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Text Comments (20532)
Random Person (4 hours ago)
5:30 omg lol XD
Professor Purple (4 hours ago)
the description says this video is about the game Speedrunners
Felipe Gonçalves (15 hours ago)
8:13 Jules Winnfield disapproves
Shadow Lycana (16 hours ago)
Darkness117 (19 hours ago)
Is this where scott gets his sound files?
Nova Storm (20 hours ago)
Lol speed running is crap the guy at 6:38 speeks the fucking truth boiz!
Gravity Gamer (1 day ago)
Now beat the game with only 1/2 an A press
Distortion2 is awesome No matter what.
Random Person (4 hours ago)
4:41 lol I can't stop laughing at PewDiePie's reaction XD
but pewdiepie ur just mad cuz ur not fast at games
Pavlishev (1 day ago)
2 minutes watching you sarcastically colour a dino XD
Shin-Iti (1 day ago)
I always come back to see his reaction to the speedrun of Getting over it. Priceless
Monkey Boy (2 days ago)
Now make a vid about good speedrun era
Monkey Boy (2 days ago)
Dude the music oh my gaaaawwd
Roman Beckman (3 days ago)
1:41 made me laugh so hard for too long
Zaino (3 days ago)
the guy at around 7:00 is right
E (3 days ago)
*I’m pewdewpie and this is Sweden*
Почему у вас жопоболь это salty?
Devsoissocool (4 days ago)
Lmao the tagged game in the description is SpeedRunners
Sam Keiser (4 days ago)
I think you could broaden this to just getting frustrated over something as pointless as messing up in a video game. I don't think that there are any problems with speedrunning in itself.
Scorcher Cubone (4 days ago)
I like how a lot of speed runners think they can beat Mario 64 fast with ease. But they always forget one thing about the game. TERRIBLE CONTROLS FROM A 64 GAME THAT WAS THE FIRST ITERATION OF 3D PLATFORMING!!! IN 1996!!!!!!
Schwanzus Longus (4 days ago)
lel pewds asked if PB means the time he played in the run.. its personal best...
Schwanzus Longus (4 days ago)
you need to grow this beard again ffs
23Link89 (4 days ago)
Can I get a link to the clip at 9:44?
Olliecoole (4 days ago)
I’ve done one speedrun in my life: the uncharted 4 in under 6 hours and it was so relaxing and enjoyable
Andrei Putinei (4 days ago)
What s the background music at 0.50???😍
Jaime Winchester (5 days ago)
Whats the title of the ost playing around when pewds started a speedrun of color a dinosaur?? It has some FF7 vibes and I like it.
Rob Fleming (5 days ago)
It's funny because a guy called frameperfect is shit at speedrunning mario 64
Efraim Kavadias (5 days ago)
FWP's am i right
I am not nice (5 days ago)
Awsome123 Ok12 (5 days ago)
Bro your the one reviewing memes
ZXQ J (5 days ago)
The game at 0:42 isn't doesn't even have a story mode rofl, meaning it isn't even speedrunnable
DeathlyPlays Gaming (5 days ago)
Mfw all political ads
Eamsaart (5 days ago)
who is the speedrunner at 4:06? i need to find this video
Plug In a wall (5 days ago)
Katie Vinson (6 days ago)
I just watched a 5 minute ad for a grill. Ya welcome
cheezy (6 days ago)
9:39 can someone send me the link to that video
michael collins (6 days ago)
This is more of a Gamer's rage video. Also, people really rage because they can't beat a record in a game?
Theoretical Physics (7 days ago)
I swear speed running just defeats the purpose of gaming, I find it so stupid
IGSA101 (7 days ago)
I love speedruns, but there are some really bad people in speedrunning.
Freindly Fire (7 days ago)
You forgot the ones that lie and cheat to gain fame
Bonesdawg (8 days ago)
Ho my goodness. I just watched this again. I'm dying dood XD
Floopeer Doopeer (8 days ago)
Guys what is the name of the song when pewdiepie talks (not the matrix soundtrack)
I'm A Cat Plays (9 days ago)
Old me: wow I wonder I wonder what future me would think, Future me: snap! This is going into my cringe compilation
SKÖRPION (9 days ago)
Pewdiepie hates speedruns because he needs atleast 10 minutes down
Tony Homo (9 days ago)
The self aware speedrunner made me laugh so hard
Ami (9 days ago)
9:42 I started laughing so loud my mom had to calm me down
holy moly (10 days ago)
0:41 *flame thrower*
aidan daly (11 days ago)
He should've opened up with "there's a disease SPRINTING through our YouTube"
Kakka Haisee (11 days ago)
Was that one guy trying to speedrun dota 2? :DDD
Saltinator 3000 (10 days ago)
Another AvatarLover (12 days ago)
3:25 - dude from Twenty One Pilots
Eletro GD (12 days ago)
Hey u have a lot of subs (60,000,000) WHERE ALL THEM VIEWS
WonderBlocksTalks (13 days ago)
Jacrispie Jackson (13 days ago)
5:40 that sounded like a dying elk
TheFancyPickle64 (13 days ago)
phoenix (14 days ago)
6:04 dont' u think it dose work if the scream was from the game, i mean the charecter when he dies, he start to scream
tan guanlin (14 days ago)
At this point, Otzdarva is a god.
