but the seasonable changes only add 5-20% other months murder rates that’s a fun fact to know haha 😄
StealthGamer4000 (15 days ago)
I find that most murders or disapearences happen in august (my birthday month) too, creepy... or maybe we just notice it because the month is importnat to us? Haha idk
Landwolf (18 days ago)
also the preservative on the body's looks like something a doctor would do, sharp tools to cut a head at a single stroke, access to drugs and body's that wouldn't be missed right around the corner... They suspected jack the ripper was a doctor as well; knowledge of basic anatomy and low class victems. Throw madness in there and you got your nightmare.
Mx Ev (17 days ago)
A funeral home, where Sweeney supposedly practiced with unclaimed bodies, would have preservatives, as they're used to prepare bodies for the funerals. Besides, preservatives are IMO a rather unusual thing for an ordinary person to have in large quantities.
Whitney Evans (18 days ago)
okay, but cleveland and cinncinatti are both like, very haunted cities. if you want to take supernatural on the road again. ceeky rose house, house of wills, eden park, moonville tunnel (which people say is a portal to hell), athens asylum, franklin castle, the cleveland armory, there's a cemetary in marion where tomb stones literally move, the cincinatti opera house, the old subway line, cincy town hall still has the public hanging area, stenton house, the cincinnati music hall. i could go on and on, but cinncinatti and cleveland have some pretty good places.

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