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Monster Hunter: World - 10 Things To Know When Starting A New Game

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Monster Hunter World (PS4, Xbox One, PC TBA) is a deep, challenging, rewarding game presumably seeing lots of newcomers. Here are some tips for those starting out! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (9 months ago)
For fresh new Monster Hunter babies only. Pros need not apply.
Damien smith (4 months ago)
gameranx this was my first monster hunter to but i play it at my uncles but i have generations do you have any tips for that game
Jaesn Pearson (5 months ago)
gameranx this helps allot I just started and I am so lost thanks for the help 👍 and suscribed so I'm hoping I get more videos to help me out with other games👍
Croatia Noobs (8 months ago)
gameranx How to tame monsters
Josh Bennett (8 months ago)
Where is that image at 6:55?
Joshua Ciardelli (9 months ago)
it's an insect glaive
Josh - Kun {Reaper} (10 days ago)
My Mhw gaming is very unrealistic mhw is the first mh game I played but I never failed quest on arch tempered kushala, deviljho, tempered deviljho, 2x tempered deviljho, arch tempered lunastra, tempered kirin, (all solo) used to suck at the behemoth but now or one day I killed the behemoth on my first try (not solo)(random)(it aimt hard for me anymore) killed the two tempered baselguese(solo) So f**king lucky😂
Gael Pacheco (1 month ago)
How to play Monster Hunter: don’t get hit Hit it until it dies
Kimza (1 month ago)
If the mosters had lifebars 20/10 No lifebars 5/10
matalvis (1 month ago)
1:46 Two days ago they wanted me to kill FOUR Linastra...
Ludwig maxis (1 month ago)
It's funny this is like the first game that came out n on console before pc
Tyrael Pire (1 month ago)
Is this online only
DarkMessiah117 (1 month ago)
Forgotten important advice (got mine through some "veterans"): Catch the monster each time instead of killing it => more reward and you can kill it later in a special arena
Vizuki (3 months ago)
"If you dont have any friends, dont worry theres online matchmaking to help you connect with other players, " this helps tremendously
Vinfeil (3 months ago)
Always complete sets they have their bonuses
Freshman Project (3 months ago)
Cage the Monster instead of killing them: It provides more material and u can skip the final battle phase
Alex Huynh (3 months ago)
You sound like Chris Pratt
Chris Rose (3 months ago)
It won't let me see comments..
Excalibur Umbra (3 months ago)
I NEED IT NAOOOOOOOOO!!! I've been DYING INSIDE for Monster Hunter to come to PC!!!!!!!!
Joan Omari (4 months ago)
Well what hapens when you dont have ps plus.
Chris Fielding (4 months ago)
Tip 11: get aggressive with any monster and don't let your guard down. The chicken had me stunned with a rock and then threw me into the cart because I went light on it. After that embarrassing moment I pounded the fuck out of it with spread amo for the light bowgun . It was a simple 2 star capture mission in the dessert.
nyi lever (4 months ago)
“If you don’t have a friend” rip my life
Death_ Jockey (5 months ago)
3:14 Thanks for pushing my esteem dude 😢
Moses Kervin Sy (5 months ago)
Im a veteran player since MHFU but I'm still watching haha
teddybruscie (5 months ago)
It's important to fight every monster solo though so that you know how to survive and beat every monster. I find that people who don't know how to fight on their own tend to be dead weight during tough matches. There are times when you're the target and you're alone and it's going to take a awhile for people to catch up to you, either 2 people have already fainted and someone else is somewhere else and you're team is on their last faint and you're the monster's target. The team is counting on you to hold your own until they get back and if you don't know how to hold your own you're gonna faint. And that's just me being generous typically guys who can't hold their own can't even fight in a team and are the main people getting fainted. Don't be that guy. Master each monster alone and you will be a better hunter for it.