ya know those headphones reminds of someone who got mad at a videogame :thinkingface:
I'll give you a hint, it on a bridge
Jeremy Hanson (14 days ago)
Sebastian Cambronero (14 days ago)
0:30 that scream got me dead
GLB xx (14 days ago)
Screeeam lettuceee
shahroz Khan (14 days ago)
9:46 LOL
John Edvards (15 days ago)
Why does the LoZ dude sound like a girl in a japanses porn faking an orgasm?
neyen molina (15 days ago)
here it is: the magical screams of the real super saiyans
GordonRamses (15 days ago)
2:20 distLUL
Cynical 2DD (15 days ago)
What about completionist?
Donald Millick (15 days ago)
The zelda glich is is fucking hard
Kelby Schoen (15 days ago)
two more aspirin with vodka! good night... <33
Billion WILDCAT (15 days ago)
0:42 blowtorch XD
Billion WILDCAT (15 days ago)
Mr. Balderdash (15 days ago)
You know for raging people, I have an idea, slow down and become a completionist, completing a game 100% isn't as stressing as speedrunning because you can take your time and chill out. Like for example I am currently working on 100% completing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and 100% completing it is challenge, however it's nice to just go in Hyrule field hunting for bugs or ghosts. The Ghosts and Heartpeices are the hardest part, and they aren't even that hard, mostly just play the game until you're done with The City in The Sky dungeon then take a moment to run around in the fields and caves, and with in a month (of healthy playing maybe 2 weeks of unhealthy playing). Then do the usual gig with the finale dungeons and bam, you have a save you look back on and say "I completed this game 100%, i'm done" However you're still completing a useless task.
Brando De awesome (15 days ago)
Hey what’s da scoot? *PENIS* drives away on electric bike
Kyōgen gaming (15 days ago)
Sounds like leafy 4:30
Nach Elawar (15 days ago)
Soeed running is honestly one of the greatest thing to happen to video games, pushing people to The limit and constantly pushing them farther with RNG and 1% pixel jumps and RNG based clips and glitches. Pewdiepie likes to pick on anything rlly
Craze Ex (15 days ago)
Dishonored speed runs are bad ass
Lil' Pinky (16 days ago)
I cannot stop laughing at the human blow torch.
Arthur C (16 days ago)
Pourquoi c'est Zerator sur la miniature ?
Saagt Berih (16 days ago)
I just wanna say your videos have inspired me to grow a true manly beard and learn to trim it into perfect symmetry The journey to manliness will be a long and difficult one, but I am determined
Foxtrot45 Gaming (16 days ago)
4:40 I fuggin died bro XD
Dendi roszellsexy (16 days ago)
well thats dota 2 carry pickers for you
Futaba Sakura (16 days ago)
11:11 is the best moment
j10crsn (16 days ago)
9:36 Pewdiepie dota player confirmed!
Dopey Duke (17 days ago)
The Grim Dawn Diaries (17 days ago)
that mario 64 player tf
Diglis The III (17 days ago)
Glad most dark souls speed runners act more mature
0:41 - ПАПИЧ??
GreedC (18 days ago)
people are always mad at video games, cuz its a video game screwing you, thats why you get mad, the trick is to control that anger and then beat the shit out of it
HALF-WILD YouTubed (18 days ago)
It's satisfying and fun especially on super Mario bros
kaspar k (18 days ago)
where is Dolan Dark?(meem idea)(scream compilation)!!
nibba bepis (18 days ago)
Playing a game slightly faster Me: yes cutting about 54 hours of a game is a slight improvement This a joke (sort of)
DN_Horror (4 hours ago)
nibba bepis it would have to be funny to be a joke
Tropical Hydra (18 days ago)
It's not really cringe, just sad.
ThunderCrack (18 days ago)
9:37 Of course he is playing anti-fun also old patch
Beat Hoven (18 days ago)
You can't die in a video game if you don't play a video game ... 0 DEATH ❤
Beat Hoven (18 days ago)
You can't die in a video game if you don't play a video game ... 0 DEATH ❤
Beat Hoven (18 days ago)
You can't die in a video game if you don't play a video game ... 0 DEATH ❤
ZimtikiBar (18 days ago)
Speed running ruins the point of games like Mario 64
Tjorre B (18 days ago)
if its not house of caravan its not worth to speedrun
Pompadour Pug (19 days ago)
I’d heard Pewdiepie had made a heel turn and become a good content creator so I came over to see I can’t feel my ears so I can only assume he’s become a legend amongst us all.
Arcademan09 (19 days ago)
The speedruns i like to watch are the games that I'm most familiar with. I love seeing games like Banjo Kazooie, Bloodborne, DK 64, Mario 64, Zelda OoT get beat in ridiculous ways. I also dare you to find a single fandom that is *NOT* cancerous, literally impossible they all have shitty people, even in the real world, you can't escape these psychos

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