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Prey: 10 Things To Know When Starting A New Game

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Prey (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a System Shock-inspired sci-fi adventure. It's also challenging, deep, and full of secrets. Here are some tips for beginners. ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/gameranxTV
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TheSwampDonkey (20 days ago)
Turrets = My Buddy! lol
Bud Ostberg (25 days ago)
Keep a few recycle grenades, as they are your friends against surprise close encounters with the quantum phantoms. You'll know what I'm talking about when you run into them. Tag and run.
unkown darkness (1 month ago)
I watched this video first and you completely missed the disruptor gun in the first vault room with over 500 ammo like how do you make this video and miss such things i rarely make vidoes but if i had the space to do it like shit
Trainspotter82 (1 month ago)
Just started playing just now, found the disrupter gun in one of the first room with the safe in it up high
Mathew Culver (1 month ago)
The stun gun is ok but slow
Everard Cooper (2 months ago)
The mooncrash dlc is mind blowing!!! Pick it up and you won't be disappointed 😎👍
Shino Yuro (2 months ago)
I am surprised no one is commenting about the person actually playing the game. The gamer who is playing this game sucks completely. cannot even aim while a mimic is still lmao
Gabe knotts (2 months ago)
Hey the red chair at the start go on the cabinet and can get a disruptive very early
Mr. Djiamput (2 months ago)
This game is surprisingly good, just got it from summer sale. And I feel this game is underappreciated. I hope there will be sequel
Cader Locke (3 months ago)
You can actually obtain a stun pistol just outside his apartment in the sound room atop the metal recording box on the left.
Landen Schmidt (4 months ago)
The only needed neu mods you need are for the recycler and dismantle and neucropcy that way you can get crap tons of stuff from the recycler yo get more ammo or neuromods
The Guevara (5 months ago)
fuck these ads, dislike every video with ads.
TheOrange Planet (5 months ago)
Dont recycle your Q-Beam cells it ammo for the Q-Beam
TheOrange Planet (5 months ago)
I defeated i nightmare with only 2 turrets in The Arboretum
Graham Black (5 months ago)
If you get Leverage III, you can pick up large objects and protect yourself from Phantom attacks, and then throw the object at the Phantom causing a lot of damage. Get Kinetic Blast, it works well against Phantoms, you can finish them off by shooting them at point blank range with a shotgun. Fabricated Nullwave Transmitters, they are particularly useful against Telepaths, Technopaths and Weavers, rendering them temporarily unable to attack you and highly vulnerable from your attacks. Use your psycho scope when a Poltergeist is pestering you, it will locate it for you. The shotgun is probably the best weapon to use against them. You can get inside some places using Mimic, by turning yourself into a small object and moving throw a small space, often on a counter.
Fritz White (5 months ago)
Shotguns don't use bullets noob.
The Pinballwizard (6 months ago)
6:50 you can actually get the stun gun even before that, in the safe room if you climb the large reel cabinet.
Metin Can Tepe (6 months ago)
I just beat the game and lemme watch this lol :D
engels1978 (7 months ago)
Recycle grenades are great for removing Radiation Containers! ;)
Yehuda Trapido (7 months ago)
Also. There are skills that improve your recycle output and dismantle. The recycle skill produces 20% more at recyclers and with the charges. Dismantle allows you to take apart extra weapons and charges in your inventory for junk and spare parts. Do the ones they mentioned in the video, but try and get recycle early. Means you can get more neuromods later on.
exlibrisas (8 months ago)
The problem is, this game has so much in it, that I really have no time. If you red every single email/log, did every sidequest, explored every corned, it would take 100 hours, not 20 or so... There is so much. People who study, work, have girlfriends/boyfriends and move constantly are limited. Games simply take too much time these days and because of real life, my backlog is bloating.
Kat Chiu (8 months ago)
i know this is an old video now but you can get the stun gun even earlier than that. right at the beginning in the room with the first safe you can climb on the white board to then climb onto the big server there you will find a brief case and in it is a stun gun
PREZZER UK (8 months ago)
My tip is make urself a decent killing machine...its very well sneaking past enemies...but alot of areas have alot of loot...its not good scavenging lockers and cupboards if u have left creatures alive. Might as well dispose of any enemies then take ur time looting.
Servus (8 months ago)
You can get the disruptor pistol at the very beginning of the game. In the room with the safe at the very beginning, there's a cabinet you can jump on, and there's a disruptor pistol in a briefcase.
Evil GST (8 months ago)
Tag enemies.... we have enough of that easy mode crap in modern games smh. great game though. Pro tip: objects that require the lift perk can be easily removed by using a recycle grenade.
