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Text Comments (24782)
Ian Parker (9 hours ago)
Pranay Kanugo (13 hours ago)
Pewds at his finest🤘
Devin Henderson (1 day ago)
Cam raiD (15 hours ago)
no u.
ISAAC (1 day ago)
5.2k soyboys
Nationalist Finn (1 day ago)
Its an estrogen simulant.
jokepauler 78 (1 day ago)
Marzia was filming a Tokyo clothes haul upstairs at this moment. Like no joke.
Gol Acheron (1 day ago)
Man: Become Soy
None (1 day ago)
Lol at your inability to see the signs of steroid use.
Slam Cannon (2 days ago)
It's an epidemic
Speed Weed (2 days ago)
Then what’s halved men’s sperm count since 1950? Maybe it’s all the soy in processed shit these days. Thanks for the onion tip tho haha, fuckin superfood! 👌
Speed Weed (2 days ago)
3:45 Sweden? More like Soyden! 😂👌
Colten Lemmons Vlogs (2 days ago)
YouTube God
Milo G. (2 days ago)
Is this a boy out of soy? wait this isn't SootHouse
Jacob Morenzoni (2 days ago)
Owl (2 days ago)
It decrease the amount of testosterone
candy lover (3 days ago)
Lol u can hear him scream in marzia's video!!!
Rumble Shakes (3 days ago)
Soy probably does increase estrogen, but it's actually more about if you exercise or not. And it's popular to act feminine for heterosexual men.
DG THE YT KING (4 days ago)
PlayStation Xbox and pc are for men ,Nintendo switch and Wii u are for soy boys
Stay Ranty (4 days ago)
The bullyhunters host has some damn dingle big boobies which id i like to milk
This is the soyest boyest of all time
Legend Potty (5 days ago)
Soy milk is a good thing when you're an librian
Legend Potty (5 days ago)
R.I.P reference
Hannah Share (6 days ago)
Anyone else watched Marzia’s Tokyo Clothing Haul, heard pewdiepie yell “SOY BOY” in the background and then came here? 😂
Fernando Gomez (6 days ago)
No soy gringa*...carajo
Squeaky Nova (7 days ago)
6:47 Felix was a boomer all along.
Ro-Ck-Yo!!! (8 days ago)
Soy reduces risk of estrogen dependent cancers including breast, ovarian, testicular, and prostate cancer.
Tfw most of the comment section can't tell pewdiepie's sarcasm Is sarcasm just lost on most people? Is this mass spread autism?
ma lama (8 days ago)
I think people should stop having kids.
ma lama (8 days ago)
The typical anti-feminist is ugly, fat with a vulgar manly mouth. They try to twist it. And the misogynist comments comes from men. Ugly mf men. Not wimen. You all enjoy lies and suffer. Men are monsters.
ma lama (8 days ago)
They are not feminin at all. They actually have the typical anti-feminist look. They ugly, manly and hate women.
ma lama (8 days ago)
Men are stupid and believe everything that men on the internet says
Chris Hansen (3 days ago)
† Masterhp † (8 days ago)
I eat onions once a day.
Crazy Frog (6 days ago)
You have to juice them for the maximum effect and inject it
Harold McEgg (8 days ago)
“For real, no jokes aside...” 🤔🤔🤔
R2 G2 (8 days ago)
soy does increase oestrogen, i know a woman who has entered menopause early due to large amounts of it
Furality1 (9 days ago)
Lmao pewds is a soyboy.
QUEENSLAND bushnut (9 days ago)
🚨🚨🚨🚨soy boys 🚨🚨🚨🚨 The end is near my Chad brothers
Syzyro (10 days ago)
Sitting here sipping my chai latte... I've become a monster
Raditya Arga Putra (10 days ago)
00:00 isn't that the guy from supernatural? the guy who runs a music store. in the tulpa ghostfacer episode
Ryu Rel (10 days ago)
WCephei77HD (11 days ago)
You are all soyboys, up to 70% of soy production is fed to animals, good luck on getting away from it, is in everything, even cookies, snacks, etc. Specially if you eat meat. Embrace your estrogens ladies.
Leon (11 days ago)
if i eat onions whit soy, what happens????
Ketan Kulkarni (11 days ago)
Damn I didn't know that I landed on YouTube king's video! I was just searching for SoyBoy videos.
REDX Reviewer (12 days ago)
Girlfriend? I thought you were married?
Switchblvdxx Judah (12 days ago)
Your mom Fuck3d (12 days ago)
How about reviewing incels.me ?? Lol that would be funny is like the kingdom of the soy in there 😂☘️
Mike Hammer (8 days ago)
Your mom Fuck3d Pure soyboyerry it is
Your mom Fuck3d (12 days ago)
I like sushi with soy souce
InfoMaster411 (12 days ago)
I avoid soy if it can be helped. Just to be sure. Not gonna lie. Also, a illegal Mexican dude I worked with told me onions give you power. All the other illegals around nodded in agreement. I believe them.
Albert Schmalbert (12 days ago)
Technically you are a beta soyboy too Pewds. You let your vegan girlfriend dictate your diet, and force you to be vegan. I still love you, but you are a soyboy.
