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Remember Old YouTube? (with Harley Morenstein)

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Check out the full episode here! http://bit.ly/2M3Jf3m and subscribe to http://youtube.com/geniuskitchen for more! A couple months ago, I showed up on Harley's new show Famous Food Truck on Genius Kitchen. We reminisced about YouTube! More awesome videos at RocketJump.com! RJ Store ➤ http://shop.rocketjump.com Follow RocketJump on Twitter ➤ http://bit.ly/RJtweet Follow RJFS on Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/rjfilmschool Join the discussion ➤ https://discuss.rocketjump.com/ For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (586)
Totally Not Dyllan (8 hours ago)
Two ways to revive the channel 1-combine with corridor 2-Bring back VGHS
ASA England (1 day ago)
Hi Mr. Wong love your TV show
chunk my cheese (1 day ago)
more vghs
Walker Raps™ (1 day ago)
Omeocaraeo. Terá 4 temporada de VGHS? Minha série favorita. ;(
Jason Dinglebob (2 days ago)
John Ng (2 days ago)
Bring VGHS back pls freddy
OzmanioPlays (2 days ago)
İ need brian and jenny once again :(
0verthinker (2 days ago)
Like Emplemon said, Downward Spiral. I seriously hope that a video sharing platform comes around that can compete with YT and doesn't give the advantage to vapid content.
gameboys (2 days ago)
Bring back vghs
Alex Ibarra (3 days ago)
Any update on VGHS animated?
SgtKale_ Law (3 days ago)
Pls make VGHS back again a new vid pls.
michael barlow (3 days ago)
We should be free to do whatever we want on YouTube.
A Rock. (4 days ago)
Make a sequel to the Golf War where there are golf ball cannons (LMGs) and auto pucks (Assult rifles)
david.gamer 01 (4 days ago)
pls make new video game high school videos
Zhanazhan (4 days ago)
прогноз погода в неделю
Angels World (4 days ago)
Tamil Gamer (5 days ago)
Bro do pubg
crossfire (5 days ago)
I miss the good old days.
Trippy Hippy (5 days ago)
Old youtube was honestly just kinda authentic and had a more diy attitude. So when videos like Freddy's came out it was hella unique. Now youtube just feels like a business. RIP.
Asa Angelly (5 days ago)
I feel like everybody thought you guys are gonna talk about 2011 epic meal time era
cone (5 days ago)
whoops. Accidentally watched this video instead of working.
Minegun (5 days ago)
Why end VGHS :(
*Dylan Gorman* (6 days ago)
fuckboi mcgee (7 days ago)
Animated series plz
ricky z (7 days ago)
March 14? When was this recorded JEEZ
MaZef (8 days ago)
Make video game preschool
ExD ShineeX (8 days ago)
I love your channel please make more series like videogame high school
M bradley (8 days ago)
Can u sub to me
happyhaloman177 290 (8 days ago)
Anymore episodes of vghs?
Arisun MaruunAngle (8 days ago)
Bring back vghs
Tachibana-san (8 days ago)
I was seven when you rate videos
J GotGame (9 days ago)
VGHS Season 4
F.E Rages (9 days ago)
Will there be a vghs season 4 bc brian is only a junior and which is season 3
Tamil Gamer (9 days ago)
Put Pubg bro
AsianGlow (9 days ago)
I still title my parody videos like 2:30 😂😂😂LOL
fornite boy (9 days ago)
On Netflix
fornite boy (9 days ago)
Omg y'all are from that gamer school
Austin Thomas Films (9 days ago)
old youtube <3
Thanh niên 8 năm rồi ko thấy già lên :)))))
VGHS Best , please S4
Cryptex (10 days ago)
jeffersfilms (10 days ago)
Jesus that ending got me good hahaha
Game Field (11 days ago)
hey rocket jump if we can get over like 1000 likes can u do do a vghs season 4
Marcelinio99 (11 days ago)
Damm VGSA was grate I found this Channel 2 moths ago I have binge watched all Seasons in just one week
Game Field (11 days ago)
Hamza Hamid (11 days ago)
VGHS Season 4 Please!
CottenChick (12 days ago)
Vghs season 5 plz I really love ur guys work
Elsar Gaming (12 days ago)
Shaeinna Cherrey (12 days ago)
Make more video game high school
Skullcrusher Ska (12 days ago)
U need to bring back VGHS with Jenny and Brian D please I love that
crystal diamond (12 days ago)
Is this channel dead?
