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Text Comments (18609)
Kristijan Cerovski (1 hour ago)
Goose is my hero.
Paper Mario (2 hours ago)
Whats the music at 11:00 is from?
Rory Snow (8 hours ago)
Speed running seems like an unnecessary world of torture and pain
Turkish Delight (10 hours ago)
People who commit suicide and just speed running life
Motivmotion (15 hours ago)
The speech of the guy acknowledging that speedruning is cancer was priceless
Dassilon (17 hours ago)
Lui gi (19 hours ago)
*Shows 6 clips of Mario 64 runners "Games that no one else plays"
RomanSans _ (1 day ago)
*Blowtorch sounds.*
Jesus Christ (1 day ago)
Teacher : why are you laughing ? Me : nothing... My brain : 0:56
Nicholas Price (1 day ago)
I love speed running super monkey ball deluxe
Amon Seng (1 day ago)
A disease that means videos are good
Beast Matrix (1 day ago)
Love that he didn't even bother editing the Pokemon Pearl thing on the left.
Soda Holic (1 day ago)
That guy speedrunning sm64 and having existential crisis because he can't get sub 3 hours fucked me up. World record for 120 stars is Cheese05 with 1:39:19
Alec Dessureault (2 days ago)
what is the song at the beginning
Benson Davis (2 days ago)
these are pretty funny lol
The Spy (2 days ago)
git gud
Colin Harlow (2 days ago)
I can understand, it would be frustrating to do something over and over failing over and over
Ты старенькый либо юный , фу блэ
Mungebimp13 (4 days ago)
How did I know Goose's mental breakdown would be in this video?
Valeck Seimu (5 days ago)
Some times I speedrun "Shadows of the Colossus" time attack, hoping to get my " Street 1-12" moment... And became a FUKIN LEGND
Lizzie Person (5 days ago)
*This game took me WEEKS* :'(
Ivan The Dude (5 days ago)
theres plenty of degenerate millionaires. trust me. theyre just gaming alone in their personal imax basement theater.
Fullshark 09 (6 days ago)
He did not just say SLIGHTLY faster
Tomas Camacho (7 days ago)
0:42 what was that?
Fais faiz (6 days ago)
M J (7 days ago)
That blow torch guy high key looked like he was being possessed by Satan himself
User * (7 days ago)
ego bias (8 days ago)
poodiepie is a moneygrabber fascist hyena but i like his vids
Riccardo Dell'Orto (9 days ago)
Best speedrun game is: "getting banned from club penguins"
archisscary (9 days ago)
That dude playing bond was waaaaay too self aware.. speed runs are impressive but there is literally no point to it other than self gratification
sorasnobodiexiii (11 days ago)
RIP emuparadise, how will felix speedrun color a dinosaur now
Jokar93 (11 days ago)
Ryan (12 days ago)
I know something else most of these guys would win at being the fastest at
Karim Senhadji (13 days ago)
You are a good man felix
Anonymooos (13 days ago)
R_Valkyrie (13 days ago)
The blowtorch was fucking hilarious!! XD
lukewarmwater (13 days ago)
Gaming is supposed to be fun. Those speedrunners who are screaming at anger are having an unhealthy obsession in beating a record. I do speedruns but I don't do it to beat records but to have fun. Listen to Pewdiepie everybody. He has a point.
Peter Spear (13 days ago)
oooh, i see you have that gundam from your japan trip
Game Breaker (14 days ago)
I mean it's real painful to play a game for 2 hrs and then f'ing made a mistake
Daniel Benjamin (14 days ago)
A disease called ligma
Patrick Slattery (14 days ago)
Hey, Pewdiepie! What video is playing on the one where FramePerfection bounces off the shroom with the star and starts ranting about "something like this always happens"?
Sam Clay (15 days ago)
Anyone watching in 2020?
Joshiblabla (16 days ago)
First dude sounds like mario lol
Nisayx (17 days ago)
0:41 KingKong Joined the Server
Dark (18 days ago)
Daniel Go (18 days ago)
Chunky E7745 (18 days ago)
holy shit 0:42
KenKenKenKenKenKenKe (20 days ago)
They suck at playing games
Andrew Turner (20 days ago)
Chris Flatt (20 days ago)
9:50 I need the link to that video 😂😂
EyefyourGf (21 days ago)
10:51 that site is called emu paradise,and it was mostly used for pirating games,so care to explain what you were doing there?
Orwa Saker (17 days ago)
It's actually coolrom and he probably just used it to quickly play a very old game that is probably no longer availabe for purchase, not to mention it's a NES game meaning he'd have to buy a NES just to play this one game for like 1 and a half minute I think we can pardon him for pirating this time
EyefyourGf (21 days ago)
Why speedruning games,when you can just react to memes,and stream on twitch and say NIGGA!!! and get some $$ in your way.
