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Tie Fighters (ft. Jimmy Kimmel)

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Special thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and the team at Jimmy Kimmel Live for letting us beat up their host! Jimmy and Freddie get into a physical altercation in the men's room. For more awesome videos visit https://www.rocketjump.com Stay up to date with us via Facebook and Twitter! https://www.facebook.com/rocketjumpdo... https://twitter.com/rocketjumptweet For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (3945)
Aimless (1 hour ago)
i guess you could say they got tied up.. ok ima stop now
Shadow Gaming (1 day ago)
This is tie con do
Classic_ Nuke (1 day ago)
It’s a tie!
Christobanistan (1 day ago)
Because infinities don't exist in this universe, so if you can create one, you automatically slip into one where they do.
Timothy Lei (1 day ago)
So the infinity tie combined with the eye to make a monster
Barrymarti # (2 days ago)
Blue Omega (2 days ago)
Should have called it the infiniTIE
Nodak Moto (2 days ago)
Hate you jimmy Kimmel, you double standard joke of a man
Corey Patton (3 days ago)
A brawl in a bathroom, and I just watched Terminator 3.
Denzel Waterpauw (4 days ago)
you guys really put so much effort for the videos you make aren't you?!
UltimateChoji An (4 days ago)
This reminds me of matrix.
False Advertising. There’s no actual Imperial Tie Fighter.
Siddharth Nair (6 days ago)
Man,That was TIEght!
Bennie Key (6 days ago)
I like how real it looks
CubingAdrian (7 days ago)
you gotta be honest, the tension was pretty TIEght
Alec_ Time50 (7 days ago)
*dont touch my tie*
WebsterA (9 days ago)
The real question is who made the joke in the comment section first!? Or was it a tie too?
Creepy old man (10 days ago)
What about a bowtie
manny dani (10 days ago)
This is way more awesome than it has any right to be
geynumba123456789 (10 days ago)
the tie dimension had me trippin 😂
Austin Pham (12 days ago)
Damn! These knots are hardcore.
Bear Guy (12 days ago)
This battle was tieght
This would be better if it was Jimmy Fallon instead of Kimmel
Ajaws2414 (14 days ago)
Seeing Jimmy get his ass kicked is satisfying
Marty van Winden (14 days ago)
Wut? No X-wing..sor? O tie-fighers, thought TIE-fighters...
Big Shotgun Noob (15 days ago)
Can we please get a sequel to this??? 😂😂😂
King Ston (15 days ago)
That infinity knot part was so epic
K (17 days ago)
Avengers Infinity Knot
Amar Kamalulrahim (17 days ago)
The Infinity *Knotlet*
The Blue Fire (18 days ago)
"I love some of your videos Freddyyyyyyyy!!!" 😂😂👏👌
Francisco Fuica (19 days ago)
Here they come
Jason Darcey (20 days ago)
These puns are really tie ring me out.
Fusion Blade (21 days ago)
They should have called it the tie fighters
raul yanez cortes (21 days ago)
So randomly entertaining XD.
SymeX Gaming (22 days ago)
Better then the tietanic
Fast Speedster (23 days ago)
DrWhatson (23 days ago)
I think this fight was a... Draw
Dr Wolf (25 days ago)
Don't touch my tie! YOU TOUCHED MY TIE FIRST school in a nutshell
brtish explorer (26 days ago)
Not magic it's editing
SRN DA EPIC NOOB (26 days ago)
Thai fighters 😂😂😂😂😂
Haru (26 days ago)
Tie Fighters: Infinity Knot.
TheYokohat (28 days ago)
I never get tired of watching this.
kaarel papsejev (29 days ago)
I got a star wars ad before this
Anonymous (29 days ago)
cool that jimmy was featured but this is the lamest video idea ever
Barbosa (1 month ago)
Ok...that's AWESOME !
