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"THIRD DAY OF A SEVEN DAY BINGE" is taken from THE PALE EMPEROR, available now wherever music is sold. Directed by Jeremy Danger and Travis Shinn Order now: iTunes: http://found.ee/PaleEmpiTunesDLX Amazon: http://found.ee/PaleEmpAmzDLX Exclusive Deluxe Merch Within the US: http://found.ee/PaleEmpD2C-US Outside of the US: http://found.ee/PaleEmpD2C-wrld
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Text Comments (7837)
Marishka Sharav (8 minutes ago)
damn! So sexy!
cutek cute (7 hours ago)
Sexy baby
Mau Meza (8 hours ago)
Alguien q escriba en español?
Taemasama (10 hours ago)
I don't know why but I adore this song and this video....
Te amo mi amor sosuy rico e irresistible que pena que no alcanses para todas sino ya te huviere violado bien rico😈😈😈👹
ER6 N Kawasaki Erwan (12 hours ago)
j'adore cette personnalité hors norme je l'es adoré dans sons of anarchy il as super bien jouer son rôle. Je pense qu'il es a moitié comme un dieu et l'autre moitié comme un démon, il a du charisme ce mec il a des couilles un personnage qui as de l'humour comme de l'humour noir bref j'adore ses musiques, sa voix et les clips n'en parlons même pas c'est trop terrible merci Brian Hugh Warner (marilyn manson) je t'adore
حسن الكعبي (17 hours ago)
Wtf marlin
Diana Ring (20 hours ago)
unreal. seXy as all hell. =]~
Ruth Sthefannhy (20 hours ago)
Byanka Moura (1 day ago)
Canta muitoo😍😍😍
Lacy Gorman (1 day ago)
Lacy Gorman (1 day ago)
Song style WORD Porn...I LOVE NERDS GEEKS and Weirdos!😽😽😽😽😽😽
Paulina2365 (1 day ago)
he sometimes look like a Peeter Stormare.Great actor!Make up.But this song make me fell sexy!Thank You MM
louise chinery (1 day ago)
I'd follow him to the depths of hell my dark knight 😍
joe gandy (1 day ago)
How can anyone not like these Jams!
Eliz oliveira (2 days ago)
Macapá-Ap Brazil
Death Cats (2 days ago)
We’ve only reached the 8th album. Of a marylyn manson binge
Me encanta💙😍
anna mueller (3 days ago)
Scarleth Vasquez (3 days ago)
2018?! ❤🎶
Charles Lüke Jean (3 days ago)
"Because Manson I'll keep a Hostage in Lenox, with no money even to dodge the draft." (18-26 years old) Alexander Coury Jean.
Fanny Bæ (3 days ago)
Que sexy es. 😂🤤🤤🔥😍
Jennifer Tubbs (3 days ago)
Sooo SEXY!!!!
Jennifer Tubbs (3 days ago)
I love and respect you
Neggatron (3 days ago)
I love this Guy :) on the way of becoming one of my favourit songs ever :) Thanks Manson!!
Paulina Barańska (3 days ago)
I 10 yers old and love music merly menson
Brake Heart (4 days ago)
3 years later, I figure out how amazing MM is...wow!
Left 4 Shrek (4 days ago)
you can tell his voice has aged in his newer music, it's more slow paced and less screaming. It's nice and raspy
Ralph G (5 days ago)
The gold teeth can go. I liked him when he wasn't so commercial looking. I do like the new songs, they remind me of his older stuff, raw and edgy. I miss the old band members also.
I saw Manson April 15th 1995 Wings Stadium Kalamazoo, MI. Excellent and edgy. Shoved water bottle up rectum and walked around stage. Audience was silent for a brief moment. (MansonWiki) They were an opening act for Danzig. The band was on the tour from March 24, 1995 until May 14, 1995. The popular new metal band Korn was also an opening act on this tour, as this was their first major tour.
Michael Barron (5 days ago)
By far his greatest song
RoZa Gold (5 days ago)
Как же я обожаю эту песню! Удивительно, что клип был мной обноружен лишь на данный момент...
HI (5 days ago)
Is that paint or frostbite on his fingers?
HI (5 days ago)
Marilyn Manson is my 1 favourite singer.. I have probably all his songs on my playlist
Pam Coombs (6 days ago)
A freak with an awesum voice.
Чёрт возьми, ты роскошный!
moon light (7 days ago)
This song puts me in a dancing trance
女王香烟 (7 days ago)
he's the legend forever
Jennifer Pfitzinger (7 days ago)
I want to smoke crack with you Manson
just vine (8 days ago)
is it the same song on the purge series ?
Rocio Greco (8 days ago)
Esta muy bueno este tema
M B K (8 days ago)
Perfect Joker !
lil poetea (8 days ago)
did he just finger a bunch of smurffs
Ka A (8 days ago)
Andres Wayne (8 days ago)
what a good song I liked a lot. Big manson
Rostislavs Orlovs (8 days ago)
Охуенчик!Бухать лучше итого на 2-ой денек....
Logan Mcknight (8 days ago)
I want to start a binge everyrime I hear this fucking song its epic
alancj05 (10 days ago)
What is with his oral fixation? Its in all his videos.
Vanderlino dias coelho (10 days ago)
Anita Black (10 days ago)
Sexy sexy sexy ‼️
Scott Barker (11 days ago)
I'm on the third day of a seven day binge of this song....
Jim Adams (11 days ago)
Simply because evil occurs doesn't make it good or right.