Planet Brucifer (5 months ago)
I just started this game and wow there is so much going on maybe to much 🤔
Niko Petrov (5 months ago)
I really wanna buy it but I'm "scared" that i'm gonna get lost n shit and get stuck on a monster hunt that I'll never beat
Daniel Puig (5 months ago)
I returned it :( I didn’t know it was a multiplayer focused game. I’m to antisocial for that. Seems like soon I’m not gunna be able to play new games because they’re all team centric.
angel lara (5 months ago)
Dabbladabbalab it's not multiplayer focused
PRO DuckMan5 (5 months ago)
Still upset they removed paintballs....
James Mathis (5 months ago)
Heads up Switch axe is bomb, don't let the idiots who are new to the game give that weapon a bad rep.
Lonzo679 (6 months ago)
Nah bro im 12 and my second-ever MH game was MH4U on my 3DS
Mroqqq (6 months ago)
Hey there. I want to buy this game, but i have a question. Will this run good at my ps4 slim? I heard this game have frame drops, i would like to See stable 30 FPS. Did they fix these frame drops? I bought my ps4 this month, i need to buy PS plus too, cuz i dont have it yet. Right now i am playing the witcher, but i look forward to something New and for really long Time after i finish the witcher. I Just Say i never heard about monster Hunter ealier. But it looks fun. If anyone can answer my questions i would be really grateful.
Josh Farris (6 months ago)
Ur gonna die alot
Tigershark games (6 months ago)
G W (6 months ago)
I really wanted to love this game. It has great reviews, looked cool, I like spending time levelling up and equipping new gear, etc. buuuut.... It's boring as fuck. I haven't been this bored by a game in as long as I can remember. If you're not already a fan I doubt this is going to change your mind. It's a lot of tedious running around collecting mushrooms and other crap, then hacking at a monster while evading it's few obvious attacks until it dies. Yaaawn. It's a bit like the documentary, Planet Earth, except not nearly as interesting and you kill everything you see. But it's not nearly as fun as that makes it sound.
ReD ReaVeR (6 months ago)
How do you mount?
Dobby #FreeElf (6 months ago)
In the beginning I thought low rank was all there was... then... DUM DUM DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUMMMM DOO DOO DOO DOO!!!!!! AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH B-52 PINECONE OVERHEAD RUN
superkriIIin (6 months ago)
I’m totally new to the Monster Hunter Series. Can someone tell me if the combat in the game is as smooth as let’s say Bloodborne?? I love and appreciate good and challenging combat from games like The Witcher, Nioh, GOW4, etc. Would I enjoy this game?? Would appreciate some feedback
Übersichtlich (6 months ago)
I started the other day and I’ve already killed an anjanath and a rathian by myself
Juxxer (6 months ago)
Just got this today If you guys have mic chat please add me follow hunters! Gamertag is CorrectionsOfc2 for ps4
Close Enough Productions (7 months ago)
The whetstone!!! Don’t forget about that! I only learned about it thru a friend, thankfully (whom I demanded get on and explain the darn game to me).
Samantha Rank (7 months ago)
Two questions: 1. How do you use your sling thingy as a grappling hook? 2. How do you mount monsters?
WentleWorth (7 months ago)
I played this game for 6 hours. Hated it. Went back to GameStop to trade it in for Ark. Which is way better dinosaur game.
Kamikat (7 months ago)
‘If you have no friends’ Slowly raises hand
NedEnd 68 (7 months ago)
I played this game when I was 6 The new one is so much fum
Gage Clifton (7 months ago)
Another tip. Don't be a dick and take all the supplies in the supply crate when you're in party with other ppl.
Mandutumuch • (7 months ago)
What weapons do you pros recommend for beginners? I was debating between great sword or long sword?
Papa Dong (7 months ago)
LIL_HOT_POCKET _ (7 months ago)
I played the beta and it was awesome and my birthday is coming up in a week so I know what I want!
Potato (7 months ago)
What happens if you want to start another class do you have to start from 0 again or do u just switch and keep ur stats?
فهیمه قاری (7 months ago)
Can u change diffuculty in game?
Ivan Cerecer (8 months ago)
If you've played dark souls, you know exactly what to do
SHHHWIFTY (8 months ago)
I'm a super mega pro MLG esport sponsor for this game lol jk, but I still got new insights, thanks~!
exotic_ sk11s (8 months ago)
Is 37 minutes a average time to beat a monster for a beginer.
