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GTA 5 Online Aircraft Hangar Business Sell Mission

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GTA Online Aircraft Hangar Smuggler Business Sell Mission, Selling Cargo GTA 5 Onlie Smugglers Run Update Sale Mission
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Godfather9814 (9 months ago)
Love you can steal the crates so it's all profit but for solo players this isn't good cause can take forever to get the crates and sell missions are pretty long winded especially the one in a slow ass plane getting harassed by an army of cops
FUNNY SH#T (1 year ago)
you get shit money from this
Elite SnipeZ (1 year ago)
If i sell solo, will i only get one plane?
LopMuSiC1 (1 year ago)
with small stock yes. with much more probably not.
*_•reshirm•_* (1 year ago)
What sells best?
D Jack20 (2 months ago)
Yeah try waiting to where it's not a lobby of 40 people flying super planes. That's a long wait lol
Thanos Kavalas (7 months ago)
Narcotics 900,000 for 50 crates
*_•reshirm•_* (10 months ago)
Joey AK I just watched someone sell 50 Chemicals, they got $1.6 mil. Just watch this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5Eyq8l1ewgs
Joey AK (1 year ago)
*_•reshirm•_* • thanks i didn't know that, today i selled 50 cargo crates of jewelry and got 470,000 i supposed to get 800,000 but a friend of me helped me did i get less money about that reason or something else please tell me :)
*_•reshirm•_* (1 year ago)
Joey AK NO THAT IS NOT TRUE I found out a few days ago that Narcotics, Medics, and Chemicals dish out a 70% bonus when 50 of the individual crate type. The others dish out 50-60%. I source Chemicals, but you can source Medics and Narcotics. But, choose ONE CRATE TYPE ONLY. I recommend Medics if you want to test the Hunter out, but if you just care about crates, then just source Narcotics, Medics, or Chemicals.
Epicgaming21 (1 year ago)
You deserve 100k
Epicgaming21 (1 year ago)
You deserve 100k
LopMuSiC1 (1 year ago)
lewis abbott (1 year ago)
Great Video Keep it Up!!
LopMuSiC1 (1 year ago)
thanks !

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