Carreb05 (8 months ago)
Upgrade leverage to throw large items at typhons (deals heck load of damage and saves ammo)
DEATH SPADE (8 months ago)
I'm a person who really likes just destroying everything and charge in head first so would you recommend I try to stay or human or become more monster
Devious Titan (9 months ago)
You can use a recycling grenade to get rid of objects in the way of doors
PoeticTwist (9 months ago)
While savong resources and ammo is good, save neuromods, as well. Also, there is a typhon that is really tough, and can almost one shot you early on, after you get the psychoscope. Do not take any of the abilities that you get from typhons' early on. This will bring that one typhon to you much sooner. Spend the neuromods on suit, weapons, etc., and even health stuff. You will need it. Also, unless you find a certain scope chip, you should lug, always, alcohol around.
Angel Cortez (9 months ago)
Excelente game!
tommyhl00 (9 months ago)
after 26 hours i still don't have the stun gun. May go looking for it. Pistol is my favourite weapon. Also Worth Noting. (which i didn't realise till later on. The recycling addon mod is the best to get early. I missed out on so much loot before i realised that gave me extra loot when picking up from robots and and humans. More Ammo you can point a stick at.
Cody Long (9 months ago)
How to kill voltaic phantom easily? Gloo gun then eel tank.
Steven Ellenberger (10 months ago)
As a word of advice to anyone who is about to get I to this game...invest neuronods into the medic 1 and 2 perks asap! As it will allow you to get more materials from mimics to make plenty of neuromods early on, also it boosts medkit recovery so that's always nice as well. Also Gloo Cannon is your best friend early on and can be used to get to many otherwise inaccessible areas early on to grab plenty of goodies. Also Mimics will almost always mimic an item in the environment next to them so if you see two of the same item in extremely close proximity or one's knocked over or in a weird position that looks out of place...chances are it's a mimic.
michael dishman (10 months ago)
You can also use leverage 1 Items To move leverage 3 items
bfmvr onnie (11 months ago)
i love the level design in this game, exploration feels natural to me like i'm playing a dark souls game where i find myself memorizing each and every single area in the game, hell i never even looked at any of the maps that I have downloaded
WOAHDAAH (1 year ago)
You've missed so so much. You can get unlimited neuromods in under an hour by knowing how. (neuromod, second floor, volunteer quarters, ventilation shaft and then you're in the chamber with the guy who installed the backdoor *something you'll learn later). Very little is locked behind missions. I believe you can find grant lockwood the minute you can go into space and things like the disruptor can be found just after you escape from the initial setup mission. Finally, I've done 3 run throughs so far, and using a shotgun on mimics is easily worth it, if you're doing a normal run use psi powers on the big guys.
xXYannuschXx (1 year ago)
3:00 Upgrade shotgun with the increas security weapon neuromod can oneshot every regular Phantom Typhon. With that the best tactic is actually to Rambo into the enemy; even the stronger Phantoms (the electricity and fire one) are easy to kill with only minimal life loss. And one tip: always keep your suit at atleast 80-90%, you will find TONS of suit repair kits in the game, so you have no problem doing so.
Robert Chierichella (1 year ago)
dude stungun in the simulation room you don't need the gloo gun
LinusHimmer (1 year ago)
I have been watching a couple of these videos now and DOES NOBODY KNOW THAT THERE IS A STUN GUN IN THE FIRST AREA?? (the "apartment")
Mark Ashton (1 year ago)
2nd playthrough, I got repair 1 with 1st neuromod, repaired grav shaft in initial lobby and got stun gun that way...
ethan bloodworth (1 year ago)
I like how they say that youll always nedd the ammo but i always had atleast 80 shotgun shells and 200 pistol bullets
Robot Gore (1 year ago)
You can get the disruptor even earlier before the Gloo gun directly when you come out of your apartment simulation
Gold Shark (1 year ago)
For Number 9 you can go through the entire game without a single neuromod. Not only will this make the game more difficult but in a sense scarier knowing how weak you are. The reason I chose not to install any neuromods is because of a achievement on the Xbox one that says this. Only 0.57 % of people did this. I raised the percentage.
Gold Shark (1 year ago)
There's not any wrong decisions it'll just alter how you play. Oh how wrong you are. Too many neuromods and turrets will consider you a threat because of all the alien material in your system. Even one neuromod in my opinion will change the story FOREVER.
Skki Boi (1 year ago)
love Bioshock
Trolls The King (1 year ago)
You advocate tagging Targets so you can see through walls? Yet another example of you fucks not being actual gamers.