AwesomePieMan 23 (13 days ago)
Pewdiepie used to be a SOY BOI back in 2013
Vinícius Leonardi (13 days ago)
Redpilled PewDiePie is so much better OMG
Agustín Morales (13 days ago)
How can you make say this monologue without laughing, I try and I can't, I laugh like every 6 to 7 seconds xD
Random Taco (14 days ago)
MTF trans women should just go on a soy diet then they will have cheap estrogen shots
AscensionStudiosCA (14 days ago)
AscensionStudiosCA (14 days ago)
Soy is a hormone disruptor. It has phytoestrogens which disrupt regular hormone production. I suggest you read some new studies. This is exactly why japanese males have such low testosterone levels. Jesus... you are right about a lot of things but dead wrong about this. Don't fall for propaganda from the billion dollar soy industry. Science is science.
Antonello Guadambino (15 days ago)
Fucking soyboy
Lord bobby (15 days ago)
Btw pewds marzia is making a video
maksim melnikov (15 days ago)
Richard Louis Ulrich (15 days ago)
Omg.... Fouseytube became a soyboy
Miles Dymond (16 days ago)
Pewdiepie be drinking the worst monster lol I'm all about that juiced mango loco😍
Zain Edwards (16 days ago)
Soyboy or F*ck boy
Made in China (17 days ago)
why do u think it became a meme in the first place...... and no its not because - soy rhymes with boy- ..... all those man who drink soy shit indeed behave like each other !
Patti Murphy (17 days ago)
Soys go to hell and men fight this and take back your identity.
Max12321 (16 days ago)
Are you trolling ?
Minarchist1973 (17 days ago)
Sponsored by Super Male Vitality
Bones ss (18 days ago)
it is fucking true
Bones ss (18 days ago)
ohh!Tommy Tommy ,Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson!
titannick (18 days ago)
What is next? Soylent soy?
invalidcookie (18 days ago)
BTW not all soy products use the seed. Your not supposed to. The seed has the estrogen. And yes you will get more female qualitys if you consume it daily in females it will hyper feminize giving mood swings and they will hit puberty earlier. Another risk for woman is beast cancer.
Max12321 (16 days ago)
It's plant estrogen, not animal estrogen. It affects animals like sheep, but not humans(as far as I know).
invalidcookie (18 days ago)
Who did it first pews or pjw?
Myxy M (18 days ago)
My mother was told to replace dairy with soy milk as a way to combat the effects of menopause. This whole thing is a misconception because if you were to actually inject a man with sstrogen it would result in him getting a HUGE hit of testosterone too... That's hormonal homeostasis. That's why when men want to become girls and they take estrogen they have to take testosterone blockers otherwise it's just giving them steroids.
Malicious Muppet (19 days ago)
what kind of soyboyery is this?
Communist Guy (19 days ago)
Yes comrade the left is right
Some Guy Kai (19 days ago)
Soyboys are obviously beta males, but take another fucking shot at the switch and the joycon boys finna roll up on your ass
Nurfatihah Rodi (19 days ago)
*Me starting the video "Is this the right channel?"
donnyl420 (19 days ago)
Mk Fiji (19 days ago)
SOOYYY BOOIIII Is still the best Idgaf I watched this twice
Santouryu3 (19 days ago)
almondmilk > soymilk Don't follow the soy boy toy boy. xD
IESU_V1E99 (19 days ago)
Now we know why Shrek had so many kids with Princess Fiona. Role model Shrek ftw.
Bin Ski (20 days ago)
Did this start on /fit/ or /pol/?
groovy trash water (20 days ago)
I have done nothing leave me alone please
Mike Morris (20 days ago)
Comment etiquette did it better
Graf Jenja Standart (21 days ago)
someone says "soymilk" pewdiepie -> VIDEO!
Hassan (21 days ago)
1:53 ese es loulogio ??
Boris Kljaic (21 days ago)
plot twist, breaking news, the most gathered resource in No Mans sky is actually SOY, YES SOY!!! spread the news guys, keep up the awareness
Adam Nesbitt (21 days ago)
Women love alcoholics and thugs! True story!
Robert Smith (22 days ago)
I agree put mercury in their water euthenize em.
Heber Boerr (22 days ago)
Dropping redpills
DOG ASS (22 days ago)
Almond Milk > Cow Milk > Soy Milk
Dani Play's (23 days ago)
Kratos is a soyboy and is fighting people with strong Viking genes
krackshot322 (23 days ago)
Soy give balance to roid rage!
roberto OBRIJANU (23 days ago)
This is to far the soyapocalipse will begin soon
The Lion of The West (24 days ago)
Still not using soy
Tonik Pun (24 days ago)
aryzo (24 days ago)
Felix, i think you might be mistaking Soyboys for Cuckolds
callum mitchell (24 days ago)
But high testosterone causes balding and facial hair growth hmmmm....
Typhos (24 days ago)
Soy goy
timerian (24 days ago)
Make kids. You have all the money you ever need. It's new game +++ with all the feels.
Maron Stark (24 days ago)
Your lips are still coloured when the screen goes grey
Eduardo Tenorio (24 days ago)
The guy at 3:18, when using beard, looks like a trans man.
SavvySteak (25 days ago)
the green ribbon club (25 days ago)
That guy's shoulders at the beginning are utterly ridiculous. If he thinks those traps are cool, he's deranged.

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