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Prototype 2: Finale - Murder Your Maker (Final boss and Ending)

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The final stage, final boss fight, and ending in Prototype 2. This is played on hard difficulty, on the PS3 version of the game. The entire playlist for this game is at == http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL870ED7BAC52D3A4F Be sure to check out my other game playthroughs && walkthroughs == http://www.youtube.com/user/FrankNStein/videos?view=1 Bob W Hall's Facebook Page == https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bob-W-Hall/174294255913997
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Text Comments (2973)
Georgi Lazarov (8 hours ago)
No musslemass no shield?! I don't really think that is the real alex and after heller ripped alex s arms where is the musslemass
kMarc Loubeau (1 day ago)
Wow Alex vs james
kaneki Mika (4 days ago)
Armageddon (4 days ago)
The gameplay was really overpowered but the fcked up the story line. Imagine if prototyle 2 had a multiplayer. It would be freeroam and every new player would start from zero power and he would have to cosnume infected creatures to gain more power. I know it will never happen but for some reason im still waiting for prototype 3..
Heller probably only won for the story that probably would have carried out into prototype 3 if it was to be carried on
Nouman (10 days ago)
I hate Alex and I love jame
Don Gadson (10 days ago)
Complain you want, my dawg is still the main character and still put Alex in his place.
Phantøm (10 days ago)
in reality, there is no reason alex should have lost this fight. but y’know. hes the bad guy so he loses.
Kuldeep Parmar (13 days ago)
see this😍https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sLezmJDh5bE
Ryuko Gaming (15 days ago)
I’ve always thought: Alex wanted Heller to cure the virus which is why he let Heller kill him. Look at that huge tendril attack at the end that annulled most of the infected. Alex planned it all. All of it. He played the villain role on purpose. If you view the game from that perspective, Heller was basically a tool. Also why does the fandom’s split on Heller and Alex remind me of the Halo fandom’s split of Agent Locke and Master Chief?
Neera Soon (16 days ago)
Alex mercer is alive...
Ayman EX (20 days ago)
Emo fuck
naradalll llladaran (24 days ago)
fight alex fair no shield challenge
Silver Saiyan (24 days ago)
I like to think that the Alex we see in this game is just a clone created by Alex himself and the real Alex is doing what Mother did in the previous game. Minus the dying part.
BuffJokester2448 (25 days ago)
WTF Alex mercer is main Character in Prototype 1 Alex Is Villain on Prototype 2 What the hell in Prototype Games
GeekyHookgaming (26 days ago)
can u guys sub to me my yt channel is called GeekyHookgaming ill sub back to u guys
Zino Barca (27 days ago)
if à fuk you you will kill me man fuk thise geirl
Zino Barca (27 days ago)
fuk fik fuk you baby
Zino Barca (27 days ago)
fuk fik fuk you baby
Lailanie Tan (27 days ago)
Theres this weird glitch that if beat alex mercer if u sever its arms if u consume him u become alex mercer
Bioshocked678 (28 days ago)
One day. Not soon, but eventually...we will get a sequel
EliteGamer2389 (29 days ago)
what alex did was wrong he should not spread fear accross the country he had to be stoped
When i was defeating this final boss my HP is almost 3%
Dollynho seu abiguinho (1 month ago)
Jack Stoutamore (1 month ago)
I love how Mercer has this huge, life saving world plan, while Heller is just like "f*** this, where's my daughter b****!"
elkkari m (1 month ago)
I really and i mean really dont line what they did to alex
Mondragon (1 month ago)
*"And skull fuck you!"*
yousef magdy (1 month ago)
black dick always wins 😂
franco leon (1 month ago)
NiK RED (1 month ago)
This Remind Of Tokyo Ghoul
Both of there powers are evil. so my choice is neither.
CamThe CameraMan (1 month ago)
You help but feel sorry for his daughter. The death of her mother and for a little bit, she thought it was the death of her father to. She didn't think it was him anymore. Nice to see her hug him in the end.
