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OBSESSED CRAZY FANS WHO TOOK THINGS TOO FAR! Have you ever been an obsessed fan who went too far? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Parents EMBARRASSING kids on facebook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_sE8JuNKH8 Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!
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Text Comments (12712)
Andy Macnab (9 minutes ago)
I am called miley
Adelynn Overton (58 minutes ago)
The boys at the end are them
Oscar Reyes (10 hours ago)
Daisy Lara (12 hours ago)
Why dose she curse a lot
Aroura B (13 hours ago)
2:13 Wtf was that noise
Eva Ayoubi (13 hours ago)
My sister cried to the piano version of Let me love you by justin bieber
sqiushy girl 101 (14 hours ago)
4:47 I think you look more like jzs butt h*le
Eric Hinsley (17 hours ago)
Legitllama00 (17 hours ago)
jessica miller (18 hours ago)
Beyoncé looks so scared 😂😂😂😂
jessica miller (18 hours ago)
Diana Morales (19 hours ago)
Is it me or it feels weird when she doesn’t say “and make sure to hit that like button in the face”💥
Heather Mcmahon (21 hours ago)
I love your YouTube channel
Little LlamaTV (22 hours ago)
9:57 story to be the Partpooper here but that is one direction, The one with the LOUIS on is Harry, The ones with HARRY on it is Louis, The one with ZAYN on it is Liam, The one covered by your face is Nike Still love u! But just wanted to point it out because I’m a cow
belinda lee (1 day ago)
This girl is wierd
belinda lee (1 day ago)
Omg the dad is like I. Love with Miley
Piper rose Tucker (1 day ago)
What about chica left alone in the back?
0:15 lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Larry Cain (1 day ago)
I can relate I am obssed with your videos favorite You tuber right here 😘😘🤩
Zuzanna Szubryt (1 day ago)
I feel bad for the dog like if you agree
OxyGeN TV (1 day ago)
SssniperWolf drink water $$$$
Shaylar Shaylar (1 day ago)
She thick
Demonitized btw
Did Lia just lick were he weewees😂
drake norris (1 day ago)
My Family is all name after songs
Slime Queens (1 day ago)
The guy looks like squidward
laurie saputo (1 day ago)
Why would she be rubbing her butt on my crush alex wassabi
Michelle Mouat (1 day ago)
A hundred ThoOoosAnd
Zoemama Zoemama (1 day ago)
PotSticker Hax (1 day ago)
Meme Lord (1 day ago)
5 likes and i tell my crush i like her 👌
Emma Savage (1 day ago)
Justin Bieber sucks
mr goose (1 day ago)
4:42 she ugly as hell
Rudy Lopez (1 day ago)
Jay z buthole🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
This damn boring
Malasia Temple (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who thinks BTS is stupid 👎👎
Fuck no (2 days ago)
שובל סויסה (2 days ago)
9:37 i am a directioner,we cant really explaine why we like them,im not a crazy one,ive never been to a show of them,they never had a show in my country (israel) i cant balieve they got apart,they lied to us! They said they would come back at the begining of 2017! And now its the begining of 2019! Im maddddd!
Nothando Dlodlo (2 days ago)
Emotion Ink (2 days ago)
10:08 me too. :p
MYLEETHE _UNICORN (2 days ago)
My name is Mylee :3
idoriachan miranda (2 days ago)
Can I hit 2 likes And 2 comments?...
Orange dragon master (2 days ago)
8:00 thats the reason I'm gay well a little bit of the reason lol
Daisha Kelly (2 days ago)
you lick a toys BAAALSS!
Maya Juarez (2 days ago)
Anyone who kills a dog I will kill you. Your dog DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU.
Bakfst (2 days ago)
SSSniperwolf x andruxis
Lucia Corrales (2 days ago)
Now reaper is your's becaue you licked it.
Lucia Corrales (2 days ago)
This how stakers came
Roblox Guest Cool (2 days ago)
1:08 why did you bought that off a water bottle boy there tablets that are cheaper then a water bottle
Those are just delulu fans😂😂
Riyuki _playz (3 days ago)
Ur so weird!
