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GADGETS ONE MALAYALAM TECH TIPS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5p2HB41JVstSICaaqOr_oA thanks HAPS Cinema Factory https://www.facebook.com/hapsforcinema/ Best Gaming setup in Rs. 25000 Beginning of Gamer My Gaming story #GOM #GADGETS_ONE_MALAYALAM_TECH_TIPS Hey Gamers this is *MALMER PC*, this is the 1st gaming channel in Malayalam. our Moto is *DIVIDED BY BOUNDARIES UNITED THROUGH GAMING ഹായ് GAMERS ഇതു *MALMER PC* . ഇതു മലയാളത്തിലെ ആദ്യത്തെ gaming ചാനൽ ആണ്. നമ്മുടെ ലക്ഷ്യം *DIVIDED BY BOUNDARIES UNITED THROUGH GAMING* ** MALMER PC** Hello Gamers👋😄 We've made a group for games. We have these gaming platforms ●Android 📱 ●Windows 💻 ‎●Playstation 🎮 ●Xbox 🎮 Through the group, members can: 👉Discuss Games, Movies,Music genre, TV Shows, Animé & Technology Stuff👌🌏💻📱📡📺 👉Share and get access to links.📥📤 👉If you are a gamer and you're interested in joining the group, send the word " ADD2GRP " via Whatsapp to this number: • +919961627407 • +919526219620 • +919061202643 • +917561822556 • +919539717139 and you will be added to the Malmer PC's group. You can also use this link http://bit.ly/2veWfjb 🔏The group has few rules that every member must follow👇: 1 -🚫Please Don't SPOIL the Ending or Story of Any Movies or Games...🚫 In Short, *"NO SPOILER PLEASE"*...😡😡 2 - No beefing in the group with other members. Personal matters should be handled elsewhere (That includes no disrespecting another member's family)💥🔥🚫 3 - Only an admin can change the group's name, You can change the Icon .👤☝ ( related images only ) 4 - The only language to be used in the group is Malayalam and English. The use of other languages is not allowed.❌ 5 -🚫🔞Posting any inappropriate stuff like Porn in the group is not allowed. Failing to conform with that rule leads to your immediate removal from the group.⛔❌ 6 - No Spam and No discussions of matters such as politics, religious beliefs and anything that is irrelevant to gaming and technology.🙊👎 7 - Racism is not Tolerated, and posting Other group Invite links(excluding GAMING GROUPS) are strictly Prohibited,failing to that rule will result in *BAN* 👇👇👇👇👇 Check our YouTube Channel: *Malmer PC* http://bit.ly/2Hayuv3 FOLLOW us on WHATSAPP ► http://bit.ly/2veWfjb FACEBOOK► *Page : http://bit.ly/2H0FuJX *Group : http://bit.ly/2HqBl5r INSTAGRAM► http://bit.ly/2H31kRd TWITTER►http://bit.ly/2qAtW9q TELEGRAM► *Group: http://bit.ly/2qvfjF5 *Channel: http://bit.ly/2H11icl TWITCH► http://bit.ly/2H5jcek BLOGGER► http://bit.ly/2H0z9Cc DISCORD► http://bit.ly/2J0E3Mj DONATION► http://bit.ly/2HqutoI LIKE || SHARE || SUBSCRIBE || COMMENT YOUR FEEDBACK|| SHARE and keep watching updates 📄Upon joining our group, please tell us your name (gaming name will do), Your gaming platform (PC, Mobile, Console) Games you mostly play in a daily basis. *Note* : if you are not a gamer please don't join our group, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME. To all real gamers, we are waiting your joining request, please join us and help us make this group worldwide gaming group.😀🌐 *DIVIDED BY BOUNDARIES UNITED THROUGH GAMING* * * MALMER PC* *
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MALMER PC (1 month ago)