Josh Bennett (8 months ago)
How do you use it as a grappling hook, I can never grapple into anything?
Nathan Thompson (8 months ago)
The training room is good to see combos however the bug weapon doesn't work in there. Your bug is used to gather buffs but it won't gather anything from a barrel
DreeTheGodd (8 months ago)
I just can't get into this game, and I'm 6 hours in. They made it too complicated for solo players, not everyone likes playing with other people. Also it takes too long to get into it
LyricsCanTakeYouAnywhere (8 months ago)
Oh and also this is my best advice for you if you just started out, don't be afraid of dying. Instead, be better next time and learn the monster's patterns of attack. If you are starting to rage quit because you probably die a lot then take a break and rethink your strategies. You CAN be a pro if you think and not mash.
Aron Ortega (8 months ago)
I miss the paint ball
rj vangordon (8 months ago)
If you can Dodge a Diablos you can dodge a ball
rj vangordon (8 months ago)
If you can Dodge a Diablos you can dodge a ball
The Bravest Banana (8 months ago)
Seems dope
The Bravest Banana (8 months ago)
Is it anything like blood born
Abidinator 12 (8 months ago)
I know all of this but still I watched it because it’s MH and it’s gameranx, my favourite gaming news channel! And also have more videos from Falcon he is the best!
Yep173 (8 months ago)
I beat the t-Rex with no planning at all but it took 5 deaths
RIchard Lamphier (8 months ago)
One extra tip I can give is to not be overwhelmed by the amount of items there are in this game. Focus only on what you need as far as collecting flora, insects, mushrooms, etc... goes. For example, I don't use any of the shooters, such as the bow or the chain gun, so I typically leave any ammo boosting items alone. You can always switch your play style too and if you choose to do so, then you can focus more on ammo types and ammo crafting materials. Take it slow, trust me, this is the first Monster Hunter game I've played too, it is very overwhelming at first, but give it a fair chance and you'll start to realize it's not as overwhelming as you originally thought.
randomeuropeanguy (8 months ago)
that food eating scene makes me hungry as hell after watching it, every time
alan drummond (8 months ago)
aint no body got time for that ..2 days in...over it
Zack Phelps (8 months ago)
So if I enjoy the Witcher 3 boss fights as far as researching the monster making potions etc, will I like this game? Is that kind of the premise of this game?
Ron Simons (8 months ago)
I have a few games to complete before I can justify buying this, but OMG it looks sooooo amazing,
John Evans (8 months ago)
I'm 40 hours in and I have been forcing myself to play in hope that i will eventually get into it, but I still don't really like it. Maybe it's not for me or maybe I'm missing something, or maybe I really need to play multiplayer. I don't know.
TheWhiteFoxTruth (8 months ago)
Golden tip: Don't be afraid to ask. We vets have a weird craving to teach babes how to hunt.
ryan emanuel (8 months ago)
I don't fully support no.6 because of certain reasons. 1. The monsters will be adjusted depending on HR and number of players in the quest session buffing the monsters damage and health pool potentially making any hit a 2 hit or 1 hit kill. 2. If by chance players join the session but they leave or bad connection by host. No.1 will still be active making it a harder time for you. 3. Carefree squad. Through experience I see alot of players being way too aggressive and carefree just because of numbers. This is a huge problem since it will be your downfall if they die easily.( mostly because of randoms ) That's it for the most part no.3 is just my opinion since it was spoken through experience but no 1 and 2 is spoken through facts as I've seen countless people die too easily from an anja combo or even tobi when in multiplayer. I can also list down money as a problem but then again there are investigations that increase the amount of rewards you get and money but with a chance of drawbacks.
Teriyaki Tears (8 months ago)
*when the Xbox matchmaking sucks so you have to create your own session but it still sucks*
MrAlbie1970 (9 months ago)
#11 dodge duck dip dive and dodge
Tyler Triumphant (9 months ago)
*grabs bug friend* *grabs long flying stick* Okay I'm ready to fight that amalgamation of a t-rex a bird and a Sherman tank
Emily Hartmann (9 months ago)
Tax top law nearby finger interrupt crash relax test cabinet submit.