Ripp3dpantz82 (1 year ago)
There is a disruptor stun gun on top of the bookshelf next to the safe and whiteboard as soon as you get out of the sim and the code is 5150
Venelin Venelin (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video :) I just start to play it :) thanks :)
Techy (1 year ago)
Actualy you can get a good game as early as the Morgan Experimentation Roomset. Yes that room with that odd chair? On the Servercabinet there is a luggage filled with stuff.
dogus ergus (1 year ago)
gameranx more early grab chance stun gun wrong info guys sory :D
WaywardVerve (1 year ago)
I cannot understand how this game is getting mixed reviews.... I've just finished 'the video' section of the game and am in love!!! This is a real old-school game! Superior to bioshock imo.
Just Playit kool (1 year ago)
Hey Thanks man 👌🏻
gast128 (1 year ago)
Stating the obvious.
Raymond Murphy (1 year ago)
I always found it fun to make a DXHR turret Friendly and carry it around, and it'd shoot everything for me
Styy Hawk (1 year ago)
Venomous Redycx (1 year ago)
Phantoms get one shot killed by the shotgun. The other phantoms take a little more to deal with. Those who prefer playing non-alien neuromods (only human abilities) , I suggest sneaking past the Technopaths , they are extremely hard to kill and a waste of ammo , if you wish to kill it , you need the psy blast (alien neuromod) which you get by scanning phantoms , they take a lot of damage from that ability.
Symo (15 days ago)
Use an EMP grenade to disable technopaths temporarily. Disruptor does a decent amount of damage to it.
LeeGinSing (1 year ago)
Leverage Lv 1. Invaluable. Can throw explosive canisters AND can move all objects (lv2 and up) by just repeatedly throwing lv 1 objects at them. Best upgrade for a beginner.
James Yeranossian (1 year ago)
TALK TO OPERATORS (the robots) the medic ones refill your health for free, the engineer ones repair your suit for free, and the science one refill your psi for free
bengast2 (1 year ago)
gameranx Late I know but you can get a stun disruptor gun in the sim debrief room (the one early on with the safe) Its on top of a cabin/locker/computer thing to the Left? It includes a note of Alex saying *spoilers for anyone not knowing! sorry Morgan, this is not meant for you( about a keycard morgan copied (which is the keycard to access the private escape pod from alex!)).
luke73tnt (1 year ago)
Prey is definitely one of the best videos I've ever played
ok you do know that first room with the nuro mod (forgot how to spell) the big black box to your left; you can get on it and there's a brief case that has a stun gun it it, so you don't need to do the last one, I got the game basicly when it came out so I know a bit about the game too, but contact me if you want to chat any time
St Luci (1 year ago)
All computers are valuable, apart from the one with a little kids birthday message on it.
I hated prey personally.
Raddz5000 (1 year ago)
You can get the Disruptor Stun Gun in the Simulation Labs, once you escape the sim, in the little Simulation Debriefing Room with the funky chair, there is a suitcase on top of the big computer thing on the left. It has a note and some goodies in it along with the Disruptor Stun Gun.
KJohn Wilson (1 year ago)
One of the things you forgot is that you can use the Huntress Boltcaster to use computers
Jesus (1 year ago)
U can also roll around as a old pizza box with the morph neromod...
Paul Quinn (1 year ago)
I hid from the Nightmare every time while it broke all my turrets, ultimately I killed it when I noticed it's health had been worn down by the turrets over several encounters. Single shotgun blast, he wasn't so tuff......
Scott Shank (1 year ago)
might be cheating, but as long as you have lots of synthetic material, and the disrupter stun gun fabrication plan, you can create absurd amounts of mineral material by recycling each disrupter and it's batteries over and over
Jay V (1 year ago)
You can get the disruptor pistol on way earlier than they said. There's one RIGHT outside your apartment. Go to the safe room and clamber up the items on your left to find the gun and some goodies!
Jay V (1 year ago)
Haha someone already commented this fuck me
Jindřich Mičán (1 year ago)
Good tips, I have finished the game today and I have to agree with all of them. Just repeating - mimics vs pistol... no way... :D Only if you have the sneak damage bonus and you know where they are, then it's one shot. ;)
ANDRADA (1 year ago)
the computer is like doom
MrMagee78 (1 year ago)
Tip: Don't forget to gt leverage so you can gather objects into a pile , and throw a recycler charge on it. don't sleep on recycling pretty much everything in game!
Ze Batman (1 year ago)
Guys don't just quickly go through areas, you might be able to find key cards, important notes, food, and weapon ammo
Ze Batman (1 year ago)
Thanks for the disruptor tip and the computer tips and the turret one too
Ze Batman (1 year ago)
Those teachers don't know what they're talking about. Gameranx gives us quality AND quantity
Tyler Heitman (1 year ago)
You don't need to craft the crossbow, you can find it lying around pretty easily.
