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"Can't Be Erased" SFM by JT Music - Bendy and the Ink Machine Rap

180027 ratings | 21109242 views
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Text Comments (23630)
Shelly Harding (10 minutes ago)
Nice vid keep it up
OmenaLoveSide A (1 hour ago)
Smn Bmstr (2 hours ago)
the pen is mightier than the sword *bendy picks up pencil and then he says:wait....this is not batim...whoops
Smn Bmstr (2 hours ago)
ZAYD ! (4 hours ago)
One advice don’t listen to this before sleep
Bernice Rodriguez (5 hours ago)
The song is dramatic
Fancy Potato (6 hours ago)
OH Joey Drew why couldn't it have just been pencil
ZAYD ! (8 hours ago)
So dark love it so much
Christina Endicott (10 hours ago)
Don’t starve rap please
Ramdom Girl (10 hours ago)
JT your music is so great that a lot of your songs are on my playlist on Spotify
Ramdom Girl (10 hours ago)
Blue Jay (12 hours ago)
Anyone have bleach???😂
Top Dog (12 hours ago)
If Mickey Mouse was a demon
Melissa Rouse (13 hours ago)
i love it
The Musical Gamer TMG (14 hours ago)
This is my favorite Bendy and The ink Machine fan song I have ever heard (and there are a lot :)
Elena Baja (15 hours ago)
1 night at bendy
Elena Baja (15 hours ago)
Elena Baja (15 hours ago)
Gustavo Viera (15 hours ago)
nassim mohamedi (16 hours ago)
At school Me: why did l come, lemme go home, l should go leavin' *slammed test on desk* Teacher: why did you come?... TO LEARN! Me:oops
Laura Mata (16 hours ago)
I love this So good
Josefine Andersen (12 hours ago)
i will just let people know i bought the game because of this song . i have heard a few songs of the games including my favorite youtube singer but this one was the one there made me buy it. and no i have not seen any gameplay of it
Felber Francis (18 hours ago)
Frisk Dreemurr (18 hours ago)
BTW L o v e You guys!!! you're the best band evah!!! great animation too!!
Frisk Dreemurr (18 hours ago)
0:17 bendy: ahaha Haha HAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHAH Boris: f&^K this Sh!t im out
Malaika McKiddy (19 hours ago)
Who’s watching in 14372737340 chapter 300000062836 has came out
Ronaldo Baculi (20 hours ago)
This song is can't eresed in my head
-Quärťž - (23 hours ago)
This song made me like batim even more qwq
Ayo oguntade (23 hours ago)
Oh dreams do come then here’s some dream that bendy never eggiztest dream that you can escape instantly dream that your fate can be erased Dream that you can be rich and have anything and dream that your invisible and anything else but no you can’t do all that it’s lies
Moonlight Dream (1 day ago)
Play on 2x speed it's hilarious
Jared Herrick (1 day ago)
awesome yaaaaaaaaaa
Gamers Active (1 day ago)
Poor Boris :(
Trevor Leder (1 day ago)
Holy shit there is exactly 3 days until the 1 year mark that this has been out!
Trevor Leder (1 day ago)
Gabriel Cruz (1 day ago)
Imagination cursed us with life!shamed and defaced scathed and descrased tanted by hatred
Gabriel Cruz (1 day ago)
I sang through the whole song
Jeffery whitaker (1 day ago)
Best part: 1:36- 1:55
Zblaze1 YT (1 day ago)
Kid:hey whatcha listing to Emo kid: 2:33 Kid:...I'm sorry for asking
Chris Lenhart (1 day ago)
I saw something that i didin't even know when i watched this moviey first try the secret is the searcher when it was saying leaking from the seiling if you look down left you can see the searcher.spoiler alert!
King LOL MAN! (1 day ago)
just monika (1 day ago)
Azriel Fan (1 day ago)
Best rap ever
paul kluskowski (1 day ago)
cant be erased is the best rap song ever
Faith Lizjuan (1 day ago)
"It has no limition" yes it does. "What is it"? It's called more ink
Raven_Morale Donewl (1 day ago)
Is it just me or When he Raps he sounds like Eminem.
