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Every 90's Commercial Ever

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Liquid Slam's ad campaign for their "Big Game" line of snacks and sugary beverages was pulled almost immediately. Check out the UNCENSORED version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyd51lvu3xw Follow us! http://twitter.com/rocketjumptweet http://facebook.com/rocketjumpdotcom http://instagram.com/rocketjump Directed by - Dez Dolly (@dezdolly) Executive Producers for RocketJump - Matt Arnold; Dez Dolly; Ben Waller; Freddie Wong Writers - Matt Arnold; Will Campos; Dez Dolly Producer - Ashim Ahuja Director of Photography - Jon Salmon Editor - Joey Scoma Original Music - Maxton Waller Cast- Mom -- Anais Fairweather Darius Jackson -- Anthony Alabai Jax -- Dylan Williams Jess -- Mikayla Williams Slade -- Hayden Luedde Brad -- D'Arragnan Sloan Kelly -- Anastasia Sloan Cody -- Robert Sloan Cronenberg Creature -- Clinton Jones CREW 1st AD -- Jeremy Cohen 1st AC -- John Helms 2nd AC -- Thomas Jacobeson DIT -- Daniel Hollister Gaffer -- Tony Jou BB Electrician -- Dominic D'astice Key Grip -- Frank Garbutt BB Grip -- Anthony Barrese Prop Master -- Zachary Smith Art Assistant -- Christian Ramirez Makeup Assistant -- Lisa Carr Costume Designer -- Layne McGovern Costume Assistant -- Millicent Thompson Seamstress -- Regina Amato Sound Mixer -- Chris Howland Boom Op -- Kelly Ambrow Sound Design -- Kevin Senzaki Makeup Artist -- Erika Frank Behind The Scenes -- Nathan Koepp and Lauren Haroutunian Photography & Social Media -- Benji Dolly Production Accountant -- Jamie Lukaszewski Make-up effects By: Vincent Guastini Prods Effects & Design Studio Key Artist and Sculptors -- Jeff Farley & Chris Marchwinski Silicone Animatronics & Painter -- Vincent Guastini Fabrication -- Joshua Ballze Onset Puppeteers -- Vincent Guastini and Joshua Ballze Visual Effects -- Playfight Additional Post Production Services -- Alex Reeves; Point of Blue Studios Big Game Products logos and branding by Dangerbrain -- Alfonso Surroca & Sebastian Surroca For more awesome videos visit https://www.rocketjump.com AND https://www.youtube.com/rocketjump2 For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (15741)
Steven Qu (12 hours ago)
The plate started cracking before the tentacle slammed it...
Matthew Alchtiwi (21 hours ago)
Your childhood must be as sacred as the dogs in Michael Vick's arena. That would be the only reason i would be able to come up with as to why this defacing of a great decade was made.
Buttercat Art (1 day ago)
We need chad
Buttercat Art (1 day ago)
What the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell What the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell What the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell What the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell
MahouBakaW (1 day ago)
We need more stuff like this.
Miles L. (1 day ago)
love this
rekdoman (2 days ago)
and it was all a flamethrower commercial
Wai u Bully me (2 days ago)
O-o-oh my god
James A. Meadow (2 days ago)
I recall watching this in 2015 and being horribly disturbed. I couldn't forget about it for a few days
Niklas Jørgensen (3 days ago)
Glad Tzivel (3 days ago)
That mom is evil
ATRRIX (4 days ago)
Oh yeah Mr.krabs (4 days ago)
Steve Schaudroeck (4 days ago)
Danny24 (5 days ago)
Wtf did i just watch
Lourdes Lopez (5 days ago)
Jake Paul look ing
I just love how they zoom at the empty chair
Josias M. Flores (7 days ago)
I remembered seeing this 3 years ago and then proceeding to freak the fuck out...
もももも (7 days ago)
SaxonPezzollaVGCP (7 days ago)
LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
CrazyWolf25 (7 days ago)
Lol I actually thought it was a joke as if in sarcasm WITH YES this is LITERALLY ever commercial ever-growing on wait it's by RocketJump nevermind
Matthew Castro (8 days ago)
I love rocket jump but, WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH! Why is this ok?
gasmask612 (8 days ago)
this has to be one of the best if not the best skin rocket jump has made .
Reupload hub (9 days ago)
Holy shit
Lucario (10 days ago)
this went from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds and I don't like it
aaa (10 days ago)
hooels (10 days ago)
Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!
ShwiftyJoeGugs (10 days ago)
That was a twist
LRGonzales (11 days ago)
The worst part is when you realize the kids were theoretically played by real children who had to witness this
Sam The Meme Man (11 days ago)
Not sleeping tonight thats for sure
LRGonzales (11 days ago)
I was completely expecting this to make a turn, but not into *that.*
AceWire802 (12 days ago)
Man, the nostalgia. I remember walking to school and walking past Clinton re-election posters, and amalgamations of death and suffering.
