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An Inconvenient Truth

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I travel back in time and break some hard news to myself. Young Freddie played by Philip - you may remember him from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIn4F_-LoKg Also I may have inadvertently invented Flamin' Hots, Terminator 2 style For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Crust Nust (25 days ago)
Pommy (26 days ago)
Forgot about Bitcoin
A jax (1 month ago)
Azure K (1 month ago)
Beans On Butter (1 month ago)
Before I read the description part that said "Young Freddie played by Philip" I 100% thought that that really was Freddie but he videotaped this moment and years later when he could the present Freddie used VFX on the video so this video was taped before 2000 and not after , so basically: 1998 - Time the video was taped 2012 - Time the video was uploaded to YouTube Used VFX to insert himself into the video and you get the rest But YouTube didn't exist until 2005 so he was gonna upload it somewhere else on the internet
Vincent Oconnor (1 month ago)
Apple was still a huge company in the nineties.
Tim Vang (2 months ago)
Remake with VR lmao
2:12 So did you also leave him a TV from the future 🙄🙄🙄
Geek Plus (2 months ago)
Wrong kind of apple
TylerWithAhintOfSalt (2 months ago)
*goes back in time six years ago* WE HAVE VR
SPEEDSTER pug (2 months ago)
Should've invested in bitcoin
Kevron Brooks (2 months ago)
wrong apple
pao's gaming (2 months ago)
Buy apple Lol
Dead Meme (3 months ago)
Just reading the title makes me wanna make an "You're Adopted" joke
Succubus (3 months ago)
is he talking the vr saber game?
Jack Rabbit (3 months ago)
How do you got WiFi for that pc?
Chuck_Louie (3 months ago)
Well, gaming was getting better now.
akihiro kina (3 months ago)
As soon as you can buy apple...
Demonically Blue (3 months ago)
Could have told him to invest in bitcoin.
YATIN VALECHA (4 months ago)
The apple had me laughing uncontrollably
Ador Rahbar (4 months ago)
What is the piece of music at the beginning
Adam Vella (4 months ago)
Do wii wasn't that I actually like it
Enchanted Biscuit (5 months ago)
Sir,we are running out of good games,I dont think we will have enough for the winter
Nitroith (5 months ago)
Now I would tell my old self, INVEST EVERYTHING YOU GOT ON BITCOIN
gamerstashers (5 months ago)
I love that Freddie wears the simplest of clothes! And still makes it awesome!
2-D _ (5 months ago)
Still better apple than computer company
Americansnek (5 months ago)
You got the crv right at the beginning lol
pc kid (5 months ago)
he bought a real apple wtf
CrYm1n4l (5 months ago)
Now do over with the HTC Vive
Ethan The Fine (6 months ago)
Ughhh... So musch 20 years and 1 day
Johnpaul Xiong (6 months ago)
lol he don't know about apple yet
BenjaThug Vue (6 months ago)
Dis dude making kids get off games umm hello kids now days
Turtleman 13 (6 months ago)
I can't tell what's worse, apple or Alienware. Where is an Alienware suck cuz cuz it's alien and number two they think they're so good they're so goddamn expensive when I can buy a beter brand for probably half that price.
Nova Cornor (7 months ago)
Yup ps move didnt get insulted cause its cool and you should have warned about micro transactions and dlcs
Dairy is not juice (7 months ago)
1998 with a 2004 car
N0where (7 months ago)
Welp..switch is out now
VoliTheGamer (7 months ago)
Freddie tell yourself Bitcoin
Paul A. (8 months ago)
He'd have been better off buying bit coin, them immediately selling it off near the end of 2017
victor avalos martinez (8 months ago)
Man shutup you abot the nutendo Wii
the wolf studio (8 months ago)
you missed a word... "Stock"
Joel Kang (8 months ago)
Well I mean the switch made things better now right?
LemonJuiceGV (8 months ago)
Buy 100 bitcoin he meant
BUTTER CUP (8 months ago)
is that your young twin or no
DrWaffles 06 (8 months ago)
You forgot to tell him what's Apple
Brandon (8 months ago)
2018 version: oh also. Buy as much Bitcoin as you can.
Steve Tran (9 months ago)
who did you use for past Freddie
leon6er (9 months ago)
then the oculus rift came alone
Brockvorhees - (9 months ago)
And now we have Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
bool (9 months ago)
Took me 5 years to understand “soon as you can buy apple”
Bryce Fitzgerald (9 months ago)
He should have said to buy Bitcoin
Fezzle (9 months ago)
Otaku geek 92 (10 months ago)
"Freddie get away from that thing that gets you like no girls" 😂😂 "Buy apple" bought a real apple 😂😂
Dave White (10 months ago)
buy apple
JamessVangg (10 months ago)
The ending asap get apple he got an apple lol
john red (11 months ago)
Freddie should be 13 in this video if I'm correct
Wow, he gave him the worst advise: "As soon as you can, buy Apple!" I would tell my younger self: "As soon as you buy Apple, go kill yourself!"