Ian Chapman (1 day ago)
What the shit? The start is so stupid I wanted to stop the vid but the actual song or rap is awesome keep up the great work buddies
Szymon Rudnik (1 day ago)
Zajebista piosenka
steve yo (1 day ago)
I love the Boris part
Creeper Bryan :3 (1 day ago)
I feel bad for bendy
kristiāns oborenko (1 day ago)
Almost21 million views
Kaitlin Schindler (1 day ago)
love the courus
tania chiavenato (1 day ago)
Bendy was wearing a tutu 😂😂😂😂😂
amir touati (2 days ago)
Am quitting cartoons too xd
Edvards Lisenko (2 days ago)
Edvards Lisenko (2 days ago)
Chris Baughman (2 days ago)
Moonlight Dream (2 days ago)
Henry: Hey Bendy, how did you get that tutu to fit? *shows Bendy in a tutu* Me: Laughs my butt off
Adam Przybycien (2 days ago)
Didn’t bendy think of a magic eraser that can erase him a dry erase marker
DarrenTheRPBoy (2 days ago)
Sammy, more like Halloween scout
DarrenTheRPBoy (2 days ago)
It sounds like scout at the beginning
Boris: the pen is mightier than the sword it has no limitation :bendy: ok. Boris 1, when the pen runs out of INK that's it's limit and 2, that's a pencil.
audri Jimenez (2 days ago)
The song said that they would never harm the person that draw but isn't henery the one how draw bendy
Liaquat Khan (2 days ago)
Poor bendy
sombra bendy (2 days ago)
Muito legal
Vladislav Cvetkov (2 days ago)
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Dragan Janosevic (2 days ago)
Habib Albatikh (2 days ago)
The lyric is kinda creepy
Pold111 (3 days ago)
u sound like a matpat
Ashley Velasco (3 days ago)
wow i like this song =)
Ghosty Toasty (3 days ago)
0:19 I love how Boris is just like "Nope, I'm not dealing with this".
AB Burnett (3 days ago)
1:32 why are there two black lines on his eye???
Vanesa Vlčková (3 days ago)
Good song
Mateaus Sanchez (3 days ago)
Make a live version of this!
shadow bonnie (3 days ago)
They say "the pen is mighter than the sword it has no limitations" me:until the pen runs out of ink
Milly Aira Dominguez (3 days ago)
like The music 😎
Joshua Roberts (3 days ago)
Awsom e
Stephen Coffman (3 days ago)
Good thing I have a girlfriend now
Nick Bennette (3 days ago)
Patty Correa (3 days ago)
let’s start a lyric train! “I’m the dancing demon watch me twirl”
Iker Flores (3 days ago)
2:34 the ring 2017
Tanya G (3 days ago)
The Last Reel ;)
Wolf Star (3 days ago)
Toxic Milk (3 days ago)
*uses white out* no go away bendy
bendy demon (3 days ago)
so true jt machinama you ROASTED BENDY WITH CUT OUT PIE EYES XD
şeyma kartal (3 days ago)
Dream Demon Bandy
I need an scp song :V
Jaxlegget34 LOL (3 days ago)
Thank you for making This rap i GOT popular i GOT a show at friday the 5. june 5.000
Alan gaming du 82 (3 days ago)
Helga Ingimarsdótir (3 days ago)
I lov this song♡♡♡
maria blazheva (3 days ago)
maria blazheva (3 days ago)
Jordan Wallace (3 days ago)
That was a good one
ali aghilian (4 days ago)
3:31 how is that girl?
ali aghilian (4 days ago)
i think the name pots to be imagination comes to life.no?
leaping llama (4 days ago)
Second favorite "hello neighbour" is number 1
Bunny Nation (4 days ago)
I love this rap
Adriana Cruz (4 days ago)
This is so awesome but you should be able to get bendy more like sammy Lawrence or 2end bendy in the Beginning
Son_of_OryxX7 (4 days ago)
Man this is outdated.
Jennifer Dunlap (4 days ago)
Yea greatest rap EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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