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OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Gameplay Trailer PS4/Xbox One/PC

805 ratings | 47864 views
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Text Comments (153)
Sebastian Perez (4 days ago)
What kind of L4D is this?
Lockie Allen (5 days ago)
Imagine if this was gta styled like you could customise you own character and find other players around the map to be friends of enemies with
TheDoughBoys Dough (5 days ago)
Looks bad I thought it have lore and a big story instead of just shooting zombies maybe free roam with cars and taking down new governments instead its all zombies... why?
Skull Crusher (5 days ago)
Dark_Invaderx x (5 days ago)
Walking dead with Payday style , that will be really fun.
emranezeid khalid (6 days ago)
Once again we are fooled by the great trailers and got cheated out of our money
Dejan Tanasic (5 days ago)
then don't be stupid and buy before you see the gameplay.. it's your own fault hah..
flynn ᄏ (6 days ago)
who else is disappointed lmao
roscoe gaming (6 days ago)
Is there a custom character in the game
Mateo Devin (6 days ago)
Can't wait for the Dallas Character Pack lmao (P.S.- it's Overkill makes a DLC that adds Dallas to this, I'm totally buying it )
Jennifer Gray (6 days ago)
Pray to god its multiplayer.
CJ [DZ] (6 days ago)
50% of the comments are about L4D3
Yangleord Nhaz123 (6 days ago)
Man the first scene of the 4 pep the old man looks like bill man I wish bill didn't died I like that old solder
*_Thats not the zombie game we need..._* *_Thats the zombie game we deserve!_*
mouseking69 (6 days ago)
Man the game play they should keep working on it
just wow (6 days ago)
Good zombie not like the last of US ( the Lesbians of us )
Kenan Alvarez (6 days ago)
fuckoff. nice trailers. nice characters. but no story. and poor gameplay. we don't want left 4 dead 3.
zen zen (7 days ago)
Fudge this looks like left4dead liiiit
swindale boys (7 days ago)
FREE ROAM!!!!!!!!!!!
ElmoUnicornioGames. (7 days ago)
No More room in hell 2
Kingmax (7 days ago)
first person shooter check lots of zombies check good story check atlest this is better then worldwarz
Cholo Caguingin (7 days ago)
Kingmax what? Are you blind? Have you actually played zombie games that are FPS and TPS before? This game sucks. If they should’ve just made it a TPS, it would be better.
Manish  Yadav (7 days ago)
Owloftheflames47 (7 days ago)
The trailer looks like it’s edited by a third grader on a phone app. All I was was shooting zombies but is there even a story to this?
Owloftheflames47 (5 days ago)
Dejan Tanasic a better what?
Dejan Tanasic (5 days ago)
go make a better one 😊
Owloftheflames47 (7 days ago)
They made the cinematic amazing but this gameplay showed me that The Last Of Us 2 is the better apocalypse game
No Offense. (7 days ago)
Just gotta polish the character movement a little bit better, but it looks great so far!
Alex B. (7 days ago)
For a second I thought the guy with the grey beard in the thumbnail was Bill 💀
Kier Luke (7 days ago)
Is this a FPS or do you HAVE to play 4 player? So many games are now going online, annoying when you just want to sit back and relax without being told where to go and what to do. Black Ops 4 - online only, no story mode
Agan Tusinbeid (7 days ago)
Pure Blood (7 days ago)
oh fcuk... it's really bad... my god...
Pure Blood (6 days ago)
Captain Funk did you even looked at trailer? I'm So mad that overkill ruined twd game. It should not be all in one. That walkers are crashing, this lame shooting, and that graphic... My God... I've had hope about this game, and what i will get now? Mate we live in 2018. Look at first dead island, state of decay, left 4 dead, and i will not Compare this to dying light. It's Just a disaster nothing else.
Captain Funk (6 days ago)
Pure Blood how?
