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No Mans Sky Tips To Make Sure YOU Are Ready For 1.5!

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some friendly pointers to make sure you ready for when he update ship's! ; )
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Green (7 months ago)
Heres a simple farming tip: use biodomes and get rid of everything else, including terminals once you finish all their missions. It barely costs anything to rebuild terminals and you don't have to constantly charge them.
Syntax 04 (9 months ago)
I've been playing for about a year, I've gained 3000000 units. But know I'm building a farm 32 million a hour
Cauzix :: (3 months ago)
Only 3 mil?
Red Underscore (9 months ago)
Update ships?
D3adlyTrip (9 months ago)
Good One! :)
Clever Witty Gaming (9 months ago)
Ships as in when its detailed put into cert and passed cert and ready to be downloaded on your chosen platform and i used the word "ships" as a joke since the game is about ships and exploration.

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