*Only 20s kids remember this*
Wiktoria Szymańska (13 days ago)
XDDD this wideo od sooo STUPID.............. I LOVE IT XD ❤️
RAPTOR warpath (15 days ago)
Best friend
Randomyoutuber (16 days ago)
*_What... the... fuck..._*
Bill Hand (16 days ago)
What did I just witness
Haxard Slayer术 (16 days ago)
I thought they were actually real! 😂
Ben Lesczynski (17 days ago)
I liked these skits befor everything anime crimes devision
Vincent Coolberth (17 days ago)
This is disgusting
TSM Blorgus (17 days ago)
How is this promoting the item
AbstraktHOPE (17 days ago)
The most disturbing part is 1:34
Equinox (17 days ago)
VlogGames 441 (17 days ago)
My teacher showed this to us to inference and he thought it was real lmao
BlackStar StormChaser (18 days ago)
I was getting the nostalgia of being 3 years old again. Back to a time when Saturday morning cartoons where actually good, and you went and ruined it!
Orson Jarrett (18 days ago)
At first I thought this real... well, until the end.
PowerFlowerGaming (19 days ago)
Drazzy Dragon (19 days ago)
I want to eat some of that
Kaipakta (19 days ago)
I came here for some nostalgia. I got some. But what the hell rocket jump! BIG WTF!
Trigger Bearswag (20 days ago)
90s commercials were so cringey XD
Tags Gamer (20 days ago)
That’s smosh
DeadMan (21 days ago)
Кто от сыендука???
Cardboardguy 14 (21 days ago)
Wait a minute....... THE MOM IS THE VILLAIN!
Cardboardguy 14 (21 days ago)
Holy shit..... ಠ_ಠ
Üknown (21 days ago)
I’m am now scared of Capri sun
hello YouTuber (21 days ago)
Wow the 90s were whack
VirtualBoyX (21 days ago)
man what a ripoff.... I thought you were gonna compile very commercial that ever aired in the 90s. But you just gave me a true nightmare. :-(
Leigh Rel (21 days ago)
Jradix Playz (22 days ago)
BlueFX Cubing (22 days ago)
the f?
game boss (22 days ago)
Mr Temporal (22 days ago)
Trash campaign against liquid slam?
Kevinshadow2DS (22 days ago)
WTF? O_o
Redmaskgamer (22 days ago)
TiPablo Muñoz (23 days ago)
? 😐😐😐😐😐
Sneaky Rapscallion (23 days ago)
What the fuck
AnemicChia (24 days ago)
Mr.CoolBoi (24 days ago)
*i now realized that this is a ''the thing'' movie reference*
BMO 5678 (26 days ago)
1:10 The Thing (2018) - Football Player Uses Flamethrower Scene
BMO 5678 (26 days ago)
There should be a warning about gross-ness (just saying but that creature is Special Effects Art)
Ryan Asti (27 days ago)
Cool CGI effects!
Huy Nguyen (28 days ago)
Fuck yiu
Filip Grycel (28 days ago)
Decisive Dana (29 days ago)
Is this after the video game crash era
leopard gecko (29 days ago)
Fucking hell
wwe lovet (1 month ago)
Aaron Dark wolfs (1 month ago)
I just saw death it’s self
wwe lovet (1 month ago)
BY A L E X Y S 1001 (1 month ago)
The Thing reference
盛传Neus (1 month ago)
wow the black guy didn't even die first he didn't DIE AT ALL!!!😂😂
RippedWolf 75 (1 month ago)
Dude that video is fucked up
bonzohavoc (1 month ago)
Retro dude!
Frosty (1 month ago)
No Chicken (1 month ago)
I just found the second adult swim
AcidicShoes (1 month ago)
Jesus christ.
Goldengamer 201 (1 month ago)
Wtf is that
naruto uzamaki (1 month ago)
This is like a horror movie are they trying to get people not to buy it
yellowrice (1 month ago)
1:34 starring: *my dad!*
defob (1 month ago)
Hunter Bennett (1 month ago)
This is pure cinematic genius at it's finest.
Paul Shaffer (1 month ago)
The IT sequal looks pretty good.
TheShankinSoviet (1 month ago)
Wtf lol.
Crissey (1 month ago)
TheGayjenco (1 month ago)
Da fuck
Theroux (1 month ago)
Don’t you hate it when you puke green jello?
Angel Legendary (1 month ago)
Those are the exact chairs I have at my home
GoodStar MC (1 month ago)
Dat Ending Is Hillarious Lmao
Wow look at CG on this year XD
Dark Soul (1 month ago)
‘Only use a flamethrower with adult supervision’ rocket jump are awsome

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