DARk_ SKYS (7 days ago)
The seem like who make payday2
kyle price (7 days ago)
I wouldn't complain since they are only releasing beta videos
jose castro (7 days ago)
This game is shit.. Game play sucks ass.. Graphics look like ps2 graphics..... So disappointed
Dark Angel Gaming (7 days ago)
what ?! (7 days ago)
OVERKILL'S The Walking Dead + TWD Telltale game SEASON 4 + Resident Evil 2(Remake) + World War Z + Last of us 2 + Dying light 2 = omygod😍😍😍💀💀💀
Alex Deatcu (8 days ago)
World war z is much better!!😁
Luka ??????? (8 days ago)
This is bad....relly bad..i was thinking after all that trailers that this game will be awesome..but now...I think that this game will be complete shit
Pure Blood (6 days ago)
Flightcore ? Oh really?? https://youtu.be/2hCWFpa1tuA Welcome to DayZ.
Flightcore ? (6 days ago)
They weren't trailers dumbass, they were cinematics to show us the characters. Nothing more
Pure Blood (7 days ago)
ehh... your'e right... lawd this is so shitty... at first they destroy twd/ftwd, and now they want to give us THIS... it's like they want to slap me right in the fukcing face with showel... disaster...
Diego hernandez (8 days ago)
Release date ????
MrGeeseBoy (8 days ago)
Left 4 Dead 3
Vicarious Gamer (8 days ago)
KOOL !!!!
Jayson Payen (9 days ago)
Am ready
D G (9 days ago)
After seeing the last of us 2 gameplay this looks a little stiff. Still will buy it saying that though
DarkDarren (9 days ago)
Meh... I was kinda excited for this, but I would rather play Dying Light 2 instead.
Darker Anime (9 days ago)
Question is this available on pc?
MN NOESU (9 days ago)
Can play on PC? Really?
Rod Riku (9 days ago)
Left 4 Walking Dead
Junior The King (9 days ago)
Awesome cinematic trailers but poor gameplay graphic, such a SHAME...
Junior The King (6 days ago)
World War Z is better
Spinu Sebastian (6 days ago)
It s shit man...
Captain Funk (6 days ago)
Junior The King it didn’t look that bad
Алексей (10 days ago)
Bad... very bad
Diehardbobcat (7 days ago)
Comrade Zota lmao I bet you do that to all franchises you don't like
Comrade Zota (8 days ago)
you need to play the real gameplay after that you can critizing the game worst or not worst at all
Carver Orlando (9 days ago)
Алексей shuddup
Blueberry Cake (10 days ago)
New Left 4 Dead 3 looks amazing!
shaPLAYS (10 days ago)
First Person State of Decay basically
Ai Anim (10 days ago)
Fuck! They ruined it by making it fps!
Jonno8825 (10 days ago)
Payday! The zombie apocalypse! I hope it plays well...
Jeremiah Angelo (10 days ago)
Oh nice!
Overkill really like having 4 player coop.
XxNingen (10 days ago)
haha yes (10 days ago)
0:48 michonne?
sourabh tiwari (10 days ago)
OMG left 4 dead the walking dead hahah
DarkDragon Fox123 (10 days ago)
so literally left for dead 3? so........why not just call it left for dead 3? i mean the walking dead games doesn't have much of a rebutation.....if you guys remember THAT game which was a total train wreck, and telltale version is focusing on comics, and this doesn't even have any of the walking dead characters, so why the heck call it the walking dead?
Maybe because it's not made by valve...
dai (10 days ago)
amc payed them a shit ton that's why
MrUrkel0730 (10 days ago)
Last of Us 2... Dying Light 2... Resident Evil 2.... Walking Dead? Come through 2018! Come through bebe!
LoneShadow (10 days ago)
Ok. That's all I can honestly say about this game.
Ritunjoy Hazarika (10 days ago)
0:44 don't complain....
Furry Wolves (10 days ago)
YES !!! LEFT 4 DEAD 3 !!!
Jonathan Parker (10 days ago)
Not what I expected, and it's reminding me a little too much of Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Maybe it'll be good though, I'll keep my eye on it.
Tre'vion Lewis (10 days ago)
Dying light meet left 4 dead?
Knitrex (6 days ago)
jiwon is life lol so tru
jiwon is life (6 days ago)
you need more salt bro , or maybe become the next cancer lil tay :0
Nerf_Blitz_ (6 days ago)
Knitrex I’m fucking confused
Knitrex (6 days ago)
this timeline is going to end in another 100 years so idk i guess its random for you in this line, but meh.
Nerf_Blitz_ (6 days ago)
Knitrex I do but that was just a little random you know?
