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Top 6 Best Ubisoft Games [2017 - 2018] Cinematic Trailers

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The Top 6 Best Ubisoft Game Upcoming 2017-2018 Cinematic Trailers. CGI Trailers from Assassin's Creed Origins; Far Cry 5; For Honor; The Crew 2; Beyond Good Evil 2; Skull and Bones. Playlist: 1) 0:00 Beyond Good and Evil 2 — E3 2017 Official Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft [US] 2) 3:34 The Crew 2 — E3 2017 Cinematic Announcement Trailer 3) 5:10 Assassin’s Creed: Origins — Gamescom 2017 Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft [US] 4) 8:04 Skull and Bones — E3 2017 Cinematic Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft [US] 5) 11:03 FAR CRY 5 Trailer (2018) PS4, Xbox One, PC 6) 13:39 For Honor Trailer E3 2015 Official Trailer (HD) Watch my latest videos! Top 5: Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic Trailers: https://youtu.be/8ISA-jk-IfA Overwatch - All Cinematic Trailers (1080p) w/ «Rise and Shine»: https://youtu.be/Mu40Y0z_8bQ Top 5: Most Epic Video Game Cinematic trailers (1080p): https://youtu.be/J6xZyd-86t8
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Text Comments (502)
Pong (8 months ago)
what is the music of skull and bones?
Deep House Nation (4 months ago)
Pong dude Shazam exist in ios and google play store The Music Finder
Roven FAL (6 months ago)
Pong ii
Zak Vargo (6 months ago)
Pong I
Gkade (7 months ago)
DarkBlastZZ (10 days ago)
Ira pues :v
Julieenova (15 days ago)
Where's God of War
Altaïr 2005 A (23 days ago)
The bes game of ubisoft is assassins creed 2
DHYAN U JITH (1 month ago)
I playing Ubisoft games and this awesome
suriah suresh (1 month ago)
What is the monkey game??
SAISH PLAYS (1 month ago)
2:26 Ganpati bappa morya
Diana Cruz (2 months ago)
Ubisoft always dropping that fire 😤🔥
Anand Tripathi (2 months ago)
These trailer are so relaxing to watch...
Ileana Roman (2 months ago)
roar king (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/Lc0Gv1mZSHQ assassin creed 3 100% full working game download
4yBAчek s (2 months ago)
Fiction Cell (2 months ago)
Check this out:https://youtu.be/eearj1LfaxY
ITz LORD (3 months ago)
What’s about rainbow
thePro1 (3 months ago)
omg check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds85BmrN48o
MessengerOfTruth (3 months ago)
See the hidden RACISM? At least its on equal footing. 1) "Where's your MASTER"? (reference to a black slave 'monkey') 2) "What 'what'? That's swiss chocolate, PIG" (reference to the white 'honkey') The pig is in a wife beater, like the racist "white trash" usually are. The monkey was quickly agitated by being said he has a 'master'.
7 7 (3 months ago)
komix kid (3 months ago)
where watch dogs 2 ?!
cristian hornickel (3 months ago)
The first trailer is not good 😱
Quddus Tube (3 months ago)
Who know the first music. Please
angga datok (3 months ago)
and Rainbow six siegue?
rainbow6 and wildlands???
Сафин Руслан (3 months ago)
Я вытерпеть этот стиль не могу британский. Почему бы вам не переместить
anas ashraf gaming (4 months ago)
Tommynator Playz (4 months ago)
The first one looks like a movie
The Legend Of The Memes (4 months ago)
Ubosoft make awsome trailers man
K8H (4 months ago)
Hey, you will get copyright strike.
Zfast4y0u (4 months ago)
UBISOFT is probably the best game making company out there, their games are beutifull to watch, u dont need to like the game, just explore the world they create. its awesome
Abhishek Sharma (4 months ago)
Plz make a new part of prince of persia
Muhammad Shammas (4 months ago)
Android or pc
dudedude 333 (4 months ago)
They follow hinduism..awesome😍
The dogeinator 3000 (4 months ago)
That first one had a lot more swearing than I thought for a trailer
Muthu The Best (4 months ago)
loard ganesha statue amazing creative ...i luv it
Anime Gamer (5 months ago)
That Sexy Girl is Awesome
Aiden (5 months ago)
Swiss fuckin chocolate pig
mr. gamer (5 months ago)
I need answer did i need can upload any game trailer mashuped (edited) without any permission
Make good trailers but shitty games. Trailer lasts a couple of minutes, games wil last 10+ hours, so what do you think the consumer wants? More effort making your games better and less effort on the trailers please.
Sonia Luz (5 months ago)
Huy ese acento del mono o mico que? Woouuu severo
Ahmed Mahamed (5 months ago)
عاجل يا اصدقاء ربحت ايفون من موقع Rob7ak 😍 انا ربحت هاتف ايفون 8 الجديد و3 من اصدقائي ربحو لتربح هاتف انت ايضا اكتب في🔍 جوجل Rob7ak وادخل للموقع الاول الموقع له مصدقية ☑ من جوجل ونسبة الربح كبيرة أانا حبيت افيدكم اكتبو في جوجل Rob7ak وادخلو اول موقع 🔥 الهاتف يصلك مجانا حتى المنزل .
