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Insane Solo Squads With Hazard Agent Skin! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

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Text Comments (6945)
Ninja (1 month ago)
Still playing in Keemstar's Friday Tourney come hang out! https://www.twitch.tv/ninja
Jorge Alejandro (10 days ago)
Ninja I’m so serious I was trash in Fortnite now I’m good not pro good but alright I’ve been entertained and trained
Ahmad Gulzar (12 days ago)
Never Pro V
T.A. H.J. (18 days ago)
Ninja you are the best😀
Jo Me (19 days ago)
Ninja I
Taylee Fleming (25 days ago)
Ninja hi
T.A.W. P.G (1 hour ago)
5:22 I'm blue da ba Dee da ba
hobs2 (2 hours ago)
Is he playing against bots? Whenever he gets a kill it’s player###
FearVoid Huskey (17 hours ago)
Why do all of the famous or pro fortnite players use chug jugs for no reason
ItsSoftwho (1 day ago)
Do you Like that skin i Buy it today i love it
2stepracing (2 days ago)
King Richard needs to stfu. Ninja tryna slay and he just running his ear off
Archemires Playz (2 days ago)
Ninja goes to no skin servers
Jose Gabriel (3 days ago)
How do u do solo squads?
Game cave , (3 days ago)
Why is ninja watching nickeh30
Mr. Star Wars (4 days ago)
Where is the blue song
Dennis Fpv (6 days ago)
good job
SaladColeslow (6 days ago)
j'aime tes vidéos
Peter Duffey (7 days ago)
TheEnglishTurkey (8 days ago)
This is utterly ridiculous
Ramen Wrld (8 days ago)
*When your to pro that your enemy says auto hit*
pr0phet714 (8 days ago)
I need to uninstall. Ninja makes me want to cry.
Dark Voyager (8 days ago)
I watch wth is when it happened live
Dark Voyager (8 days ago)
I meant to type this
Jesus Raul (8 days ago)
Hey ninja play a mach in Nintendo switch
# Urke (9 days ago)
Ninja have you got 1 milion wins on sqad solo and duo
hajj blub (9 days ago)
ProGamerTV (9 days ago)
Why is your facecam at the bottom :(
Jorge Alejandro (10 days ago)
When you with random duos with ninja you gonna be getting that that’s so raven show future stuff of victory royal
Vanessa (13 days ago)
Jesus Christ...
Razaanah Firfire (13 days ago)
We can't see how much hp you have look at your face put it somewhere else
Rachid Benabdillah (14 days ago)
Ninja jou ar a pro
CALVIN JOHN Paculan (14 days ago)
can someone friend me codywolf
louis maes (14 days ago)
Maker necessary feel Christian task marriage sand explosion acceptance.
Oscar Svensson (15 days ago)
I really want you to beat Tfues personal record. (36). I dont like him. He complains about everything that epicgames does. For example things that they add. And he stream snipes KingRichard and says that KingRichard is bad. Sry for bad english. But it doesnt matter you wont see this anyway loool.
When your playing solo you can put your Face cam at top Left corner
Ai Is Kewl (15 days ago)
Hazard Agent or Dark Vanguard, hmm?
nick_scheidt _18 (15 days ago)
Jesus loves you all
Jake Vandermolen (16 days ago)
hes listening to nick ehs livestream in the beacground at the beginnign
Chewy 992 (16 days ago)
2:04 listen closely he is watching nick
Michael Martinez (16 days ago)
Ninja is the G.O.A.T of Fortnite👌💯💪
Jonian Simoni (17 days ago)
Connor A (18 days ago)
Am I the only one that struggles to watch his vids in a high quality
Micky R (19 days ago)
Ninja what are you doing at the bottom of the screen
Hadassah (19 days ago)
I'm still trynna get a solo win and 4 kills in 1 game
Chris Cora (19 days ago)
This video is my favourite video that I’ve seen from you. Not just because you got over 20 kills, but because there were so many people at once. Like in Squads
Raptors Baller10 (19 days ago)
Ninja is the best fornite player
DIRE Loky (20 days ago)
Nick eh 30 ❤️
GT Gaming (20 days ago)
How come you didn't switch the blue AR for the purple LMG? 9:19. I just want to know so it will help me in my gameplay if theres any specific reason.
Thierno Barry (19 days ago)
GT Gaming lmg is not long range
Ω KAUÃ SANTOS Ω (21 days ago)
TheDrakenZ (21 days ago)
whats with all the "player" names.?
