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Sly's Animated Shorts | The Trolliest Enderman!| Ep.19

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My Shorts are animated! Here we have the great Slyfoxian dealing with his greatest enemy...an...Enderman? Creator of the short! http://chaos55t.deviantart.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/chaos55t Official SlyFoxHound & Stuck In Your Radio's Shirt Store http://www.redbubble.com/people/slyfoxhound/shop/t-shirts Follow all of these please :D My Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/SlyFoxHound My Tumblr: http://slyfoxhound.tumblr.com/ My Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/4hpw2oc Video that the animation was made from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YXm0FyJCXo Music by b4bbs
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Text Comments (264)
Isaiah Foster (2 years ago)
Sly went kyubbie. ssj
Julio Reyes (3 years ago)
The one in the blue hat speaks like mini ladd
Neshon Scott (1 year ago)
Us sans Gamer6817 - true
lordmins9 (2 years ago)
+sonia loyola no one speaks like nova james speak like himself xD
HyperJennifer (3 years ago)
that was really funny and I never heard a troll enderman
Sm1thYPlaYs (3 years ago)
rain of kings or what ever its called when steven captures you in rope after you were so nice to him
Naresh Singh (3 years ago)
Please animate all the sections where you guys talk about the lack of Sabaimen.
Puddle (3 years ago)
Worlds best enderman award goes to this enderman 😆
Milling (3 years ago)
well sly just went Edo tensei
Neshon Scott (1 year ago)
Miira XD
Cool Chao (3 years ago)
LOLOLOLOL! I just keep replaying at 0:51 with the whole 360 thing XD
PunchingPigeon (4 years ago)
I love this XD It makes me giggle everytime i watch it 
alyson terry (4 years ago)
Can we have any of the clips when mokito eats white bread, or when princess bubblegum proposes 
Quali V-M (4 years ago)
which episode that happen in
Bromageddon (4 years ago)
Why was James using seamus voice in one part
Garrius Tawn (4 years ago)
XD I laughed way more then I should've...
dayanara najera (4 years ago)
what episode wast this?
world of destiny (4 years ago)
do a trolling series
Crimson Animu (4 years ago)
Yuno Gasai Enderman oh wait a Endergirl XD
inuyasha okumura (4 years ago)
sly goes nine tails and super sayian 3 yet he cant kill the ender man
levi melgar (4 years ago)
poor slyfoxhound
GamezForFunz (4 years ago)
Just gonna say, I want a Ray-Sly bromance...
Seraphim Flameheart (4 years ago)
I really like this animation style its so cute! When sly got angry the animation reminded me so much of Inuyasha and that just made it all the better! XD I don't get why I see people saying the animation style is shitty, everyone has their own style and people continue with you know. actual practice. Of course it's not gonna always be beautified. If you're gonna insult someone atleast make it constructive criticism and not just plain non-informing insults and negativity, because we don't need any more negativity people! :3 
GIBBY Gibson (4 years ago)
pokemon silver ep 14
Golden Shinx (4 years ago)
You should animate the 1st part of the 1st episode of World Of Minecraft.
lunarpeak (4 years ago)
The Ex-Communicated: Dragon Ball Z Mod | Ep.28 3:13-5:10
tim leduc (4 years ago)
Do the fast mobs from minecraft daily
ItsAddicted_INK (4 years ago)
Do a minecraft daily
Melina Rose (4 years ago)
Kylerfries Gaming (4 years ago)
Omega Hakim (4 years ago)
The quality kept decreasing by the day :<
Jaddice (4 years ago)
Happened to me xD
Levi Wright (4 years ago)
I think the ender female was ashley
CyberSoulWolfG (4 years ago)
oh here is a idea make the enderman to a enderwoman do you see that people is that i don't know is it Hannah with her owl hat on? at 0:31 >:3
Enegry Slayer (4 years ago)
Episode 53, the cell fight
Klonosz (4 years ago)
This animaton is freaking hilarius!!! XD
Jaampow23 (4 years ago)
HYI~ Gaming (4 years ago)
i was really hoping this would get animated :)
Jamie Conquest (4 years ago)
I always love these
Nick LaGasse (4 years ago)
He draws so amazing on the cover for his videos but this sucked Why I'm a little confused
Jj Ingerson (4 years ago)
Jj Ingerson (4 years ago)
not really...... But it was Halarious!
