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JUST CAUSE 4 Reveal Cinematic Trailer (E3 2018)

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Text Comments (66)
Ninja Briefs the Saiyan (3 months ago)
Who would win? A literal tornado? Or one grapply boi?
I am da big head Master (3 months ago)
So where fighting Toronto’s now Seems legit
La Tigré live in FPS (3 months ago)
I hear that Dimah is back in this sequel. In JC3 she somehow managed to jump inside a secure container. (can't wait!)
Walker Pierce (3 months ago)
Will this tie into the Eden Corporation's research in Medici?
Matthew Hunter (3 months ago)
My wishlist: a world map it takes 1 hour to traverse even with the fastest vehicle Keep the destruction model nd infinite c4 from 3, and wingsuit have a form of currency (just cause 2) but can earn it easier battle royale see plausable, but not appreciated REAL vehicle customization, pint, body kit, WEAPONS form of level editor, spawn things at will (enemies, vehicles, destructibles) that's it. Oh and bring back that awesome thunder gun or jetpack
Robert Thompson (3 months ago)
Rico actually looks similar to a previous game for the first time.
Pietro C (3 months ago)
I want the roast pork cooked by sheldon
NeddyWallaby 20 (3 months ago)
yay just cow 4
aerea (3 months ago)
I hope you can pull enemies towards you again like in JC2
Eric Lin (3 months ago)
What could go wrong when a man has his grapple?
Travis Carpenter (3 months ago)
I think I just wet myself a bit
Timmy T (3 months ago)
Hey congrats on 1 Million Subscribers there Gamer's Little Playground!
MJ (3 months ago)
The main character sounds like a bad version of Antonio Banderas.
10 Comm Media (3 months ago)
The enemy..is always the same...deception=illogical..
Bobby Quetzalcoatl (3 months ago)
Just fix the driving mechanics and shooting mechanics.
Crimson260 (3 months ago)
Still waiting on JC 3 on pc to be playable...
Fireofthetiger (3 months ago)
hey... uh... https://store.steampowered.com/app/225540/ it's been a thing...
Creed Palmer (3 months ago)
Crimson260 what do you mean
ILuvDucks (3 months ago)
Definitely buying this with the dlcs
Hypebeast Gaming (3 months ago)
This man finna square up to a tornado. That's the most bad ass thing I've ever heard
St. PaddyMad! (3 months ago)
It's good if I can remember.
andrewjacksonbr (3 months ago)
E3 2018 = shit sequels and DLC conference
Cobracomander diaz (3 months ago)
Can you play in Xbox one
Shrimp3r JR (3 months ago)
My body is ready
Drewbert (3 months ago)
Rico is somehow... MORE BADASS! I love the 2nd and 3rd game. This just looked like an epic movie trailer! I'm real interested in finding out what the tornado has to do with anything... but I feel like this is going to be fun.
Xxx_MLG Pokeballer_xxX (3 months ago)
My name is Rico and I'm a badass
Paul C (3 months ago)
Here before it’s over 10000 views
Lil Pistachio (3 months ago)
My body is ready
babylovespie (3 months ago)
Avalanche studios are pushing out games left and right. These guys are hard at work.
Warley Silva Vasconcelos (3 months ago)
bozardo101 (3 months ago)
Anyone know the name of the song that was playing?
Seton 4 (3 months ago)
Looks more like JC2
harrysboylan (3 months ago)
even if this is just cause 3 with tornados , just cause 3 was a pretty damn good game anyway and tornados are cool so i see no problems with this existing
ZANDAK !!!!!! (3 months ago)
harrysboylan I don't know man I feel like it's DLC let's hope it's better then ever
Tai Perette (3 months ago)
It looks like they're going back to having different climates like in jc2 and over all be a bit more like it thank gosh. Jc3 was so dull.
Waffle2none (3 months ago)
So hyped!
Vatican Mapping (3 months ago)
SHOCKWAVE gaming (3 months ago)
Yep im ready it already looks better than the 3rd game
Plz dont make upgrades based on dumb races plzz. And plz have multiplayer. Also this looks a1.
Majestic Kangaroo (3 months ago)
Instant pre order
Fireofthetiger (3 months ago)
Too bad the PC pre order isn't available yet. Hopefully it's either already out and I haven't seen it or it'll come out after E3 finishes up.
Brandon (3 months ago)
Woop dee fucking hoo. Who the fuck cares besides PC gamers probably broken on release for us console people again.
BULLETS (3 months ago)
It looks good but if it comes out and cost 50€ then no. I will buh it when it gets cheaper
Turtle and Wookie (3 months ago)
The Ptakojester....
Bonkers Benny1234 (3 months ago)
Plz have multiplayer if there is a god plz let it have multiplayer
Fireofthetiger (3 months ago)
I think the team's said something about adding multiplayer, but if they didn't I wouldn't be surprised if a mod or addon came out after its release for multiplayer. Considering Just Cause 2 and 3 had multiplayer mods that were active and big, we're getting multiplayer one way or another.
MineTronic (3 months ago)
10/10 much tornado
Andy D (3 months ago)
£50 says it will go from December 2018 release to spring 2019...🤠
Vatican Mapping (3 months ago)
Andy D if I were you I would charge more XD
theb0wie (3 months ago)
song ?
Creamy_Cheesey_ (3 months ago)
ok, now this this epic...
Arkon Jin (3 months ago)
Where's multiplayer?
〘 YrBoyDan 〙 (3 months ago)
Travis Carpenter *I do.*
Travis Carpenter (3 months ago)
Arkon Jin nobody wants multiplayer
Rofalls (3 months ago)
mocny taboret (3 months ago)
anyone knows what song is this?
Trundeling Porpoise (3 months ago)
top THIS fast and furious! I dare you!
Jimmy Seaver (3 months ago)
Tornado riding. Just… what in god’s name is this?
Rico Rodriguez (1 month ago)
As a wise man once said, "Rico is pretty much god at this point"
ShadowBreaker (3 months ago)
Nothing can stops Rico Rodriguez
ghostspider KGS (3 months ago)
Jimmy Seaver looks like X man are involved lol
Please have better shooting mechanics. Last game felt quite weak.
Super Gaming Crew (3 months ago)
EdgyTeenTryingToBeEdgierThanHeActuallyIs yeah, you couldn’t even aim
Tai Perette (3 months ago)
EdgyTeenTryingToBeEdgierThanHeActuallyIs it did. And it was too easy
St. PaddyMad! (3 months ago)
I enjoyed JC3 coz I got it for free with PS Plus last summer. I think I’ll get this for Christmas.
Brandon (3 months ago)
St. PaddyMad! Really how’s the frame rate and loading times.

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