Hannibal Hyde (10 days ago)
1st person trash...typical
Captain Funk (6 days ago)
AssmWorld I don’t know but you’re right
AssmWorld (6 days ago)
Captain Funk what is with the FPS hate right now? I don't understand, a majority of good games are FPS games.
Captain Funk (6 days ago)
Hannibal Hyde the game is better when its first person. Most games that are third person are trash. Don’t be stupid and jump on the bandwagon of hate for first persons especially when you know first person is usually better
AssmWorld (9 days ago)
Hannibal Hyde yeah, we need it omniscient 2nd person you're right
Shane Anthony (10 days ago)
I just hope there are no enemy levels like dying light and the walkers are easy to kill and just as easy for the players to die or turn, just like in the comics and television series. I also hope if you get bit you have a finite amount of time to get shit done before you start losing your senses and pass away by either killing yourself or allowing yourself to turn. One can only hope.
Spartan 0420 (10 days ago)
im glad to see that bill from L4D got out. to bad hes still dealing with zombies.
RaginDXDemon (10 days ago)
To little to FREAKING late. Because of all the FUCKING cinematic trailer bullshit, Dying Light 2 over here already stole my heart. Fuck it, Dying Light 1 stole my heart regarding the zombie game survival horror genre as of late. Unless RE 2 remake is amazing. Either way, TOO LATE
Thomas Faz (10 days ago)
Looks bad ass!
Nived Nedlaw (10 days ago)
Looks ight. Ill get it
Skoot Ski (10 days ago)
These trailers have been very promising so far
iii boss (10 days ago)
Fourze 4Z (10 days ago)
Hope this has couch co-op
Aaron Lim (8 days ago)
anyways hope that the final release is better than this shitty gameplay
Aaron Lim (8 days ago)
same thing like fourze 4z nothing wrong sorry if i triggered anyone here
HellStorm Reaper (9 days ago)
Fourze 4Z Sorry that comment was centered more around towards Aaron Lim
Fourze 4Z (9 days ago)
HellStorm Reaper definitely nothing wrong with couch co-op which is why I was hoping it had that feature.
HellStorm Reaper (9 days ago)
What wrong with couch co op sometimes people want to play with their friends side by side not just online.
Etyk Espeer (10 days ago)
This looks SICK
Michael Boone (10 days ago)
Fingers cross it has split screen co-op like left 4 dead.
kyle price (7 days ago)
Jacob Johnson tbh it doesn't capture the walking dead feeling with human enemies and walkers its too much like pay day
Jacob Johnson (7 days ago)
I hope this doesn't turn in to another TWD: Survival Instinct game. It looks promising especially with the multiplayer online and co-op option.
kyle price (7 days ago)
Michael Boone they have confirmed it is only online
Elwun L1 (8 days ago)
It's 20 fucking 18 play online
its beerus fam xx (9 days ago)
Michael Boone left 4 dead is better
MR X (10 days ago)
For those who wanna game play. Here it is
agrey832 (10 days ago)
yes, Yes, YES
Josh Whetzel (10 days ago)
Juan Lamas (10 days ago)
Left 4 Dead 3 eres tu!
Kamron Campbell (10 days ago)
This isn't left 4 dead 3 but this looks sick🔥🔥🔥
Blvck Out (7 days ago)
His opinion the same way you have yours
Owloftheflames47 (7 days ago)
Vlad Merkov I know the gameplay sucks but jeez you took it way to far dude
Vlad Merkov (7 days ago)
You so f*cking blind!
Antoine Davis (10 days ago)
What conference showed this?
Antoine Davis (10 days ago)
Igor Sejas Thanks.
Igor Sejas (10 days ago)
Antoine Davis PC Gaming Show
GENJI : (10 days ago)
I. Cant wait to Play this 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖
Pablo Perez (10 days ago)
Do i need play this game with online players?
You can play with overkill's shitty AI if you want.
Pablo Perez (10 days ago)
Zambie Explained oh i thought the walkers will be regular walkers instead of crazy and strong zombies
Zambie Explained (10 days ago)
Pablo Perez I think it's like state of decay as well like go out get supplies etc
Pablo Perez (10 days ago)
Zambie Explained oh ok, i hope the missions are bit long and like have 20 story chapters
Zambie Explained (10 days ago)
Pablo Perez you also fight others survivors

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