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Text Comments (23998)
Cuba Libre Ball (11 hours ago)
7:37 Oh god...SHE’S CUBAN??! Oh Jesus America what are you doing to my people? Castro is bad enough please stop. :(
Splash (12 hours ago)
White like milk
Brenden Hutton (15 hours ago)
Zenith Astrology (17 hours ago)
Vonzell Browns and Ramon Thielens 50 year old lifestyle.
CSWRB (1 day ago)
Meat, milk products and eggs contain far more estrogen than any plant including soybeans. Also, the estrogen that meat, milk and eggs contain is mamallian estrogen, and humans are mammals, so that type of estrogen has much more effects on humans than the plant estrogens in soy.
icarothomas (1 day ago)
0:28 is that Neymar
Ron nono (1 day ago)
Dude soyboy is fine but stop ripping memes from 4chan and making them not fun like the chad vs virgin one. fucking cringe
Tony Fontaine (1 day ago)
Ron nono shut up phaggit
country Mac (1 day ago)
The thumbnail is so funny. Soyboy alert.
Keywy (1 day ago)
If anyone genuinely believes that soy causes cancer and feminises men, they need to go watch unnatural vegans video on soy here on YouTube. She looks at the studies and meta analyses in detail and gives actual facts instead of fear mongering and propaganda.
Keywy (13 hours ago)
Tony Fontaine yep b12 supplement is important, but most meat-eaters are also low on b12, it’s not a deficiency unique to vegans. The fact is that it is possible in the modern day first world to thrive without making use of animal products, with a few unavoidable exceptions such as medicine. I am able to live healthily without consuming animal products, so I choose not to pay for or make use of the products of animal suffering.
Tony Fontaine (15 hours ago)
Keywy Vegan is not a sustainable diet for many people. You have to ake supplements in order to do it. Should be a red flag right there
Keywy (17 hours ago)
Tony Fontaine just thought it might be more entertaining than going through the studies by yourself?
Tony Fontaine (1 day ago)
Keywy lmao vegan videos. Hahaha, the ultimate beta male cringe
BobsAndVegane (1 day ago)
I take it he drinks soy milk?
KANGZ (2 days ago)
intense music lol
Fellas? (2 days ago)
Onions have the opposite effect of soy? Tony Abbott was fucking WOKE
Ezaasu Zamora (2 days ago)
שלום ישראלי מזדמן שמגלגל דרך התגובות
Sanic 5515 (2 days ago)
Soy tastes like ass anyway Real niggas drink root beer
Thomas Jefferson (2 days ago)
Please just start wearing a MAGA hat but written in Russian . I would no joke but that product
Brendan Vecchio (2 days ago)
0:58 what song?
Alfie Solomons (2 days ago)
0:54 you don’t look buff bro, you look weird. And on roids...
Matthew McPeek (2 days ago)
As a 47 year old male, I have to wonder how an entire generation of fags just showed up out of nowhere. I mean literally. Video games? Liberalism? Just Queer on top of queer
Justice Forall (2 days ago)
Pewdie is an undercover Soyman
Hopeman Threethousand (2 days ago)
Male version of the Duckface. Muhahaha
Hopeman Threethousand (2 days ago)
Beat em up. It helps.
Hopeman Threethousand (2 days ago)
Yeah. Soyboys are soo cute.
Will Saleem (2 days ago)
RadenWA (3 days ago)
Lactose Intolerants has been consuming soy milk before it got popular
FuZion1988 (3 days ago)
The study is about heavy usage
Skjellnir (3 days ago)
Well, you do see a lot of weak vegan men who eat a lot of soy products. It's definitely not the only cause of this of course, but there is a connection.
Benedikt Wernicke (3 days ago)
i love this hymn lol
Hail Xenu (3 days ago)
I remember the first time I saw a soyboy it was the first time I saw a hipster
Marijan Karaula (3 days ago)
*/pol approves this video* basedboys
SlappyDaBass (4 days ago)
"helps protect cancer"
Designs (4 days ago)
vRiCov Mcmbvii (4 days ago)
Indians are soy boys
Diana Frida (4 days ago)
but ive been drinking soy milk since i was a kid. Its normal to drink soy milk in asia.....
no1bandfan (5 days ago)
Soy products are used in estrogen replacement therapy’s for women.
Rick Rouse (5 days ago)
This is scary true. I'm Hispanic and I live in a mixed community most of the white males look femininized and it's disgusting. They have weak faces, they ooze weakness and it's like they're begging to be victims. On the other hand we have Eastern Europeans and the men look masculine and they're married and have children. They are well behaved but you get the vibe that they're not to be fucked with. Soy IS A FUCKING BIO WEAPON! This beta male culture is the death of Western civilization unless we warn the ones not yet fully infected. Tell your friends to avoid this shit like the plaque!
Muhammad Yusuf (5 days ago)
Burn and destroy all Soy Plantation
Jaaa C (5 days ago)
There are literally hundreds of studies on how the isoflavones in soy are bad for you. That being said soy is just one of many things were being bombarded with on a daily basis. Soy flouride bromides. It's just a multitude of bullshit turning us into passive faggots.
ändrew Salter (5 days ago)
Please help men with VOS !!! ( victims of soy) send some meat a chuck Norris movie or a chainsaw to men you know who are suffering from this horrible condition !! Its never to late to stop VOS !
Zack Giovana (5 days ago)
didnt pewdiepie play smash bros a nintendo game one time ? does that make him a soyboy ?
tonygreene113 (5 days ago)
Soy Iz DETH...
James Simmons (5 days ago)
Beta boys hand out at Starbucks... I always thought there was something strange about them.