MY PC's SPEC * AMD A8-7600 R7, 10 core (4C+6G) 3.10 GHz * 2x 4 Gb 1600MHz DDR3 RAM (5.96 GB usable) * 2Gb integrated R7 graphics APU * 500Gb Seagate 7200 RPM HDD * 500Gb Seagate 5800 RPM HDD * MSI Grenade A68HM Motherboard * 650w Corsair PSU * LG DVD writer * Foxin FC 6605 Cabinet * DELL LCD monitor D1920F 1366x786 * Red Gear manta Keyboard, Mouse and ...Headphone * Lenovo 2.1 speaker * V-GUARD Slender Plus 600 * Windows 10 pro 64bit
Naseef pcpc (15 days ago)
afzz gamer thanks man
afzz gamer (15 days ago)
Naseef pcpc don't take laptop bro because even with this same specs it costs about 35k approx
Naseef pcpc (15 days ago)
only 27 k oh man .e cost il ulla laptop n itra features undavila
afzz gamer (21 days ago)
MALMER PC it's nice for 27k 😍😍
MALMER PC (21 days ago)
PHYSIMENTA TV (4 days ago)
Epic soul factory-Ever deam...Most beautiful music ever
Rajkamal vg 369 (4 days ago)
nice video
Rajinas Raju (5 days ago)
Nice Broo
Jenuvin Jose (8 days ago)
Nachu's Terrace (15 days ago)
I lovE it
soccer kings Media (16 days ago)
All in One My Channel (16 days ago)
Just cuase 2,3
All in One My Channel (16 days ago)
Metal gear solid Phantom pain
All in One My Channel (16 days ago)
Play watch dogs 1,2 and far cry primal
Sijo Thomas (17 days ago)
bro ningalude WhatsApp group ille join cheyyan pattunnilla full ann kanikunathu
MALMER PC (16 days ago)
Albin thomas ok bro check that link WHATSAPP ► http://bit.ly/2veWfjb
Sijo Thomas (16 days ago)
bro ok njan active ayi kollam
MALMER PC (16 days ago)
MALMER PC (16 days ago)
wait 1 day bro we remove some inactive members annd add you, but u will also be active
MALMER PC (16 days ago)
FACEBOOK► *Page : http://bit.ly/2H0FuJX *Group : http://bit.ly/2HqBl5r
Muhammed Nabeel (17 days ago)
If I could hit like button more than one....I will......:-)
MALMER PC (17 days ago)
thanks bro....support us
MM77 STUDIO (17 days ago)
Adipoli editing
MALMER PC (17 days ago)
thanks bro
MMC Malayali (17 days ago)
Polichu Bro
Naufal AbdulKareem (19 days ago)
heavy 😍😍😍😍
MALMER PC (19 days ago)
thanks man
malayali gamer (21 days ago)
https://youtu.be/xrZMvIBxUIo yanthe channel onnu subscribe cheyiyamo
Anand (21 days ago)
Mallu's Lyrics (21 days ago)
Mallu's Lyrics (21 days ago)
Game Zone Network hii
Joseph Jo (21 days ago)
Enthonnada ith onnu podey
Prabeesh Pr (21 days ago)
നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട് സഹോ
Favas k (21 days ago)
Super adipoi ayittund
Vishal Vishu (21 days ago)
Nice. Rocked😘
Jishnu R (21 days ago)
But bro njan pande thudangi copyright vannu nirthiyatha😢😢😢😢
Jishnu R (21 days ago)
https://youtu.be/haNqcprllrc Watch it 😂😁😁
Fahis Rahman (21 days ago)
Good video i like ☺️
ABI RAJ (21 days ago)
I'm a gamer
Akshaylal Lal (21 days ago)
Gta 5 anoooo kalikunathe
New whatsapp status (21 days ago)
Adipoli bro
Good information
Smart Tech (21 days ago)
Super direction
JS TECH CHANNEL (21 days ago)
Cinematic Style polichu 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aflu (21 days ago)
Rajeesh monu Tips (21 days ago)
Pwolichu super
Tips CorNer (21 days ago)
Nice shoot. The camera man is also awesome
Mon's Techy (21 days ago)
MALMER PC (21 days ago)
Mon's Techy thanks man
Kurian Mathew (21 days ago)
Good vedio that going on now a days
MALMER PC (21 days ago)
Kurian Mathew thanks ☺️
MS CP Creation (21 days ago)
Adipoli Video
MALMER PC (21 days ago)
MS CP Creation thanks man 😁
Amalnath (22 days ago)
Wow superb video nice bro keep it up
MALMER PC (21 days ago)
thanks man 😍
Amal K G (22 days ago)
Great Video direction super.
