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Far Cry 4 @ E3 2014 Preview - The Gadget Show

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Far Cry 4 looks set to steal the attention of gamers when it hits stores this November. Check it out below in our preview from this year's E3!
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Text Comments (6)
tomtomed1 (4 years ago)
The bad guy looks like miley cyrus
Analytical Justice (4 years ago)
Elephant+Car=Explosion Where's the logic in that the elephant survived an explosion.
Antonio Innocente (3 years ago)
Where's the logic in a car exploding just because an elephant ran into it? haha
I'm dat guy (4 years ago)
Games dont need logic just fun
TDR REVENGE (4 years ago)
its a game, the elephant is armor plated which is why it doesn't die, don't you know how fictional games work!
Harry Thompson (4 years ago)
This game looks sick!

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