Grex L (1 month ago)
Muay Tie fighters
Đức cfm (1 month ago)
Well it's a *tie* Haha.... leaves the room
Shaggy Lynch (1 month ago)
lmfao WTF?
shigeo tokuda (1 month ago)
Don't touch my Thai....
The Creationist (1 month ago)
Nice pun there :)
Olga Pea (1 month ago)
1:19 - Not Kimmel lol
One Conn (1 month ago)
The F*CK was that
Golden Meme (1 month ago)
Tieland vs Thailand
Marco Chung (1 month ago)
I thought it meant the tie fighters in Star Wars, anyone else?
The Kabutops Skeleton (1 month ago)
WTF another great video
Tianwei Gu (1 month ago)
A story from Tieland.
Weston Hall (1 month ago)
im just watching this again and noticed they could have called it InfiniTIE
我没有朋友 (1 month ago)
weirdest hentie I have ever watched
JayRay00 (1 month ago)
Clash of the Tie-tans
ああ ああ (1 month ago)
Cheb (1 month ago)
All that fighting sure must’ve been tiering
Macr Jacr (1 month ago)
The doesn’t know how to tie a tie knot
Jeremiah Seman (1 month ago)
This would have been 100% better with 100% less Kimmel.
Shir Sunfire (1 month ago)
Missed a real opportunity for a space battle with Tie Fighters.
Romel (1 month ago)
bonfire par-tie?
YouTube Police (1 month ago)
This should be a movie.
Clayton Johnson (1 month ago)
Doing shit with Jimmy Kimmel? That's enough for an unsubscribe.
David Yan (1 month ago)
As a man with 0 experience of tie, I'm ashamed about myself
MightySparkle (1 month ago)
Hey i was just taking a shit gosh
Andpoo Modo (1 month ago)
Alphie Och (1 month ago)
Infinity wars thanos Vs stark
nickwou n (1 month ago)
É o cara do vghs
Barry (1 month ago)
Jimmy Kimmel - The face of what's wrong with American media.
Brady Higgins (1 month ago)
They had a tie
Crashear 326 (1 month ago)
Wait....where is the pew pew and...we’re all good kid now let’s blow this thing and go home
Rusher0229 (1 month ago)
That was knot funny.
TAILED BEAST (1 month ago)
A guy was pooping at the turlet ....xD
Weirdo Modzz (1 month ago)
The TNTBlower77 (2 months ago)
Legend says that rocket jump can make any situation a fight scene Even if the subject is about ties.
Cedrik Josh Atayde (2 months ago)
That dude at 1:00 tho😂😂😂
Dodo esn (2 months ago)
is that Hiro Nakamura
ItzShinyShuriken (2 months ago)
The Infini-tie
MVPdetSTRIKE 110 (2 months ago)
Long Plays Everything (2 months ago)
The infinity knot? Here we call it the INFINITIE.
Naresh Yadav (2 months ago)
Laughed all the way out.
Arvy (2 months ago)
They got tied up in the end.... *Walks away before anyone tries to kill me*
Long Nguyễn Cao Bảo (2 months ago)
the last time i saw jimmy, he is a big handsome guy, how did he turn into a slim handsome guy like this ??? i miss old jimmy
Joseph Seed (2 months ago)
Watching this at 2.0 it looks weird
Sir I.K Elzyy (2 months ago)
1:24 substitution jutsu
Glenn Wright (2 months ago)
Why does jimmy actually look like a bad guy from a movie
adolphin flipper (2 months ago)
they are really intimate...they should TIE THE KNOT
Hahaha great
Czar of all Trades (2 months ago)
You the perfect pun... Infini-tie
Thanh Thanh (2 months ago)
buckshot 452 (2 months ago)
Swear to god, the best video on this channel
dante juarez (2 months ago)
The new david lynch series looks great
LaterVader88 (2 months ago)
Those don't look like Twin Ion Engines to me
Merkinator (2 months ago)
The ending had too much at STAKE
Matti Kart (2 months ago)
Best anime ever
Brent V (2 months ago)
Was that Jason Segal taking a dump?

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