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Combat Arms - Top Five Plays Update! + Arms Race Comeback!

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Text Comments (34)
Shady Killings (4 years ago)
How do they get clear resolution? Anytime I try and record it lags or looks like crap :/
نصائح اخوية (4 years ago)
Add me game name ABDALMALK147
Qao (4 years ago)
Now i know why you love tango 51... i havent playd with it so much but today i tested it and i got umb +10 and i got it on video so i sent it to you! +undercoverdudes
Qao (4 years ago)
I love it so much!
Pro Hooper (4 years ago)
What is regs?
Cryoxiis (4 years ago)
Get on my level. You raged quit on me last time...
andro-sas (4 years ago)
andro-sas (4 years ago)
andro-sas (4 years ago)
Good play and btw hope u get healthy soon :-)
Nir Alterman (4 years ago)
Hey if some of u guys need clan join us! Kd 1.00+ level 4 clan 54 ppl of 75 join fast name:The Israel B0Ys
-_DimitrisQsCAE (4 years ago)
Luke-Z (4 years ago)
Guest comentary?
Steelow Gaming (4 years ago)
The Eden Project - Chasing Ghosts
Jens Busskamp (4 years ago)
Free myst-n? -: xxXSniipez-
Lakro03 (4 years ago)
You could totally do the top 5 plays with this voice, you sound way cooler, doesnt matter if it was this slow talk xD i like it
ReminiscentBeing (4 years ago)
Chasing Ghosts <3
krisjay (4 years ago)
1:20 lol at you laughing at the mexi croucher, if that was me, i would of cursed in spanish and exited ca. they should do some sort of patch test that makes the crouching slower so when u hit crouch its not like u go up and down immediately, it is a bit slower similar to cod crouching. it wouldnt be the same but it would get rid of the mexi crouching and they should leave it like that for a week and see how the community likes it.
redheadzombie (4 years ago)
Guys check my Luso series while waiting for a new Top5 :3333
Weliton sqsuuu (4 years ago)
Add la no c.a me envia arma _CpTsNiPeR_
TheAgonist- CA (4 years ago)
I want to see a CGL gameplay! UCD in a CGL pub! :) Nice gameplay m8! :] <3
Justin Al Mullings (4 years ago)
Hope you get better ucd and your such a pro on combat arms!!
AXL ROMERO (4 years ago)
hope you get better Att: JustinBaber_
AXL ROMERO (4 years ago)
Guilherme Gomes (4 years ago)
Name of second music ??
-DaLastOne- (4 years ago)
efef hhfefe (4 years ago)
Name of first song?
Dennis van d hoven (4 years ago)
What is the first song?? I cant see anymore comments onlu thanks
Guilherme Gomes (4 years ago)
+Aphixia thanks ;)
Holly Brown (4 years ago)
I'll tweet this but thats it :P
Flameingsoul9 (4 years ago)
wow u didnt win
Recliine (4 years ago)
Nice video :D
Chet423 (4 years ago)
jaja monday night football ads :\
Czarlz V (4 years ago)
you can always get someone to guest commentate
Jesper (4 years ago)

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