Flame Tornado (9 months ago)
My one issue with the multiplayer, you NEED play station plus to use it, if you do not have play station plus you CAN NOT use multiplayer features, sometimes I really hate Sony.
David J (9 months ago)
The game is easy AF. That's all you need to know. Solo'd the final boss without dying on the first run....not saying I'm some amazing gamer I'm actually super casual this game is just easy even on "hard mode." The hype made it seem like it was the next Ninja Gaiden or something.
Dario Habu (9 months ago)
HEALTH BAR MONSTERS Left next to your map is the heart beat of the monster it helps to let you know when it dies
jared williams (9 months ago)
There's so much in this game it gives me headache, it's a great game but all the stuff you have to do and prepare for each fight is overwhelming. Not recommended for anyone who thinks this game is simple and a quick level upper..
Christter 216 (9 months ago)
This is my new favourite game by far
FetchQuestAssigner4423 (9 months ago)
Japan is really pushing the food over potions thing arnt they? BoW and ff15 now monster hunter ...personally I'm a fan cutting grass for potions but I guess that just makes me old rathe than anything else lol
redhotdonut (9 months ago)
Why does this guy sound like Chris Pratt? 😂
rory cole (9 months ago)
Athletic quick abuse gdnmqee make vitamin pass soul waste Olympic destroy gold beautiful.
Danny Gurney (9 months ago)
Some helpful tips I’ll be sure to take them on board when I start the Game. New to the series but looking forward to the game and challenge.
BellowD Gaming (9 months ago)
Don't SELL anything
Luis E Morales Falcon (9 months ago)
I loved the sledgehammer in one of tbe previous game and I think to again use it.
Dirk (9 months ago)
11. Don't fuck up your character looks. Trust me don't fuck it up...
Moist (9 months ago)
#FackMijnNaam you can change it
Big Blue (9 months ago)
TheMMOReaper (9 months ago)
Sword and shield users represent
TheMMOReaper (9 months ago)
I'm 15 hours in and I still feel like a beginner
Daddy Lesion (9 months ago)
This was my first monster hunter game and i struggled with hunting the diablos for the first time i completly forgot about other people i could have asked for help until my brother said shoot an sos flare ill help you
frank yvon (9 months ago)
when can you make new weapons? I have already killed barroth 3 times and still don't have the option to make anything new
Lord Dracula Gaming (9 months ago)
Nicely done
Louie Eguavoen (9 months ago)
Tip #0 : You're bad. Accept it then keep playing and eventually you may be not bad
Saber Chi (9 months ago)
I prefer to play solo. My palico is all I need.
Farmer Jon (9 months ago)
Was sold on the game up to the online part, beginning to hate and despise online game
JJ_ Rodr92 (9 months ago)
Anyone on PS4 hit me up, been playing mostly on my own
Xwifty (9 months ago)
Ad me on PS4 Xwiftyy
Zargabanth (9 months ago)
i want this game.
Sami Suhonen (9 months ago)
If I choose to play the game with 2 of my good friends, how will that work? Do we share the same world all the time? Do we just join in a hunting party when going out for a hunt? How tied are we with the progression? One of us can't play as much as the other 2, so can we just play without that friend while still being able to have her join us when she's online? Basically, do we have to wait for a friend a lot with progression if they are online less. Can we invite another group of friends into a squad or a guild of 5, and then just play with anyone who is online? Again, does it matter if persons A and B have a bit better gear, and have progressed further in story (if there is any big story) than persons C and D?
Justin Hadasch (9 months ago)
These videos are so useless 😂
Jesterin (9 months ago)
Another tip is that dodging has invicibility frames. So that 0.5 secs might help if u have the reaction time to dodge if u find yourself in a pinch. PS: you can dodge roars too
SLEEPING SHOTS (9 months ago)
I just wish that you could see random people around the world just like world of warcraft or neverwinter. It just fills the world and the MMO style

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