كلام الله (5 months ago)
This game stunned me
Levi Ackerman (5 months ago)
“Bang bang! Motherfuckers!”
MINEKRAFT STRÍMY TV (5 months ago)
For Honor!
İbrahim Gezer (5 months ago)
bang bang mada fukers
MrPoor Rich (5 months ago)
3:14 ones and zeros gentlemens.... just beautiful
Kelvin Ragonezi (5 months ago)
And rainbow six?
Flutterbat_ Kate (5 months ago)
Looking forward to try the skull and bones. I always want to sail a warship.
Yaseen Ahmed (6 months ago)
What's the name of the song
Fajar Prawira (6 months ago)
mirchi mirchi (6 months ago)
sampletext34 (6 months ago)
Ubisoft is still trash
Firosa Pullat (6 months ago)
please make far cry 3 remaster with jason brody and vaas please
Max Davidson (6 months ago)
I like beond good & evil 2 the best
I Eat People lol (6 months ago)
All I’m waiting for is a DEAD RISING 5!
Travis New (6 months ago)
What a 🐷
David Isaacs (6 months ago)
maybe ubisoft should make movies instead of games because in recent years most of their games are garbage
Bravefart (6 months ago)
Ubisoft make the Best game trailers.
Amuba Aiu (6 months ago)
PuceN (6 months ago)
Please Let there be prince of persia in 2019
poopoo the smarties (6 months ago)
Anyone besides me noticed that in beyond Good and Evil 2, there are no human males in the trailer
trickstars 123 (6 months ago)
pic for the vid is widowmaker and winston from overwatch!
Baked Boyz (6 months ago)
Assassin's creed origins is the best
Game from Now (6 months ago)
you could keep watchdogs 2 in your list
Game from Now (6 months ago)
beyond god and evil 2 is awesome
Icenor Review (6 months ago)
The girl with 5 bulldogs (6 months ago)
The first one was funny😅
Mister Smiley01 (6 months ago)
The Crew 2 looks good but it's gonna be worse then the trailer. Also let me guess, I'll have to pay twice to have the full experience just like the first.
THAC0MANIC (6 months ago)
Look Awesome Cinematic Trailers but i have my doubts on the game itself ive seen way to many awesome Trailers turn into Meh games @ best ... for me to go OMFG THIS GAME WILL BE AWESOME!
Robunzel die Zauberfee (6 months ago)
For honor is best
Mr Badger (6 months ago)
i would pay for a movie with for honor
Abdul Jabbar (6 months ago)
Falcon 77star (6 months ago)
I love ubisoft
Monkey D. Ivan (6 months ago)
Nahid Enam (6 months ago)
bone apatito
Dzan Moscow (6 months ago)
jebac czarmuchuw
Jackie succsalot (6 months ago)
Zaki Adda (6 months ago)
davenotthat brave (6 months ago)
The crew 2 looks dooooope🔥🔥
Franck NPieprzyk (6 months ago)
Assassin's Creed <3
SAM D'COSTA (6 months ago)
Well it's 27th February Far Cry 5 is now released
Rooster D (6 months ago)
Fuck Ubisoft they region lock russia i aint even from russia i just happen to be live in fkin mongolia
Love and Pain (7 months ago)
This is sexy game
The last one look awesome.
Aryano (7 months ago)
What..what..... that,s Swiss fucking chocolate ......... 🐖.😂😂😂😂CAN'T WAIT FOR BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2
Aryano (7 months ago)
Ganesh ji,???? Wow in game
theshiny pooop (7 months ago)
where is Rayman 4 Hoodlum havoc? ;C
gio bagrata (7 months ago)
you guys do realize the thumbnail looks like a woman looking at a pig with a giant veiny dick, right?
SIRNO FACE (7 months ago)
Fuck a movie they should make a anime
Eray456 (7 months ago)
Beyond good and evil 2 loved the F word
Gaming /blog Christian (7 months ago)
okay if I am not wrong in the far cry 5 there is the guy that helps you in the beginning of far cry 3
Suman Sinjali (7 months ago)
Plz tell me movie name
Suman Sinjali (7 months ago)
Thats a game are movie
Midnight Seeker (7 months ago)
FOR HONOR is a shitty game now becouse of lots of updates op new characters it is like a pay and win now
Lenny (6 months ago)
That statement sounds like from someone who doesn't actually have enough skill to play the game. Updates are just improving the games state, and I can agree some characters are more powerful than others, but every character has a counter, you don't even need to be playing the counter to win against the character. It's more about skill and how you use your character than op:ness.
AreebPlays YT (7 months ago)
well can any of it be any better? (you know answer) NO
AreebPlays YT (7 months ago)
there was ganesha(god according to hindu beliefs) though im a muslim
Giga Urchuxa (7 months ago)
2:16 This scream sound became very popular
F0XAnonamous (7 months ago)
Hard to tell if this is Ubisoft games or Ubisoft movie trailers
Lanu Fiti (7 months ago)
Bang Bang motberfuckers......
Cynthia Drangus Lady (7 months ago)
AC Origins trailer theme made by the same group as True Detective season 2?

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