Jim Adams (11 days ago)
"The thoughts of the wicked are of little value." - The Book of Proverbs
the Mario gmr64 (11 days ago)
En esos tiempos lo hubiera hecho del Joker del escuadrón suicida
Kirito J.o (11 days ago)
Vine esperando encontrar cobre pero encontre oro...
Tim Koyde (12 days ago)
The Best
sw tu (12 days ago)
Вот это во!
Vero Salvador (12 days ago)
2039! wнy мoт!💀👀
Claire Haigh (12 days ago)
Well, my take on it is he's stripping it down 2 the basics of addiction. Not padding it out with frivolous aesthetics. Its just him and the drug.
Che E. (13 days ago)
TY so much Marilyn for all your transformations!!! Im transforming as well and i have short hair too and as i do im told..oh you were so beautiful..i had cancer..so..
gelan057 (13 days ago)
third day of a seven day bringe
Illum Mulli (13 days ago)
still a legend. most under rated artist ever considering his influence on our culture and not afraid to say the raw dirty truths
Marcus hardcore (13 days ago)
So awesome!!!
Roter Sand (13 days ago)
The perfect Joker was found
Josefina Ramos Soto (3 days ago)
corvo satiro Drums (14 days ago)
Manson yes
Harry Pooter (15 days ago)
10/10 would fap
ꜰͫuͭкͪηͣ KING (15 days ago)
So thumbing through comments; nobody else I guess did meth enough to notice he's totally on meth and that's exactly what the song is about lol. Those mannerisms and facial expressions, if he's acting he really nailed it. Nailed it so much that I will tell you Marilyn Manson is certainly on crystal meth lol. Where the fuck was this song when I was fried out on the sh|t lol.
Alice Mata Melendez (15 days ago)
Hi Mayra 😁😚
Julie Grace (15 days ago)
I’m totally digging it ♥️
Nancy Dagostino (15 days ago)
Marilyn Manson should make a music video with Jennifer Lopez.🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷
Valerie ul (15 days ago)
Love this so much
teresadinin (15 days ago)
Ti amo da impazzire
Fuck you I’m eating (15 days ago)
7 days is a short binge, just saying..
shesica coran (15 days ago)
i love you forever
JonHovical DAVIDSON (15 days ago)
I think Marilyn man son that rob zombie /gfl is realeetaed to you because the all have there episodes and moments in some one. Else house that ful shoot guns to the moon rob zombie looks green slllmb
JonHovical DAVIDSON (15 days ago)
See your face the ask me to take care of them with kind of rash on there face I say no. Way after a third day the get. A rash
JonHovical DAVIDSON (15 days ago)
Wonder what a bo is and we now you get your episodes and. Your moments through your dizzy land stuff love slllmb
JonHovical DAVIDSON (15 days ago)
Tyou have your moments and episodes in some one else house that horrifying. Slllmb
BilBau (15 days ago)
Muito bom!!!!
Timothy Kemp (16 days ago)
Crapple CD "Sociably Deceived"  was mastred by Trace, who worked for Marilyn Manson and Trent Resnor in the late 90's.   But he fucked up the sample rate, causing the old 48k cassette songs to drag on a CD with a 44k sample rate.    I re-mastered it myself later for self sells.    The true female authority with me called the most qualified to handle this matter here, being Brian, whom I know what he wants to me about him.    LIke Dean, he was already very talented and capable without any offeres or deals for being what he already is, very brilliant!~   Marilyn did not rip himself off like Dean did, thank the magic..
canan can (16 days ago)
this song is like going backwards in a car...ı really lıke
FCKing handsome MANSON Sir.
TIFFANY ABELL (18 days ago)
How does he manage to be ugly, creepy and so damn hot and sexy all at the same time??
Chad (18 days ago)
puta que pariu que sonzeira !
after 2 AM in St Petersburg / Moscow.
29th ^^ 13 mins after midnight in Białystok!
Gina Marie (18 days ago)
Oct 2018❤️🤘
Page Jenkins (18 days ago)
I truly love you to death Brian!😍
jeff pom (18 days ago)
You are whining all the time, music's sucks and your should stop showing your teeth, it's fucking ridicule.
Crystal Daugherty (18 days ago)
Listen fans...I'm upset, I wanted to see our man 2018 ft. Rob zombie in AZ. I'd pay for drinks, etc.... No eff.n.1. Cared to escort me... I didn't go..what kinda sh** is that.....
noise (8 days ago)
We are god , god created us / all henceforth was also involed in our creation, since it was from the same origin ( god , we are little pieces if god) . God or nature we are one separated. Fuck you guys 😂
JayJP Costello (19 days ago)
I fuckin love this tune.. I always blast it out my car 😎 Manson is one awesome dude!!!!
astrid junius (19 days ago)
never be like me
Faizan Ali (19 days ago)
Fuck you illuminati agent Satan fuck youuuu Alhamudillah I am muslim
Vero Salvador (19 days ago)
Si vous aimez T. Hardy, regardez Bronson ! Je le trouve génial dedans et dérangeant !!!!! 🌻 🌻 💜 😕 😅 😊 Sinon Marylin... Je t'aime 💜
Noorfaiza Abdul Aziz (20 days ago)
I love how mature he is now. No more gory, filthy & explicit music videos. Less is more
Duda Euzébio (19 days ago)
you're so damn wrong
Jonna K (20 days ago)
You need to turn down the lights, turn this song on and drink some whiskey ❤️
Painter josh (20 days ago)
M,M would make it badass Joker
Zły Administrator (20 days ago)
not in can - my peach took care of pussycat : DDD

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