Noah Craig (21 days ago)
lmao u suck so bad i could get 35 kills easy
Kylyan Gobbi (21 days ago)
Liker les français où belges
Kylyan Gobbi (21 days ago)
Spencer Tracy (21 days ago)
Why is nick and julies voice in the background lol
BinAktivDu Passiv (22 days ago)
Farouq Salem (22 days ago)
You just get twitch Hunter's
Farouq Salem (22 days ago)
Ninja ur not even that good
Jarosław Pisowski (22 days ago)
David Aragon (23 days ago)
How come it says player397 something why not it’s not saying actual username every time he kills someone?
Alhambra (23 days ago)
When I'm solo vs squad their whole squad just spam AR at me until I'm dead, they don't come 1 by 1 like this.
Zay (23 days ago)
why does the kill feed say "player..."?
The-Roblox-Man (23 days ago)
Getting better at Fortnite
Nylund Paula Emma (24 days ago)
almost every kill with the sniper
Marshmello- Fan (24 days ago)
There’s a lot people watching you
Camron Gardner (24 days ago)
Hi ninja you are the one that looks up to I have been your partner once I like your character so much I like your pickax you're the one that has fire spiders me to download fortnite ever say I didn't like for my hug j a tad bit better but now I know you told me so I can start moving in the fortnite cuz it's more like more intense and you don't get to use cuz I will make some more harder you're the one that always wins I have 14 wins maybe I can I have been your partner once
Camron Gardner (24 days ago)
Ninja I really like you I look up to you and the character that you're using right now is my favorite character I just don't like the peace where your butt so big yeah you're using my favorite character right now and then yeah you know how you were like in there I look up to you so much I will spend that I use yeah I used to be a pregnant what you again cuz I have been a partner with you but yeah
Tyler Houston (24 days ago)
The blue song didn’t come up 😩
XxDavidWarnerxX (24 days ago)
This vid proves he’s god
Quenbym Keyes (24 days ago)
Sauli niinistö (24 days ago)
Ninja i Love u UR Best player u make me smile everytime thanks For existing
mash potato (24 days ago)
Spiva Books (25 days ago)
Ninja Ninja (25 days ago)
15:05 How is this possible look at his health and then his shield.
Sudevaa Sharay (25 days ago)
JTC0925 (25 days ago)
5:23 Im pretty sure he got shot just watch in 0.25x speed
JumpingTV (25 days ago)
ninja committed the cardinal fortnite sin of drinking a shield in the middle of a crowded area with no cover
Wakefulyoy Gaming (25 days ago)
Why is everyone players without names?
Moses Nunez (25 days ago)
Am I the only one that notices the killfeed being a bunch of similar named players?
Swxpr YT (25 days ago)
they're bots. trained to look semi decent for ninja
Sudevaa Sharay (25 days ago)
Sudevaa Sharay (25 days ago)
MONA (25 days ago)
this man said im probably gonna die tho
younes killer (25 days ago)
people look players name this is fake
Mr. X ciri (26 days ago)
Daniel Laine (26 days ago)
Violate AIDS nail rapidly gun others fully stick.
Dunne Lad (26 days ago)
Why is everyone in ninjas kill feeds just called player
menina avakin (26 days ago)
Voce joga muito bem
L cane (26 days ago)
what do you think about tfue?
Sudevaa Sharay (26 days ago)
William Le Duin (26 days ago)
Love your vids but facecam is a little annoying, I like it top left corner😉
Sakuro08 (26 days ago)
alberto rasse (26 days ago)
you are a god
Sudevaa Sharay (27 days ago)
Dennis Fpv (27 days ago)
Free v bux
Arthur Buck (27 days ago)
Why is his face cam in the wrong area?
LicoriceGaming (27 days ago)
guys in between 1:15 and 3:00 there is a song playing faintly does anyone know the name?
Gurshan Dulai (27 days ago)
Most of the player ninga kills start with player
squishy cutters (27 days ago)
Wait what did ninja say "I'm probably going to die here?" BOI
c1a2r3s4o5n6 (27 days ago)
I have 0 wins anywhere so this is torture. But I get better from watching you, I have to say.
Roberto Perez (27 days ago)
You are pro
Fortnite news 12 (27 days ago)
Play taken 7
Theresa Counterman (27 days ago)
U are a good player
NoobyCreations (27 days ago)
Do you use your mouse wheel to switch between guns or do you actually press 1 2 3 4
Jeezy Smalls (27 days ago)
You are the best my man
Tommaso De Berardis (27 days ago)
Sudevaa Sharay (27 days ago)
C Yates (27 days ago)
CLICKBAIT!!!! That's no hazard agent. 😡

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