SinnA (21 days ago)
Freaking godzilla at the end, got me for good !
Tom Gibson (21 days ago)
Streets 1:12
007 ! (13 days ago)
Tom Gibson Ryan Lockwood!
I love the Matrix music
blood clover (22 days ago)
I know 'clubbed to death' when I hear it
Zenon (22 days ago)
The first super saiyan was the speedrunner.
Alex Saez (22 days ago)
7:40 Y is Sweater boi angery
The Suspicious Pancake (22 days ago)
3:23 yeth yeth yeth
Vassilinia (22 days ago)
3:16 listen to the next 20 seconds with your eyes closed and tell me speedrunners don't get off to their runs 👀
1D_Inc (23 days ago)
Christina (23 days ago)
oh my... honestly I can rage a lot over frustrating shit in video games (and I don't need to do speedruns for that), but I'd prefer not to catch it on camera
Yadi Arfy (23 days ago)
Ey pewds what brand of hoodie that you use in this video??
Peter (23 days ago)
*8:14** reminds me Filthy Frank.*
BrokenGod Ent. (23 days ago)
Deep talk with Dr. PewDiePie
Oyun Çetesi (23 days ago)
WTF ._.
Mother F*cker (24 days ago)
The cleric beast screech lmao
Derplings (25 days ago)
I like how he has the pokemon Pearl template
Louie le King (25 days ago)
Lmao seeing all those SM64 fails and then thinking of Cheese05 bae x'D
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the tasty SALT
Bill Mos (25 days ago)
You're a wizard, Peter
Meekrab Man (25 days ago)
Why you hef to be mad
Ranger Mew (25 days ago)
By far his funniest video
Animation Zeus AI (26 days ago)
Wow I didn’t know Pewds Speedrun. My eyes have open
Hunter McNeil (26 days ago)
Andrew Gallinger (27 days ago)
5:49 he was a hour and 30 minutes in
OfficialCptTesla (27 days ago)
Oh hey, Cure for the Itch by Linkin Park in the background. Nice.
AsianDumbass (27 days ago)
Bro, i misread his video i thought it said S P E E D W A G O N.
PC MasterRace (27 days ago)
Speed runners don't do it because they're addicted. They do it because they have autism
vanhoii (27 days ago)
@9:11 but can it do this?!?!?!?
Chris The Gloopt (27 days ago)
I like speed running odyssey bc of how good that game is, but in every community, we have those people
Battlefield Fan xd (27 days ago)
9:41 video?
Jovana Bastebriga (1 month ago)
7:00 i actually felt the pain
seanissomething (8 days ago)
Jovana Bastebriga that guy’s channel is RWhiteGoose you should follow him his channel is really good
AltoVoltaje3 (1 month ago)
5:48 Sr pelo
April Midnight (1 month ago)
"i would not get mad at a video game" *PUBG BRIDGE SCENE*
Axel J. Reyes (18 hours ago)
Das the joke dude
ThiccHippo 3 (3 days ago)
Jack the Ripper (7 days ago)
Oh yeah. Didn't he say Ni🅱🅱er? (Also, don't accuse me of racism, please. I really wanted an excuse to use the 🅱)
Ted Metal (1 month ago)
the wr for legend of dragoon is 11 hours 35 mins this kid is having a mid life crisis for 2 and a half hours in super mario 64....pathetic
Terrione Jordan (1 month ago)
The edit at 0:50 tho
Nico Slovak (1 month ago)
Speed runner = virgin
PandaKing550 (1 month ago)
Nerdy, Retro, Gaming - (1 month ago)
TIL; if you speed run for 40 hours you actually go insane..
Ace_ofchaos (1 month ago)
Playing games nobody played slightly faster. So I guess nobody played the half life or portal games?
X.X.X R.I.P (30 days ago)
Ace_ofchaos you’re taking this too seriously, just go back to speed running.
Kel Veenno (1 month ago)
0:41 how do you speedrun dota 2 when NA servers are overrun by Peruvians trying to sabotage your run
Emsies (1 month ago)
FireLordGambino (1 month ago)
Yo its dist2
Ash Ketchup (1 month ago)
Pokemon Pearl = Color a Dinosaur (USA)
Brage Bjelker (1 month ago)
This comment section shows how little people know about speedrunning
KoeB Šťastný (1 month ago)
Pewds might actually set world record on that Dino xD
Dreni vokshi (1 month ago)
Grant Henson (1 month ago)
I just came from the Getting over it video
bloozism (1 month ago)
Ever lose at speedrunning so hard you become a girl?
Luciano Rohr (2 days ago)
"He just became an autotune"
Llama gurl (3 days ago)
bloozism no because I'm already a girl
007 ! (13 days ago)
bloozism Cosmo?

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