Venom (1 month ago)
Heller's voice is fucking badass
con ccc concc lk89 (1 month ago)
me win murder boss
kylever surio (1 month ago)
I have this game in my loptap it's so fun 😊
Larson XIV (1 month ago)
I pirated the game, and when I saw the last cutscene, I thought that it was cut in repack, so I checked it here. Disappointment.
Foxy the pirate 07 (1 month ago)
Skilleczo Spy (1 month ago)
But well new generation I guess...
Skilleczo Spy (1 month ago)
Prototype 1 was my childhood, by seen Alex Mercer death it is really disappointing for me 😔
God Speed (1 month ago)
Mercer is one of my fav prototype characters but this? This fucking Heller guy? Man fuck him. The original is the best
Grizzły (1 month ago)
"How do you like me now? Emo fuck."😂
jaat rohit hu (1 month ago)
Alex look cooler
Nor Ajwad (1 month ago)
Damn, I miss this game so much
malcom thomas (1 month ago)
I feel like they fucked themselves story wise they should of just kept Alex Mc.
Jyonin nakama (1 month ago)
This game just like tokyo ghoul but they not eating human flesh
Lunier Valcinier (1 month ago)
It seems like Alex is letting James win, saying he’s impressed by hellers abilities, aswell as giving sarcastic advice but advice nonetheless as if he’s testing him, or toying with him. “When I come at you like that, you should move out of the way.” “I’m using that.” (Instead of really badly harming heller like he would be able to, he instead warns Heller not to use the same weapon cause he was more experienced with it and can counter it. As he does.). He even congratulated Heller when beaten saying “welcome to the top of the food chain” as if he’s proud, and doesn’t care if he dies. It just seems like he’s allowing himself to be taken out by heller. Just my opinion, as I don’t know better and only the story writers of the game would know.
Gustavo Lora (1 month ago)
Say the truth cause he is black right?
[LFYCK]〆 (1 month ago)
Unknown Memes (1 month ago)
This guy use only tendrils what a sick.
Mohamed Tarek (1 month ago)
i will tell you what items you need to use 1. use hammer fist 2. when Alex mercer uses the next itm use the blade 3. when Alex mercer uses the final item attack him with the second item that Alex mercer use
Xavier Luna (1 month ago)
not me he was creepy
TovenOvideoRPC (1 month ago)
Alex deserved to die, I was happy to finally be able to kill him
Michaeljason25 (1 month ago)
And if you had to kill James in a new game, would you hesitate and let him slaughter you?
OzanMC (1 month ago)
no man i think so he s not deserved die he is let heller win why he is not use your armor and the arms man that CUNT activision don ' t let us see
Freesider (1 month ago)
no hate on heller but alex is the coolest video game character of all time he should live
Zephyr (1 month ago)
I think there should be another Prototype game that takes place between the events of Prototype 1 & 2. Considering the fact they never mention how many years Prototype 2 is set after the first game anyway.
Daniel Ruiz Peña (1 month ago)
I still waiting for prototype 3 ;(
Weight Overload (1 month ago)
I feel like Alex regrets what he done and couldn't live with himself and let Heller win
Dipper Gamer (1 month ago)
Ahh, finally something better pop up on my recommendations, THIS!!!
George Hilliard (1 month ago)
Who else think that this should be a movie
Lhen Franconas (2 months ago)
Radiant can Fight Bankruptcy if only they made Alex mercer the Main Character in Prototype 2
Milurry (2 months ago)
Heller forgot to consume Alex’s arms, interesting...
Man 4 Gaming (2 months ago)
I PLAY INSANE difficulty and then end!!!!
ŹEUS ķrishna (2 months ago)
nice bro ur a legend u have energy spirit and all to finish the game
Puddle Slime (2 months ago)
I bet your ass the next Prototype's protagonist (If there will be a next Prototype) will be a BlackWatch officer... i mean look: Alex Mercer: Gentek head researcher James Heller: A Marine soldier ???: Blackwatch soldier
Mason GD (2 months ago)
Thanks you for tell me the end, muthafucka.