Camila Galaviz (3 days ago)
Kassidy Fillion (3 days ago)
Scared of my dog diying sorry if I spelt anything wrong
YASSSSS the cover of the video has my favorite singer!!
cookie kklol (3 days ago)
Their was a glitched
Jesibeth Mejias (3 days ago)
What do you do doing your Free time
Arlette Blogs (3 days ago)
Are you Azzly
Isabella Holloway (3 days ago)
I didn’t know that people could be so creepy!!!😦😳
The only thing I can see is the Chica head in the background...
Evileni Garfias (3 days ago)
If ya give this 5 likes ill hold my crushes hand and im for real
Nho Pham (3 days ago)
This is weird wtf
Stephanie Gottlieb (3 days ago)
You are so awesome
Monte Orvis (3 days ago)
Lol love this vidio
Heather Melrose (4 days ago)
lil Black cat vlogs (4 days ago)
Arkara Roberts (4 days ago)
The boys she was talking about in that photo with signs. Was one direction as fetuses.😂😆😅
Jimin BTS (4 days ago)
Y-yeah.. I'm obsessed with BTS
Parker Lee (4 days ago)
She pretty cool and pretty
Parker Lee (4 days ago)
Bro if sniperwolf colud say my name on her video I would be so happy I’m poopin 9
Emily Fagner (4 days ago)
One direction wasn't on big time rush
Anthony Trejo (4 days ago)
I like you
Shawn Williams (4 days ago)
you be looking so sexy
My Gems Yo Bitches (4 days ago)
Nevaeh 1234 (4 days ago)
Sssniperwolf is sooooo amazing u r my favourite YouTuber in the world Maybe that’s because I’m don’t know any other youtubers
Ramen Noodles (4 days ago)
8:10 little did she know he was bi!
Kayleigh Crabb (4 days ago)
8:09 Y'all probably turned him gay w/ all dis bullsh*tVTHEY DID He is bisexual xDDDD
Kayleigh Crabb (4 days ago)
Wait wait why is Liam staring at Niall eating his pizza at 6:00
Reese Ally (4 days ago)
the boys at the end ARE one direction lmaooo
Renée Turner (4 days ago)
I love your Chanel
Lacey Medina (4 days ago)
I think harry has since actually admitted to being bisexual!
mario rubio (4 days ago)
She said that guy looks more like J Z’s butthole !!!!🤣😂
Mally The Wolf (4 days ago)
Noah Fike (4 days ago)
I have a poster of sssniperwolf!!
Stace Candy (4 days ago)
Loving you Sniperwolf!!!! Subscribing right now!!!!!😄
Latesha Harwood (5 days ago)
7:30 girl I love you so much for having jb on ya wall
Latesha Harwood (5 days ago)
1:54 dude I feel you I love Justin bebs
Valt Aoi (5 days ago)
yousif mansour (5 days ago)
every video you make is more funny then the other
Charlene Barlis (5 days ago)
3:41 that girl looks like realrosesarered :/
Jez ppl ur crazy poor animal and killing ur self wtf ;-;
Sunset Lover (5 days ago)
I can relate to you sniperwolf, im in love with Link from legand of Zelda... don't judge
Crazy Carzy (5 days ago)
I want ur bottle for 50000
김지연 (5 days ago)
Any kpop fans AyeeE
Jay Reddy (5 days ago)
0:16 was too funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Abood ALove19 (5 days ago)
xd Joffrey (5 days ago)
AnanyaRBLX (6 days ago)
I always take it way to far... With chocolate
Magdalena Papić (5 days ago)
I mean yes lol
Magdalena Papić (5 days ago)
lmaooo yeeey
Mia says hi (6 days ago)
The drink one I’m like well what if he didn’t even drink from it XD hahaha
XxPlanet _ WolfxX (6 days ago)
I remember Big Time Rush. Worst show in my time! 😏😂😂

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