OrionShep77 (5 days ago)
Felix is S O Y B O Y confirmed
your lord (6 days ago)
Science proves soy destroys natural testosterone levels!
Lelldorin84 (6 days ago)
When you are juicing as hard as those "Natural" body builders it doesn't matter if you drink soy or not.
Trey Keele (6 days ago)
Logan paul drinks soy....so does that make him a wuss? Because thats hilarious.
Сука блять
Nate Smith (6 days ago)
Well I'm allergic to soy so no matter what, I'm safe
Nate Smith (6 days ago)
Jeremy Ashcraft (6 days ago)
pewdiepie is a soyboy
projektproductions (6 days ago)
In the near future, PewDiePie will go from comedy to politics. That's 100% and I just can't wait. And no, this ain't sarcasm.
I followed your advice and now I´m breastfeeding my cat.. good job!
Austin D (7 days ago)
Don't eat soy..
Senpai_ markyss (7 days ago)
Joshua Hall (7 days ago)
Yummy yeastrogen
João Castro (7 days ago)
I only drink vodka like true MAN!!
Fractoman (7 days ago)
One has to ask if you're willing to go to such steps to bulk up like the guy at the beginning, why wouldn't you also work on getting rid of your lisp?
WarCry of Macedon (7 days ago)
/ B A S E D / P E W D S
b diddy (7 days ago)
osiris92 (7 days ago)
cringemeister 3000 mocking soyboys while being a legit cuck soyboy
Dark (7 days ago)
Pewds is a S O Y B O Y
Ivan the Vegan (8 days ago)
And meat causes cancer or your balls mhhh
Ivan the Vegan (8 days ago)
I drink almond milk not soy milk
James Bourgeois (8 days ago)
michael.perry (8 days ago)
Debunked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8dfiDeJeDU
Biggus Dickus (8 days ago)
Should we ban soy? If so... How?
MyLittleDiscolite (8 days ago)
JenoPaciano (8 days ago)
Soibois are a real thing even if soy has nothing to do with it. There are way too many effeminate, low T men in modern society.
Albert Wesker (8 days ago)
roadtomanitoba (8 days ago)
Correct spelling is Блядь
SNAPZ (8 days ago)
Soooooo many soy boys everywhere its terrible
wizzzer1337 (9 days ago)
we were Soy Boys once.... we are now SOY MEN
Vincent Bautista (9 days ago)
Red Pill Pewds. I love it.
Lurch Hightower (9 days ago)
Your voice is turning rather soyish, I must say. Going through puberty again?
Hector Montes (9 days ago)
Pewds has become SOIBOI
Vikingn't swedish genes
Eliphas (8 days ago)
Salt Chronicles - Hearthstone Arena Ooooooohhhhhhh Swedishn't
KatieKaPwn (9 days ago)
When did Pewds get red-pilled? XD
Panda Potatoes (9 days ago)
Everyone who loves MLP Soyboy, people who play gta Serious, Soyboy, people who say Call of duty takes skill, Soyboy, people who actually care what people say over the internet. SOYBOY
nmgh marquis (9 days ago)
Ha Xb u got wish
Sewer Shark (9 days ago)
My first PewDiePie video! Hilarious!
Reda Salman (9 days ago)
Phased Spaces (9 days ago)
What a Soy Boy
TheTequilaro (9 days ago)
I think you should give credit to paul joseph watson for some content in this video,
Widnezz (10 days ago)
Diogenes D'Sinope (10 days ago)
Is it homosexual to sodomize a soy boy? For me it would be more about power and making them feeling helpless than it would be about the sodomy. We can kinda treat them like women that you don't have to treat so good. Like a kind of pseudo-woman.
Raw Chef (3 days ago)
wtf seek help
Novocastrian Winter (10 days ago)
Diogenes D'Sinope Dark if not ominous comment. I think you know where to wait in a supermarket. I think your comment should be a PSA.
H.A.M (10 days ago)
This isn't meme review?!? What am I doing here?
Jerel Lorenzo (10 days ago)
God Of Drake's Fortune - 99% of all soy is GMO poison garbage ( sorry vegans, gonna have to eat nuts ) - the only untainted Soy exists only in the Seedbank, which i believe they need to dig deeper because the ice all melted.
Thelonestar Pelican (10 days ago)
I question whether idea of manly or unmanly makes any sense at all, especially since I have yet to hear a useful, consistent definition of the terms. I could be wrong but from my viewpoint, "manly" and "unmanly" are just blowhard praising and shaming terms and nothing more.
Cameron (10 days ago)
JamRock Bless (10 days ago)
…………..…………………………………………………………….I'm going to go play FFX.
Equius Zahhak (11 days ago)
🇯 🇴 🇭 🇳 🇪 🇬 🇧 🇪 🇷 🇹
CYMATICS (11 days ago)
SoyDiePie - is more soy boy than alpha - it’s plain to see
Grach Scheglov (11 days ago)
soy boy...
TheEpongeMan (11 days ago)
I like soy sauce, am i a soy boy ?
The 80's Wolf (11 days ago)
What is a soy boy? A guy that eats soy beans?
Von Wagner (11 days ago)
John Macintosh (11 days ago)
I drink soymilk
Default User (11 days ago)
Soy tastes horrible 🤮
Mini Wolf (11 days ago)
I actually drink soy milk because I'm lactose intolerant.
Be Alright (11 days ago)
Mini Wolf soyboy confirmed
erik man (11 days ago)
5:27 open your eyes, S H E E P E L
Wouldn't Youliketoknow (11 days ago)

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