OttersGonnaOtt (1 year ago)
the disruptor is actually the second weapon you can get. in the test chamber area at the start is a small room with a neuromod chair and a locked safe. the disruptor is on top the data server opposite the safe, in a briefcase. it comes with LOADS of ammo too.
michaelemouse1 (1 year ago)
You can get the disruptor gun very shortly after breaking out of your apartment. I think it's in the same room as the first safe. You climb on something in that room and it's on someone or in some container.
Social Account (1 year ago)
No New game +. What the fuck Bethesda. Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to willingly go and upgrade their weapons and collect/craft tons of neuromods AGAIN. Just automatically raise the difficulty to Nightmare or Ultra Hard to balance it out.
Lucky Squire (1 year ago)
"turrets are your friends" except when you have like 50 typhon abilities
Riley Rolling (1 year ago)
So are there other human NPC's to encounter in Prey? Or is it like BioShock where your the only sane person in the entire environment?
Connor Bailey (1 year ago)
There's a suit case in the room with your first safe by the white board on top of the tall towers.
Rectus Rectumius (1 year ago)
sneak attack does from 150% to 250% damage. use a shotgun or the AWESOME Margrave to sneak fuck the phantoms. lololol
Greenwood4727 (1 year ago)
Its a Search Everywhere, if you have cleaned out a room, search and look up and down, there are things hidden on the ceilings, under stairs.. if there is a hole you can climb in go and search it.
Juan Rivera (1 year ago)
a turret actually took out a phantom for me the first time i played the game, i ran behind a desk to hide , phantom pursued and the turret made quick work of him.
Winston Gray (1 year ago)
Gameranx is very quickly becoming my go-to for all video game coverage. This steam is hustling.
doomthedemonhedgehog (1 year ago)
does prey have a new game +
NerrdyPig (1 year ago)
Do Dragon Nest next!!
Shaun Hill (1 year ago)
Recycle extra guns you find for more materials to make more ammo
ian198802 (1 year ago)
on the last one you can get a stun gun even before that, just outside the sim lab in the small breifing room that has a lvl3 hacking safe, on top of the huge unit on the left as you walk in is another stun gun, and a handy dandy random suit mod
Space Lemon. (1 year ago)
There is actually an earlier disrupter gun you can get even before the gloo canon. In the room with the creepy neuromod removal chair, white board, and safe if you climb up on the cabinet to your left as you enter the room you will find one.
Can you make a starting a new game video for the witcher 2?
lukwesa slade (1 year ago)
Jack tonight I want to ask is falcon a real person? If so why have we never seen him?
gareth hodgson (1 year ago)
So far im lovig this game but i do have a question i hope someone can answer but plz no spoilers. Dose matter in game if you ise you powers or not i havnt bought any alien powers cause maybe a bad ending but i dw to not have em if it dosnt matter
Caladrius Gaming (1 year ago)
Tip: If you walk into a room you think has mimics pull out your wrench for quick and powerful close range attacks as mimics also attack at close range.
Micah Wilberg (1 year ago)
I'm not sure if it has been noted, but the nerf darts can also activate computer screens and door buttons. This lets you get through some locked doors because you can see their open buttons through windows.
kittown (1 year ago)
At the end of the game I just basically sprinted past everyone. Now that I think about it, I could do that from the start. So, take stealth I first, then complete running subtree, then finish stealth subtree and top it off with stamina tree. Then add skills to upgrade the beam gun because it really helps against heavies at certain places (telepath/technopath/weeaver). Boom, done, nothing else is really needed. Can add health and hacking tree to the mix with spare neuromods. And if you want to farm low-level enemies for resources, upgrade your meelee and bash them on the run with your charged stealthy wrench thing (you can sprint to them from behind and run away if you have upgraded your stealth and running skills). Also, leverage III is very useful for throwing huge boxes even at rather powerful enemies like voltaic phantoms. But it is not really needed.
Meth Man (1 year ago)
You can get the disrupter gun a lot early right as you break out of your apartment into Talos 1 there's a room with a chair in the middle and if you climb on the left side the gun is on the top of some stuff
R.E.D Music (1 year ago)
lol the turrets are my best friends
Sean Foster (1 year ago)
You can get aschematic and a stun gun earlier by climbing on top of those two crates on the left hand side of the room with the wiped off safe code and wierd chair. I believe it's Marco Simmons office, but many people I've noticed don't get the stunner early because they think they can't climb up there but you can.
M Mackay (1 year ago)
im loving this game, it is actually fun to collect items, look on computers for info ETC, it reminds me of dishonoured with the graphics and movement/gameplay. awesome.

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