thelegendofawsome (4 years ago)
I'd like to see AoT when sly rode burns (ep 17)
XTreemZZ Black (4 years ago)
Sly do the moment from the 300 minecraft daily special when you and aleks found the johns xD it was hilarious 
XTreemZZ Black (4 years ago)
shorts animated... animated shorts xD 
MrGreen (4 years ago)
no sé español translate that
Teenage Vampachu (4 years ago)
Enderman "Sly Marry Me" XD
OriginalSparkstar (4 years ago)
or overly attacted girlfriend face
OriginalSparkstar (4 years ago)
the enderman should have had the troll face X3
Daniel Cavert (4 years ago)
you should animate Nova's sibamen house party
lalaloverainbows15 (4 years ago)
Enderman wanted sly ;3
Draico Storm (4 years ago)
that enderman was looking for the sex with sly ha
Draico Storm (4 years ago)
haha sly got a fan girl and she wanted to get busy with sly
jesse shorter (4 years ago)
you should animate when you stole i mean browed Stevens dragon
mslita09 (4 years ago)
YES! I was hoping they would turn this into an animated short, it was hilarious!
SuperKattbajs (4 years ago)
i like this animator more than the last one plz keep this one :D 
SuperKattbajs (4 years ago)
oh really :D awesome :3 
Chaos55t (4 years ago)
it's the same animator silly. :P
Perplx (4 years ago)
I like how Sly's foxivian eyes look when he's Super Saiyan
Asriel dreemurr (4 years ago)
Battle ready armor
TOFU AKIO (4 years ago)
Do this if you don't mind. Make an animated shorts of you guys killing titan.
Quinten Fulton (4 years ago)
When nova found another Freeza.
dr8kus (4 years ago)
and seamus goes like "i'm out fuck this"
that animator needs to practice a bit more 
Calvin Oldham (4 years ago)
super saign + Nine tails i such a fanboy
sonicdash013 (4 years ago)
VorTeX Neo (4 years ago)
Attack on titans when a guy said you where good at swinging around
NaturalGieling (4 years ago)
I want to see a short with the first fight with the Ginyu Force Animated
FinaleXen (4 years ago)
0;40-0:50 sly had Madara Ushiga eyes
PreppieAcorn78 (4 years ago)
For episode 100 for minecraft marriage you should get sky to sing for the wedding
liquidrock2u (4 years ago)
Seamus and his pointy nipples
Nox Umbre (4 years ago)
What no. episode did the dbz start at?
Cshack (4 years ago)
1:00 did anyone else look up fanfiction X3
EnderWolfDylan (4 years ago)
im the enderman
DanG88 (4 years ago)
The best part was like a minute later when he was on fire haha!
Kriptz (4 years ago)
This is terrible.
Jefferson Bernardo (4 years ago)
Naruto shippuden
Kammy (4 years ago)
This better than the last one <3
Gamer Brenno (4 years ago)
0:31 level one rage 0:41 level two rage 0:45 level three rage
Doopliss (4 years ago)
pretty sure at around 24 secs that voice was seamus yet the animation shows novas mouth moving
Drake Shadron (4 years ago)
I say the time when you said 'Jesus fucking tap dancing christ with a maraca' in Minecraft Daily when the Ender Spider got you.
peapears (4 years ago)
We will always troll you, Sly ;)
Tyler Crispell (4 years ago)
Make one when Novas pet panda died
MrDrProfSkeleton (4 years ago)
Man, I bet that was bob. He always liked to fuck with people.
Elder Rusty (4 years ago)
this is awesome x3
Mario Nielsen (4 years ago)
farsky green beans saves sly Animate it!
Javar Frater (4 years ago)
Is excomm still going on
Sun God (4 years ago)
I love the super sayian part XD
Diego Garcia (4 years ago)
Do far sky
bladewolfhound (4 years ago)
That enderman wants the d sly
jose alon (4 years ago)
I bet the enderman is actually Chaos in disguise
Chaos55t (4 years ago)
Candyartist w (4 years ago)
this animated shorts is like OMG LLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE IT XD + the enderman just want to be love ( however he was a bit trolling pfft XD )
Travis Games (4 years ago)
Your first encounter with a whale in far sky
Ryan Eves (4 years ago)
farsky your 1st whail
Singing Art Bird (4 years ago)
Do the ending of pokemon daily when sly reveals zapdos and Alex dies
Nightwing_0210 (4 years ago)
Enderman too OP
Blazy Zukashi (4 years ago)
lol this is funnier than the real thing imo
Nicholas Lai (4 years ago)
Chaos55t got run over XD
Suburbanmonsterez (4 years ago)
Seamus is a dickhead
flaming fox (4 years ago)
sly try to fish in Achieve to craft
JME (4 years ago)
0:52 slys face :3
Daniel (4 years ago)
I'm a big fan sly, thanks for the video
AquaElephant1 (4 years ago)
his intro reminds me of two stupid dogs, (which its probably from)
Shadow Watcher (4 years ago)
Enderman pissed sly off

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