Miguel Sanchez (11 months ago)
Well... At least he has something healthy to balance out the cheethos
Pengu_Ian (11 months ago)
I was born april 12th. 2007
I’ve watched this vid about 10 times and I just now got the joke about the apple at the end😂
Hi (1 year ago)
Blast from the past.
FarawayThrower (1 year ago)
April Death (1 year ago)
I can't believe I also thought too buy a real apple bruh...
antimatterdragon321 (1 year ago)
Microtransactions. It only gets worse.
Brady Aus (1 year ago)
DAMMIT! I was expecting an inconvenient truth the movie PARODY.
your local communist (1 year ago)
Seattle :D
Chanel channel (1 year ago)
is that boy your son!!???
Zenocut (1 year ago)
A_Silver (1 year ago)
apple was created in 1976, young freddy shouldve known what he meant
Alejandro Alvarez (1 year ago)
"Or you may forever alter the courth of time ithelf." Beavis and Butthead lol
Chessguy (1 year ago)
Where is young Freddie now?
Ballistic Griffin (1 year ago)
Hello people of 2015, I am from the future, in 2017. If you think that your songs are bad now, think again. The songs these days are just a bunch of noises like eh eh ah ooh mehee bowowow (BASS DROP) "if you love me then- bowowoww eh eh ehe DO DO, bowowow
AnimeAddictsAnonymous 05 (7 months ago)
Hello from further in future
cars (11 months ago)
Ballistic Griffin I'm in the future too...
VIRGINIA Guy (1 year ago)
Freddiew. Two words. HTC Vive.
ITALSPLIFF (1 year ago)
I personally hate "Apple" Apple is for dumb retarded people who want to pay the double price for being stupid.
Alex Covell (1 year ago)
But... VR...?
Aerhoe (1 year ago)
As soon as you can, buy Apple |Stares at an apple|
DinkleDorf (1 year ago)
so like... vr?
xXBBB2003Xx (1 year ago)
lol that ending
xXBBB2003Xx (1 year ago)
im warching this on april 12
Sam The Pianist (1 year ago)
Omg its April 12 2017 and its April 12 1998 for him
yvngg papi (1 year ago)
Its almost been 5 years..
i cant splel (1 year ago)
gaming is not that bad. MMOs definitely improved alot
FlashingBlueNeon (1 year ago)
What happened to Philip....
Dylan Phan (1 year ago)
He looks like my friend Kevin
Dominic Vulture (1 year ago)
Thank God for the Xbox One!🙏
Muhsinun Chowdhury (1 year ago)
*Buys apple*
Muhsinun Chowdhury (1 year ago)
+freakingminecraftian yea ik xD
DHTGK (1 year ago)
i think he meant to buy the company apple not a apple
Wyatt Walters (2 years ago)
HTC vive
Masa Fulgur (2 years ago)
why did i laugh so hard at that ending
KevUndead (2 years ago)
Well...he bought an apple.
Nayan Daya (2 years ago)
I had a wii
stiepan holkien (2 years ago)
Making fun of motion gaming is rich from the guitar hero grandmaster.
Aiden Carruthers (2 years ago)
This is pretty true
FurryFoxus (2 years ago)
And in 2014, buy Tesla!
Chef Excellence (2 years ago)
what about the HTC vive?
Timothy Rodowicz (2 months ago)
Chef Excellence didn't exist in 2012 when this came out
Captain Perfetc (2 years ago)
This was from two years ago, vr gaming wasn't nearly as good as it is now
Mr Fez (2 years ago)
Watching this in the future I thought he was talking about the htc vive
Adam Kristani (2 years ago)
Whats the name of the piece Young Freddie was playing?
David Ho (2 years ago)
LEEWZIU (2 years ago)
when Freddy said buy apple young Freddy should've known what he meant because, in the beginning, it says 1998 but apple was founded in 1976
Carrott (2 years ago)
he's just a kid.
stiepan holkien (2 years ago)
Wiimote sucked because there were no cool games, what happened to awesome shit like that arkanoid for the power glove. Kinect sucked because of that and they didn't invest in it enough, if they kept to it we now would have full hand recognition at the same time with full body. Voice recognition? We should have the Odyssey 2001 Xbox asking us what are we doing when we reach for the power button. If they thrown in proper kinect onto hololens we would have the AR games from Johnny Quest. The core issue is simple, since the mid 2000s game industry execs and/or devs are dumb boring dinguses. PS: First time vr flopped not because it wasn't good enough but because not enough people even had a pc. We have now machine sight able to recognize our movements, relatively cheap and functional data glove was possible for some time already yet nobody did it.
TheRojam12 (2 years ago)
Also, another one of these MUST be made
TheRojam12 (2 years ago)
wasn't apple around in 1998?

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