ArG - [Unknown] (2 months ago)
In Hard Mode i think 5 hits is enough to kill you 😂
MR.JUST. GOLD (2 months ago)
Lol, Alex Mercer not dead😂
Green Phoenix (2 months ago)
The mercer in this is just a prototype of a real mercer btw the mercer who play this is literally a noob
pushpitha vinod (2 months ago)
Mercer didn't even try
grim reaper graved (2 months ago)
So i'm the only one who prefers James Heller?
Michaeljason25 (1 month ago)
grim reaper graved nah, lots of others prefer James over Alex, the group is just small.
Blazer Hell (2 months ago)
Ugh.... This game's dialogue lack intelegent of the first game. Cheesy and bumd straight outa Michael Bay movies. Heller is an annoying character and made this game flop so bad, He doesnt do things logical or strategish, just rambo things and resist Mercer's consume thanks to his cliche " i'm special " plot. This game should have been perfect. The graphics good, the design is 100 level above of the first game but the story and character so disapointing. If Prototype sell better, Activision could have changed their mind and keep this series alive
Yggdrasil (2 months ago)
Crimson CinnamonBuds666 (2 months ago)
The Infection wins Mercer just got bored And Died?
Daniel Turner (2 months ago)
They should made a prototype movie like they did transformer that well be awesome
13 hours of gameplay just for a stupid 1 minute long cutscene? DISAPPOINTING
Silent Market (2 months ago)
Heller has better genetics as he evolved the reactive shield and Mercer didn't.
Harsh Singh (2 months ago)
I had played the final
brainwarp studios (2 months ago)
Alex should win
Edward Stiphen (2 months ago)
Alguien me puede resumir la historia de este juego?
Jelly Joe (2 months ago)
Did Heller just called Mercer emo fuck? XD
Phantom Anna (2 months ago)
Can you imagine how gorgeous Alex Mercer/Blacklight would loom now on the next gen consoles?? It would be like the new Spiderman game mixed with GTA, only with a rampant virus destorying the city rather than saving it xD
suryansh pandey (2 months ago)
This game was awesome prototype powers are so amazing
suryansh pandey (2 months ago)
Nice game
KİNG AHMED (2 months ago)
Alex Mercer will come back
tarun rawat (2 months ago)
alex should be back
Dex 13N (2 months ago)
I need some training for this part
Skilleczo Spy (2 months ago)
Its sad for an old school prototype player to see alex mercer die like that REST IN PEACE CHILDHOOD 😔
Zach Powless (2 months ago)
* saber* (3 months ago)
OMG that ending it almost made me cry 😭😭😭
Cf C (3 months ago)
Keep up, Alex !! You ' re almost to knock out Heller, you ' re the best !!
Jeff Joestar (3 months ago)
Man im sorry but this is like fighting a Daek Spuls boss with a shield. Like why?
TheBloodFang (3 months ago)
One of the best game....addictive to play again and again
The Legend Soldier (3 months ago)
I like the older voice actor more, But the to be honest, this voice fits the Prototype 2 Alex Mercer.
Erin Hampson (3 months ago)
I used to play the first one when I was really young I'm 16 now and me and my mum are DESPERATE for a movie version. That would be amazing!
WE RULEZ AKURT (3 months ago)
Alex Mercer (3 months ago)
No! I died! But I'll be in prototype 3 And I'll take my revenge heller bald head😎
pDr kOd adı YEŞIl !! (3 months ago)
shock milk (3 months ago)
We knew the power of Alex from prototype1,and he kill that much of people before he fight with that black guy,he got no way to lose:( I hate prototype2
Alex Mercer (3 months ago)
Im still alive
CtrlAlt Delicious (3 months ago)
Sometimes I wonder *if people say that mercer can kill heller without trying,can saitama kill mercer?*
He fight the prototype 1 character
Ahmad Hamiz (3 months ago)
Why is Alex Mercer being bad at prototype 2
Ajay Kumar (3 months ago)
alex made my childhood awesome & now I'm suppose to kill him. i can't, i just can't...

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