MALMER PC (22 days ago)
Amal K G thanks man 😍
Mufeed VH (30 days ago)
Just #Dope! <3
MALMER PC (30 days ago)
😘 thanks man
gtav Sbss (1 month ago)
nice video bro
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
thanks bro check our giveaway too
Aman Muhammad (1 month ago)
Bro. Enkana ethra valiya pc vankonath. Bro Job undo
Aman Muhammad (30 days ago)
MALMER PC. Low specil enkana far cry 5 kalikone???
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
man using low end pc
Bro ningal marana mass annu broo
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
aarodum parayanda man 😅
PRANAV PRASAD (1 month ago)
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
PRANAV PRASAD thanks man 💪
Mr.Gamers WarFare (1 month ago)
Bro ithu fonil aano record cheythe
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
nop man my friend done this, check HAPS STUDIO in social medias
Mr.Gamers WarFare (1 month ago)
MALMER PC etha bro camera bro de camera aano?
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
Mr.Gamers WarFare alla bro using camera
Fathah munawar (1 month ago)
മാരകം 😍😍❤💓
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
thanks daa 😊
Abhineeth joker fan (1 month ago)
😈😕parenjittenda aa hear okke pooille
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
enthanu bro 🙄
Or give me ur number
Contact me
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
MALMER PC Mail me ur number _ Gadgetsonemalayalam@gmail.com
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
how !!
Sandeep Sivan (1 month ago)
Kidu 😍😍✌✌
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
thanks daa 😘
Vinay Prasad (1 month ago)
All the best
Texagon (1 month ago)
oru rekshilla.. pwoli
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
thanks man, anyway participate in our giveaway
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
Malayalam Tech Street മലയാളം ടെക് സ്ട്രീറ്റ് 😋 thanks bro 😍😍😍
FMJ Tech (1 month ago)
This one inspire me to hit the bell icon. . . Fabulous video. . . 🔥🔥🔥
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
thanks bro, 😍😘
Vishnu Raj K V (2 months ago)
powlichuu mwuthe. best of luck...😘
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
thanks KV
P For PLAY (2 months ago)
Finally finally face reviled and the video was awesome with some nice shots. 😍🤩
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
thanks bro 😍😋😘 some shots excluding me lol 😅
Soorej Uday (2 months ago)
pwoli pwoli
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
thanks machu
Technical Malayali (2 months ago)
Adipoli shots bro😍😍👌👌👌👍👍
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
Technical Malayali thanks bro my friend #HAPS take this shots
abhilash kg (2 months ago)
Pwolichu man 😍😍😍😍
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
thanks bro, ne muthanu 😍
afzz gamer (2 months ago)
super bro good quality❤️✌️
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
thanks mate 😊
The DragonBorn (2 months ago)
there's life in every second *OUTSTANDING MALMER BRO* 💪
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
The DragonBorn wow thanks bro
Amir Vv (2 months ago)
Kidu broo
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
thanks macha
Pixelated (2 months ago)
Now that is epic..
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
Pixelated thanks bro 😘😍
Anupam Boby (2 months ago)
#pwoli brooo
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
Anupam Boby thanks bro😍
CJ Jack (2 months ago)
Jai Malmer <3
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
thanks Carl James 😋
FJTechInc. (2 months ago)
Awesome Work Brother👌 pwolichu😍
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
thanks bro 😌
Gamer boy (2 months ago)
Anganea finally we saw u mahn 😘
Madhu Ps (17 days ago)
Live long gamers
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
yo bro tanks
Gamer boy (2 months ago)
Pwoli machaneaaa 😍😘😘😘
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
thanks bro
4K ENTERTAINMENT (2 months ago)
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
thanks macha😍

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