Johnbrick69 Pro (12 days ago)
Love ur vids man pls keep on making em
サタンClout God (12 days ago)
Remember old youtube? when your channel wasn't dead?
heyitsjace .-. (12 days ago)
Aryan Jain (12 days ago)
make another VGHS too be booming again
Its Narnian (12 days ago)
Anyone here from the failed stream?
Jay (12 days ago)
That wasn't old YouTube, 2006 was old YouTube and it was better.
PHUMVADOL THIDEE (13 days ago)
Nice nice nice !!
Mohammad Hourani (13 days ago)
Last time I saw one of your videos it was in 2013
steven rodriguez (13 days ago)
You guys should bring back vghs
Matrix (14 days ago)
Who remembers VGHS ?
Субтитры где?
Bryce Zureta (14 days ago)
Pls make another season of VGHS
KAKASHI (15 days ago)
Ohhh yeah i remember
Thanatus 187 (15 days ago)
Dude we grew up lol I've been watching you since 2013 now I'm a college freshy
Ethan Vu (15 days ago)
TheMineSquad (15 days ago)
OPcrazzywolf (16 days ago)
The Catchiest Rope (16 days ago)
Yes there was winnebogo guy leeroy Jenkins it was da best
Dontjudge Me (16 days ago)
sa3doZ 22 (16 days ago)
Gust kidding
Daniel jeff incognito (17 days ago)
What's a paragraph DISCLAIMER: Daniel Keem a.k.a KEEMSTAR did not create, nor does he possess or have access to any part of this channel.
Jack Fu (17 days ago)
Can you make more vghs
k7s pro tong kindog (17 days ago)
wilson sugiharto (18 days ago)
Hey Freddy pls make vghs s4 pls
Levo GAMES (18 days ago)
You... still exist?
Millimmell (18 days ago)
Just asking can you get rocket jump merch shipped to the UK?
ADK Ahmet (18 days ago)
I like a video game high school.
Alex Ibarra (18 days ago)
I know you guys aren't going to see this. But as a huge fan of the series, WHAT IS THE UPDATE ON VGHS ANIMATED????????
Rayark. Mask (18 days ago)
High school video game
Rayark. Mask (18 days ago)
Faz a segunda parte de high school video game por favor 4 temporada
Saitama :D (19 days ago)
That guy look likes in the vghs
gamer Abílio (19 days ago)
Uma 4 temporada
Szymon331 (19 days ago)
More! Guns! ;)
JoJo Robertson (19 days ago)
Super hawt 2
Joshua Koo (19 days ago)
I miss VGHS
winlover37 (20 days ago)
I'm proud to have been a part of the old YouTube.
Generson Bryantheart (20 days ago)
Old youtube back then create a great content Cooking channel like Epic Meal time, Parody video like Bart Baker and Weird Al Yankoviz, Creative video like Rocket Jump, funny video like Smosh and Ryan Higa, Let's play channel like Pewdiepie, Markilier and Jacksepticeye, Honest trailer/Trailer Parody by EpicVoiceGuy and Tobuscus Beauty Vlog channel like MIchelle Phan New youtube create ..... content?? Fortnite clickbait ! Diss track KSI vs Logan Paul "All about Respect" vlogs in other country by Logan Paul and Ricegum Reuploader
Very Original Username (20 days ago)
Ok,this while time i was waiting for a skit to happen,didn't expect it to be a vlog/show thing.
neon gamer116 (20 days ago)
Umm VGHS Animation yet????
SparkingPony (21 days ago)
Remember when we used to be good? Remember that guys? Aren't you nostalgic yet? PLEASE WE WANT TO BE RELEVANT AGAIN!!!!!
Steven's Ocean (21 days ago)
Can you guys continue vghs? It was a very good show
Alex Ibarra (21 days ago)
Any update on VGHS animated?
David Klenk (21 days ago)
Loving the “oldies” of YouTube. Appreciate and love you both❤️❤️❤️
SayHiToMatthew (21 days ago)
Nice video
Cort Free (21 days ago)
Omg so funny I just watched his oldest video then watched this
BigBoss24mgs (22 days ago)
ohh the cringe king made a brief appearance at the end!!
Nicy_Dubs (22 days ago)
please make mor VGHS vids you had so many views. It was the best please do more

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